Public diplomacy, soft power and new media


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Public diplomacy, soft power and new media by Navdeep Suri

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Public diplomacy, soft power and new media

  1. 1. Navdeep Suri 17 May ‘12
  2. 2. What is Public Diplomacy? “PD is the framework of activities by which a government seeks to influence public attitudes in a manner that they become supportive of foreign policy objectives and national interests”PD involves using: Soft Power Digital diplomacy tools
  3. 3. Soft Power Soft Power: The ability to achieve diplomatic objectives through the power of attraction, not coercion Public Diplomacy: influencing public attitudes – closely linked to soft power Projecting the Idea of India as point of attraction Civilization, history, culture, cuisine, yoga, democracy, IT, economy, Gandhi, Tagore…
  4. 4. Global Impact of Indian soft power A Zulu in Johannesburg performing Kathak A school in Bogota celebrating Gandhi Jayanti A German translator and devotee of Tagore A TV soap that became a national addiction in Cote d’Ivoire A Brazilian TV soap about India that went global Yoga schools in California Chicken tikka masaala as the British national dish Bollywood in Timbuktu Jai Ho..! by Spanish Performers Indonesian cop performing Chhaiyyan ChhaiyyanNick Cull – “The thought of India often brings a smile to the face, in a way that China does not”
  5. 5. Why Public Diplomacy Recognizing the importance of listening Establishing relationships and credibility (PD Logo) Creating a Soft Power narrative Building communities of ‘Friends of India’ Moving from ‘Need to Know’ to ‘Need to Share’ Web 2.0 : A Godsend for public diplomacy
  6. 6. Public Diplomacy…what do we do Public Outreach  Within India – to create more informed discourse on foreign policy  Outside India – Soft Power narrative; Friends of India Electronic and Print Material Digital Diplomacy Building communities of friends of India
  7. 7. Public Outreach Programme Host delegations and introduce them to our countrys rich culture and diversity, religious tolerance, vibrant economy... Support our diplomatic missions in organising activities to project Indias soft power Lectures, seminars, conclaves - to create a better understanding of India and its foreign policy
  8. 8. Public Outreach Programme  50 Young Parliamentarians from Africa  48 Young Constituent Assembly members from Nepal  11Provincial delegates from Kandahar  43 Students from Saudi Arabia  7 Student Leaders from USA
  9. 9. Conclaves on India’s National Interest•Chennai•Srinagar•Guwahati•Mumbai•Kathmandu
  10. 10.  42 Lectures Distinguished 35 Cities Lecture Series Ahmedabad Aizwal Bengaluru Bhubaneswar Calicut Chandigarh, Cuttack Goa Hyderabad Kanpur Kottayam Kurukshetra Kochi Mangalore Mumbai Puducherry Rohtak Srinagar Vishakhapatnam& many more……
  11. 11. Monthly Foreign Policy Forums
  12. 12. Monthly Foreign Policy Forums India-Bangladesh ties Recent Developments in the Arab region and their implications for India India – US Partnership in Asia: Prospects and Future India’s Look-East policy India-Japan Relations in the 21st Century Role of BRICS in the New Emerging World Order Rebuilding Afghanistan Myanmar and the new crossroads of Asia
  13. 13. Electronic and Print Publicity “India Perspectives” in 17 Languages monthly; sent to all diplomatic missions. Films and other material in a range of foreign languages.
  14. 14. India Perspectives online
  15. 15. 300Documentaries
  16. 16. Digital DiplomacyWhy:  Platform for soft power  Engage with younger people  Cost effectiveInitiatives:  Facebook pages for IndianDiplomacy, IndiAfrica, IndiaIs Total no of fans > 1,50,000 with weekly reach of 2.3 million users  Active presence on Twitter, Issuu, Youtube PD Website
  17. 17. Facebook Page of PD
  18. 18. Indian Diplomacy - Overview
  19. 19. Likes
  20. 20. Reach
  21. 21. IndiAfrica Website
  22. 22. IndiAfrica – A Shared Future
  23. 23. IndiAfrica - Overview
  24. 24. IndiAfrica - Reach
  25. 25. India is - Website
  26. 26. India is – Global Video Challenge
  27. 27. India is – Overview
  28. 28. India is – Likes
  29. 29. India is – Reach
  30. 30. Indian Missions on FB
  31. 31. ITEC FB page
  32. 32. In China weibo QQ YouKu
  33. 33. PD on Twitter
  34. 34. Twitter and the Libya Evacuation• Twitter known for its utility during emergencies• Put out regular updates on evacuation; >300 tweets• Received real time feedback from Tripoli, Misratah• Helped in shaping evacuation programme• Used for Agenda Setting• Created awareness of GOI efforts in Op Safe Homecoming• Generated very positive response from media, public
  35. 35. Libya Evacuations@ForeignSecNRao Nirupama Rao Our ship the Scotia Prince is entering Benghazi harbour as we speak. 28 Feb@seeths80 Seeths@IndianDiplomacy the port is with Misratah steel Plant (called LIFCO). All Italians and few germans have evacuated thro this port. 1 Mar via Twitter for iPhone@seeths80 Seeths@IndianDiplomacy Thanks..800 Indians in and around misratah can rally to this port if ships available to evacuate. 1 Mar via Twitter for iPhone
  36. 36. Libya Evacuations@seeths80 Seeths@indiandiplomacy Also to note that the Misratah steel plants port (LISCO) can accommodate ships with capacity of up to 250 thousand tons.@IndianDiplomacy Indian Diplomacy@seeths80 Thanks. Will pass this on to all concerned immediately 1 Mar@IndianDiplomacy Indian Diplomacy Vessel Red Star I sails tonight for Misurata on evacuation mission 3 Mar
  37. 37. Twitter & Libya: Reactions trsriniwas T R Sriniwas @VPrakashMea,@IndianDiplomacy, @ForeignSecNRao The bar of professionalism has been set high and now people of INDIA will quote you :) Super! RT @nidhi_razdan: All indians evacuated from Libya today. Bravo MEA skodithala Sangeetha Kodithala smitaindelhi Smita Sharma @ForeignSecNRao@VPrakashMea @IndianDiplomacy Op Safe Home Coming a Success.Huge Relief. We would surely want to know the backroom story :) Forever_Tarun@nidhi_razdan Congrats to @ForeignSecNRao @VPrakashMea@IndianDiplomacy Thanks for bringing home Indians..:)
  38. 38. Twitter & Libya: Action/Reactions paddy8atgmail S Padmanabhan @nidhi_razdan @ForeignSecNRao @VPrakashMea@IndianDiplomacy Great job.Hope there are no scamsThis govt is capable of scams over dead bodies. nidhi_razdan@paddy8atgmail @foreignsecnrao @vprakashmea@indiandiplomacy keep your cynicism to yourself pure_bliss Vidya RT @nidhi_razdan: All indians evacuated from Libya today. Bravo MEA @ForeignSecNRao @VPrakashMea @IndianDiplomacy