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  • Transforming To IT-as-a-Service
    Migration To A New Version Of An App And Its Time To Rethink Your Infrastructure
    Moving Parts Of Your Compute To The Cloud
    Deploying A Virtualized Desktop Environment
    All Of These Require A Specific Solution Design

    This means that you need to have a close look at your IT infrastructure and ensure that you have the ability to respond to the demands of these new applications. Unfortunately, this is where a huge complication exists. The economics of the data center are not conducive to being responsive to this new wave of applications.

    Let’s first take a look at a statistic that has remained constant for several years: the average IT department spends approximately 73% of its budget “keeping the lights on”. This doesn’t leave many dollars or people resources available for innovation, such as the pilot BYOD project, the initial private cloud for dev and test or building an IT application for their users. Addressing this consideration – and looking at the causes of it – can help IT figure out where to optimize savings and use resources more effectively.

    Businesses want to lower operational costs and increase revenue.
    But they can’t Invest in strategic projects if all their money is spent just keeping the lights on.

    Increasing Business Demands
    Unrelenting Budget Pressure
    Operational And Physical Constraints Of IT Organization
    Application And Data Security
    Getting And Staying Ahead Of The Competition

  • With the cloud a top priority, EMC, together with our partners, offers three paths to cloud infrastructure and the most choice: “Best of Breed Infrastructure Components (EMC and VMware),” “Proven Infrastructure (VSPEX),” and “Converged Infrastructure (VCE Vblock).” VCE is the Virtual Computing Environment Company backed by Cisco, EMC and VMware.
  • The option that has always been available for customers is to build their own from best of breed components.
    What’s great about the build your own strategy is it’s incredibly flexible - you can do whatever you want.
  • The challenge is it’s not that easy. It’s just not simple.
    It takes time, requires people and expertise that you may or may not have, and represents risk should any of the steps not go according to plan.

    What we’ve done is dramatically reduce the complexity inherent to building your own cloud infrastructure. To do that…
  • … we offer EMC VSPEX Proven Infrastructure.
    VSPEX Proven Infrastructure is simple, efficient and flexible set of reference architectures built on Cisco and EMC’s market leading technology and tested and validated by both companies.
    We deliver these solutions to you as complete packages of cloud infrastructure – fully integrating Cisco’s industry-leading server and networking technology, EMC’s industry-leading unified storage and backup technology along with your choice of OS and Hypervisor.
  • VSPEX accelerates time to value.
    This is because VSPEX are validated – which means they are proven and tested both by Cisco and EMC.
    Validation lowers risk because and dramatically speeds and simplifies the steps to getting your cloud infrastructure up and running – which maximizes your ROI.
  • Cisco and EMC have worked hand-in-hand not only to ensure VSPEX is rigorously tested, proven and validated by EMC – but is also rigorously tested, proven and validated by Cisco via Cisco Validated Designs.
  • Cisco Validated Designs ensure speedy deployment, lower risk and higher confidence in the interoperability of the solution.
  • UCS Director automates end-to-end IT processes, abstracting the complexity of individual devices, hypervisors, and virtual machines. It’s the same concept as UCS, extended to application resources across compute, network, storage, and hypervisor. UCS Director enables resource delivery across the virtualization, compute, network and storage layers from a single pane of glass. The self-service portal enables IT administrators or IT consumers to quickly request and receive infrastructure resources. Cisco’s unified management approach reduces deployment times from weeks to minutes – virtual or bare-metal – a unique capability in our industry.

    Like UCS Manager, UCS Director brings together subject matter experts who define the policies and best practices for their IT organization. The network engineer defines the VLANs and network configuration for specific groups and applications. The storage engineer defines data protection and SAN configurations. Server and virtualization administrators define allowable resource configurations and pools. UCS Director enforces these policies and automates resource delivery upon request by authorized users.

    Some customers refer to these capabilities as data center automation. Others call it a private cloud, or infrastructure-as-a-service. Whatever the label, UCS Director delivers simplicity and efficiency for IT operations.

    While UCS Director supports heterogeneous server-network environments and UCS-Nexus with customer-defined storage topology, deploying UCS Director with validated, integrated, Cisco-focused infrastructure solutions further reduces operational costs and improves the application management experience. UCS Director leverages Cisco Validated Designs to deploy infrastructure solutions exactly how Cisco and our technology partners engineer them. All of the scaling, reliability, and performance capabilities jointly developed in our labs can be applied through automation with UCS Director. Applications like SAP, Oracle, Microsoft SQL, Sharepoint, Exchange, Hadoop, and desktop virtualization come pre-validated and engineered on our popular integrated solutions.

    UCS Director works with the tools customers may already have deployed in their environments. For example, UCS Director operates above VCE Vision, whose purpose is to ensure the proper configuration and firmware levels across the Vblock. Tools from BMC, CA, HP Software, IBM Tivoli,
    and Microsoft System Center specialize in real-time infrastructure monitoring and application deployment, configuration, and performance analysis. UCS Director automates the infrastructure atop which these tools operate at the application layer.

    For UCSD, significant updates since the last partner event (PTAB):
    ·         Winner of Storage, Virtualization, Cloud – SVC 2013 award
    ·         Licensing and selling
    o   Licensed by physical server nodes.  No network or storage licenses required.  No socket tax (like vmware).
    o   ELAs now available – capped and uncapped
    o   New Eval Bundle (One SKU)
    o   New NFR bundle (One SKU)
    ·         Industry-leading scalability in latest 4.1 release (5,000 physical devices, 50,000 VMs) with scale-out architecture (multiple UCSD nodes that work together in large environments)
    ·         New integration with UCS Central and UCS Invicta
    ·         Deep support for Netapp Clustered Data Ontap – emphasize this as it has been the main excuse from Netapp for lack of field engagement
    ·         Deep support for new EMC VNX2 models and new EMC VMAX capabilities
    ·         Supports the largest Vblocks including Vblock 720, available on VCE price list

    Enforce globsl policies
    Consistent management across pods
    Define and manage resource pools

  • FABICK CAT needed to consolidate their and increase performance. By using VSPEX they were able to improve performance by up to 25%, reduce software virtualization by 78%, and enable zero downtime since deployment.
  • Simplified IT Transformation
    Simplified management by facilitating Virtual Machine (VM) mobility with dynamic server profile configuration (VDX product line)
    Pre-qualified solutions with hypervisor vendors for VDI, VM scaling/mobility and disaster avoidance
    Accelerate deployment with certified networking solutions by EMC
    Lower risk - EMC validated for interoperability, performance and compatibility
    Easily scale your deployment to respond to expanding business needs
    Hypervisor agnostic networking which adapts easily to wide range of application workloads (e.g. Exchange, SharePoint, etc.)
    Reliable, scalable, and flexible network architecture for supporting the most demanding business applications in virtualized environments
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  • Cisco Solutions for EMC VSPEX

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    12. 12. 12© 2013-2014 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Benefits of Cisco Solutions for EMC VSPEX • Simple - Unified Computing reduces cost and complexity in application and compute management - Unified Fabric reduces cost and complexity of networking and management • Efficient - Converged networking - Reduces redundant IT Ops • Flexible - Wire once, enable everywhere • Choice of Hypervisors Storage & Backup Network Compute Hypervisor Application
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