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Cisco & Hitachi enabling the virtualized data center


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Cisco & Hitachi enabling the virtualized data center theater presentation from VMworld 2013.

Cisco & Hitachi enabling the virtualized data center theater presentation from VMworld 2013.

Published in: Technology, Education
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  • 1. © Hitachi Data Systems Corporation 2012. All Rights Reserved. CISCO + HITACHI ENABLING THE VIRTUALIZED DATA CENTER DAVID SAVOIE
  • 2. HDS + CISCO PARTNERSHIP  HDS and Cisco are both strategic Technology Partners with VMware  HDS + Cisco = successful partnership for more than a decade ‒ Shared vision for the data center ‒ Complementary strengths ‒ Mutual go-to-market channel partners  Mutually investing in resources to enhance our value to our customers, and the marketplace
  • 3. SOLUTION BENEFITS UNIFIED COMPUTE PLATFORM SELECT WITH CISCO UCS High Performance Flexibility Resilience Leverage Intelligent Hardware Reduce Complexity Eliminate Single Points of Failure
  • 4. ARCHITECTURE COMPONENTS  Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform ‒ Up to 2,521TB internal disk capacity, up to 255PB with virtualized external storage ‒ 192GB/sec aggregate internal bandwidth, 1TB directly addressable cache ‒ 192 FC, 96 FCoE interfaces, 1,024 virtual ports per physical port  Cisco Nexus and MDS Fabric ‒ Low latency, lossless 10 Gbit/sec Ethernet network ‒ Unified LAN/SAN access ‒ Modular, distributed, scalable  Cisco UCS B-Series Servers ‒ Up to 160 servers in 1 blade chassis ‒ FCoE wire once ‒ Cisco Virtual Interface card ‒ 256 PCIe devices ‒ Dual 4x10Gb bandwidth to single slot B-series blade server ‒ Uses 4x10 FC, HW 40Gb capable Hitachi Data Systems and TrueNorth™ Partner Confidential Cisco Validated Design
  • 5. USE CASES
  • 6. COLLABORATIVE SUPPORT MODEL  Efficient, scalable support for Hitachi and Cisco UCP Select solutions  How it works ‒ Customer contacts either vendor for support ‒ Support team perform initial triage and assist in routing to other vendor’s support org if needed ‒ Where appropriate, both support teams remain engaged throughout process  Benefits ‒ Clear ownership of support issues ‒ Improved cross-vendor collaboration ‒ Faster issue resolution UCP SELECT FOR VMWARE VSPHERE WITH CISCO® UCS SUPPORT
  • 7. UCP SELECT WITH CISCO UCS SOLUTIONS AND CISCO VALIDATE DESIGN (CVD) ROADMAP Q3CY13 Q1CY14Q4CY13 VMware vSphere Refresh Oracle Linux + Oracle 11G RAC w/VSP Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar HDS HUS-150 Cisco UCS B-200 M3 VMware ESXi vSphere 5.5 Nexus 1000v & 5500 HDS VSP Cisco UCS B-200 M3 Oracle Linux + Oracle 11G RAC Nexus 1000v & 5500 HDS HUS-VM Cisco UCS B-200 M3 VMware ESXi vSphere 5.5 Nexus 1000v & 5500 HNAS 4060 Cluster Cisco UCS B-200 M3 VMware ESXi vSphere 5.5 Nexus 1000v & 5500 Cisco UCS Director (Cloupia) Integration with HDS Storage VSP, HUS-VM, HUS and HNAS
  • 8. SUMMARY Support all standard services, installation resources, and sparing requirements Joint framework built on shipping products which are customizable All components are fully qualified by Hitachi Data Systems + Cisco
  • 9. THANK YOU