4G World IP RAN


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  • So, why is the Megatest valuable?Well, as we know, the mobile communications environment is in the midst of a major transformation. The competitive landscape is expanding. No longer are mobile operators competing solely against each other. The are dealing with OTT service providers / such as app stores, as well as device manufacturers. These competitors are also partners. But both are competing for the hearts, minds and most importantly wallets of the mobile consumer.Services and revenues streams are transitioning from basic voice and text to a rich multimedia environment.This is leading to new business opportunities and new business architectures that will deliver new revenue streams. The mobile operator has an opportunity to add value and derive revenue on both sides of the service value chain. However, to take advantage of this capability requires a technology architecture that is Highly intelligent to shape each transaction, high performance to address the onslaught of traffic, and delivers high availability that allows the mobile subscriber to not only have network availability, but the ability to connect from anywhere anytime.
  • Cisco’s Any-G IP RAN Backhaul proved our Hybrid Sync Control beat the industry requirements by 100X for precision clock and sync control through the network to the cell site. Our tests were more stringent that called for (over 13 hops rather than 10)Testing over 2-hour, 6-hour and 24-hour with 2G, 3G and LTE traffic runningMeasured precision beat specs by 100X and are comparable to SONET/SDHA Mobile Operator with 10,000 cell sites with a single TDM circuit maintained to each site to provide clock at $100/month will save $12,000,000 a year.Additionally Cisco’s QoS capabilities were validated to transport all traffic exactly as expected under network duressOnly traffic dropped was “Best Effort” traffic.All Priority traffic delivered as expected
  • Cisco’s IP Next Generation Mobile Network as tested by EANTC proved industry leading HighAvailability throughout the network, in the RAN, the IP Core and the Mobile Packet Core.The take-away is that people expect and need a reliable mobile network as more and more people have moved to Mobile-only for their voice and data requirements. Reliability includes High Availability, Quality of Service and Experience, Zero Session Loss service and the ability to maintain and upgrade you network at any time with fear of impacting customer experience.We are moving from simple voice and text to multimedia communications. Mobile operators need to monetize Over-the-top and Personalized services. Business subscribers want their in-office capabilities available to them anywhere and at any time. To make this all possible, you need to integrate intelligence in every point of the network. This intelligent architecture works together so that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. That is what Cisco’s NGmN architecture gives you.Each and every day people access over 25TB of content on Facebook. Walmart and Google have 500TB Data Centers. People are streaming HD movies over their mobile services and more people are communicating using video calling rather than simply voice-only services. The networks must perform like never before. As LTE is rolled out this demand will only increase. Cisco has proven industry leadership in Performance that you need.
  • In conclusion, this Megatest provides independent proof that indeed Cisco’s Next Generation Mobile Network is the right solution for any Mobile Service Provider today.That Cisco can deliver a best-of-breed solution, not just for point areas of the network, but for the whole mobile network from cell tower on back.Cisco provides your technology solution for your business realities over One Network, for Any Generation radio to deliver services to any screen.
  • 4G World IP RAN

    1. 1. One Network – Any G, Any Screen<br />IP RAN Backhaul Discussion<br />4G World - Chicago<br />October, 2010<br />Speaker: Dan Kurschner<br /> Senior Systems Marketing Manager, Cisco Systems<br />
    2. 2. Mobile Communications Evolution<br />Business Architecture<br />Technology Architecture<br />CompetitiveEnvironment<br />Intelligence<br />Voice centric –Multimediacentric<br />Performance<br />Business Models<br />Availability<br />
    3. 3. Mobile Broadband Challenge<br />Monetization<br />Traffic<br />Profitability<br />Revenue<br />Optimization<br />3<br />© 2010 Cisco Systems, Inc. All rights reserved.<br />Cisco Confidential<br />
    4. 4. Availability<br />Reliable Service and <br />Easier Maintenance<br />24/7<br /><ul><li>Lossless Recovery
    5. 5. LOS and Unidirectional
    6. 6. L2 & L3 Responsiveness</li></li></ul><li>Intelligence<br />Integrated Network Intelligence Enables Services across all Radio Access<br /><ul><li>Any-G without upgrade
    7. 7. QoS that consistently delivers</li></li></ul><li>Performance<br />Performance to support New Business Models<br /><ul><li>Bandwidth for Multimedia
    8. 8. X2-Interface Decentralized
    9. 9. Precision “Hybrid Clock”</li></li></ul><li>Precision + Quality = Savings<br /> Up to $12 Million/yr OPEX Savings for 10,000 Cell Sites<br /><ul><li>Replace TDM clocking line with Hybrid Sync Control
    10. 10. SONET/SDH-Like Precision of Sync & Clockover IP RAN Backhaul
    11. 11. 100x Precision ITU Specs and Competition
    12. 12. Resilient QoS under Stress</li></li></ul><li>IP Next Generation Mobile Network<br />Availability providing reliable services and easier maintenance<br /><ul><li>Dependable Quality even under stress</li></ul>24/7<br />Integrated Network Intelligence Enables Services across all Radio Access<br /><ul><li>Graceful Any-G evolution</li></ul>Performance to support new Business Models<br /><ul><li>Scale for LTE and Video demands</li></ul>© 2010Cisco Systems, Inc. All rights reserved.<br />Cisco Confidential<br />C97-622044-00<br />NDA Presentation<br />
    13. 13. IP NGmN Infrastructure Test<br />EANTC Conclusion<br />“…Cisco, indeed, showed it is capable of delivering…a next-gen mobile network that is scalable and shows state-of-the-art functionality.” “…Cisco's position in the mobile core is rock-solid.” <br />As we noted…it can support all mobile network generations and can scale sufficiently to meet the needs of the world's largest carriers.<br />CarstenRossenhövel<br />Managing Director, EANTC<br />Verified by<br />© 2010Cisco Systems, Inc. All rights reserved.<br />Cisco Confidential<br />C97-622044-00<br />NDA Presentation<br />
    14. 14. Over 200Mobile Service ProviderDeployments <br />