Mobile ...Phone or SMS Device


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Mobile ...Phone or SMS Device

  1. 1. Mobile ... Phone or SMS DevicePosted by MsMobileConverg on Apr 30, 2012 6:35:03 PMMobile phone or cell phone? No. It’s not really a phone at all. It is, by the very new nature of thedevice and use of communication, an sms device. Statistics show us that more texts are sent than phonecalls.It’s a societal trend that may actually have been with us through-out time.Man has been known to first tell stories, then when he had the ability to write, he did. Eventually whenthe printing press came to be, man then had the ability to mass produce, and he did justthat. Henceforth, allowing for the architecture of same-knowledge. A basis of structure which couldthen be disseminated and spread about at-will; interpreted, conjectured and opined by anyone whochose to do so, but minimally, the original wording was read by all.The written word has been a source of information since the dawning of tablets. And now, as we alsohave the dawning of tablets, sms has also gained momentum. Quickly behind sms is mms. mms isgaining as Instagram and app after app attach themselves to the basic social media top 5platforms. From bakers to Doctors to students, mms is an efficient means to describe, show, share, andultimately, communicate.As the ability to pump video through the lines improves and the price to the consumer becomes moreaffordable, and the viewing screens become larger, video mms will also take hold. Although theaudience is forgiving about quality because of their previous experiences with antiquated devices andbogging, lag, it is still rather unacceptable to send and receive a garbled video specifically sent to you,and especially sent to you by an advertiser. One day, the advertisers will realize that mms, in addition tosms is an incredible means to satisfy the audiences’ often burning question of “what?”. As a picture isworth far more to the consumer in answering the basic questions, the marketers will demand from theirteam to produce the most efficient means of education and proof of value, which is a picture or a videoand a 140 character count.Audio has its place, such as radio, but now, imagine, if a picture is worth a thousand words, exactly howmuch is a video worth? Well, exponentially, more-than-likely a google’s worth. For more discussion on everything mobile, be sure to visit us here: