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  • VCE is a leading innovator of intelligent converged infrastructure systems. Customers rely on VCE for the fastest deployment of infrastructure and applications, the highest application performance and availability, and the lowest TCO. From our roots as a pioneer in creating converged infrastructure, we have extended our innovation:

    By integrating best in class technologies from Cisco, EMC and VMware, we engineer, manufacture and support Vblock™ Systems, the market leading integrated infrastructure systems.
    Through open and standards based aggregation of Vblock Systems functional, environmental and operational characteristics we simplify integration into existing and emerging management frameworks, providing complete system context of configuration and health to introduce a new era of converged operations for IT infrastructure.
    Through focused integration with leading applications, we simplify application deployment and operations. We optimize application performance and operations by extending Vblock System concepts of standardization and automation to the runtime environment.

    VCE offers a broad portfolio products and services to accelerate IT transformation and dramatically simplify IT operations. VCE and VblockTM Systems lead the market for converged infrastructure systems, offering unparalleled value to midsized companies and large enterprises.

    With VCE and Vblock Systems, IT organizations are able to shift resources to focus more on innovation and less on maintenance.
  • The IT organization today tends to mirror the component mindset, creating a set of silos, each with its own view of resources and operations. This is how most IT has been organized for many years.

    Different departments select components from multiple vendors, complicating procurement and integration of components into infrastructure that can support applications. Each silo has unique integration points various infrastructure components, creating many different and flawed views of the infrastructure. Many customers report of mounting complexity in the seams between departments, making collaboration on budgeting, planning and execution increasingly difficult. Today, working across silos is seen as one of the biggest challenges in the data center.

    The result, according to analysts, is that the majority of the IT budget is spent on maintaining operations rather than investing in new business capability.

    [Note to presenter] Ask “Is this breakdown similar to what you see in your environment?”

    Source reference: IDC #231884 December, 2011. Survey of 300 IT decision makers.

  • Most IT still operates like this drawing, with IT teams putting together infrastructure from piece parts, leading to costly and slow deployments. However, the larger IT effort comes from trying to make these components continue to work together throughout their lifecycles. Any change to a piece of the infrastructure drives a significant amount of planning, testing, stabilization and optimization. This iterative planning and implementing of updates using manually driven, mistake prone procedures occurs constantly across most infrastructures, with complexity magnified and undue risk raised because organizations are in silos. In summary, most IT staff time and budgets are spent trying to maintain the infrastructure itself, rather than driving innovation.
  • VCE has pioneered a new way to create converged infrastructure, enabling customers to focus on innovation and investment instead of integrating and operating equipment.

    VCE does two things incredibly well.
    VCE Vblock systems and our processes enable the fastest time to deployment, and
    They dramatically simplify ongoing customer IT operations.

    Factory-integrated systems simplify procurement and deployment to speed time to value by ensuring that the right system configuration arrives ready to power on and integrate into the target application environment, with predictable performance and availability SLAs. VCE takes care of this in the factory, so customers don’t have to do it themselves.

    VCE engineering performs roadmap, software configuration and patch management planning, delivering regular software release updates. And VCE provides a single support contact into our integrated customer support operations to simplify and streamline all support operations. VCE’s engineering and support investments mean that we take care of the hard challenges of roadmap planning, software updates and support integration so our customers don’t have to.

    Let’s take a look at VCE’s unique differentiation on the following slide.
  • Engineered as one – architectural standards and specs
    Manufactured as one – delivered from factory ready to run applications
    Managed as one – single object view of converged infrastructure
    Supported as one – system in addition to components
    Sustained as one – release compatibility matrix for lifecycles system assurance and integrity

    Through comprehensive characterization of standardized converged infrastructure, VCE simplifies application deployment and ongoing operations by extending Vblock System concepts of standardization and automation to the runtime environment. Examples include data protection, mobility, database, end user computing, etc.
  • VCE leverages thousands of Cisco, EMC, and VMware engineers, and billions of dollars of investor company R&D. We do not design servers, storage or networking components. We are focused on data center architecture and operations.

    Engineered as Single Product: A true converged infrastructure encompasses every facet of engineering and manufacturing an individual IT product and applies them to a fully integrated converged infrastructure system. VCE’s system specification defines strict architectural standards of what and how IT components are designed together, including VCE’s release compatibility matrix (RCM) which defines a complete envelope of supported hardware and software revisions.

    1. Vblock Systems seamlessly integrate leading compute, network and storage technologies from investor companies Cisco, EMC, VMware and Intel. VMware is Number 1 in market share for Virtualization, Cisco is number 1 in market share for Networking and EMC is number 1 in market share for Storage. Cisco is number 2 in blade servers market share, getting there in < 3 years after entering the market and rapidly gaining share from HP. No other vendor has this combination of technology and market leadership.
    2. VCE’s engineering organization does not design servers, storage or networking. VCE’s team consists of hundreds of data center architects, system architects, data center operations experts, software developers and applications experts to integrate leading technologies into Vblock Systems, which are fully engineered and then both physically assembled and logically built in state of the art factories. The result is a fully productized system that can be deployed into production fast with low risk. VCE is the first and only vendor to perform this level of engineering investment.
  • Manufactured as a Single Product: VCE manufactures Vblock Systems in state of the art manufacturing facilities, ensuring that systems are both physically assembled and logically configured according to VCE engineering and build specifications.

    If you think about how infrastructure is typical assembled today, even for most reference architecture solutions… dozens to hundreds of boxes show up at different times, some missing, some wrong components, some dead-on-arrival components… and then customers or vendors spend many days, weeks or months trying to blend it together into infrastructure to run applications. There may be guidelines, but most vendors cannot point customers to their factories, their formal design and build processes, their engineering teams and labs, and their future product roadmaps.

    VCE manufactures hundreds of Vblock Systems each quarter, delivered to the world’s top enterprises and governments. All integration points and code elements are formally architected, designed, tested and documented.
  • Single Point of Management: VCE discovers system components and aggregates complete system configuration information into a library to provide complete system context. Vision has dynamic awareness of changes so the system configuration is constantly updated and logged. Vision can also check adherence to VCE’s Release Compatibility Matrix (RCM) to determine if system components and firmware are at appropriate versions.

    Access to VCE Vision information is through a standard API or through SNMP calls. VCE, partners, and a developer community are creating connectors and plug-ins for many management frameworks. VCE has developed VMware integrations into VMware vCenter, vCenter Operations, and VMware Log Insight
  • VCE’s engineering organization performs multi-year roadmap interlock with investor companies, and creates a release compatibility matrix that is regularly updated during the product’s lifecycle. VCE does the hard work of roadmap planning, integration, testing and assurance so customers don’t have to. Through the elimination of complexity and risk associated with multiple silos, VCE reduces costs by ½ and significantly reduces risk of application downtime. VCE’s release compatibility matrix (RCM) is a unique IT innovation.
  • Customers implement targeted plans for IT transformation so VCE offers a flexible range of services in five service lines to support specific projects they may be considering or working on today:

    Our cloud services help drive business agility and IT-as-a-Service strategy … through the full spectrum of implementing private, public, or hybrid clouds, or as-a-service environments.

    Our data center services help maximize system investment and deliver new IT services faster … through support from getting started with Vblock Systems and through ongoing expansion.

    End-user computing services improve productivity and user experience … through services for all phases of implementing a virtualized desktop environment . . . or by supporting mobility as the organization requires.

    A complete range of security and data protection services are backed by industry leader EMC enabling customers to proactively safeguard information.

    Business and application services help provide an exceptional experience for application users … and develop applications and services faster. This includes expert support for specific enterprise applications such as those from SAP and Microsoft.
  • IDC studied a number of VCE customers and quantified the improvements to key data center metrics such as speed of deployment, implementation of new services, downtime reduction and cost reduction. VCE customers experience significant benefits, which is why so many VCE customers are repeat customers.
    4X Faster deployment – insurance company in disruptive industry trend from brick and mortar to web based insurance.
    96% less downtime – importance to large healthcare providers where patient lives depend upon doctors’ continuous access to patient data.
    5X faster deployment of services for retail and financial services
    50% reduction of data center costs for service providers where IT is the primary investment of the company.
  • Gartner reports VCE’s market share to be >50%, even in the face of increasing competition by major industry vendors HP, IBM, Hitachi, Dell and Oracle.
  • The VCE Value Proposition

    1. 1. © 2014 VCE Company, LLC. All rights reserved. EMC World 2014 THE VCE VALUE PROPOSITION
    2. 2. VCE Confidential© 2014 VCE Company, LLC. All rights reserved. VCE Confidential BUSINESS UPDATE VCE is a privately held company funded by Cisco, EMC, VMware, and Intel  1500 employees globally, with manufacturing operations in the US and EU  800+ customer deployments; strong Fortune 500 penetration with high-level of customer satisfaction  8 of the top 10 Global Telcos, and 3 of the top 5 Global Pharma are VCE customers
    3. 3. VCE Confidential© 2014 VCE Company, LLC. All rights reserved. IT BUDGET 70% 20% 10% TODAY’S IT TEAMS IN SILOS New hardware investments New software investments Maintaining operations cost Compute Storage Network Virtualization Application
    4. 4. VCE Confidential© 2014 VCE Company, LLC. All rights reserved. VCE Confidential TODAY’S IT DESIGN AND DEPLOY MAINTAIN EXPAND AND UPGRADE Plan and design Build and test Code matrix monitoring Patch and validate Stabilize and optimize Plan and design Build and test V2
    5. 5. VCE Confidential© 2014 VCE Company, LLC. All rights reserved. VCE Confidential VCE VBLOCK™ SYSTEMS—THE ONLY TRUE CONVERGED INFRASTRUCTURE Factory Physical and Logical Build Roadmap and New Feature Planning Compliance-Ready Configuration and Patch Management Performance and Availability Single Support Through VCE
    7. 7. VCE Confidential© 2014 VCE Company, LLC. All rights reserved. VCE Confidential ENGINEERED AS ONE VCE performs multi-year roadmap planning, rationalization, and integration with Cisco, EMC, and VMware  VCE global engineering blends system architects, data center operations experts, software developers, and application experts Robust VCE engineering lifecycle process with exacting standards  Comprehensive converged system design specs and logical configuration specs  Full Release Compatibility Matrix (RCM) Engineering for scalability, availability, and flexibility Single vendor simplicity
    8. 8. VCE Confidential© 2014 VCE Company, LLC. All rights reserved. VCE Confidential MANUFACTURED AS ONE Major facilities in the US and EU  Physical build of 300+ components, 60+ points of integration  Logical build of nearly 30 code elements  Less than 45 days from PO to onsite  48 hours from onsite to deployment  Advanced supply chain, procurement, and logistics  Physical and logical build, and factory-tested  VCE delivery and integration services  Release Compatibility Matrix (RCM) interoperability  Integrated data protection options  Advisory, technology, and managed services
    9. 9. VCE Confidential© 2014 VCE Company, LLC. All rights reserved. MANAGED AS ONE VISIBILITY, CONTEXT, AND CONFORMANCE SIMPLIFIED VCE Vision™ Intelligent Operations system context, discovery, and RCM compliance Native integration into VMware toolsets; connectors into management frameworks Network Compute Storage Hypervisor Vblock System VCE Vision Intelligent Operations Software SIEM Connectors NMS Connectors Compliance Connectors vCenter Integration
    10. 10. VCE Confidential© 2014 VCE Company, LLC. All rights reserved. VCE Confidential SUPPORTED AS ONE Single source (not just call) support Standardization and configuration consistency Support Product Management Support Technologies Integrated Vblock™ Systems Support CustomerValue VCE™ Premier SupportVCE™ Plus Support VCE™ Core Support Enhanced Strategic Value
    11. 11. VCE Confidential© 2014 VCE Company, LLC. All rights reserved. VCE Confidential SUSTAINED AS ONE Lifecycle management Engineer and test releases to ensure compatibility Package system code-level matrix and prepare for distribution VCE design and implementation services Technology roadmap Coordinated procurement and logistics Convert network, compute, and storage operational silos to one platform administration group Automate resource consumption, self-provisioning, and virtualization utilization Upgrade planning services Advisory, technology, and managed services MONITORING, MANAGEMENT, AND AUTOMATION INTEGRATION AND OPERATIONAL ADOPTION DEPLOYMENT
    12. 12. VCE Confidential© 2014 VCE Company, LLC. All rights reserved. VCE Confidential Advisory Services Technology Services Managed Services Software lifecycle automation and application-specific services (e.g., SAP, Microsoft) Business and Applications Services SERVICES THAT DRIVE CUSTOMER SUCCESS Backup, recovery, and archiving services backed by industry-leading data protection technologies Security and Data Protection Services Planning, designing, and implementing a virtualized desktop environment, or providing mobility solutions End-User Computing Services Getting started with and deploying core Vblock Systems, migrating workloads, and performing ongoing upgrades/expansion Data Center Services Planning, developing, and operating a private cloud, public cloud, hybrid cloud, or “as-a-service” environment Cloud Services
    14. 14. VCE Confidential© 2014 VCE Company, LLC. All rights reserved. VCE Confidential GARTNER: VCE INTEGRATED INFRASTRUCTURE SYSTEMS (BY REVENUE, 2Q13) MARKET SHARE GREATER THAN ALL OTHERS COMBINED 27% 11% 5% 3%3% 51% 1% 29% 37% 33% INTEGRATED SYSTEMS MARKET 2Q13 Market Size: $1.5B INTEGRATED INFRASTRUCTURE SYSTEMS MARKET SHARE 2Q13 Market Size: $439M Integrated Infrastructure Systems Integrated Stack Systems VCE HP Dell Hitachi IBM Other Source: Gartner Market Share Analysis: Data Center Hardware Integrated Systems 2Q13. Integrated Reference Architectures Oracle
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