Keeping the Networks Secure, by Harvinder S Rajwant, Vice President- Security, Borderless Networks

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Cisco India recently sponsored 'Network Centric Warfare in the Indian Context', a focused discussion on 21st April 2011, organized by CLAWS and SP Guide. …

Cisco India recently sponsored 'Network Centric Warfare in the Indian Context', a focused discussion on 21st April 2011, organized by CLAWS and SP Guide.
Cisco Expert Harvinder Rajwant shared his views on keeping the network secure by taking pro-active steps to stay ahead of threat and customizing your security endeavours to meet your business objectives

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  • 1. Cybersecurity: Trust, Visibility, ResilienceHarvinder S RajwantVice President , Borderless Network - Security
  • 2. With Pervasive Connectivity What is at stake?
  • 3. Cybersecurity ThreatsManipulation Espionage Disruption
  • 4. “financial terrorism (in 2008) may have cost the global economy as much as $50 trillion.” Pentagon ReportChinese Hackers Target Indian GovernmentTechtree News Staff, Apr 07, 2010 1700 hrs IST“With a yearly budget of $55 million allotted for itand over 10,000 hackers working in tandem”
  • 5. “Currently on Chinese military drawing boards are plans for combat aircraft, the Chengdu J-10 and report on 17th Sept jets; The Economic Times Xian JH-7A fighter 2010: a combat helicopter, the Z-10; advanced In Hong Kong on Friday 300 of the worlds top law warships; and even concluded the first ever enforcement officials space-based weaponsinternational police anti- Cybercrime conference, facing designedand knock out communications the stark to growing threat from an estimated satellites.$105 billion illegal business. much of U.S. observers fear that this will be made possible by espionage.”Popular Mechanic
  • 6. How? Advanced Malware: Stuxnet Target: Iranian Nuclear Reactors Impact: 2-5 Year Delay Exploit: Siemens PLC Software Origin: Unknown
  • 7. Changing Environment - Shifting Borders Mobile Comm Location Border Mobile Devices & Sensors Headquarters Applications Tactical Device Applications Border Application Border IaaS,SaaS Video/ Cloud
  • 8. Approach to Cybersecurity Identify and Manage Respond Prevent andand Recover Detect
  • 9. Mission: CybersecurityCisco IS the Cyber secure Platform Identity/Access Trust Inside Threat Customer Data Capacity Requirements VisibilityTrustworthiness Data Loss Resilience Challenges Solution FrameworkSupply Chain Identify and Manage Trust Solutions Compliance
  • 10. Trust: Identify and ManageCustomer •What is on my •Cross Domain •Mobile DevicesChallenges Network •Coalition Sharing •Secure Supply Chain •Access Control Policy •BRAC movement Cisco Solutions Cisco Service Offerings •TrustSec •Cyber Security Readiness •Secure Mobility •Identity Readiness •CleanAir Secure •Supply Chain Assessment Wireless/Sweep Alpha •Staff Augmentation •Configuration Management •Secure Supply Chain
  • 11. Visibility: Prevent and DetectCustomer •Situational Awareness •Common Operating •Application UsageChallenges •Threat Visibility Picture •Incident Response •Loss of Data Cisco Solutions Cisco Service Offerings •Security Intelligence •Threat Intelligence Operations (SIO) Services •Cisco Security Appliances •Computer Security •Service Control Engine Incident Response •IOS Security Features Team training •Data Loss Prevention •Staff Augmentation
  • 12. Resilience: Respond and RecoverCustomer •Mission Assurance •Critical ApplicationsChallenges •Continuity of Operations •Network as the Platform Cisco Solutions Cisco Service Offerings •“Turn it On” IOS Security •IOS Security Enablement Features •“Turn it On” service •Cisco Works Management •Risk and Architecture •Cisco Threat Mitigation Security Assessment services •Staff Augmentation •Teleworker Solutions
  • 13. Defense Cybersecurity What is Cisco’s Role?
  • 14. Why Cisco? Everything is on the Network “No single company can solve the complex challenge presented by the Internet, but the inherent role of the network positions Cisco as the natural partner in developing and executing a successful cybersecurity strategy”
  • 15. STRATEGY SOLUTIONS ARCHITECTURES TRUST Borderless Data Center/ Collaboration •Access Control Networks Virtualization •Audit & Accountability Identity and Access •Configuration Management • Cisco Works LMS 4.0 Secure MobilityNIST 800-53 •Identification & • Cisco Configuration Engine •Authentication Wireless Integrity • Cisco TrustSec (Identity) Maintenance Audit and Compliance • Cisco AnyConnect Client •System & Communication Configuration Assurance • Cisco VPN Services Protection • Cisco Mobility Engine & Physical Security Wireless Solution Critical Control Family • Cisco Unified Border Element • ASA Firewall • IOS Firewall VISIBILITY •Security Assessment & Continuous Monitoring Authorization • Security Intelligence Data ExfiltrationNIST 800-53 •System & Communication Operations Protection Boundary Defense • IPS 4200 Series •System & Information Malware Defense • Clean Air Technology Integrity Situational Awareness • NBAR •Incident Monitoring • IOS Intrusion Prevention • IOS NetFlow Critical Control Family • Service Control Engine • ASA BotNet Filter RESILIENCE •Contingency Planning COOPNIST 800-53 •System & Communication • Performance Routing Protection Incident Handling • NSF/SSO •Incident Monitoring Availability • EnergyWise •Physical & Environmental Service Level Assurance • Policy Based Routing Critical Control Family