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VBlock Systems for Testing and Development


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By unifying best-in-class technologies from Cisco, EMC …

By unifying best-in-class technologies from Cisco, EMC
and VMware, we optimize applications and accelerate the adoption of cloud computing. VCE provides secure and predictable
performance through pre-engineered, modular infrastructure that enables standardized processes and operations

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  • 1. The World’s Most Advanced Converged InfrastructureVBLOCK™ SYSTEMS FOR TESTING AND DEVELOPMENTVCE is the leading innovator of intelligent converged infrastructure systems. By unifying best-in-class technologies from Cisco, EMCand VMware, we optimize applications and accelerate the adoption of cloud computing. VCE provides secure and predictableperformance through pre-engineered, modular infrastructure that enables standardized processes and operations. This enablesfaster development and deployment of applications, improved utilization and lower operational costs.Business, Operational and Financial Challenges! Speed to deliver new programs and services! SLAs and high availability for mission critical applications! Management and operation complexity! Vendor management! Environmental and facilities costsVblock™ SystemsVCE designs and delivers Vblock™ Systems, which seamlessly integrate leading compute, network, storage, and virtualizationtechnologies. Vblock Systems provide the highest levels of virtualization and application performance and are unique in their ability tobe managed as a single entity with a common interface that provides customer choice.The Vblock System for TestDev provides application developers control over the lifecycle of applications. The platformstreamlines the requisite applications and infrastructure resources to develop, test, provision, run and manage applicationsin their environment.VCE Customer Value! Optimized Infrastructure: pre-engineered, pre-validated and pretested o Standard models provide a predictable environment to manage and operate enterprise-class data centers o Integrated patch release management offloads IT staff Columbia Sportswear said, “The integration of compute, network, and storage into a single stack is transforming the way we, as IT professionals, view these environments. We anticipate a significant reduction in the overhead required to manage the Vblock platform environment, because we’ve taken three separate disciplines and combined them into one.”! Secure Environment: hardened security o Drawing upon the resources of RSA, Cisco, EMC and VMware Claremont College said, “The other colleges have a comfort level in having CMC host the computing environment for the Joint Science Department, because we have an enterprise data center architecture that is robust, resilient, and versatile.”© 2012 VCE Company, LLC. All rights reserved.
  • 2. ! Speed to Deployment: pre-configured logical and physical builds* o Reduced calendar time to deployment from 5 weeks to 1 week o Reduced staff time to configure, test and deploy by 75% o Simplified provisioning improves IT responsiveness A Fortune 100 financial services firm was able to reduce deployment risk and eliminate the time and cost of testing across different environments because of the standard nature of Vblock Systems. Rapid deployment of Vblock Systems saved the company more than $10 million per month in idle and underutilized personnel costs, and avoided the time and cost uncertainty of a services engagement.! Lower Costs: simplified IT infrastructure costs* o Significantly improved application uptime and system availability o Higher utilization of resources, reduced storage costs 60%, network hardware 63%; servers 41%, power 25%; facilities 33% o Dramatically reduced server incidents o Reduced end-user productivity losses over $9,000 per 100 users per year Molina Healthcare, a Fortune 500 company saw improved total cost of ownership due to minimized requirements for implementation, administration and support resources; a 4:1 reduction in data center footprint, and decreased power and cooling usage.! Promote Innovation: IT staff spending less time managing infrastructure and vendors* o Increased IT staff productivity over $10,000 per 100 end-users per year A Fortune 150 financial services company embarked on a $1 billion development project for a new generation of applications to improve customer experience and help the company extend its competitive advantage. The company chose Vblock systems and VMware’s vFabric tools to support the application development work, with all systems operational in less than 30 days. This standard platform for development, staging and production enables the developers to instantiate new development and testing environments in minutes rather than months.The Enterprise Business ChallengeEnterprises engaged in developing, testing, and deploying their applications must find a way to dealwith many layers of complexities in the targeted platforms. These layers include application services,virtualization, and hardware infrastructure with compute, network, storage, and management at alllevels. IT and engineering must also focus their energy on acquiring, deploying, and providing ongoingmanagement, as well as making sure all the layers work seamlessly together. This situation increasesan enterprise’s initial and ongoing cost, extends the development cycle, and reduces flexibility neededto respond to changes in the market.The Vblock System for TestDev provides application developers and owners full control overthe lifecycle of applications. The solution provides and streamlines the requisite applicationsand infrastructure resources to develop, test, provision, run, and manage applications in theirenvironment. The solution enables them to dynamically adjust application and infrastructureresources according to real-time demand. Application owners set the rules for when to scale upresources, or scale down. This flexibility enables applications owners to meet peak demand tomaintain performance standards or to scale down during slow times, in order to balance ITresources for other applications.*IDC White Paper, April 2012, Case Studies of 5 VCE customers© 2012 VCE Company, LLC. All rights reserved.
  • 3. Enterprise SolutionVblock™ System 300 for Testing and DevelopmentThe Vblock 300 is an agile and efficient data center class system, providing modular and scalable performance. The Vblock 300features a high density, compact fabric switch, tightly integrated fabric-based blade servers, and best-in-class unified storage. Table I: Vblock 300 components Resource Vblock 300 Component Details Cisco UCS 5108 Blade Server Chassis Cisco UCS B-Series Blades Compute Cisco UCS 2104XP Series Fabric Extenders or Cisco UCS 2208XP Series Fabric Extenders Cisco UCS 6248UP Series Fabric Interconnects or Cisco UCS 61x0XP Series Fabric Interconnects Cisco Nexus 1000V Series virtual switch Network Cisco Nexus 5548UP Series IP switches Cisco MDS 9148 Series Storage Switches (Fibre Channel) Storage EMC VNX Series unified storage with EMC Unisphere VMware vCenter Server, VMware vSphere Virtualization VMware ESXi Cisco UCS Manager Management EMC Unisphere VMware vCenter Server Table II: Vblock System for Testing and Development VMware Resources Product Details vFabric AppDirector VMware vFabric™ Application Director is a cloud-enabled application provisioning solution VMware vFabric Application Performance Manager provides application owners with the real-time vFabric APM visibility and control they need to manage their SLAs in the cloud. Built primarily for monitoring Applications Deployed using vFabric AppDirector vFabric Suite is a lightweight, scalable, integrated middleware suite for data-intensive custom VMware vFabric Suite applications, whether on-premise or in the cloud. Optimized for the open source Spring Framework vFabric tc Server, the best place to build and run Java Spring applications, provides enterprise users vFabric tc Server Developer Edition with the lightweight server they want paired with the operational management, advanced diagnostics, and mission-critical support capabilities businesses need VMware vFabrc EMJ VMware vFabric Web Server VMware vFabric Data Director These components are optional and can be ordered from VCE or VMware directly. VMware vFabric SQLFire For more details please go to VMware vFabric GemFire VMware vFabric Postgres VMware vFabric RabbitMQ
  • 4. What Customers Are Saying“VCE is much more than a vendor. They stand alongside us in the field with unified presales and post sales support, and workwith us through every stage of solution development. When our customers see our close partnership with VCE, it gives themconfidence in our cloud offerings and makes us stronger competitively.” — Siki Giunta, Vice President, Cloud Computing andSoftware Services, CSC“Vblock Systems are ideal for a hosting infrastructure used for enterprise applications. The Vblock system ensures full symmetricfault tolerance with no single point-of-failure. That means we can offer customers a highly available cloud hosting solution thatrequires no code changes in their applications.” — Andrew Schwabecher, General Manager, Hosting Services, 8x8 Inc.“Without the Vblock Systems, we would have needed 60 to 90 days to configure, cable, and test servers, networking,and storage. With the Vblock Systems, we set up a production system in just three weeks.” — Nagesh Kunamneni,Chief Technology Officer, ACSVCE customers reported “reducing staff time to configure, test and deploy new applications by 75%.” — IDC, May 2012Next stepsReady to take the next step? VCE and its extensive partner ecosystem can get you there.For more information, go to VCEVCE, formed by Cisco and EMC with investments from VMware and Intel, accelerates the adoption of convergedinfrastructure and cloud-based computing models that dramatically reduce the cost of IT while improving time to market forour customers. VCE, through the Vblock Systems delivers the industrys only fully integrated and fully virtualized cloudinfrastructure system. VCE solutions are available through an extensive partner network, and cover horizontalapplications, vertical industry offerings, and application development environments, allowing customers to focus onbusiness innovation instead of integrating, validating and managing IT infrastructure.For more information, go to!Copyright © 2012 VCE Company, LLC. All rights reserved. Vblock and the VCE logo are registered trademarks or trademarks of VCE Company, LLC. and/or its affiliatesin the United States or other countries. All other trademarks used herein are the property of their respective owners.