Cisco Mobilize Magazine: Winter/Spring 2013


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Cisco Mobilize Magazine: Winter/Spring 2013

  1. 1. Winter/Spring 2013 A unified IT approach to the mobile workspaceWi-Fi onThe StripMGM ResortsInternational givesguests connectionsanytime, on any devicewith high-densitywireless networkPage 9• The case for “one” – why unification matters• Sheetz’s journey to lean IT
  2. 2. Connected. Mobile. Uncompromised. A unified IT approach to the mobile workspace That’s the ultimate experience. Especially so in our “disrupted”Winter/Spring 2013 world–where emerging technologies, new user expectations, and pervasive connectivity have relegated the status quo to the distant past. So how does IT reshape its business relevance?Leadership & Innovation Simply. IT retrenches its relevance by delivering a new, connected, mobile experience that is uncompromised in its performance, reliability, security, and user value. It’s what we03 The case for “one” like to call the Unified Workspace. Unifying policy, management, and network operations creates opportunities to change It is possible. And it is also happening. As you will see in this how employees work and customer engage. inaugural edition of Mobilize Magazine, many enterprises are journeying to the Unified Workspace leveraging the05 Consumer connectedness Cisco Unified Access™ platform. Embracing “one policy, one Networks aren’t just for employees anymore, management, one network” is helping them to move past the as Wi-Fi drives desire for consumer connectedness and engagement. fragmentation and complexity of these emerging trends and technologies to get to their inherent opportunities.06 Intelligence for relevance MGM Resorts International is one example (page 9). Its Applying intelligence to deliver Wi-Fi investment enables policy diversity, supports concurrent uncompromised user experience makes networks business relevant. connections, and offers ample bandwidth for mobile Internet, creating new opportunities in personalized marketing and the07 Is your BYOD program SAFE™? conventions business. Sheetz has embraced the notion of “one management” (page 12), gaining efficiencies through Cisco and Samsung come together to automation to meet its lean IT goals of doing things better, make Android enterprise ready. faster, and cheaper. On the technology side, we profile our partnership with Samsung (page 7), which is enabling secureExperiences mobile productivity in the enterprise. The trends are entrenched. The opportunities are emerging09 Ahead of the Wi-Fi curve daily. And Cisco is evolving its Unified Access innovations MGM Resorts International becomes the constantly in response to both. We’ve arrived at a fork in the first on The Strip to offer high-density road. One direction is fragmented and complex. The other wireless to guests, conventions, and visitors. is unified and integrated. What’s your path to a connected,12 Going lean uncompromised, mobile experience? Sheetz consolidates management and For more information about how you can head in a unified and integrated virtualizes at the store level to drive greater direction toward a connected, uncompromised, mobile experience, call IT efficiency. 1-866-428-9591 or visit to learn about the Cisco Services approach to the Unified Workspace.15 Technology for quality of life Presbyterian Communities of South Carolina Sincerely, uses wireless to enhance resident lifestyle and care. Inbar Lasser-Raab Senior Director, Marketing Cover: Mike Dominguez (left), Senior Vice Enterprise Networking President of Sales, John Bollen (right), Vice Cisco Systems, Inc. President of Technology Strategy, MGM Resorts International Mobilize is published by Cisco Systems, Inc. To download the publication, visit: ©2013 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Cisco, the Cisco logo, Cisco Catalyst, Cisco Jabber, Cisco Nexus, Cisco Prime, Cisco Unified Follow us on Computing System, Cisco UCS, and Cisco WebEx are trademarks or registered trademarks of Cisco and/or its affiliates in the U.S. and other countries. To view a list of Cisco trademarks, go to this URL: Third party trademarks mentioned are the property of their respective owners. The use of the word partner does not imply a partnership relationship between Cisco and any other company. (1301)
  3. 3. Perspectives and SolutionsJeff Reed (left) andDave Frampton(right) collaborateon evolving UnifiedAccess technologyand solutioninnovationsThe case for “one” Leadership and InnovationIn the face of fragmentation, unifying policy, management, and network is business-critical foremployee productivity and customer engagement.Why does unification matter for today’s enterprise? The Three pillars to unifyanswer can be found by looking to today’s defining trends.The consumerization of IT, BYOD, mobility-based business Unified Access rests on three key pillars—one policy, onemodels—they’re all transforming how employees work and management, one network. When taken together, these pillarscustomers engage. But they’re also complicating IT, creating unify from the access layer to the backbone, helping enterprisesmore fragmentation in network policy, management, and to re-establish control, enable scale, and drive efficiency.operations. If the goal is to alter the efficiency, velocity, orintensity of results, enterprises need to be able to harness One policy delivers consistency in who can access whichthe potential of new ways of working and engaging. In Cisco’s resources on the network based on rich context including whoview, that capability comes from integration. they are, where they are, which device they are using, and when they are accessing. This pillar delivers the security and“Our Unified Access vision is a response to the fragmentation compliance required for enterprises to take back control whilethat enterprises are grappling with as they try to capitalize empowering innovation and productivity from anywhere.on the productivity and engagement opportunities inherentin BYOD and mobility,” notes Jeff Reed, Vice President and “The explosion of wireless, mobility, and BYOD has created aGeneral Manager, Unified Access Group at Cisco. “The much larger threat surface area in the enterprise,” says Daveultimate destination is the Unified Workspace, which brings Frampton, Vice President and General Manager, Secure Accesstogether mobility, video, collaboration, and any business and Mobility Product Group at Cisco. “Having the consistency ofapplication that employees need. Access is secure on any one policy across VPN, wired, and wireless simplifies scalability,device with an uncompromised user experience. Unified costs, troubleshooting, and compliance. It’s a critical way to enforceAccess paves the path to that destination by injecting security in a world characterized by the disaggregated perimeter.”unprecedented levels of integration into network policy, One management integrates management capabilitiesmanagement, and operations.” to help IT gain visibility, configure, and troubleshoot 3
  4. 4. Mobilize “The Unified Workspace, enabled by Unified Access, is creating fundamental shifts in employee productivity and customer engagement, yet in a secure, scalable way.” Jeff Reed, Vice President and General Manager, Unified Access Group at Cisco integration controller that delivers secure Unified Access policy today but that can expand to unify policy across other security and network services over time. “Common policy and management, delivered through ISE, can unlock significant IT value. When enterprises unify policy, management, and network in one architecture, IT’s conversations with the business change dramatically. They go from negative and defensive—trying to keep people from doing things—to positive and enabling—creating opportunities for greater productivity models in employee workflows. It really is the best of both worlds—flexibility and control.” Reed sees that flexibility and control as critical to changing the way that the Dave Frampton (left), Sujai Hajela (center), business achieves results. “Results rest in and Jeff Reed (right) the hands of employees and customers. discuss the integration The Unified Workspace, enabled by Unified potential of one policy, Access, is creating fundamental shifts one management, one network in employee productivity and customer engagement, yet in a secure, scalable way. Enterprises that are unifying—whether to empower employees or differentiate customer engagement—are most certainlyconsistently across the different access Services Engine (ISE), a central policy reinventing their path to results.”methodologies. One network offers a engine that enables enforcement at thecommon set of capabilities across wired network access layer based on contextand wireless infrastructures including including who, what, where, and when. See how Sheetz is reinventingsoftware, features, and licenses to offer ISE can replace a set of disparate tools, its path to results by improvingthe total cost of ownership advantage of integrating user identification, device employee productivity (pagean integrated network environment. profiling on the network, posture check, and 12) and how MGM ResortsThe integration vision guest pool into a single, unified engine. It International (page 9) and leverages the network itself for rich context, Presbyterian CommunitiesWhen Reed analyzes Cisco’s technology aggregating that information into a single of South Carolina (page 15)evolution toward enabling the Unified source of truth. And it also leverages theWorkspace with Unified Access, he network for enforcement, enabling far greater are reinventing their paths tostresses Cisco’s unique capability to scale and efficiency than bolted-on solutions. results with deeper customerintegrate so many disparate parts. As example, he points to Cisco Identity Frampton views ISE as a broad policy4
  5. 5. Consumerconnectedness Leadership and InnovationWith the demand for mobile Internet, IT’s service provider role is expanding to include networkoperations for more than employees.The business network’s focus has been internal for the most part— network has enough intelligence to deliver that information locallyconnecting employees at the lowest cost. But with a growing level and based on preferences.”of connectedness outside of the enterprise, many organizationsare seeing an opportunity to extend Wi-Fi externally to customers. In Shenoy’s view, the new consumer experience is a flow with three touch points, which requires new types of enabling solutions.“What’s new is our ability to take network capabilities and First, there’s technology. A consumer approaches a store, and thepush them out to consumers to maximize the desire for network determines the presence of a Wi-Fi device. Second, theconnectedness,” says Prashanth Shenoy, Senior Manager, consumer connects securely and according to pre-set identityMobility Solutions Marketing at Cisco. “If an organization can use policies. And finally, the consumer engages. Once a consumerinformation to mitigate outages, why not use the same information is on the network, engagement happens through a spectrum ofto deliver differentiated experiences and generate revenue? It’s a value ranging from simply being able to connect without relying onnew way of driving engagement and inspiring loyalty.” cellular data to high-touch, location-based content and services.The impact on IT Shenoy points to the Cisco Mobility Services Engine (MSE) as an example of one of the enabling technologies underlying theBob Friday, CTO of Cisco’s Wireless Networking Business Unit, consumer experience flow. With MSE, an organization can examinesees IT’s service provider role expanding significantly. In several aggregate consumer behaviors based on the Wi-Fi signal. Fromkey verticals including hospitality, retail, healthcare, transportation, there, it can push content or services based on a consumer’sand higher education, mobile Internet is fast becoming one of the location, creating new engagement and revenue opportunities.core strategic business priorities. As a result, IT is at the table withthe C-Suite and marketing executives to talk about how to address “If organizations can provide content, services, andconsumer needs most effectively. communication based on consumer location and actions, it’s a level of differentiated value not seen today,” says Friday. “And“In all of the conversations with the business, leveraging the network IT has a huge role to play in enabling this shift for the business.information that is being collected is a consistent theme,” notes It’s transitioning the internal focus of providing connectivity toFriday. “There has to be a shift from managing the network from an employees at the lowest cost to an external focus of providingIT perspective to managing it from a business perspective. Analytics a greater resource to the consumer that ultimately maximizesare going to play a critical role in enabling these network-based consumer desire for connectedness and engagement.”differentiated consumer experiences.”Context is where Friday sees the real opportunities emerging. And Connected Mobility Experiencesit’s also where he sees IT’s role as service provider becomingeven more critical to the business. “The network is key to enabling To learn more about how the Cisco Mobility Services Engine cana differentiated mobile Internet experience. I see the network help you gain critical intelligence from your Wi-Fi network, seeevolving to behave just like another app. The consumer indicates Connected Mobility Experiences at: interests and notification preferences. And then the 5
  6. 6. MobilizeIntelligence Leadership and Innovationfor relevance In the “intelligence is relevance” scenario, that same customer would enter a brick Networks become and mortar business with a smartphone. business relevant The business network would detect the when they can customer’s presence and offer incentives to connect to the Wi-Fi network. apply intelligence to deliver With detection and connection completed uncompromised successfully, the brick and mortar business user experience. has an opportunity to engage­ creating a — one-to-one relationship with the consumer similar to an online retailer. It’s network intelligence that brings rich context to these engagements. End users get value from a richer, more relevant shopping experienceThe IT network enables connectivity and unpredictable patterns of users and usage. while retailers benefit from greater customersupports operations. The business network, behavior insights and new monetizationhowever, is a platform for innovation. Which Second, the network must be more do you think most enterprises run? Sujai intelligent. To deliver an uncompromisedHajela (pictured), Vice President and General user experience, the network should be able “Businesses in sectors including retail,Manager, Wireless Networking Business Unit to know where a user is, where the user is hospitality, shopping malls, airports, andat Cisco, knows that the aspiration is the connecting, and past usage/behavior patterns. healthcare could benefit significantly fromlatter, but the reality is the former. Want a one-to-one engagement,” says Hajela. “Butbusiness-relevant network? Hajela’s advice “The Unified Access ‘one policy, one they have to harness the intelligence in theiris simple and to the point—make it intelligent. management, one network’ approach networks to deliver that relevance. Unified facilitates a foundation for business Access is one technology approach that canIn Hajela’s view, it is critical that today’s innovation by helping to transform the user enable that. With the capabilities inherent inbusiness networks offer an uncompromised experience,” says Hajela. He points to online “one policy, one management, one network,”user experience on any device, whether retailers as an example to emulate. When these sectors can contemplate the innovationit’s a consumer in a retail environment or a users visit an online retailer, they receive of transforming the brick and mortaruser in a corporate setting. He elaborates services based on their preferences, which experience to a social web experiencefurther, noting that, “the ability to deliver an are available from previous online activity. But with location-based offers, context-awareuncompromised user experience comes from do customers walking into a large brick and purchases, and informed communications.”an ability to manage complexity and scale.” mortar retailer have that same one-to-one experience?What does he mean by managing Enabling BYODcomplexity and scale? First, it must be Hajela sees one-to-one engagement as thesimple to connect. He points to Wi-Fi at next frontier for brick and mortar businesses. To learn more about how Cisco Unifieda retail location as an example. Wi-Fi is “Typically, customers walk into a brick and Access™ can create a foundation fora shared medium, which can jeopardize mortar business with an intention to buy,” he business innovation to drive one-to-performance. Shaky Wi-Fi can halt any says. “But those businesses aren’t leveraging one customer engagement and deeperopportunities for deep engagement right the assets that they have to capitalize on that relationships, see BYOD Solutions at:at the outset. A business-relevant network intent in the same way that an online retailer performance issues by recognizing would. The potential is there. The adoption isdifferent device types and accommodating for not. Not yet anyway.”6 6
  7. 7. A unified IT approach to the mobile workspace Leadership and InnovationIs your BYODprogram SAFE™?Industry leaders come together to offer a differentiatedBYOD user experience while enabling IT control in theAndroid environment.Is Android ready for business? If you ask “In a multiple OS-world, we wanted to fit for Cisco because differentiatedCisco and Samsung, the answer is a deliver what the enterprise needs,” says experiences on wireless devices was a keyresounding yes. Not only is it ready for Daniels. “But we also knew that we required strategic focus area. And it all came downbusiness, but with the combined thought more comprehensive insight into what to solution optimization.leadership and vision of the two companies, those needs are so we tapped our partners’users get optimized solutions, and IT gets enterprise expertise. And that’s what SAFE For Cisco, optimizing solutions meansmore control. While the consumerization is. It’s based on knowledge sharing and addressing five key considerations:of IT has forced enterprises to act, these the fusing of thought leadership. SAFE, • Wireless infrastructure readinessindustry leaders are responding by enabling at its foundation, addresses the ultimate • Secure accessthe “IT-ization of the consumer”—work- enterprise need—empowering IT withready devices and solutions that are still the ability to offer functionality-rich, cool • Application delivery through mobile cool and coveted after hours. devices while also giving them the control device management (MDM) to tame the “wild west” of BYOD.” • Integrating APIs with MDMFrom the Samsung perspective, platform • Enabling a consistent collaboration consistency was a critical first step in Thought leadership fit experience that extends and expands making Android enterprise ready. With that Cisco was one of the key partners that PC or laptop functionality to the foundation in place, Samsung has targeted Samsung approached first in its quest for mobile devicespecific devices that are now SAFE; meaningthat they have the capabilities enterprises expertise, guidance, and enterprise insight. To address all five elementsneed for secure mobile productivity. It was an excellent thought leadership effectively, Cisco takes a smartKen Daniels, Senior Director of StrategicAlliances, Enterprise Mobility at SamsungMobile, elaborates. “Fragmentation is asignificant issue in the mobile operatingsystem (OS) world. It challenges developersand impedes common user experiences.With the Samsung Galaxy S® III, GalaxyNote®, and other Samsung smartphonesand tablets, we offer a consistent mobileplatform, which extends across all of ourSAFE devices. It’s a significant, strategicstep for us in taking in-demand consumerdevices and making them enterprise ready.”Samsung reached out to its key partnersfor feedback on in-demand ApplicationProgramming Interfaces (APIs) that couldachieve its vision: enterprise credibilitycoupled with a differentiated userexperience on Samsung devices. 7
  8. 8. Mobilize “SAFE, at its foundation, addresses the ultimate enterprise need—empowering IT with the ability to offer functionality-rich, cool devices while also giving them the control to tame the “wild west” of BYOD.” Ken Daniels, Senior Director of Strategic Alliances, Enterprise Mobility at Samsung Mobilesolutions approach to BYOD. Building SAFE solutions Daniels adds his perspective. “When weon the foundation of Cisco Validated tapped Cisco for its expertise and openedDesign (CVD), Smart Solutions AnyConnect®, Cisco’s VPN solution, is the key up the APIs for development, we achievedencapsulate an architecture-based offering that has been pre-tested, validated, a level of integration between solution andapproach that emphasizes the user loaded, and set to work on Samsung devices device unprecedented in the industry. Throughexperience but also stresses partner- as part of the SAFE initiative. In addition, the that collaboration, we’ve created a widerbased development, building, and SAFE philosophy has extended to specific BYOD playing field for enterprise IT in termsintegration to reduce complexity. functionality on Samsung devices including of devices and operating systems. But more ® one-touch escalation to Cisco WebEx and importantly, IT maintains control, and enterprise“We build, architect, and test designs Cisco Jabber™ integration. users keep up with the cool factor withoutfor solutions, ensuring that we consider sacrificing business productivity or security.”all five factors necessary for an end- The fusing of thought leadership—Cisco’sto-end BYOD solution, as well as the Smart Solutions and Samsung’s SAFE initiative —is a significant opportunity for enterprises Cisco BYOD Smart Solutionsuser experience,” says Ryan MacBan,Director, Smart Solutions, Cisco. “With wrestling with what seem to be the competingthis approach, enterprises do not have priorities of BYOD. MacBan explains his view To learn more about how Cisco Smartto invest time and resources on testing on the enterprise advantage. “When an Solutions offer a differentiated BYODand figuring out how to make the enterprise user gets a Samsung device or user experience while enabling IT control,solutions and devices work together tablet and wants to use corporate applications, visit: Working with device partners support for leading vendors is there right out To learn more about Samsunglike Samsung up front eliminates device of the box. There is virtually no complexity enterprise-ready devices, visit:compatibility issues and reduces involved in certifying the application to work and testing complexity.” with Cisco architecture and Samsung devices.”8
  9. 9. Mike Dominguez (left)and John Bollen (right)discuss strategy inone of MGM Resorts’recently Wi-Fi-enabledconventions spaces atits Bellagio propertyAhead of the Wi-Fi curve ExperiencesMGM Resorts International’s high-density wireless infrastructure opens up awealth of opportunities in guest experience and convention strategy.It’s a new day dawning when the Vice spas, dining, and shopping destinations, measure of good service. “GuestsPresident of Technology Strategy is asked cutting-edge technology was a key were rating our properties based onto partake in executive level discussions priority. Accompanying the technology was Wi-Fi availability. At our hotel divisionalon guest surveys. But that’s exactly what the development of a guest technology meetings, property executive feedbackJohn Bollen found himself doing with his strategy that addressed different access shared a common theme—guests wantcolleagues at MGM Resorts International. and security priorities than the heavily good, reliable, fast Wi-Fi,” says Bollen.And what were they talking about regulated, corporate technology strategy.specifically? Wi-Fi. He knew instinctively that action was needed Fast forward a few years, post iPhone across technology investment, strategy, andBollen wasn’t all that surprised. In revolution and mobile Internet eruption, culture. The issue was how to evolve an ITdesigning Las Vegas’ CityCenter in 2007, and guests are demanding connections network and policies that support the needsa collection of hotels and residences, for any device at any time as an expected of corporate users to a business network 9
  10. 10. Mobilizethat can connect a diverse spectrum of and high density. It also required a lot of elegance of the MGM Resorts propertyusers including convention customers, hotel creativity and ingenuity in cabling and it was serving. He partnered with Ciscoguests, and property visitors. access points to account for obstacles on both the design and build to ensure like foliage and mechanical equipment that the infrastructure incorporated theTechnology and strategy that could cause disturbance. right capacity to handle concurrent connections, policy, interference, andBollen wanted to ensure that the Wi-Fi In Bollen’s view, the Wi-Fi network had bandwidth had solid radio frequency design to have the same quality, innovation, and Strategically, Bollen had to devise a way to balance the priorities of the business- critical and guest-critical networks. From a corporate perspective, revenue- generating systems including payroll, front desk, data centers, and slot machines must be up, running, and Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant. For guests, the network must be quick, nimble, responsive, and secure, but without the same compliance austerity. “We have positioned MGM Resorts as a market leader by collaborating with Cisco to build an infrastructure that delivers high density for concurrent connections, enables policy diversity, and offers the bandwidth to support the mobile Internet,” says Bollen. “We have completed the installment of Wi-Fi throughout the public and meeting spaces of Bellagio, Mandalay Bay, MGM Grand, and The Mirage. It’s robust wherever our guests go and provides an interconnection between properties as well. Our competitors on The Strip just can’t offer that experience.” Wi-Fi installments for MGM Resorts’ other Las Vegas-based properties will continueWith Wi-Fi capabilities into all public spaces,patrons at Bellagio’sSensi restaurant The business opportunitycan now perusethe expansive wine MGM Resorts’ new Wi-Fi capabilities areselection on a tablet- creating a wealth of opportunity in context-based wine app aware marketing and the conventions business. IT can generate detailed data for marketing that would usually require10
  11. 11. “We have positioned MGM Resorts as a marketleader by collaborating with Cisco to build aninfrastructure that delivers high density forconcurrent connections, enables policy diversity, andoffers the bandwidth to support the mobile Internet.”John Bollen (pictured), Vice President of Technology Strategy at MGMResorts Internationalsignificant time and resource investments. It’s helping marketing with campaignsas well as contributing to new types of discussions with partners who arelooking to target advertising and offers.“We can contemplate a data-driven strategy now,” says Mike Dominguez,Senior Vice President of Sales, MGM Resorts International. “As weprogress down this path and collect more data, we’re going to be able toassess our guest mix, understand customer behavior more accurately, anddetermine how that affects bandwidth demands. In addition, we’ve gainedthe capability to communicate with customers that have been on the Wi-Finetwork and target offers based on what we know about their experiencesat our property.”Dominguez also sees incredible potential in the conventions business. Lack ofbandwidth is a major issue in the meetings industry. Most hotels do not havethe capital or are not committed to reinvesting to be ready for a world withmultiple devices per attendee. With MGM Resorts’ new Wi-Fi capabilities,Dominguez is confident that he can elevate the conversation in terms ofbandwidth and meetings.In Dominguez’s view, ingraining the shift from meeting mechanics to meetingarchitecture will revolutionize the industry. And technology is enabling that.With MGM Resorts’ wireless investments and infrastructure, Dominguez andhis team can further entrench their roles as trusted advisor, partner, andconsultant on meeting architecture and engagement.“In the world of multiple devices, the future of meeting architecture isattendee-generated content,” says Dominguez. “The natural evolution istwo-way interaction, communication, and interactivity—not talking at, buttalking with. Bandwidth and power are the foundation of that. For MGMResorts International to be ahead of the curve on Wi-Fi means that we candifferentiate our meeting experiences with connectivity and value-addedsolutions that can alter the meeting landscape permanently.” Connected Mobile Experiences Deliver personalized and relevant mobile services with a three-phased approach— detect, connect, engage. Visit to learn more. 11
  12. 12. MobilizeGoing lean Experiences George Medairy (left), Director of IT at Sheetz and Bill Bowser (right), Telecommunications Manager at Sheetz, visit one of the company’s 450 locations to track IT efficiency at the store levelSheetz targeted IT management consolidation and store-level hardware virtualizationto meet the efficiency goals of its Lean 600 initiative.Two IT professionals. A plan to grow to 600 donuts/grab-and-go food, and run our own And that did not include hardware, software,stores within a few years. And a goal to stay fleet of gas/delivery trucks. IT plays a huge and activity at the store level. Medairy wasas effective and efficient as possible without role in pulling it all together and making it concerned with the amount of time beinggrowing resources. Sound ambitious? work as efficiently as possible.” consumed managing systems and wantedGeorge Medairy, Director of IT at Sheetz, a to analyze the management ROI of newfamily-owned convenience store chain with Targeting IT management first solutions.450 stores across six states, knows it is. Medairy knew that improvements in certain After reviewing the capabilities of Cisco®But he’s also incredibly confident that it can key areas could yield some of the Lean 600 Prime Infrastructure, a converged wiredbe done. efficiencies. IT management was targeted and wireless management solution, Medairy“The basis of our Lean 600 initiative is to do first. Sheetz is a best-in-breed shop, was encouraged with how straightforward,things better, faster, and cheaper without with a wide range of tools from a diverse easy, and intuitive it was. But he turnedtotally re-engineering the company,” says spectrum of vendors. Corporately, the to Bill Bowser, TelecommunicationsMedairy. “Our business model is quite company had five major monitoring systems Manager at Sheetz, to assess the usabilityunique in the industry—we buy and build our tracking performance on networks, servers, and recommend whether it was worthown sites, have our own distribution center PCs, bandwidth, throughput, firewalls, and proceeding with an ROI evaluation.and kitchen/commissary, make our own Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance.12
  13. 13. A unified IT approach to the mobile workspace“We needed a high level of automation Internet, and pull down all of the required monitoring tools. Using Cisco Prime’sof daily tasks and interactivity in order to configurations from Cisco PrimeTM. What standard reporting, he identified thatmaximize the effectiveness of our two- was once a highly-manual task is on its way corporate users were pushing more dataperson team that manages 450 stores, to being automated, enabling Bowser to to stores than the broadband connectionmultiple connections at every store, LAN/ bring up stores faster and meet the Lean could accommodate. Bowser upgradedWAN, voice presence, and data centers,” 600 challenge of doing more with less. immediately from the 45mg DS3 to asays Bowser. 100mg connection, and the problems Improved reporting disappeared.While converged management is still fairlynew in the Sheetz environment, Bowser is Previously, Bowser was using a few “Cisco Prime Infrastructure hasexcited by the automation potential. Tasks different NetFlow reporting tools, but found enabled our IT department to becomeincluding firewall and router policy changes that he needed deep expertise and training a knowledge base of what’s on ourare now automated, with the capability to to build custom reports. With Cisco Prime network,” says Bowser. “Prime hascheck those policies for adherence and Infrastructure, he was able to leverage the simplified management of both the wiredefficiency. assurance module, and after 20 minutes of and wireless network. This in turn has experimenting, generate useful reports. given us time to use reporting tools andA “store in a box” is also a key initiative educate our users about their impact onthat Bowser is working on, now that he has Specifically, stores were experiencing the network. Our management capabilitiesaccess to automation capabilities. The goal slow application performance. Bowser are light years ahead of what they wereis to be able to ship equipment to a new was not getting the answers that before Prime.”store, get an IP address, connect to the he needed from his existing remote 13
  14. 14. Mobilize“We needed a high level of automation of daily tasks and interactivity in order to maximize theeffectiveness of our two-person team that manages 450 stores, multiple connections at everystore, LAN/WAN, voice presence, and data centers.”Bill Bowser, Telecommunications Manager at SheetzVirtual store environment PC. In addition to running the technology, of the Lean 600 challenge. Some may call Sheetz’s PCI compliance mandates require it ambitious IT. I just call it smart business.”In addition to management improvements, timely patching of the more than 16,000Medairy is considering Cisco® Unified devices that connect to the network.Computing System™ (UCS) E-Series Management Solutionsto virtualize store-level technology and “Consolidating to a virtual environment,standardize on one platform. Every store with one operating system, would give To trial Cisco Prime Infrastructure forhas technology that includes: point of us more control, visibility, and insight,” 60 days, download evaluation softwaresale system, customer ordering kiosk, says Medairy. “We could generate one at monitor, gas pump transaction store profile that extends across all 450 To view a Cisco Prime Infrastructuresystem, work order applications, security locations. That consistency, in addition to webinar demo, visit:cameras, credit controller, back office the management automation, will help us, and a learning management system meet our efficiency and effectiveness goalsOne managementCisco® Prime Infrastructure and to isolate and troubleshoot problems • Operate: identify, troubleshoot, and resolve affecting performance.” network issues to avoid user performancehelps enterprises balance the impacts.BYOD requirements of user Jan Van de Laer, Cisco Senior Business • Administer: maintain networkexperience and IT control. Development Manager, and Tomer Hagay, management applications and keep Cisco Consulting Systems Engineer, users, devices, and software up to date.The research proves what IT professionals elaborate on how Cisco Prime Infrastructure enables ‘one management.’ With automated, “BYOD is shaking the IT/user equilibrium,” saysalready know. BYOD is here to stay. According end-to-end lifecycle management and Van de Laer. “Right now, users are gaining theto Apple, smartphone adoption is growing application visibility, IT professionals gain the upper hand, while IT is feeling increasingly outat a rate of more than 50 percent annually.1 tools and trust they need to combine network of control. Cisco Prime Infrastructure changesAnd according to Forrester Research, Inc., by infrastructure, policies, end user devices, and that, giving IT visibility, control, and stability2016, we’ll buy 375 million tablets globally user experience. This single pane of glass while helping to promote performance andand be using 760 million tablets.2 With the instills the confidence needed to embrace deliver optimum user experience.”days of one wired user with one device athing of the past, how does IT retain control BYOD with a sense of control. 1 Apple Inc. Quarterly Financial Report. 2 “Tablets Will Rule the Future Personal Computing Landscape,” Forrester Research, April 2012while enabling anytime, anywhere access? Automated, end-to-end lifecycle management incorporates: Management SolutionsMark Emmerson, Product MarketingManager at Cisco, answers that question • Design: assess the network and plan for To trial Cisco Prime Infrastructure forresolutely. “IT needs a single pane of glass the rollout of new applications, services, 60 days, download evaluation softwareto manage the quickly-converging wired and technologies. at wireless infrastructures. With a ‘one • Deploy: make changes to the network To view a Cisco Prime Infrastructuremanagement’ approach, IT gains visibility to infrastructure quickly and error free with webinar demo, visit:know who is connecting to the network and guided workflows and templates that, to understand application behavior, leverage Cisco best practices.14
  15. 15. Presbyterian Communities of South Carolina(PCSC) builds wireless foundation to improvequality of life and care for residents.Technologyfor qualityof life ExperiencesWith five retirement communities in the partner Insight. The Insight team took the the organization as ahead of theColumbia, South Carolina area, PCSC time to understand Cary’s IT philosophy technology curve to donors.serves approximately 800 residents. For and PCSC’s current and anticipatedevery one of those residents, there are needs. The Cisco and Insight teams Looking toward the futuremultiple visitors—chaplains, doctors, and worked closely with him to develop andfamily members. And Mark Cary, Director deploy a solution that could be turned on, With the wireless foundation in place, Caryof IT at PCSC, knew that each one of configured, and run with simple monitoring. can make more intelligent decisions about thethose visits could be enhanced with the capabilities that he can run on the network.ability to connect wirelessly. “We chose two extremely talented and Existing functionality including diagnostic proven companies. We now have the utilities and the Alzheimer/dementia unit’sThat was one impetus for PCSC’s wireless capabilities to do things that we don’t mobile brain stimulus programs are eitherjourney, but there were many more. “Right even know we can do yet. Being a lean under consideration or now connected.away, we knew we could improve basic organization, we have to make smart choices Future solutions include tag-based equipmentthings like Internet access for residents every time, and we’ve done that with our monitoring and biometric patient monitoring.within the facility and the efficiency of Cisco/Insight wireless solution,” says Cary.bedside information gathering,” says Cary. “I often look at IT through the lens of three“But with this solid foundation in place, we Benefits of connecting levels of knowledge,” says Cary. “I knowcould comply with government mandates that I have a reliable, scalable wirelessfor Electronic Medical Records (EMR) more So far, efficiency has been the greatest foundation from two proven partners. I don’teasily and contemplate new opportunities gain. By opening up the guest network, yet know the potential of certain solutions likein diagnostics, patient monitoring, doctors and therapists are collecting a biometrics because we haven’t implementedmarketing, and fundraising as well.” lot more information at bedside in a more them. But I’m most excited about the third efficient manner. In addition, visiting level of knowledge—not knowing what I don’tThe need to grow family members can connect for both know. We are in the midst of the journey. entertainment and information purposes. There are so many opportunities on theAs a not-for-profit organization, PCSC Cary recounts a call that he received from horizon in terms of leveraging this investmentruns a lean IT department. For Cary, any the daughter of a Medicare resident. She to improve how our residents receive careIT initiative follows the same formula— was so excited and grateful that she was and live full lives in our communities.”purchase smartly, turn it on, configure it, able to sit with her mother, get on thelet it go, and move on to the next task. network, and make necessary family travel Readiness Assessment ServiceCombined with that focus, Cary was plans for Christmas right in that instant.adamant about having a best-in-class To learn about the Cisco Readinesswireless solution that could accommodate From a marketing perspective, promoting Assessment Service, visit:the evolution of patient and resident- robust wireless connectivity as a feature For morecentric health care. of community living is a huge advantage. information on how to meet your And the Foundation and Church Relations business’ BYOD security challenges,Cary evaluated several options and chose Department also leverages the fact that visit: technology implemented by its PCSC has invested in wireless, positioning 15
  16. 16. ONE OF THE MOST PROFOUND SHIFTS IN YOUR BUSINESS IN DECADES HAS ARRIVED. AND IT LOOKS LIKE THIS. At first glance, she’s an employee working on a tablet. But she also represents a growing number of people who are working their way— on their favorite devices. It’s good news for companies, considering the significant savings and productivity gains associated with this new way of working. And it’s great for your team members, who can collaborate better than ever, from anywhere—accessing virtual desktops on their laptops or meeting face-to-face via Cisco Jabber™ on their tablets. Now, collaboration is enhanced. Employees are untethered. Security is built in. And at the center of it all is the Cisco® Intelligent Network. Use your favorite device to learn more at©2012 Cisco Systems, Inc. All rights reserved.