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IT organizations like yours are consolidating and redesigning data centers to gain the scale and agility they need to operate their businesses and manage costs.

Read what IT is looking for as they:
*Balance migration in physical, virtual and SDN environments
*Reduce costs
*Protect assets
*Respond to high network speeds

Read the report here >>

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Infonetics Report

  1. 1. vs. VM sprawl OPEX reduction Regulatory vs. compliance No traffic visibility vs. between VMs Security vs. bottlenecks Infonetics surveyed IT buyers to find out what factors drive their security decisions as they strive to survive in the new physical, virtual, and cloud environments. Cloud Virtual Tug of War in the Data Center Consolidation Agility Scalability You are not alone Physical What IT Buyers Want consider the adoption of server virtualization technology to be a very important driver for purchasing new security solutions1 are looking for consistent security across virtual and non-virtual environments1 consider the need for security solutions compatible with SDN as a key driver1 Infonetics believes that 2015 will be a transitional year for SDN SDN will be a mainstream consideration for data center security purchases by 2016 “The security problem is greatly exaggerated at data center speeds.” - Infonetics Download the Infonetics Report Performance Demands vs. Security Concerns High-speed networks Perceived solution Greater session performance Connections per second Security that slows DC performance want to upgrade their security products to match network performance1 indicate that upgrading security appliances to gain access to high-speed network interfaces is a main concern1 want to deploy solutions that support more total and concurrent sessions1 Make Peace in the Data Center limitations Internet edge rerouting Security can be woven into the intelligent data center fabric, not just at the edge. Security solutions can adapt to new virtualized architectures while meeting performance requirements and help achieve business value. Changing business models and competitive environments are driving IT organizations around the globe down an evolutionary path in their data centers. The result: A tug of war between achieving business value and protecting these highly prized targets. Benefits of Virtualization vs. Security Concerns Business Value Cisco is the clear leader in helping IT professionals from the network to the data center to the cloud. Migrate seamlessly from traditional to next–generation data centers with pervasive security designed for physical, virtual, and cloud environments. Cisco's advanced threat protection also covers the entire attack continuum – before, during and after an attack. The Infonetics report established Cisco as the clear leader in the eyes of IT professionals for the second year in a row. Don’t just take our word Read the Infonetics Report No. 1 in All 10 Leadership Criteria. Again. Why Cisco? We Know Data Centers Source: 1. Infonetics Research Report Experts: Data Center Security Strategies and Vendor Leadership: North American Enterprise Survey, March 2014 © 2014 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 73% 70% 77% vs. vs. vs. 78% 74% 57%