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Maximum Healthcare with WiMAX

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Learn why WiMAX offers a cost-effective and efficient solution for delivering healthcare in underserved communities. …

Learn why WiMAX offers a cost-effective and efficient solution for delivering healthcare in underserved communities.

Paul Sergeant
WiMAX Solution Manager

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  • Shown here is the RF coverage map of a successful Cisco BWX deployment measured inside residential buildings. The level of Receive Signal Strength (or RSSI) is indicated by the various colours ranging from red (i.e. HOT or well-served with a high data rate) to blue (i.e. COOL or served at the lowest data rate) and eventually white where no coverage is provided (i.e. a “dead spot”).Based on the minimum coverage level (4dBSNRQPSK 1/2 in the downlink and QPSK 2/3 in the uplink), the number of cells are determined using a traditional 3-sector cellular structure with appropriate fade and interference margins. Due to the superior performance of the Cisco BWX, the required number of cell-sites is 71 in this deployment.


  • 1. WiMAX-imum Healthcare
    Using WiMAX to save lives in underserved areas
  • 2. Cisco Mobile WiMAX (802.16e) Deployments
    More than 20 operators in 14 countries are using Cisco’s Wave 2 Certified Mobile WiMAX for commercial service
  • 3. Healthcare Mobility Characteristics
    Highly Mobile Workforce
    Access and enter patient information and medical applications at the point of care
    Expertise spread across the facilities and constantly moving
    Treating one patient requires coordination of multiple activities and people
    Fast Decision Making Process
    Limited planning possible
    Need for minimum reaction time
    According to ABI Research 6,161 hospitals out of the 7,526 in the U.S. now have Wi-Fi networks deployed.
    ABI research
  • 4. Cisco Mobility Solutions for Healthcare
    Mobile Collaborative Care
    Context Aware Mobility
    Enhanced collaboration between caregivers to increase responsiveness and employee satisfaction
    Solution to monitor and streamline operations involving medical equipment and staff
    Secure Wireless
    Wireless foundation that enables regulatory compliance and patient privacy as well as provides access to crucial informationanywhere
  • 5. Healthcare IT Drivers
    Top priorities for IT in healthcare
    Cisco is committed in offering healthcare organizations the platform that will help them focus on their top priorities.
    By partnering with other technology leaders Cisco delivers end-to-end solutions over a Medical Grade Network.
    Reducing Medical Errors
    Clinical Automation
    Implement and/or Enforce Quality Standards
    Disaster Recovery
    Gartner Dataquest - August 2006
  • 6. Introducing Cisco Broadband Wireless
    The industry’s first end-to-end IP NGN solution with integrated Mobile WiMAX and WiFi Mesh access
    Integrating both licensed and unlicensed access technologies into a converged IP service delivery architecture
  • 7. Secure Wireless
    Intermec – Small touch screen laptop for a rugged crash cart
    Intermec CV30
    Product Description
    • Support for RFID, speech recognition and voice
    • 8. 6.4” color VGA 640x480 transmissive TFT LCD unit with touch panel
    • 9. 802.11b/g
    • 10. Cisco compatible version 4
    • 11. Supports Microsoft® CE.NET 5.0 or Windows Mobile™ 5.0 OS
    • Versatility with the ability to manage a range of peripherals and healthcare applications
    • 12. Nurses will have enhanced productivity from wireless connectivity and support for hands-free data capture
    • 13. Real-time decision making - ADC Control Center is integrated with multiple types of data inputs, including keyboard option
    • 14. Ideal for demanding warehouse and inventory-control applications.
    • 15. Mounted on cart – provides host for applications in patient care, drug interactions and inventory control
    • 16. Wall mounted can be time and attendance and information kiosk
  • Mobile Collaborative Care
    Motion C5 – A Mobile Clinical Assistant
    Motion C5
    Product Description
    WiFi (802.11a/b/g) and Bluetooth, WiMAX in 2010
    Cisco Compatible version 4
    Natural pen or speech input
    Optional integrated bar code scanner
    Integrated 2 mega pixel camera and RFID reader
    Theft prevention system
    Highly durable and simple to disinfect
    Electronic Health Records
    Electronic Medication Administration Record (eMAR)
    Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE)
    Clinical documentation & Practice Management
    Increased mobility and accessibility
    Automation of forms, processes and workflows
    Greater and timely access to data at the point of care
    Elimination of duplicate efforts
    Facilitation of real-time communications to improve the overall patient experience
    Improvements in patient charge capture
  • 17. Cisco and Intel show healthcare over WiMAX – Barcelona, 2009
  • 18. Cisco Broadband Wireless AccessMobile WiMAX Competitive Comparison
    Cisco 8-element Beamforming with MIMO, 120° Sectors
    +12 dB D/L
    Baseline: SISO (+0 dB)
    4-element Beamforming, 90° Sectors
    R = 1.63 km
    Cells to cover a 5k radius (80km2)
    +6dB D/L
    R = 1.33 km
    2-element Diversity (no Beamforming), 90° Sectors
    +3 dB D/L
    R = 1.06 km
    Cisco provides +9 dB more gain than most competitors
  • 19. WiMAX Coverage ComparisonIndoor Coverage with 8-Element Beamforming
    Cisco WiMAX RSSI (dBm)
    Indoor Signal Levels
    71 Cell-Sites
  • 20. WiMAX Coverage ComparisonCompetitor with 4-Element Beamforming
    4-Ant WiMAX RSSI (dBm)
    Indoor Signal Levels
    100 Cell-Sites
    Achieving the same coverage as the Cisco BWX requires 29 MORE cell-sites, and signal strength is weaker overall (more blue, less red), decreasing indoor performance and system capacity
  • 21. WiMAX Coverage ComparisonCompetitor with 2-Element Diversity MIMO
    2-Ant WiMAX RSSI (dBm)
    Indoor Signal Levels
    137 Cell-Sites
    Achieving the same coverage as the Cisco BWX requires 66 MORE cell-sites, and signal strength is weaker overall (more blue, less red), decreasing indoor performance and system capacity
  • 22. SESCAM Hospital Services Castile-La Mancha, Spain – Serves community of 1.8M
    Use wireless to differentiate patient experience
    Replace pagers as primary mode of mobile communications
    Track expensive medical equipment, mobile personnel and patient location
    Ensure network availability and security
    Cisco Unified Wireless Network
    Dual-mode phones
    Cisco Unified and Unified Wireless IP Phones
    Cisco Location Solution
    Reduces telecom costs for cellular services
    Streamlines device management
    Improves patient satisfaction
  • 23. Dr. Philips Hospital Part ofOrlando Regional Healthcare System which includes 11 healthcare facilities serving nearly 2 million Central Florida Residents
    Cisco Mobility Solutions for Healthcare
    Provide caregivers critical information at point of care
    Track expensive bio-medical equipment
    Improve caregiver communication and collaboration
    Leverage wireless technology to dramatically enhance the clinical workflow
    Cisco Unified Wireless Network
    Cisco Unified Wireless 7921 IP phones
    Cisco Location Solution
    Motion Computing Mobile Clinical Assistant
    Wireless infusion pumps
    Ease of network evolution
    Deployment of advanced wireless services
    Improved caregiver responsiveness and efficiency
  • 24. Summary
    Cisco Mobility Solutions for Healthcare provide caregivers with access to patient information, hospital services, and each other, from any location—inside or outside the hospital walls to deliver an enhanced patient experience.
    Inbuilding secure wireless with WiFI
    WiMAX extends doctors expertise beyond the hospital walls
    Medical Grade Network tested and validated with a variety of devices (WiFi and WiMAX)
    Provides a Mobile Unified Communications Solution for each type of caregiver
    Increases efficiency and improves patient care by enabling collaboration at the bedside and beyond
    Streamlines business operations and reduces costs by enhancing the visibility of mobile assets