Cision Webinar: How to Gain Exposure as an Industry Expert

Cision Webinar: How to Gain Exposure as an Industry Expert



Every industry has a handful of individuals who are identified as the go-to experts. These authorities have created highly visible personal brands. ...

Every industry has a handful of individuals who are identified as the go-to experts. These authorities have created highly visible personal brands.

Hinge Marketing Managing Partner Lee Frederiksen and Cision’s Vice President of Media Research Valerie Lopez will highlight new research findings on this breed of experts and delve into how to develop these individuals within your own firm.

During this complimentary 45-minute webinar, we will discuss:

- The importance and economic benefits of promoting your organizations’ thought leaders and the effects on your firm’s brand
- The circumstances under which consumers require expertise
- How buyers search for influencers and what convinces them of expertise
- How to develop experts within your firm, including necessary skills and tools



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  • Lee to specify that this is for B2B (professional services, in particular)
  • Val – mention Influencer Search and examples of what we’ve been able to find? <br /> <br /> Lee to mention what convinces buyers of expertise (focus on “they make a complicated subject seem understandable”)
  • Before going into this slide, Lee to stress that the major benefit that clients found from working with industry experts is that they “learn just from working with them.” This was not why buyers sought out experts in the first place, but ended up being the biggest benefit.
  • Add VE guide

Cision Webinar: How to Gain Exposure as an Industry Expert Cision Webinar: How to Gain Exposure as an Industry Expert Presentation Transcript

  • @cision #cision @hingemarketing Lee Frederiksen & Valerie Lopez How to Gain Exposure as an Industry Expert @cision #cision @hingemarketing
  • @cision #cision @hingemarketing During today’s web seminar, attendees will be in listen-only mode. If you are experiencing audio issues, please contact: GoToWebinar: 1-800-263-6317 Any Q&A not addressed during will be addressed at the end of today’s session Everyone will receive an email within 24 hours with a link to view a recorded version of today’s session @cision #cision @hingemarketing
  • Valerie Lopez, VP of Media Research at Cision @cision @valerielopez
  • Lee Frederiksen, Managing Partner at Hinge Marketing @HingeMarketing
  • @cision #cision @hingemarketing Agenda • What is an industry expert? • Why buyers seek out industry experts • How buyers select an industry expert • The benefits of industry experts to the firm • How to develop an industry expert • Wrap-up and questions
  • @cision #cision @hingemarketing What is an Industry Expert? A professional who has attained high visibility and a reputation for expertise in their niche.
  • @cision #cision @hingemarketing Five Levels of Expertise • Level 1: The Resident Expert • Level 2: The Local Hero • Level 3: The Rising Star • Level 4: The Industry Rock Star • Level 5: The Global Superstar
  • @cision #cision @hingemarketing Level 5: The Global Superstar
  • @cision #cision @hingemarketing Level 4: The Industry Rock Star
  • @cision #cision @hingemarketing Level 3: The Rising Star
  • @cision #cision @hingemarketing Level 2: The Local Hero
  • @cision #cision @hingemarketing Level 1: The Resident Expert
  • @cision #cision @hingemarketing Hinge Research Background Two studies: 1,028 purchasers of professional services 130+ industry experts
  • @cision #cision @hingemarketing Real World Example: Jamie Waldren
  • @cision #cision @hingemarketing
  • @cision #cision @hingemarketing Why Buyers Seek Industry Experts
  • @cision #cision @hingemarketing Real World Example: Lori Randall Stradtman
  • @cision #cision @hingemarketing The Start of the Journey • In 2008, Lori started a blog, sharing ideas on social media and marketing. • In 2009, she landed a job as marketing director at a high-end design firm. • In 2010, she started Social Media Design, a web design company with a business model based around social media. • Through her personal blog, social networking, and client referrals, Lori established herself as a social media guru.
  • @cision #cision @hingemarketing Lori’s Turning Point: The Next Level of Visibility In 2011, the Wiley publishing company called on Lori to write their next how- to book in their famous “Dummies” series.
  • @cision #cision @hingemarketing
  • @cision #cision @hingemarketing
  • @cision #cision @hingemarketing How Buyers Find Industry Experts
  • @cision #cision @hingemarketing How Buyers Find Industry Experts Online
  • @cision #cision @hingemarketing Real World Example: Joe Pulizzi
  • @cision #cision @hingemarketing The Start of the Journey • Joe’s journey started at Penton. – The 300+ webinars he conducted at Penton helped develop his public speaking skills. • In 2007, he launched his own firm, Junta42. • In 2010, after Junta42’s unsuccessful business model, Joe launched the Content Marketing Institute.
  • @cision #cision @hingemarketing Joe’s Turning Point: The Next Level of Visibility “I’m on the stage greeting the audience and I’m realizing that over 600 people have traveled here—to Cleveland, Ohio—from 27 countries, to learn about content marketing from us. It was a huge moment.”
  • @cision #cision @hingemarketing The Godfather of Content Marketing “At the end of the day, I’m not smarter than anyone else. I didn’t give up, and I found a niche where I could distinguish myself.”
  • @cision #cision @hingemarketing What has been the overall effect on your company? • Without Joe’s industry expert status, there wouldn’t be a company. • The useful information Joe and the Content Marketing Institute provides drives all that they do.
  • @cision #cision @hingemarketing What has been the effect on business development? • The company’s content draws visitors to their website and generates subscribers. • Visitors relate to the content products the company offers. • Once visitors sign up, the company can monetize.
  • @cision #cision @hingemarketing What has been the effect on closing sales? • Once prospects contact the Content Marketing Institute, they’re already familiar with the company’s content. • There is usually no competitive situation — they rarely lose the sale.
  • @cision #cision @hingemarketing What has been the effect on partnering opportunities? • Due to Joe’s visible expertise, the Content Marketing Institute has more opportunities than they know what to do with. The company struggles with the process to filter.
  • @cision #cision @hingemarketing How has it affected your personal billing rate? Over the last 3 years, Joe’s billing rate has increased over 1000%
  • @cision #cision @hingemarketing Effects on Billing Rates
  • @cision #cision @hingemarketing Benefits of Having an Industry Expert in Your Firm 1. Effects on the firm as a whole. 2. Effects on business development. 3. Effects on closing the sale. 4. Effects on professional partnerships. 5. Effects on billing rates.
  • @cision #cision @hingemarketing Real World Example: Sylvia Montgomery
  • @cision #cision @hingemarketing The Start of the Journey • Sylvia holds an MBA from the University of Maryland, University College, an MFA from George Washington University, and a BA from Trinity University. • From 1998-2004, Sylvia held executive marketing positions at Rubbermaid and Digital Commerce. • From 2004-2008, Sylvia was Director of Marketing at a fast growing engineering firm. • Sylva joined Hinge in 2008.
  • @cision #cision @hingemarketing 1. Select the candidates. 2. Assess the candidates. 3. Strategy development. 4. Build the tools. 5. Develop the skills. 6. Increase visibility of expertise. 7. Track and adjust. 7 Steps to Developing Industry Experts
  • @cision #cision @hingemarketing Sylvia’s Turning Point: The Next Level of Visibility Sylvia is currently a Senior Partner at Hinge and leads its AEC vertical.
  • @cision #cision @hingemarketing Build the Tools • Your expert positioning statement • Professional photography • Press packages • Bios of various lengths • Video • Issues papers • Robust web presence • Consistent and robust social media presence • A blog • A book
  • @cision #cision @hingemarketing Average of 15.9 marketing tools used Top 10 Marketing Tools that Experts Use
  • @cision #cision @hingemarketing Tools and Techniques with the Greatest Impact
  • @cision #cision @hingemarketing Research Reports
  • @cision #cision @hingemarketing Books
  • @cision #cision @hingemarketing Blog Posts
  • @cision #cision @hingemarketing Featured Articles in Trade Publications
  • @cision #cision @hingemarketing Videos
  • @cision #cision @hingemarketing Speaking Engagements
  • @cision #cision @hingemarketing • Monitor progress frequently. Potential metrics to track include: – Number of leads – Lead sources – Website traffic – Number of conversions – Partnership opportunities – Length of sales cycle • Adjust on a regular basis. Track and Adjust
  • @cision #cision @hingemarketing The Emergence of an Industry Expert Before After Webinars 0 3 per month Speaking Engagements 0 14 per year Books 0 2 published books Direct leads 0 10 per month
  • @cision #cision @hingemarketing The Bottom Line 395%increase in revenue over 24 months.
  • @cision #cision @hingemarketing Objections and Concerns • What if my firm develops industry experts and they end up leaving? • What if every client wants to work with the expert? • What if I’m too busy to become an industry expert? • Will an industry expert undermine or overshadow my firm’s brand? • Does becoming an industry expert mean I’m pigeonholed into a specialty? • Will the expert’s role change over time? How can we plan for the future?
  • @cision #cision @hingemarketing Free Resources Finding Experts: Why & How Clients Seek Visible Experts Available at: Beyond Referrals: How Today’s Buyers Check You Out Becoming a Visible Expert: A Guide for Professional Services Executives Visible Value: How Firms Benefit from Visible Experts
  • @cision #cision @hingemarketing Thank you! Questions? Connect with Hinge 703.391.8870 Lee Frederiksen, Ph.D. Managing Partner, Hinge Marketing Connect with me on LinkedIn: in/leefrederiksen Connect on Twitter: @HingeMarketing Valerie Lopez Vice President of Media Research, Cision Connect on Twitter: @valerielopez Connect with Cision