Running End to End SAP Global Transportation Management on Flexpod for SAP


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Running End to End SAP Global Transportation Management on Flexpod for SAP

  1. 1. GOPA IT ConsultantsRunning end to end global SAP TransportationManagement on Flexpod for SAPSAPPHIRE NOW - May 15, 2013
  2. 2. Agenda  GOPA ITC – Company Overview  SAP TM – Global Transportation Management - Overview  Solution Overview  GOPA ITC TM Practice  Use Cases – running SAP TM on FlexPod for SAP Technology  Instant TM Template Solution  Technology Platform  Use Cases  Benefits  Contact100%  SAP    Focus  End-­‐to-­‐End  Vision  Strong  &  Experienced  Leadership  Hand-­‐picked  Skill-­‐sets  &  Resources  
  3. 3. GOPA IT Consultants –SAP SCM / TM Resource Location MapSan Mateo, USA:US Headquarters& SAP TMInnovation CenterFrankfurt,Germany:EMEAHeadquartersWalldorf, Germany:SAP Competency Ctr.,SAP Data CenterTunis, Tunisia:SAP Support &Development CenterIstanbul, Turkey:SAP TM TechnicalDevelopmentCenterHanoi, Vietnam:Satellite Office,SAP TM ResourcePoolShanghai, China:Satellite Office,SAP Resource PoolGOPA GroupGOPA IT ConsultantsGOPA ITC Partner LocationGOPA Group  Founded in 1965 as „ roup for rganisationlanning and dvancement“  60 Other Global Location of GOPA Group  Competency groups in dedicated companies  Experience from more than 3.000 projects  Group revenue in 2012*: ~180 mill. USDMadrid, Spain:GOPA IT Iberia,S.L. SAP TMDelivery CenterMiami, USA:Latin America Hub
  4. 4. SAP HANAPlatformFull SAPEnd-to-endImplementationsSelect FocusAreas i.e.SCM, TransportationSAPVirtualizationCloud ServicesSCMInnovationSolutions &ServicesEnterprise ITInfrastructure &Data Center Mgmt.GOPA ITC –Service SegmentsDelivering high-endSAP Solutions byblending SAP Application,Infrastructure andConsulting Expertise
  5. 5. GOPA IT Global SAP CompetenceCenter /Joint R & D – LABPartner and “Partner’s PartnerProject support - Pre- and Post- salesEnable , educate, coach, Operate and MaintainecomplementApplicationManagementandIntegrationOptimizedreferencearchitecture andoperationsconcepts SAPawareInfrastructureManagementWorkflowAutomationandOrchestrationGOPA IT Consultants – the Difference
  6. 6. Agenda  GOPA ITC – Company Overview  SAP TM – Global Transportation Management - Overview  Solution Overview  GOPA ITC TM Practice  Use Cases – running SAP TM on FlexPod for SAP Technology  Instant TM Template Solution  Technology Platform  Use Cases  Benefits  Contact100%  SAP    Focus  End-­‐to-­‐End  Vision  Strong  &  Experienced  Leadership  Hand-­‐picked  Skill-­‐sets  &  Resources  
  7. 7. ©  2012 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 7SAP Transportation & Logistics CoverageProcesses, players and collaborationPlanning, orchestration, and executionof the physical movement of goodsShipper ConsigneeFreight ForwarderCarriersOrderManagementTransportationExecutionTransportationPlanningInboundProcessingOutboundProcessingStorage &OperationsWAREHOUSE MANAGEMENTTRANSPORTATION MANAGEMENTFreightSettlement
  8. 8. ©  2012 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 8Analytics & ReportingSAP Transportation Management CoverageOverview of complete solution coverageEvent ManagementImport / Export, Dangerous Goods & ComplianceDocument & Output ManagementIntegration & ConnectivityTransportationPlannerOrderManagement  SAP ERP integration:Order-to-Cash,Procure-to-Pay  Freight Orders  Forwarding Orders  Freight BookingsTransportationCharge ClerkFreightSettlement  Freight AgreementManagement  Charge & Tariff Mgmt.  SAP ERP integration:Forwarding, FreightOrder SettlementSpecialist(i.e.Tendering)Freight Planning& Tendering  Manual & AutomatedPlanning & Dispatching  Routing, Resource &Carrier Selection  Order Tendering  Ocean Pre-bookingsTransportationDispatcherFreight Execution& Monitoring  Logistics Execution  Transportation StatusVisibility & Monitoring  Capacity MonitoringSAP Transportation Management
  9. 9. GOPA ITC – Engagement Path to LeadershipInstant TM –DeliveryValuePracticeLaunchFirstMoverPartner•  Foundation of SAP TM Practice•  TM POC Delivery•  TM 7.0 Template Development•  Sales Support for SAP SolutionManagement•  TM POC Delivery•  Participation in TM 8.0 Bootcamp•  Support RKT Development•  Support SAP Tests•  Extend Team of TM Experts•  Press Release of Instant TM•  First POC Engagements•  GOPA SAP TM Whitepaper•  Weekly TM Blog•  Joint SAP / GOPA TemplateDevelopment “Instant TM”•  TM Customer Demo & POC Support•  Ramp-Up CustomersExpand &GrowEngage,Support &EducateMarket &ThoughtLeader•  Leadership Position – SAP TM Services•  Dedicated SAP TM Practice w/ Global Reach•  End-to-End Customer Solutions•  Close, Strategic Collaboration with SAP•  Participation in TM 8.1 BootcampTM ProjectDelivery•  Customer Implementations•  Proof of Concepts•  TM Solutions ExtensionsLaunchInnovationCenter•  SCM Innovation Solutions &Services
  10. 10. SAP TM Practice - Services PortfolioExploration &EvaluationTMS ApplicationSelectionTM SystemDemonstrationCustom Proof ofConceptsArchitecture &Solutions DesignPlatform & RoadmapAssessmentsSolutions DesignWorkshopsFeasibility StudiesIntegration Strategy3rd Party AppsIntegrationImplementationServicesProject Leadership &QAInstant TM TemplateProjectsModel Based DesignMethodologyCustom SolutionsDevelopmentRoll-Out ProjectsEducationServicesGOPA TM AcademyCustom TrainingProgramsBusiness ContextRelated TrainingG O P A S A P T M P r a c t i c e – F o u n d a t i o nSCM / TMInnovationCenterCloud SAP TMSystemEnvironmentScalableResource MixEnhancements,Accelerators,SolutionsRapid DeliveryModelPartnershipModel
  11. 11. © GOPA ITC11 07/11/2012  Consistent Experience•  Efficient ConsultingService•  Seamless System Access•  Educated and experiencedTeams  Business Service•  IT independent businessconsulting•  Software based solutions•  Run business service Contract Procurement  Training Services•  Product Training•  Business Operations Trng.•  Custom Assembled Trng.GOPA Innovation in Service and Solutions•  New EmployeeAcademy•  Product Training•  Rapid DeploymentTraining•  Operations Training•  RDP by Menu(RapidDeploymentPackages)•  Instant TMServices•  RDS – RapidDeploymentSolutions (SAP)•  Demo- andEducation Systems•  Proof of ConceptServices•  Rapid PrototypingServices (..up tooperations)•  Business ConsultingServices•  Freight ProcurementDelivery Service•  Freight ProcurementOperations Service
  12. 12. GOPA ITC –System Demos and Proof-of-Concepts & ImplementationsHighTechLSPOil&Gas,EnergyChemicalCP/FoodOther- Confidential -
  13. 13. Agenda  GOPA ITC – Company Overview  SAP TM – Global Transportation Management - Overview  Solution Overview  GOPA ITC TM Practice  Use Cases – running SAP TM on FlexPod for SAP Technology  Instant TM Template Solution  Technology Platform  Use Cases  Benefits  Contact100%  SAP    Focus  End-­‐to-­‐End  Vision  Strong  &  Experienced  Leadership  Hand-­‐picked  Skill-­‐sets  &  Resources  
  14. 14. Value Prototyping /Proof of ConceptFeasibility StudySystem DemoAcceleratedImplementationInnovationTrainingSystem ArchitecturePlanning3rd Party SolutionIntegrationCUSTOMERENGAGEMENTChemicalTransportationRequirements from:Use Cases:PreconfiguredTransportScenariosPreconfiguredMajorTransportModes3rd PartySolutionIntegrationEnd-to-endSystemLandscape‘On Demand’ProjectDeliverables &AcceleratorsModel BasedDesignImplemen-tationMethodCP / FoodHigh TechOil, Gas,EnergyLSPOtherGOPA ITC Instant TM Template- Confidential -
  15. 15. Instant TM – Business Content - Scenario Overview1.  Domestic Outbound – Cost and Savings driven Planning2.  Domestic Outbound – LTL / FTL3.  Domestic Outbound – Multiple Stop4.  Domestic Outbound – Hub Scenario5.  Domestic Outbound – Customer Pick Up6.  Domestic Outbound – Stock Transfer Order7.  Domestic Outbound – Rush Order8.  International Inbound9.  Domestic Inbound10.  Combined Inbound & Outbound Planning (SO, PO and STO)11.  LSP Scenario12.  Special Functions•  Additional Agreement Parties•  Third Party Order•  Private Fleet•  Backhaul•  Change controller•  BRF+ based carrier rotation rules•  DSO Shipments incl. Cost Savings Visibility•  Batch Characteristics Integration•  Mass Uploads•  …  Truck  Rail  Ocean  Air  Parcel(Rel. TM 9.1 or viaseparate XPS license)- Confidential -
  16. 16. System Landscape & Integration Overview SAP TMSAP ERP 6.0 EhP6TM 9.0PI 7.00GTS PIGTS 10.1EM 7.01OptimizerTM 9.0External GISIGS*RFCMaster DataRFCOption 1:Web Service(direct)Option 2:Web Service(indirect via IGS)Option 2:RFCOption 1:Web Service(direct)- SO Scheduling- Order Integration- Delivery Integration- Invoice Creation- Invoice VerifcationOption 2:Web Service(indirect via PI)- SO Scheduling- Order Integration- Delivery Integration- Invoice Creation- Invoice VerifcationWeb Service-IDOCfor Shipment IntegrationMappingOption 1:Web Service(direct)Option 2:Web Service(indirect via PI)BI 7.46RFCRFCCIFOption 3:RFC via GTSPlug-inSMC3 PC Miler Navteq Mobile Mobile
  17. 17. SAP Partner-Port in WalldorfJoint SAP Cloud andInMemory R&D Center•  SAP Applications builton FlexPod R&D andDEMO Datacenter•  Cisco’s SAP HANATMScale-out SolutionNetApp based
  18. 18. Use Case 1: SAP TM Training© GOPA ITC•  Immediate Start•  Pre-Seeded with TrainingScenario Data•  Aligned with TrainingMaterial•  Hands-On Exercises•  Can be refreshedfrequently as needed•  Provide Pre- and PostTraining Access toStudents•  Latest Software Release•  Trial and Errorenvionment•  End-to-End SystemEnvironment based on TMTemplate (Instant TM)•  Dedicated TrainingSystem Environment•  Includes 3rd PartyIntegrated•  Use TemplateConfiguration withprepared Exercise dataand training scenarios•  environment’DELIVERABLES &RESULTSHands-on TMExpertiseEvolvingTrainingEnvironmentRapid TrainingEnvironmentProvisioningTrainingEnvironmentaligned withProjectEnvironmentCost EffectivePreparationsConsistentTrainingPlatformSYSTEMENVIRONMENTREQUIREMENTS
  19. 19. Use Case 2: Proof of Concept© GOPA ITC•  Immediate Start•  Leverage externalResources & Expertise•  Model various CustomerBusiness Requirements –End-2-End•  Focused KnowledgeTransfer•  Understand SystemArchitecture•  GAP Analysis•  Build Foundation forBusiness Case•  Project Planning•  Jump-Start actualImplementation Project•  End-to-End SystemEnvironment based on TMTemplate (Instant TM)•  Dedicated SystemEnvironment•  Includes 3rd PartyIntegrated Systems inScope (typically noadditional ones due totime-constraints)•  Use TemplateConfiguration withCustomer Specific SampledataDELIVERABLES &RESULTSEvaluatedRequirements &Gap ListTM ProcessDesign ChartsImplementationApproachEarly Business &IT AlignmentApproachBenefit / Cost /Risk MatrixKeyObservations:Solutions DesignAdjustmentsEffort Estimateincl. SkillRequirementsOverall ProjectScope DefinitionUnderstandingabout ProjectComplexity &Effort DriverHigh LevelImplementationRoadmapSYSTEMENVIRONMENTREQUIREMENTS
  20. 20. Use Case 3: Accelerated Implementation5/21/1320 © GOPA ITCCustomerowned TM SystemEnvironmentSystem hosted by GOPA ITCGOPA ITC TMTemplate System• Preconfigured TM 9.0• ECC 6.0 EHP6• PI• EM 9.0• BWCloneSystemCustomerTM SolutionDesign via MODELBASED DESIGNManualMigrationCustomer TMDevelopment,Test & ProductionSolutionReleaseModelConfig.Iterations
  21. 21. Benefits Summary5/21/1321 © GOPA ITCOn Demand SystemProvisioningAvailability within few hoursLow Cost- Low RiskInnovation PlatformDon’t worry if you break itTry various new scenario’s anddon’t worry about the datastickinessEvolutionary ApproachContinue to improve andextend configuration & Data inTemplate SystemLow CostRe-use pre-seeded ContentCost effective systemprovisioningLimited Lifetime by DesignFlexible Use CasesFast, cost effective, re-usableSystem Provisioning enablesvarious Use CasesCustomer AlignedImmediate Benefit without thetypical high initial costLong term value due to re-usability
  22. 22. Agenda  GOPA ITC – Company Overview  Introduction to GOPA ITC’s TM Practice  Thought Leadership  Instant TM Template Solution  GOPA ITC – SCM Innovation Center  Contact100%  SAP    Focus  End-­‐to-­‐End  Vision  Strong  &  Experienced  Leadership  Hand-­‐picked  Skill-­‐sets  &  Resources  
  23. 23. Thank You!5/21/1323 Info Session/© GOPA ITC