Mercedes-Benz - Cisco and Clarystone


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Customer Name: Mercedes-Benz Czech Republic
Industry: Automotive
Location: Czech Republic
Number of Employees: 400
Business Impact
• Improved customer service
• Faster resolution of insurance claims
• Better intelligence gathering and analysis

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Mercedes-Benz - Cisco and Clarystone

  1. 1. Improving Customer Service Through VideoMercedes-Benz Czech Republic uses Cisco video surveillance solutionto monitor thefts and accidents.Customer Name: Mercedes-Benz Czech Republic Business ImpactIndustry: Automotive • Improved customer service • Faster resolution of insurance claimsLocation: Czech Republic • Better intelligence gathering and analysisNumber of Employees: 400 Case StudyBusiness Challenge Solution and Results Aside from boosting security, the new solution has allowed MBCR analyze images 20 percent faster. Thanks to improvedAround the world, Mercedes-Benz’s famous three-pointed star is After investigating various offerings, MBCR decided to select a picture quality, MBCR can successfully identify incidents thatinstantly recognized as a symbol of superior engineering. It also Cisco® closed-circuit TV (CCTV) over IP solution from its trusted might have been missed previously.denotes a proud heritage, which can be traced back to Karl service partner Clarystone. The solution is a combination ofBenz, the man who invented the first gas-fueled car in 1885. 14 SD 2500 and 20 HD 4300 IP cameras. The solution has performed so well that MBCR is planning to add cameras to two of its sites in the near future.Mercedes-Benz’s reputation for quality and safety is a given. Capable of monitoring multiple sites from a single location, theNow the company is seeking to replicate the same effect in security solution allows administrators to: Partner Profilecustomer service. In August 2006, it launched the Customer • Access live video anywhere over the Internet Clarystone s.r.o is a Cisco PremierSatisfaction Index (CSI) No. 1 program. The program aims to • Locate specific dates, times, or incidents in video archives Certified Partner and Cisco Videosecure leadership for customer satisfaction in the premium car in seconds Surveillance ATP Partner. The company provides a wide range ofsegment by 2020. voice, video, and data solutions to companies in different sectors. • Cost-effectively add new cameras and video storageOne subsidiary that has scored highly on the Index is Located in Brno, with a branch in Prague, Czech Republic, theMercedes‑Benz Czech Republic (MBCR). Located in Prague, The Cisco solution appealed to the company, because the company holds an ISO 9001:2009 certificate in the field ofMBCR employs 400 people. system could be easily integrated into MBCR’s IT infrastructure. information technology, telecommunications, and security.The subsidiary is eager to maintain its excellent standard of MBCR had used Cisco products, such as Cisco IronPort® webservice. One issue that is a constant source of customer appliances, in the past and had been impressed by their quality. “Clarystone got the CCTV over IP solution upcomplaints is vehicle damage. Customers are sometimes wrongly The cameras have been installed at three sites in Prague andaccused of damaging cars when the cars have been scratched or are already having a positive effect on customer service. Exterior and running quickly and cost-effectively. Thedented in transit. Damages can also occur in the showroom cameras film cars being loaded into the showrooms and record company’s executives knew exactly whator repair center and be wrongly ascribed to customers. details of every number plate. If a vehicle is scratched in transit, they were doing. We couldn’t have asked forMBCR had an analogue camera system in place to cover these the cameras record the incident. This arrangement helps ensure better support.”incidents, but the pictures that it produced were of poor quality. that customers are not wrongly blamed for the damage. InteriorIn many cases, identification of number plates and faces was not cameras film the reception, showroom, and repair center areas. Jiří Plačekpossible. Administrators also could not easily locate the footage Any accidents or incidents involving theft or vandalism are Head of Information Technology, Mercedes-Benz Czech Republicthat they needed, and recordings only stretched back two days. instantly captured. Customers who leave their vehicles for servicing or repair can rest assured that they are now covered for any loss or damage. For More Information Details of Cisco video surveillance solutions are available here© 2011 Cisco Systems, Inc. Cisco and the Cisco logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Cisco and/or its affiliates in the U.S. and other countries. To view a list of Cisco trademarks, go to this URL: Third-party trademarksmentioned are the property of their respective owners. The use of the word partner does not imply a partnership relationship between Cisco and any other company. (1110R) ES/11706/1211