iPads on Your Network? Real, Secure Mobile Solutions


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iPads on Your Network? Real, Secure Mobile Solutions

  1. iPads on Your Network?Real, Secure Mobile Solutions Moderator Sylvia Hooks, Cisco Systems Panel Alden L. Brugada, Rush University Medical Center Mitchel Davis, Bowdoin College Toivo Voll, University of South Florida Tuesday, May 8th at 2:30 pm in Mandalay Bay Room K
  2. Agenda• Introductions• BYOD Implementations• Lessons Learned• Questions
  3. Bowdoin College• Campus • Goal: – 95 buildings, 100% of campus covered – 8 years ago Bowdoin’s network was – 650 staff, 195 faculty, 1,800 students unstable, best of breed and locked down• Wireless Infrastructure – Needed a network that was stable, best in class, and available. – Over 450+ Aps, 3602i/e internal and External APs – Address need for comprehensive, reliable, indoor and – ISE outdoor high speed wireless network – NCS throughout campus – MSE, – Support anytime, anywhere teaching and• Wired Infrastructure learning via any device – Catalyst 4-6500, 47-4506, 3750 Series – Maximize training efforts and minimize (PoE) – 15,000+ Ports management overhead – Routers-2-7200 – Network to be trusted by staff and the clients – F5 Load Balancers – Firewalls-2-ASA 5540 • Benefits – Increased student and faculty• UC collaboration – all devices work anywhere – VoIP- Cisco Call Mgr 7.1 – Innovation (students use wireless network – Cistera to compete in intercollegiate sport – – 7941/61phones RoboCup in which students use mini – Emergency Responder 911 robots to control robot play during soccer games – Contact Center Express, Speech Connect, Unified Messaging – Network is trusted and creates a solid platform for all the other services
  4. Rush University Medical Center• Campus • Goals – 10 buildings – Provide timely care to patients – Community hospital – Develop innovative and life-saving• Wireless infrastructure treatments without risk of network downtime – 5508 Wireless Controllers, MSE, WiSM, WCS • Benefits• Over 2700 Access Points – Enables staff to use carts and heart monitoring systems wirelessly to – Aironet 1100 track a patient’s vital statistics and – Aironet 3500 APs communicate results to centrally – Aironet 600 Series OfficeExtend managed systems• Wired Infrastructure – Identify and mitigate wireless interference – Catalyst Catalyst 4500 Series with – Eliminate need for multiple vendor PoE solutions to reduce overall – 6500 Series administrative costs – Nexus 7000 Series• UC – Unified Wireless IP Phone 7900 Series
  5. University of South Florida• Campus • Goals – 70 buildings – Support growing number of personal – 16,000 concurrent users devices requesting access to wireless – 68,000 registered unique devices on the network spring 2012 semester. Typically about – Expand wireless coverage throughout 30% growth per year in last few years. campus• Wireless Infrastructure – Deliver secure wireless access anytime, anywhere on campus to 11,000 – WiSM controllers simultaneous users – 5508 Controllers • Benefits – Prime NCS – Enriched learning environment – MSE – Increased productivity by enabling• Over 3,400 Access Points multiple personal mobile devices to – Aironet 1500 Series connect wirelessly Aironet 3600 Series – Easily managed and scaled wireless Aironet 1120, 1130, 1140 network for 11,000 simultaneous users• Wired Infrastructure campus-wide – Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series – Nexus 7000 Series• Security & Telepresence
  6. USF Network Map
  7. USF Network Map
  8. Thank YouVisit Cisco Systems at Interop Booth 1127 Contact; syhooks@cisco.com www.cisco.com/go/byod
  9. Questions• Impact of mobile devices on wireless network and wired network• Technical impact of BYOD on network• How does BYOD change IT and create business impact?• How many viewpoints on this problem? Ie, is this an app issue? A security issue?• When have you seen spikes in the number of clients connecting? Ie, Christmas, new Apple releases.• How are the networks for medical centers vs university managed? Separately or as one network?• How do you handle the tricky issue of sensitive information on personal devices? Are you looking at VDI?• What particular problems have you solved that others could learn from?