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Cisco Smart Services

  1. 1. Nick GouldBusiness Development Manager. Smart & Operate ServicesOctober 10th, 2012
  2. 2. • Mobility Globally mobile data will increase 39 times from 2009 to 2014• Cloud and Virtualization More than 25% of software likely purchased on a hosted basis over the next 5 years• Video Within three years, 91% of all consumer internet traffic will be video Today, 50% of all Cisco IT network traffic is video
  3. 3. 2013 There Will Be ONE TRILLIONDevices Connected to the Network, up from 35 BILLION in 2010 Cisco IBSG
  4. 4. RisingExpectations37% of U.S. information workersConsumers/staff want the Market Velocityuse non-IT supportedsame personalized, on-demandtechnologies atare used to in their and Volatilitytreatment they workpersonal lives There has been a 30% decrease in New competitors, new business manufacturing product development times, models, accelerated business from 18-months to 12-months processes, etc.InnovationEverywhereGreater than 50% of fromInnovation can come new product Financialinnovation come from customers,anywhere, anyone, and at anytime Pressuressuppliers and partners at P&G,up from 15% in 2000 Less than 2% of 2500 global companies analyzed New market expectations are by AT Kearneycreating conflicting growth-expense showed positive value growth from management objectives 2004 to 2009
  5. 5. How Do I… ImproveGrow My Business Operational EfficiencyCapture new business opportunities and Increase network utilization, streamlinealign IT investments to business strategy? operations, and extract more value? Increase CustomerSpeed Time to Value SatisfactionIncrease return on my existing and new IT Proactively prevent issues from degradinginvestments? business operations and provide reliable access to applications? Reduce Risk Ensure business continuity, regulatory compliance and security?
  6. 6. © 2011 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Cisco Public 7
  7. 7. Services that have …which collect …which is analyzed and …to provideAutomated Network Diagnostic compared to Actionable InsightSoftware-enabled Data Cisco’s DeepCapabilities Knowledge Base CISCO DEEP KNOWLEDGE BASE 25 years’ networking innovation 6 million annual customer interactions and leadership 90,000+ technical documents 50 million installed devices
  8. 8. Smart Service Capabilities at the core of ourPortfolio• Improve performance, availability, resiliency• Increase efficiency and reduce costs• Mitigate risk
  9. 9. CUSTOMER PARTNER CISCO Intellectual Capital Data Analysis Automated Insight Intelligent Collection Partner Expertise Smart ServicesCapture data at the device, network, Combine actionable insight and Capabilities operation and application level advice with Partner value-add Correlate and analyze data against Cisco intellectual capital
  10. 10. Network failures Are my Cisco occur without products covered warning with the right Entitlement contracts?issues take toolong to resolve With so many alerts - it’s hard to find the ones So many that apply to me products and contracts – it’shard to manage Life cycle them all planning data is too hard to find and use
  11. 11. Smart Net Total Care (SNTC) Smart Care (SC)• Contract is with Customer & Cisco • Contract is with Customer & Cisco Partner• Can be sold via Partner • Can only be bought from a Cisco Partner• Deployment is responsibility of Cisco • Deployment is responsibility of Cisco Partner• Customer has full access to all data • Partner has access to data and shares with Customer as required• Can be managed by a Partner
  12. 12. Software Support Cisco.comInnovative system and application software Increases your self-sufficiency andand IT-related support that helps maximizes productivity with registered access toyour technology investment online tools and resourcesAdvance Hardware Cisco TACReplacement Supplements your in-house staff with access to highly-trainedFlexible and responsive hardware replacement network and application software engineers,support that helps maximize your operational and R&D engineersreliability
  13. 13. Proactive devicediagnostics and alerts, thatdeliver …….• Improved risk management• Rapid problem resolution• Reduced operating costs
  14. 14. • Accurately validates your Cisco installed base Ongoing collection of Cisco device information Correlation and validation against Cisco IC• Detailed inventory reports and analysis via intuitive web portal Visibility that critical Cisco products are covered with desired service level Aggregated report for “collected contract view” of IB Summary reports Delta reports for MACD Contract dates, EoX• Contract consolidation Reduces the number of contracts to manage
  15. 15. • Alerts and notifications are correlated against your Cisco installed base Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT) Software & hardware alerts Field notice alerts You see only relevant alerts• Alerts are displayed in the portal Ability to manage alerts, and find all details
  16. 16. • Enabled devices deliver 24x7 proactive diagnostics and alerts• Can automatically generate Cisco service requests, and streamline interaction with TAC• Alerts, diagnostics, and recommended remediation available in the Smart Call Home portal
  17. 17. SLA’s Standard SLA’s Operational Management Optional additional TSOM & Reporting Smart Services Personalized Security IntelliShield AlertsSpeaker Name Device Installed Base & Smart AlertsSpeaker Title Diagnostics Contract Management Capabilities SNTC / SC Technical Online Advance Assistance Technical Hardware Software Foundational Technical SMARTnet Updates (TAC) Resources Replacement Services Capabilities
  18. 18. Proactive device diagnostics and alerts, that deliver …….• Improved risk management Identifies critical Cisco devices and coverage within your network Highlights uncovered devices, speeds TAC entitlement• Rapid problem resolution Service processes, resources, and accurate, up-to-date information are in place to minimize down time Proactive diagnostics and alerts Access to comprehensive, award-winning technical services• Reduced operating costs Comprehensive, flexible reporting help manage large, complex networks Contract consolidation minimizes the number of contracts More easily manage your Cisco installed base and service contracts
  19. 19. Smart Care demonstrationIlksen Ural© 2011 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Cisco Public 21