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Cision Webinar Slides: A Look at PR Trends — Current Tactics and Emerging Strategies

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As technology changes, so do consumers’ consumption habits. The media landscape has evolved from print media, TV and radio to blogs, applications, wearable tech and more. As communicators, it is our …

As technology changes, so do consumers’ consumption habits. The media landscape has evolved from print media, TV and radio to blogs, applications, wearable tech and more. As communicators, it is our job to understand and navigate the tools and platforms our audience uses, and determine if they’re an appropriate way to engage with our market. All while tracking and measuring the impact that our efforts have on the bottom line.

Join CEO of Belle Communications Kate Finley and Cision’s social media manager Lisa Denten for this complimentary 45-minute webinar where they will discuss:

• How to Detect Emerging Trends and Figure Out if You Should Jump On-Board
• Real-Time Marketing for Brands
• The Blurred Lines of PR
• Practical Opportunities for Measuring the Impact of PR and Social Media

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  • 1. A Look at PR Trends: Current Tactics and Emerging Strategies How to use trends and tools to enhance your relevance within PR and your client industries. @KateUpdates @Cision #cision { Lisa Denten Social Media Manager, Cision @Cision { Kate Finley CEO, Belle Communications @KateUpdates 4
  • 2. About Me ... @KateUpdates @Cision #cision 5
  • 3. People who make things more complex than they are either know less than they think, or [they] are trying to sell you something. - Jay Baer, Convince and Convert { Read this ... @KateUpdates @Cision #cision 6
  • 4. What to Expect ... • Toolkit review and new tools ... dig or ditch! • Trend-spotting and how to pinpoint industry influencers • Trends in PR: Brand Journalism and RTM • The blurred lines of PR: Earned, Paid, Shared, Owned • How to measure what matters and think BIG @KateUpdates @Cision #cision 7
  • 5. What’s in Your Toolkit? @KateUpdates @Cision #cision 8
  • 6. Dig or Ditch • Toolkit overwhelm • Process: Discover > digest > dig it <> ditch it. Repeat. • If a tool isn’t working ... you’re wasting time and resources. • Use each tool to its full potential. The more multi-purpose, the better. Ask yourself: Is this tool really making my life easier? If the answer is ‘no,’ then time to ditch and move on. #Cision{ } Tweetable Tip: @KateUpdates @Cision #cision 9
  • 7. Toolkit Tuesdays @KateUpdates @Cision #cision 10
  • 8. My Toolkit ... In 2013 Apple’s App Store reported customers spent more than $10 billion on apps. #Cision { } Tweetable Tip: @KateUpdates @Cision #cision 11
  • 9. Trend Spotting ... • LinkedIn Pulse + Groups • Twitter Lists • Feedly @KateUpdates @Cision #cision 12
  • 10. You don’t have to be the first to spot a trend -- you just have to follow the people who spot trends first. #Cision{ } • PR industry, content marketing, social media + SEO • Client industries • Competitors • Partners and internal teams • Media influencers Follow the Experts Tweetable Tip: @KateUpdates @Cision #cision 13
  • 11. Twitter Lists ... Don’t reinvent the wheel. Save time by following top Twitter lists created by others. #Cision { } • TwitListManager • Cision Influencers • Post Planner 101 Best Twitter Lists to Follow • http://www.postplanner.com/101-best- twitter-lists-to-follow/ Tweetable Tip: @KateUpdates @Cision #cision 14
  • 12. Feedly ... • Industry News • Content Ideas • Social Media Content • Trending topics • Competition @KateUpdates @Cision #cision 15
  • 13. LinkedIn Re-purpose popular @LinkedIn group discussions into blog posts and enews content tailored to your target audience.  #cision{ } • Pulse • Groups • Target audience insights • Trending topics • Competition Tweetable Tip: @KateUpdates @Cision #cision 16
  • 14. Think BIG. @KateUpdates @Cision #cision 17
  • 15. • Brand Journalism • Real-Time Marketing Trends to Watch @KateUpdates @Cision #cision 18
  • 16. Brand Journalism Brand journalism is the opportunity to tell your brand’s story through creative, engaging and often interactive content housed on your own website. This content can take a variety of forms and often includes user-generated content. @KateUpdates @Cision #cision 19
  • 17. { } Brand Journalism Tweetable Tip: • Entire site • Embed (individual pages) • Social Hub • Event / promotion specific Videos on landing pages increase conversions by 65%. #Cision @KateUpdates @Cision #cision 20
  • 18. MiracleGro.com @KateUpdates @Cision #cision 21
  • 19. MiracleGro.com • About YOU • Intuitive • A reason to come back ... • Visually reinforces the brand • Playful ‘About Us’ @KateUpdates @Cision #cision 22
  • 20. Toolkit Alert: Rebel Mouse http://www.ge.com/news/social @KateUpdates @Cision #cision 23
  • 21. Rebel Mouse https://www.rebelmouse.com/TMobileBreakUpLetter/ @KateUpdates @Cision #cision 24
  • 22. Rebel Mouse http://www.nbcnews.com/anncurry @KateUpdates @Cision #cision 25
  • 23. Real-Time Marketing Real-time marketing is marketing (across channels) that can’t be completely pre- planned and often coincides with breaking news, current events or happenstance opportunities. @KateUpdates @Cision #cision 26
  • 24. Real-Time Marketing • 95% of live TV conversations happen on Twitter. • The majority of brands engaging in RTM fall flat. Use real-time marketing in combination with ad buys to increase engagement and branding across channels. #Cision{ } Tweetable Tip: @KateUpdates @Cision #cision 27
  • 25. RTM: Jimmy Fallon’s Truck @KateUpdates @Cision #cision 28
  • 26. RTM: Honda Odyssey h/t Gini Dietrich @KateUpdates @Cision #cision 29
  • 27. RTM: #Oscars2014 @KateUpdates @Cision #cision 30
  • 28. RTM Strategy: Have One. • Add real-time marketing within your social media strategy • Think through best practices in ways that minimize red tape • Consider how email fits within RTM • Monitor trending hashtags and Twitter lists Real-time marketing is new. It’s PR’s responsibility to responsibly integrate this tactic across marketing channels. #Cision{ } Tweetable Tip: @KateUpdates @Cision #cision 31
  • 29. So ... Who Implements this stuff? SEO Sponsored Posts Social Media Advertising Blogging Real-Time Marketing Keyword Research Integration Native Advertising @KateUpdates @Cision #cision 32
  • 30. Paid + Earned + Shared + Owned = PR now. The Blurred Lines of PR Image from Onbile.com. Read this ... March 29th! @KateUpdates @Cision #cision 33
  • 31. Sponsored content doesn’t have to go viral to be effective. Targeted, useful content + engaging visuals = lead potential. #BelleTip{ } • How can PR compliment and support other marketing initiatives? • Paid: Sponsored Content (Native Advertising) • Paid: Social media ad buys • Owned: Blogging Think BIG ... Tweetable Tip: @KateUpdates @Cision #cision 34
  • 32. Blog headlines should contain 66 characters or less to display fully within search results. #Cision { } Owned: Relevant + Ranking Tweetable Tip: @KateUpdates @Cision #cision 35
  • 33. Measurement ... @KateUpdates @Cision #cision 36
  • 34. Trend: Think BIG with Data • What does the data mean? • How does this data relate back to what we’re trying to measure? • Where’s the missing data? • If it were my business, what would I want to know? • Know when to DITCH unnecessary data. @KateUpdates @Cision #cision 37
  • 35. Measure the Right Things • Tangible Measurement • Site traffic • New leads • New sales (retail and online) • More robust sales (add ons) • Decreased site bounce rates • E-Newsletter opt-ins • Product Trials • Content incentives • Web and Social Analytics @KateUpdates @Cision #cision 38
  • 36. Toolkit Alert: SEO Check • Fruition’s Google Penalty Checker 33% of traffic from Google’s organic search results go to the first item listed. #Cision { } Tweetable Tip: https://fruition.net/ @KateUpdates @Cision #cision 39
  • 37. Making Sense of Data https://datasense.withgoogle.com/course @KateUpdates @Cision #cision { } Tweetable Tip: Spending on marketing analytics is expected to increase 60% by 2015. (Source: CMO Survey) #Cision 40
  • 38. Data Dashboards SEO leads have a 14.6% close rate, while print and direct mail close at a 1.7% rate. #Cision { } Tweetable Tip: • PR campaign impact, media relations, social media and relevance • Create custom dashboards with Google Analytics • Simple or complex Image from BrandWatch.com. Source: Search Engine Journal @KateUpdates @Cision #cision 41
  • 39. Key Takeaways • Dig it or DITCH IT. • Uncover trends through influencers. • Acknowledge and embraced the blurred lines. • Measure what matters. • Think BIG. @KateUpdates @Cision #cision 42
  • 40. The goal of life is not perfection. Life is found in the process and pursuit of the extraordinary. { @KateUpdates @Cision #cision 43
  • 41. Thank you! Follow me on Pinterest.com/KateUpdates or connect with me LinkedIn.com/in/KateFinley. { Kate Finley, @KateUpdates Belle Communications Kate@ThinkBelle.com ThinkBelle.com @KateUpdates @Cision 44