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Ucs & v mware integrated mgmt roger_barlow


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Published in: Technology

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  • {"16":"VDI is already complex and many organizations struggle with the interdependencies of making the infrastructure components work together in concert. We offer a unified approach for server, fabric and storage that makes management and scaling simple to do, along with tight functional integration with Vmware mgmt suite\n","17":"<Tony> For your reference, we’ve included a more detailed slide on each of the bundles. I’d also encourage you to grab the link shown in the top left corner, and download the official brochure/flyer for the UCS/View bundles, which you can share with customers. What you’ll notice here is that we have the B-Series starter bundle on the left, which includes the UCS chassis, 2 fabric interconnects, 1 B200 management blade, 3 blades for hosting View desktops, and 300 Horizon View licenses. Use the SKU at the bottom to order this.\nAs I move to the middle column, you’ll see additional options for the starter kit. The Expansion bundle adds 100 Horizon View users, deployed on an additional B200 blade. We also have 2 upgrade options for the B-series starter kit, related to storage. If your customer is interested in floating/non-persistent desktops as we mentioned earlier, they can go with either the UCS Storage Accelerator, based on Fusion-io, which adds 785GB of on-board flash memory based storage, managed as part of the UCS blade, or they can go with standard 4x16GB flash memory.\nFinally as we move to the right, we see our options for smaller deployments. The C-Series bundle includes a single C240 rack server with 24 600GB SAS drives in a RAID configuration, and 100 Horizon View licenses. For customers who are implementing the ISR-G2 branch router solution, we also have a SKU for the E-Series blade, packaged with 25 Horizon View licenses.\n","19":"Slide is done\n","15":"The FlexPod is not a fix configuration. It provides an excellent starting point as shared infrastructure for organizations that want to run mixed workloads. The starting point is the MS Productivity Applications, but the FlexPod architecture allows different resources to be scaled while maintaining the same design and implementations.\nThe initial sizing guide covers the MS Applications (VDI Windows 7, MS Exchange 2010, SharePoint 2010, MS SQL 2008) and over time will cover many different applications.\n"}
  • Transcript

    • 1. Co-Sponsored by Intel® UCS & VMware Integrated Management Roger Barlow UCS Product Manager © 2010 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Cisco Confidential 1
    • 2. UCS Is To Physical As VMware Is To Virtual • Single point physical infrastructure management • Fully capable XML API • Policy based configuration management • Template based configurations • OS migration between physical servers Presentation_ID © 2013 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Cisco Public 2
    • 3. Network Integration of UCS Manager and VMware vCenter • No other joint solution moves network QoS and security settings with virtual machines, automatically and simultaneously. • Integrated port profiles and port groups reduce chance of error and increase security, eliminating downtime.
    • 4. UCSM VM-FEX Integration VM-FEX virtual machines appear in the Virtual Machines tab in UCS-M
    • 5. UCS & VMware Auto Deploy Automated Provisioning of Hypervisors • VMware Host Profiles completely define the hypervisor configuration • Cisco UCS Service Profiles completely define the physical server configuration • Autodeploy enables network based provisioning/booting of hypervisors • UCS Autodeploy integration allows for one click provisioning of fully configured hypervisors
    • 6. UCS & Auto Deploy Operational Simplification Profile-Based Provisioning Integrated with vSphere 5 VMware vSphere 5 Auto Deploy • Boot servers over IP networks using shared storage • Link each new physical server to a vCenter boot image UCS enhanced Auto Deploy Link service profile template to a vCenter boot image • Deploy many vSphere servers with a single click • Without UCS • Policy enforced: saves time and reduces errors UCS Enhanced Auto Deploy Associate boot image one server at a time Server #1 Automatically associate boot image Server #1 Server #2 Select a server: go to server element manager, find server, copy MAC address Select a server: go to server element manager, find server, copy Find Auto-Deploy Server #3 MAC address image: go to vCenter, select image, enter server MAC address Select a server: image: go to vCenter, select image, enter Find Auto-Deploy go to server element manager, find server, copy Boot Server #... server address MAC address server MAC Select a Find Auto-Deploy image: go to vCenter, select image, enter Boot serverserver: go to server element manager, find server, copy MAC address server MAC address Boot server Find Auto-Deploy image: go to vCenter, select image, enter server MAC address Boot server Server #2 vCenter boot image to service profile Link template Select template Server #3 Deploy new server Deploy new server Select template Server #... Deploy new server Select template Deploy new server
    • 7. UCS vCenter Orchestrator Plug-In Cisco release Features Features  Auto-derived from the existing UCS XML-API  Automates frequently performed administrative UCS tasks  Integrate physical infrastructure management into VMware’s virtual infrastructure management tools
    • 8. UCS Plugin for vCenter A plugin to the VMware vCenter web console that gives virtualization administrators direct management of UCS hardware from within the vCenter console View physical infrastructure from within vCenter Correlate virtual and physical resources Quick access to KVM, UCSM, & LED indicator Released CQ3 2012
    • 9. Cisco UCS vCenter Plugin Phase I Together ESX & UCS: Provide a single point of administration for both physical and virtual infrastructure Streamline infrastructure management by tracking virtual & physical relationships Extend vCenter visibility into Cisco’s advanced virtual networking technologies (VMFex, Virtual Interface Card, etc)
    • 10. vCenter Plugin Phase II 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. AutoDeploy UI Apply Service Profile Template Create Service Profile Template from hypervisor Clone hypervisor Add/Create VLAN to UCSM Add/create VIC interface on blade Upgrade blade firmware Virtualization specific BIOS settings • Intel VT • Hyper threading • etc
    • 11. Cisco UCS vCenter Plugin Phase II (Q3 2013) Together ESX & UCS: Provide a single point of administration for both physical and virtual infrastructure Manage and provision physical infrastructure (network, compute, and SAN) without leaving vCenter
    • 12. LogInsight UCS Content Pack A plugin to the VMware's LogInsight product that collects information and events from the Fabric Interconnect and provides analytics on the information collected including: FI, IOM, & FEX events Blade & Managed Rack events UCS Domain events UCS Central events CQ3 2013 Availability
    • 13. VMware LogInsight Content Pack (Q3 2013) Together UCS & LogInsight: Provide a comprehensive view of infrastructure activity Simplify data collection from Network, Compute, & storage by providing a single data source Shorten troubleshooting time for the entire UCS infrastructure
    • 14. Infrastructure - VCE Vblock VblockTM Infrastructure Platforms Management and Orchestration: Unified Infrastructure Manager (UIM) framework Virtualization: VMware Compute: Cisco UCS Network: Cisco Nexus and MDS switching Storage: EMC Symmetrix VMAX or Unified Solutions and Services Accelerate time to value of business applications Seamless Support
    • 15. Infrastructure - Flexpod  Nexus 5xxx series switches  UCS B-Series Servers Memory count Processor speeds Total server count VDI  NetApp FAS controller Dev/Test More compute Less storage Higher performance blades, more IOPS DP/ Backup Starting Out CPU Memory Capacity IOPS Entry system Then scale up Production Production Infrastructure Balanced Infrastructure Less compute More storage Add-on cards Expansion modules Flash Cache  Shelves and drives types Shelf count Drive types – SAS, SATA, FC, SSD Drive sizes – 450GB, 600GB, 1TB, etc.
    • 16. Why is Cisco best for Desktop Virtualization? -Streamlined Manageability VDI Can Be Complex – You Need Streamlined, QoSEnabled Infrastructure •Combines multiple disparate technologies working in concert – compute, storage, software, network, security •Cisco UCS with VM-FEX offers granular QoS controls for virtual desktop pools •Cisco UCS Manager in concert with VMware management tools along with a rapid, stateless provisioning model
    • 17. VMware VDI Bundle Desktop Virtualization Starter Kit for View Expansion Bundle for View (2) UCS 6248UP Interconnects (1) UCS Chassis w/ two 2208 FEX •CPU: 2 x 2.70 GHz E5-2680 •Mem: 16 x 16GB (256GB) •HDD: 300GB SAS •VIC 1240 (1) UCS B200 Management Blade: (1)100 View Premier Pack •CPU: 2 x 2.40 GHz E5-2665 •Mem: 8 x 16GB (128GB) •HDD: 300GB SAS •VIC 1240 (3) B200 Desktop Workload Blade •CPU: 2 x 2.70 GHz E5-2680 •Mem: 16 x 16GB (256GB) •HDD: 300GB SAS •VIC 1240 (3) 100 View Premier Pack UCS-EZ-VDI-ENT-VW (1) UCS B200 M3 Blade: UCS-EZ-VDI-EXP-VW Desktop Virtualization for SMB with View (1) UCS C240 M3 Rack Server: •CPU: 2 x 2.90 GHz E5-2690 •Mem: 16 x 16GB (256GB) •RAID: MegaRAID 9266CV-8i •VIC 1225 •24 x 600G SAS 10K RPM SFF HDD (1)100 View Premier Pack UCS-EZ-VDI-SMB-VW Upgrade Option 1 UCS Storage Accelerator: Fusion-io ioDrive2 MLC - 785GB UCSB-F-FIO-785M Upgrade Option 2 4 x 16GB Memory (64GB): UCS-EZ-M16GB-4PK Desktop Virtualization for Remote Desktop Virtualization for Remote Office // Branch Router Office Branch Router (1) UCS E-Series ISR G2 (1) UCS E-Series ISR G2 (1)25 View Pack (1)25 View Pack UCS-E160D-M1VDI/K9 UCS-E160D-M1VDI/K9
    • 18. Cisco UCS Validated Designs with VMWare Name Posted URL ucs_sharepoint2010_flexpod_vmware.html Sharepoint on FlexPod w/ vSphere 5.0 3/12 HDS w/ vSphere 5.0 10/12 FlexPod w/ vSphere 5.0 10/12 Citrix XD 5.6 on vSphere 5.1 1/13 VSPEX: View 5.1.2 for 2000 users 1/13 VSPEX: View 5.1.2 for 500 users 5/13 Citrix XD 5.6 and XA 6.5 on vSphere 5.1 5/13 FlexPod w/ vSphere 5.1 5/13 SAP Applications on FlexPod w/ vSphere 5.1 5/13 VSPEX: V250 w/ vSphere 5.1 6/13 VSPEX: V100 and V125 w/ vSphere 5.1 6/13 VSPEX: V50 vSphere 5.1 7/13 FlexPod on Nexus 7k w/ vSphere 5.1 7/13 html ap.html 0vm.html _v100v125.html 0.html oe_design.html
    • 19. Visit Cisco Booth D209 Twitter: @ciscoDC, #vmworld Facebook: Youtube: Cisco DCC Blog: Slideshare: Community: : Pinterest: LinkedIn: search “Cisco Data Center” group Google +: In Collaboration with Intel® Intel, the Intel logo, Xeon and Xeon inside are trademarks of Intel Corporation in the U.S. and other countries.
    • 20. © 2010 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Cisco Confidential 20