Collaboration in the post PC Era


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Key Notes by Bryan Tantzen at the Cisco Collaboration Summit 2012 in India on " Collaboration in the post PC Era"

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  • THE WORLD IS CHANGING(Pause, look at screen) Pretty amazing set of headlines from the past few months isn’t it?You think that 1.25 Billion Windows PCs worldwide is impressive, well perhaps more impressive is the 5 Billion mobile phones – and the 2 Billion Internet connections that have doubled in the past 5 years.Connectivity aside…. the one I find it hard to believe is that 2 out of 5 people would take a lower paying job for device flexibility. I guess the younger generation has different priorities… but one thing for certain , things are changing quickly and the evidence is pretty overwhelming that ….
  • IT IS A NEW WORLD…. we are living in a Post-PC era. Depending -- I suppose on your point of view about what classifies as a Personal Computer these days. What is clear is that monolithic client server architecture has essentially been shattered at every level – Applications and Devices, Operating Systems and Server architecturesDevices are proliferating -- As I said earlier, the PC has been joined by more than 5 billion and counting mobile devices, and but also tablets, thin clients and purpose-built Telepresence devicesOperating Systems come in many flavors: Windows has been joined by Mac OS, iOS, Android, and LinuxFrom an Applications perspective. The old provisioning model of a ‘standard PC image’ has evolved into an App Store model. People are downloading about 1 billion iOS apps from Apple every month, and another billion or so from the Android marketplace (as of Dec 2011). Traditional document sharing/email is being augmented by new social applications that allow people to find each other, and to exchange the right information faster and easierServer architectures are evolving rapidly into Cloud/Mobile models, and traditional applications are being replaced by cloud-based services consumed in apps or browsers. Desktop virtualization is taking off –Gartner estimates that over 60% of server workloads and 20% of desktops will be virtualized by 2013. Let me share with you my thoughts on this topic. Whether you choose to work on a PC, or on the go with a smartphone, or a tablet is your tool of choice… I don’t care. <pause before you click>
  • I don’t care about which device you want to use <click>I don’t care about which platform or application you are running <click>I don’t care about deployment model you or your IT team have chosen < pause ><Click>THIS IS DRIVING A WORK REVOLUTION. Industrial age. Information age. Now a new age is dawning driven by Collaboration
  • WhyWe believe that people working together can do extraordinary things!  However, for many of us work has become an often meaningless chore where we spend our day simply reacting to the daily deluge of events and information, while simultaneously struggling with the very technology that is supposed to be helping us. 2 HOURS PER DAY IN EMAIL PRISON. CHECK EMAIL. CHECK VMAIL. ON PHONE FOR MORE HOURS. WORK IS GETTING STALE.[The text is intended to convey the lack of Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose that many people experience in their work lives - and hence the lack of associated motivation and ability to be creative]We long for those rare moments when our creative energies are unleashed during which we may just, if we're lucky, catch a glimpse of the extraordinary things we might one day accomplish...At Cisco, we want to make work human again and provide the Collaboration tools that enable people to work effortlessly and creatively across time and space so as to put the extraordinary within everyday reach. THE POST PC ERA IS MAKING THIS POSSIBLE. IT IS DRIVING A WORK REVOLUTION ON PAR WITH PAST REVOLUTIONS THAT TRANSFORMED HOW WORK IS DONE AND DROVE HUGE INCREASES IN PRODUCTIVITY AS A RESULT. THINK BACK TO THE INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION OR KNOWLEDGE WORKER REVOLUTION. So when it comes to collaboration, the center of gravity has begun to change.Whereas it used to be all about the “what” – the documents and content we consume and produce in the flow of work. And then the where I need to put them. And then the who I need to share them with…Increasingly this has shifted to exactly the opposite pole where I first think about the “who”. As in.. Who was it that created that material – should I “follow” them in a social context? Or perhaps I remember the context of the meeting best - the “where” something took place – whether real or virtual. And it’s from that perspective that I can begin to easily find the “what” or the content that I’m really looking for.And why is this more valuable? Because content is made better with context. And given the overload of information we are all subject to – this model might help us find what we need more quickly. Or even better – it might allow the content we really need to begin to find *us*.This is really our differentiation in the market -- we allow people to collaborate on their own terms. And it can be yours too. We call this People-Centric collaboration, where people are at the center of collaboration – and a rich, integrated collaboration experience is available to them anywhere, with any content, on any device.Video introNow let’s look at a real-world situation. Imagine you’re a project manager on a globally scattered architectural team – San Francisco, New York, Europe. You’re heading to the office getting ready for a critical presentation to your biggest client. Everything is on track until you get a message with a last-minute request to make a major change in a building design. How do you creatively solve the problem across time zones and countries? Let’s watch how it unfolds.
  • WHAT WE ALL CARE ABOUT IS NOT JUST CHANGING THE NATURE OF WORK, BUT SOLVING BUSINESS PROBLEMS. LETTING PEOPLE WORK IN NEW WAYS TO SERVE CUSTOMERS BETTER, DRIVE MORE REVENUES, LOWER COSTS. THE POINT IS TO COLLABORATE. 2. Def of Collab: HOW MANY OF YOU KNOW WHAT COLLABORATION MEANS? WHAT IS COLLABORATION. ANYONE WANT TO SHARE HOW YOU DEFINE COLLAB?3. Simply means getting work done. Power is cross silo and cross communication method to get work done. E.g., FS VIRTUAL EXPERT EXAMPLE BEING PILOTED AT DOZENS OF BANKSFar beyond connections, What I do care about , is the peopleYou may find it strange that an engineering executive doesn’t care about devices or platforms…From an executive point of view, here’s what I do care about in my own business: I care about creating business value and growing our businessI care about how people work together, how they create and innovate; I care about empowering and engagingpeople. After all – isn’t this what creates business value…. – isn’t this the *point* of technology? To help drive (human) performance to new levels?Traditional IT systems were built to automate, standardize tasks. To build business rules into your ERP , CRM, and document management systems then enforce those rules through IT systems. These tools are good for repetitive standard tasks. BUT in the real world, the work people do is a lot different than that. They have to perform a range of activities. They Research answers to problems; they Create solutions; they Communicate them to their customers and co-workersthey Share ideas and information; they Absorb feedback about options and choices;and then they Make decisions ona course of action. And the cycle continues… This is a very ‘human’ activity cycle that can’t be standardized, automated, or prescribed. Ultimately each individual has to figure out what to do in his or her own way.
  • 4 NEW TECHNOLOGY DISCONTINUITIES THAT ARE TRANSFORMING WORK. THE EQUIVALENT OF THE ASSEMBLY LINE TRANSFORMING WORK IN THE INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION OR THE PC DRIVING THE KNOWLEDGE REVOLUTION. THEY ARE CHANGING EVERYTHING ABOUT HOW WORK IS DONE.-MOBILITY: The iPad is now being used in >95% of the Fortune 500 companies. -SOCIAL: Facebook is about to IPO with a market value of up to $100B. But it is not just a consumer trend. Millions of small businesses are using Facebook plus TENS OF MILLIONS OF BUSINESSES ALREADY TODAY ARE USING NEW SOCIAL TOOLS LIKE CISO’S QUAD SOLUTION IN THEIR ENTERPRISE TO BRING PEOPLE TOGETHER IN NEW WAYS. TEAM SPACES. PROJECT MANAGEMENT.-VISUAL WHICH IS VIDEO as well. MY STORY ABOUT WORKING WITH BARRY. VIDEO WITH MY KIDS (CHECK MY NOTES). IT IS REAL AND HAPPENING TODAY. VIDEO ON PLANE TO DELIVER BABY WHEN COULD NOT GET TO HOSPITAL VIA WEBCAM VIDEO TO HOSPITAL (baby board dead video showed how to bring back to breathing), VIDEO IN BANKSHOW MANY OF YOU ARE . RAISE HANDS IF USING NEW TABLETS …keep hands up… VIDEO CONF, ENTERPRISE SOCIAL, OR VIRTUALIZATION OF PCS, OR NEW CLOUD SERVICES?  ALMOST EVERY HAND IN THE ROOM IS UP. THIS IS A WORK REVOLUTION.AT CISCO WE ARE LEADING THIS NEW WORK AND WORKSPACE SPACE EVOLUTION. OUR STRATEGY IS FOR OUR COLLABORATION OFFER TO ENABLE the New Collaborative Workspace is more Mobile, Social, Visual, and Virtual in nature. Mobile allows a consistent user experience on any device, including smartphones and tablets. Social incorporates the best principles of social networks in an enterprise setting. Visual means inherently video-based and incorporating all visual content, including recording, transcribing, tagging, etc. Virtual means converged with VDI/virtualized endpoints. WHAT WILL BE THE IMPACT OF THIS?This Workspace is:One that understands the individual nature of the employee’s workspace, and provides the best possible experience as people change roles, locations, devices, and interaction styles.One that can deliver the needed security and integration within the existing IT landscape while also adding value. One that is built for the long term and capable of extending support to new devices, applications, and interaction styles as they emerge and evolve.One that can be more people-centric in nature.
  • SHOW SOME EXAMPLES OF THE BUSINESS VALUE AND IMPACT OF THE NEW WORK REVOLUTION IN THE POST-PC AGE: Suggested Questions: Q. CBCI has been a played a key role in helping Entrust Transform is Sales Process with Video. Can you tell us more about Entrust’s business?Q. What business challenges did Entrust face before implementing the video solution with CBCI Telecom?Entrust Background: Entrust provides identity-based security solutions that empower enterprises, consumers, citizens and Web sites in more than 4,000 organizations spanning 60 countries. Entrust's identity-based approach offers the right balance between affordability, expertise and service. With more than 125 patents granted and pending, these world-class solutions include strong authentication, fraud detection, digital certificates, SSL and PKI.  Entrust helps organizations meet or exceed their security goals by providing software solutions that: Protect digital identities through authentication Protect information assets through encryption Preate layered security environments and promote efficiency, cost-effectiveness and synergy The Challenge: Entrust develops much of its security product portfolio in Ottawa, Canada. They were looking for a way to accelerate their sales process by showcasing often complex security solutions (e.g. software solutions to secure documents & passports) to large military organizations & government agencies (i.e. Border Agencies, Immigration, Police Departments in Different Countries) with security experts in Ottawa, Canada virtually. The in-person demonstrations were becoming a bottleneck to sales. They were looking for a solution that would: Reduce Travel: Provide the opportunity for a global customers to more easily meet with security experts in Ottawa, Canada for product demonstrations without having to travel there High Quality Customer Experience: Achieve this goal without having to compromise on the quality of experience associated with in-person customer demonstrations delivered by security experts developing the product Optimizing Specialist Time: Optimize security experts time by having them spend more time with a larger number of customers and less time getting to customers and the need to setting up/tearing down demos to support multiple customer meetings & events.The Compelling Event: The opportunity first surfaced in December 2010. and the customer was hoping to have the solution up by March 2011 to support an event with a large customer from Saudi Arabia. On Friday, December 17, 2010, Cisco TelePresence Video Sales Specialist Tim Rollwagen communicated a lead to CBCI Telecom, Ottawa-based Account Manager Dave Giguère. On Monday December 20, 2010, Dave Giguère and Tim Rollwagen had a first meeting with Entrust's Senior Network Specialist Craig Vinet. Mr. Vinet communicated that Entrust's management (Bill Conner (President and CEO) and Bill Holtz (Senior VP & COO) were looking to outfit an Executive Briefing Room (demo room) at their Ottawa development offices in order to bring clients in the "virtual" demo room by videoconference instead of flying them to Ottawa. This TelePresence Demo room would allow potential clients to experience Entrust's product portfolio of identity-based security software and services in the areas of public key infrastructure (PKI), multifactor authentication, Secure Socket Layer certificates, fraud detection, digital certificates and mobile authentication.Since the requirements for a virtual demo room were pressing and the Christmas holidays were approaching, a Cisco TelePresence PrecisionHD USB Camera and a Movi Licence was lent to Mr. Craig Vinet so that meetings could continue over the holidays to iron out all of the project requirements, review potential designs and discuss deployment scenarios. Numerous meetings were held over MOVI during the holidays which allowed for much progress in the project.On Thursday January 20th, a full demonstration of the proposed solution was presented to Entrust’s Senior VP and COO, Senior Director IT, and Senior Network Engineer. Makes Entrust look up to date, cutting edge & “give the appearance of being a larger company” 
  • Suggested Questions: Q. Before we discuss the solution can you describe the process that you went through with Entrust to demonstrate the business impact of video to their sales process? Q. Can describe how CBCI Telecom put together Cisco video innovations, 3rd Party technologies and CBCI Services into immersive video solution to transform Entrust’s sales and internal communications? The Complete Solution: The complete solution deployment at Entrust to meet their revenue generation and intra-company communication needs included the following: One Cisco TelePresence Codec C60 with 4 Cisco TelePresence PrecisionHD Cameras installed into a fully integrated audio-visual solution for the Executive Briefing Centre. That room has various integration equipment including a Crestron Control over a wireless Crestron panel and also an iPad, 7 Samsung LED Screens, 2 Samsung 65” LCD screens, AVTEQ TelePresence Credenza, Extron switching gear, SMART Interactive Panel, Revolabs Wireless Microphones, and a Wolfvision Visualizer. One Cisco TelePresence System Profile Dual in the Reading, UK Office. One Cisco TelePresence System Profile Dual in the Dallas, TX Office. One Cisco TelePresence System EX90 for an executive office. 30 Cisco TelePresence PrecisionHD USB Cameras and Cisco TelePresence MOVI Licenses deployed to remote workers.  Ecosystem of Technology Partnerships Played a Key Role In Delivering the Whole Solution: You can see that there were 10 different partner technologies involved in delivering the Executive Briefing Centre Video Demonstration Experience Customer saw new possibilities beyond customer demos … looking at inter-company video communications use cases: In addition to deploying Telepresence for revenue generation purposes and to shorten sales cycles with clients in other countries, Entrust saw an opportunity to also use these rooms to increase intra-company communication. That is why Cisco Telepresence MOVI was also deployed to remotes workers, as well as a Cisco TelePresence System EX90 for an executive.
  • It takes a lot to get a cloud right: and at Cisco we’ve already done it. Just look at these numbers…They put us in the top tier of cloud service providers. And we’ve accomplished this for real-time services which is a different order of difficulty vs. storing and sharing productivity docs – who else can do that?
  • The average UK worker commutes for just under an hour per day - equivalent to 4 years over a working lifeThere are some 10 million office workers in the UK occupying 110 million m2 of office space... …...with average occupancy in a traditional office over the working day at around 45%.* 3.7 million people - 12.8% of the workforce - now work mainly from home (Labour Force Survey, 2010)
  • Main point:Working with Cisco’s Customer Business Transformation team Virgin Media identified cost, productivity and transformational benefits that more than made the case:Cost benefits = real estate, travel and technology retirement (sunsetting redundant applications)Productivity = time saved using Quad and Webex, “in 5 months, 1,000 users created more knowledge objects than 20,000 users did with Sharepoint over 2-years”Transformation = employee engagement, responding to RFx’s, improving call center activations
  • SO THAT IS AN EXAMPLE OF VIDEO CHANGING HOW WORK IS DONE. ANOTHER TREND I TALKED ABOUT IS MOBILITY (read bullets). I HAVE AN EXCITING NEW ANNOUNCEMENT HERE TODAY ON HOW WE ARE ENABLING MOBILITY: Market converging to full UC client experienceMost enterprise organizations have deployed, purchased or considered EIMCommercial organizations split between EIM and public IMToday’s battleground is the desktop, UC Client –Market evolving from IM to a full UC client experience driven by “click-to-x”Presence has become the starting place for a full UC experienceCombining presence with voice/video calling is foundational for UC
  • IT LETS YOU TRANSITION FROM IM TO FULL UNIFIED COMMUNICATIONS ON ANY DEVICE!! Cisco Jabber is a UC client application that can streamline communications and enhance productivity with integrated presence, instant messaging, voice and video, voice messaging, desktop sharing, and conferencing capabilities. Cisco Jabber provides the best user experience across broadest range of platforms, browsers, and devices.  You can use Jabber as a rich, client, web, or virtualized client on a PC, Mac, tablet, smartphone, or virtual desktop clients. Jabber allows you to:  Increase productivity from anywhere on any device. It enables finding the right people, allows you to see whether and how they are available, and lets you choose a how to contact them – get answers faster, make decisions faster. Take advantage of deployment flexibility. Deploy Jabber on-premises or through Cisco Cloud Collaboration Services. Either way, users get a consistent experience across platforms, devices, and deployment alternatives so you can choose your preferred options without sacrificing user capabilities. Take advantage of network intelligence. Cisco networks and Cisco Unified Communications Manager call control deliver secure, clear, and reliable communications. Better call performance results in a greater user acceptance and less risk.  Cisco Jabber also integrates with other Cisco Collaboration solutions, including TelePresence video and Cisco WebEx meeting. Work directly from existing desktop applications. You can access user status information and click to communicate directly from Microsoft Office applications, without requiring Microsoft Lync or Office Communicator. The integration lets you protect your investments in Microsoft Office, Outlook, and Exchange.
  • Making available IM and Presence to all Unified Communications Manager customers at no additional license costEnables all “click-to-x” user experiences for collaborationEnables deployment of IM and presence to all users across the enterprise, not only those with a Cisco IP PhoneProviding CUP server licenses at no additional cost to existing CUCM 7.1+ customersProviding Jabber IM client licenses at no additional cost for all users and any device PC, Mac, Tablet or Phone
  • CAN TRANFORM THE WHOLEMANUF VALUE CHAIN FROM FASTER DESIGN, BUY, MAKE, SELL, TRANSPORT, SERVICEPower generation downtime is an expensive proposition for energy producers - therefore reducing it provides hard, quantifiable savings that can quickly pay off the investment.When power plant refueling equipment fails, installing new pressurizers can require unique expertise not always readily available among on-site plant engineersThe ability to share live streaming video from the plant floor to outside experts may eliminate their need to travel to the location while everyone (including energy customers) waits for their arrivalA variety of video devices can address this need – Librestream cameras can provide extreme high definition imaging, along with o-ring LED lights for low light applications, to provide an in-person collaboration experience.The solution discussion and accompanying video can be stored for future use and training purposes.Reducing power plant downtime means capturing revenue that can not otherwise be replaced.Eliminating travel also means fewer contractors needed.This expert advisor solution means that on-site engineers also get hands-on training on solving problems that next time they may be able to handle themselves.
  • With the Jabber SDK that Cisco announced last November, developers can embed capabilities like instant messaging, presence, WebEx, voice and HD video… within a web application Virtually any application can be collaboration-enabled on any device– including business applications like SAP, Oracle, etcThis will allow businesses to save time, streamline workflows, and improve workforce collaboration and productivity, without disrupting current business systems and processes
  • And we can’t talk about our portfolio without incorporating a discussion on Architecture. Architecture matters if you want to deliver a high quality people-centric collaboration experience across a broad range of applications and devices - whether we’re talking Windows or Mac, iOS or Android.First and foremost, our focus is on delivering an integrated user experience. The most powerful thing I’ve done in my management career is when we changed from developing products for technology sake, to developing products for personas… we defined “personas” fully characterized and profiled as users of our products… and as we designed and developed new product, we thought of the user – the persona the product was intended for. This changed how we designed and developed our products<Click>Our architecture begins with Cisco’s strength in network and compute infrastructure - through which we provide virtualization and Medianet capabilities (which ensure that media packets have a higher priority on the network to ensure the end-to-end experience) to improve the end to end experience for the end-user, and to de-risk deployment for IT. – we don’t get the user experience just by building cool SW UIs…it comes all the way down to the infrastructure. <Click>We then define a core set of collaboration services across our product portfolio - such as standards-based presence, and converged call control for voice & video, which is key for any enterprise architecture. And because these services are standards-based, they ensure interoperability and protects the investments our customers.<Click>These common services enable us to light up applications and purpose-built devices – ultimately allowing users to collaborate from anywhere, from any device. <Click>Of course in support of this functionality we provide a common set of Fundamentals that ensure that things like security, manageability and extensibility, are present in all components of our architecture – in our applications and devices, our services, and our infrastructure. <Pause>At Cisco we believe, that only an open interoperable architecture – can deliver cross-company collaborationMany of you may recall when there was a diversity of networking protocols, diversity of ways of doing email, and even a diversity in doing voice. As an industry we’ve converged and standardized all of these to make network, email and voice connectivity pervasive. My firms believe is that the next phase is to converge around the same set of standards for video. At Cisco we believe in bringing people together, and that pervasive video is the next transition.<Click>We’re also very focused on ensuring flexible deployment models that support on-prem, cloud or hybrid deployments - where the provider of collaboration is transparent to the end-user and the experience is the same regardless of device used.  
  • There are over 7 billion of us now.Our challenge as business leaders is to enable the next wave of productivity and innovation for our companiesI want to leave you with three things to think about as you plan your collaboration strategyDon’t deploy another silo. Think about an Architectural approach that can support the new Post-PC collaboration model (M / S / V / V) and work your way towards it from where you are now, leveraging existing investments on a pay as you go basisPut people at the center of collaboration. Don’t put artificial limits on interaction based on devices, documents, desktops – think about how to get people more engaged in the business and with each other, and remove those artificial barriersChange is coming (the Post-PC Era) to the way we work - but think of it as an opportunity rather than a a problem!Cisco saw this coming and we have a purpose built architecture and set of solutions specifically designed to meet the new demands. And you don’t have to do it all to see benefit. Small and midsize companies are using just selected aspects of this technology to completely transform their businesses and compete with the big guys, and larger companies are saving money by streamlining processes, improving productivity, reaching out to customers & suppliers, etc.
  • Thank you for your time and attention
  • Social software platforms for the enterprise like Quad facilitate new employee onboarding that is rich in features in search and video.Standardizing the onboarding process means that each new employee will receive critical information that is easily searchable, with the ability to ask questions and search for common answersReal-time presence information allows new employees to ask questions in real time to staff with the answers they are seeking. Creating a scalable platform for rich information exchange for new employees means faster time to productivity and overall reduction in training costs (with fewer redundant sources of information to keep relevant)
  • Thank you for your time and attention
  • Collaboration in the post PC Era

    1. 1. Collaboration in the Post PC EraBryan TantzenSenior Director, Strategy and Customer TransformationCollaboration Technology Group
    2. 2. Living in the POST-PC Era
    3. 3. I Don‟t Care About Device I Don‟t Care About PlatformI Don‟t Care About Deployment Model
    4. 4. People Centric Collaboration: A Work Revolution Who What Where Who
    5. 5. Communicate Create & Share AbsorbResearch Decide collaboration col·lab·o·ra·tion. The act of working with someone to produce or create something.
    6. 6. MobileSocialVisualVirtual
    7. 7. Collaboration Enabled Applications Mobile | Social | Visual | Virtual Business Unified Communications Platform Transformation Business TransformationBusiness Value Employee Productivity Employee Productivity Cost Savings Cost Savings Innovation
    8. 8. The Challenge • 4000 customers, 60+ countries Ottawa, Canada Reading, UK • Demos Create Sales BottleneckDallas, TX • Compelling Experience • Scale Specialists CTG Customer Business Transformation (CBT)
    9. 9. The Solution • Executive Briefing Video Center Connected to TelePresence Rooms • EX 90 for Executives & 30 MOVI Remote Users • CBCI Integration Services • Up to 5 demos per day globallyBusiness • Improved customer satisfaction Value • Sales productivity gains plus $2.5 M travel cost savings CTG Customer Business Transformation (CBT)
    10. 10. Large Health System  Reduced “no show” appointments from 28% to <1% BUSINESS  Saved clinicians 100s of hours VALUE  Patient satisfaction improved from 72% to 83%  80% of patients would not have received care otherwise
    11. 11. Complete Meeting Lifecycle1. Prepare 2. Meet 3. Follow Up
    12. 12. 29+ Million Meeting Attendees per month 6.1 Million Licensed Meeting Hosts worldwide 1.7 + Billion Meeting Minutes per month 2.7+ Million Mobile Downloads
    13. 13. 15 31/05/2012 Virgin Media Confidential
    14. 14. Financial Implement campus & workplace changesBenefits • Lease exit, refit & relocation costs • Productivity & Engagement benefits • Operational Risks £70m Annual Benefits Implement Flexible Working • £5m+ property savings • T&E & Property Benefits • Productivity Benefits • £2m+ T&E savings • Technology & Desk Churn Costs • £10m-£20m, Engagement, +5% to 10% £30m • £20m-£40m Productivity, +5% to 10% Pilot to validate approach Review Campus Options Productivity / Engagement Source: Virgin Media at Gartner 2011, Cisco CBT 16 31/05/2012
    15. 15. Healthcare Example Contact Center Example5-Year TCO ($M) Net Savings = $1.6M 5-Year TCO ($M) Net Savings = $8.5M12 80 7010 60 -18% 8 2.6 -17% 50 29 6 2.4 4.4 40 33 4 0.9 30 23 2 4.9 2.8 20 11 0 10 16 11 Traditional Desktop VXI 0 Capital Expense Traditional Desktop VXI Operations & Administration Capital Expense H/W & S/W Licensing & Maintenance
    16. 16. • Post-PC Era bringing 100s of millions of new devices into the enterprise • Market evolving from IM to a full UC client experience driven by “click-to-x” • Presence has become the starting place for a full UC experience© 2010 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Cisco Confidential 18
    17. 17. All-in-one UC Application Collaborate from Any Workspace Presence and IM  PC, Mac, tablet, smart phone Voice, video, voice messaging  On-premises and Cloud Desktop sharing, conferencing  Integration with Microsoft Office
    18. 18. • IM and Presence available to Unified Communications Manager customers at no additional license cost IM and presence for ALL users, not only those with a Cisco IP Phone• Cisco Unified Presence licenses at no additional cost For Unified CM 7.1+ customers• Jabber IM client licenses at no additional cost For all devices - PC, Mac, Tablet or smartphone© 2010 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Cisco Confidential 20
    19. 19. • Presence and IM user license for every employee Requires Unified Communications Manager (CM) licenses for 50 users Unified CM ESW, UCSS covers IM-only users Hardware, Deployment Services sold separately• Requires Unified CM 7.1 or later, Unified Presence 8.6.4• Only Jabber-branded UC applications• Availability in early June, Orderable in mid-May• WebEx Connect IM Service is not included in offer Same Pricing as Today• Offer available to Hosted Collaboration Solution (HCS) partners Check with Partner for details© 2010 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Cisco Confidential 21
    20. 20. • XMPP-based, Network-based presence• Federations – Microsoft, IBM, Google• 1:1, Group chat• Server logging, client history• Desktop, mobile, Web access• Contact integration Active Directory, LDAP• Microsoft Office Integration Presence & Click to IM• Initiate, Join WebEx meetings (2H CY12)• Deskphone Control Available if user has a Cisco phone• Visual Voicemail© 2010 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Cisco Confidential 22
    21. 21. Reduce Power Plant Downtime using MobileVideo to Remote Subject Matter Expertise 1 2 3 Refueling Outage Engineer Shares Plant Uptime Downtime Video Offsite Resumes  During refueling, engineer  Specialist uses tablet or  Plant downtime minimized as requires assistance installing Librestream camera to share offsite expert provides immediate, new pressurizer live streaming high quality video critical assistance without with offsite expert requiring travel  Daily cost of downtime overage can be $1M per day Business  Additional savings reduction in contractor hours needed,& elimination of travel  Increased opportunity to reach top expertise by eliminating travel requirement Value
    22. 22. Cisco Jabber SDK
    23. 23. Architecture Matters
    24. 24. The Next Great Opportunity:Enable the „Work Your Way‟ organization
    25. 25. Thank You
    26. 26. Cognizant deployed video collaboration to 1. Drive internal executive and leadership meeting 2. Client meetings and even client delivery 3. Training and skill development Cognizant has been able to not only reduce cost but also reduce carbon emissions by 23% ( 35964 metric tons to 27738 metric tons) in one year even as their business grew 16% A large PSU oil and gas company in India has deployed Unified Communications with IM/Presence, call and video across all their users. This is used to 1. Connect their refineries with their corporate offices to provide expert location and inclusion 2. Connect their zonal and regional offices, marketing and corporate offices allowing quick decision making© 2011 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Cisco Confidential 28 Cisco Customer Business Transformation (CBT)
    27. 27. Collaboration Goals Case ExamplesFacilitate Citizen to Government interface Contact Center Customer Intimacy and Agent Effectiveness (e.g., SSA)Facilitate seamless/efficient delivery of Social: Case Worker EmpowermentCitizen centric services Video: Virtual Justice; Police (resolving judicial and police bottlenecks using video)Enhance Inter/Intra Government Leveraging social communities toproductivity (enable Manpower accelerate employee on-boarding andSkilling/retraining, collaboration portals, retain key skillsleveraging Social Media, internalcollaboration, etc…)
    28. 28. PUBLIC SECTOR EXAMPLESocial Workers Parent Case Worker Coordinate Plan of Action Parent calls case Case worker pulls up case worker requesting profile in Quad and updates therapy services it; searches for “available” therapist Case worker at child‟s home starts a one-click Webex meeting and uses Tablet to share live video of HC Provider child to aid diagnosis/case Therapist visit scheduled rapidly; repeat case worker conference visits avoided Potential • GBP 8.0M in social worker productivity capturable over 5 years Business • GBP 1.0M in travel savings over 5 years Value© 2011 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. • Improved citizen experience: Faster resolution of cases and reduction in Cisco Confidential 30 Cisco Customer Business Transformation (CBT)
    29. 29. 1• New hire or employee rotating Reviews training and into new position best practice videos Has question on critical to job role in logs into Quad product feature virtual community highlighted in video.• Creates/updates Sees video author is personal profile Clicks to start an online and available IM/audio or web conference with author. Adds initial set of Gets question team contacts and answered in real-time communities to her page gaining instant access to critical rich- media collateral • ~24% Faster time to productivity of new hires/job rotations Business • Reduced training costs Value © 2011 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. • Greater training effectiveness with ability to continuously access bestCisco Confidential 31 Cisco Customer Business Transformation (CBT) practices
    30. 30. KPI SURVEY RESULTS (N=149) Performance Metric/Indicator Customer Top Cisco Platform 69.6% 3% Higher Customer Box Satisfaction Higher is Better Other Platform 67.4% Satisfaction Agent to Cisco Platform 14.4:1 5% Better Agent to Supervisor Ratio Other Platform 5.8% 13.7:1 Supervisor Ratio Calls Per Hour Cisco Platform 6.5 2% More Calls per Hour Other Platform 6.4 Cost Per Contact Other Platform USD 6.27 17% Lower Cost Cost 17% Lower Per Lower is Better Cisco Platform USD 5.21 Contact Per Contact Agent Other Platform 9.8 % 41% Lower Agent Dissatisfaction Cisco Platform 5.8% Dissatisfaction After Call Work Other Platform 114 secs Time 22% Lower ACWT Cisco Platform 90 secs Source: BenchmarkPortal KPI survey, December 2011.© 2011 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Cisco Confidential 32
    31. 31. Moving to True Customer Collaboration Contact Center Speech Enterprise Routing Multichannel Self-Service Experts and Reporting Multimedia Collaboration Video-Enabled Social Media Capture Agent Desktop Customer Care Customer Care and Storage Past Today© 2011 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Cisco Confidential 33
    32. 32. Thank You