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Bangalore Traffic Police: Preparing for the Future by Mr. Praveen Sood, IPS, Addl Comm. of Police (traffic)
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Bangalore Traffic Police: Preparing for the Future by Mr. Praveen Sood, IPS, Addl Comm. of Police (traffic)


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India is urbanizing fast and its cities and towns are at the center of India’s development trajectory. India’s economic growth momentum can’t be sustained if urbanization is not actively facilitated. …

India is urbanizing fast and its cities and towns are at the center of India’s development trajectory. India’s economic growth momentum can’t be sustained if urbanization is not actively facilitated. Cisco with its ICT solutions specially around Intelligent Transportation System for Citiescan be leveraged to cope with these resource challenges and technology in general and ICT in particular will play a big role in it

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  • 1. Bangalore Traffic Police Preparing for the future  Presentation by Praveen Sood Addl. CP Traffic Bangalore
  • 2. Agenda  Vision  Challenges  Initiatives  IT enabled monitoring  Surveillance Camera  Enforcement Camera  Intelligent transportation systems  Automated signaling system  Vehicle Actuation  Signal Progression  Area Traffic Control System  Traffic dissemination system  Traffic Scan - Use of GIS for evaluating traffic congestion  Variable messaging system  Parking information system  IT enabled enforcements  Blackberry  Traffic Automation Center  Integrated Complaint Monitoring System  Traffic management center  Statistics  Future
  • 3. Vision • Identify • Use problems Technology • Visualize • Innovate Solution Visualize Innovate Implement Build • Implement • Build solution expertise • Update knowledge
  • 4. Challenges Management of more than 36,00,000 vehicles Annual growth of 7 – 10% in traffic Most of the roads operating above their capacity and the volume/ capacity ratios ranging from 1 to 4 Travel speed less than 15 kmph during the peak hours in central areas Insufficient or no parking spaces for vehicles Limited number of policemen
  • 5. Initiatives – IT enabled monitoring • 178 cameras across various junctions of the city Surveillance • Centrally controlled from traffic management center using 4 Mbps leased lines with an IP based network • Feeds stored in a 24 terra byte high-end storage for a 10 day period Cameras • Malfunctioning of devices automatically reported and tracked • Used for statistical analysis and enforcement using Video Analytics • 5 cameras already operational Enforcement • Feeds directly transmitted to traffic management center using a 4 Mbps IP based network of leased lines • Software capable of automatic number plate character recognition Cameras • Software tallies vehicle registration number with RTO database for generating notices • Malfunctioning of devices automatically reported and tracked • 9 interceptors moving across the city Traffic • Equipped with Laser Speed Guns, 360 degrees roof mounted camera & alcometer • Capable of capturing all types of traffic violations Interceptors
  • 6. Initiatives – Intelligent transportation • 330 signals operational, shortly the number to increase to 350 • Signals centrally controlled from traffic management center using 4 Mbps & 512 Kbps leased lines with Automated an IP based network • 120 vehicle actuated signals • High-end software application Signaling providing sophisticated GUI for monitoring and managing of signals • Latest Systems extended desktop environment at TMC for managing traffic signal operation • Malfunctioning of signals automatically reported and tracked
  • 7. Intelligent transportation systems Area Traffic Control Vehicle Actuation Signal Progression System• Inductive loops hidden • Provides continuous • A way of monitoring, below road surface movement of vehicles operating and controlling check for vehicle and/or minimize the traffic lights through a passing over them, delay along an arterial or computer incase no vehicle throughout a network of • The computer uses passes for 4 seconds major streets information gathered the corresponding signal • Involves coordination from sensors in the road turns red. among the signal to decide whether traffic• Helps in fully utilizing controllers is getting heavy or green time • Total 24 traffic corridors congested on a• Also being used virtual to implement signal particular road. When it loops with the help of progression does, the computer CC TV cameras changes the timing of traffic lights to let the traffic move more freely, so reducing hold-ups. • Total 14 traffic corridors to implement ATC. Statistics Loops (Click here) (Click here)
  • 8. Graphical representations  Graphical representations of functional statistics  Capability to modify various parameters of traffic signals including signal timings  Capability to review signal performance using logs sent to TMCTraffic Management Application Demonstration (Click here)
  • 9. Initiatives – Traffic dissemination system • 20 systems around the Bangalore city Variable • Online connectivity management center with traffic messaging • Used for informing citizens about diversions, road incidents, speed system restrictions, safety messages, etc. • Real time collection of statuses of Parking available parking lots in the city online and making it available to motorists information through SMS, Internet & VMS system
  • 10. Use of GIS for evaluating traffic congestion Usage of GPS data gathered from BMTC busses for identifying traffic congestion at various roads of the city. Usage of tele-density statistics of mobile phone usage for identify traffic volumes at various junctions.
  • 11. Website Kannada version English version Facility to search pending violation notices Facility to make payments of fine online Facility to provide suggestions and complaints by citizens Live traffic feeds available for citizens to evaluate and plan their travel 2,50,000 visits in the last year
  • 12. Initiatives – IT enabled enforcement • 650 officers in field carry blackberry devices and thermal printers, with no paper based spot fining • Capability to track pending unpaid violations as well as repeated offenders, • Helps in creation of traffic violators database Blackberry • Live reports provide round the clock performance overview of officers and stations concerned • Capability to communicate between blackberries and stations and management using email • Mechanism for updating patches across blackberries using wireless OTA push • 41 automation centers connected with central data center hosted at Traffic state data center using VPN network • Centers used for recording FTVRs and recording payment made against notices issued • Central hub generates notices against FTVRs captured automation • Additionally 40 BangaloreOne centers collect payments against notices and parking tags issued • Facility for Internet based payments of notices and parking tags center • MIS for evaluating collections and center wise performance
  • 13. Online features Facility to search notices for citizens online Online facility for payment of notices and parking tags using credit and debit cards Online mechanism of communication between management, stations and blackberry holding officers using emailing powered by state of the art MS Exchange 2007 Online integration between RTO and BTP databases MIS for senior management
  • 14. ICMS Integrated Complaint Monitoring System, a tool for managing helpdesk Capability of capturing device level malfunctioning or line interruptions automatically without any manual interventions Flash screen for projecting pending and unattended complaints Escalation mechanism for escalating unattended complaints
  • 15. Regular uptime monitoring Exhaustive monitoring of IT assets Daily review & comparison of statistics for focusing on grey areas Immediate focus on weak points
  • 16. Graphical Monitoring of Junctionconnectivity
  • 17. Initiatives – Traffic management center • The Traffic Management Center (TMC) is the hub of a transportation management system, where information about Traffic the transportation network management is collected and combined with other operational and center control data to manage the transportation network and to produce traveler information.
  • 19. Video Clips – Accidents caught on camera Aurobindo Circle GPO Circle
  • 20. Video Clips - Accidents caught on camera Kamaraj Road Koramangala Water Tank
  • 21. Video Clips - Accidents caught on camera Koramangala Water Tank Koramangala Water Tank
  • 22. Video Clips - Accidents caught on camera Koramangala 80ft Road RR Entrance
  • 23. Statistics On an average 40 lakh rupees collected every month as fine payments collected against notices issued More than 10 lakh rupees worth fines are paid using Internet every month with almost 10000 persons logging in every month Enforcement revenue up from 18 cr in 2007, 28 cr in 2008, 38 cr in 2009 and 49 cr in 2010 Graphs (Click here) Decline in the number of accidents from 8426 in 2007 to 7772 in 2008 and 6285 in 2009 Graphs (Click here)
  • 28. Highlights Traffic • Graphical user interface based Traffic signal management system Signals • Integrated complaint management system for monitoring BTRAC ICMS components for 95% uptime SLA • Strong service levels with vendors TMC • Sophisticated & robust traffic management center • System integrator & facility manager for managing entire IT SI operations Help Desk • Single window help desk for managing technical assets
  • 29. Video Analytics Future is in video analysis Capability to monitor traffic video and analyzing it for identifying congestion Connecting video analyzed feeds with traffic signals for automatic intervention and decision making
  • 30. For More Details and hands-on experience…….. Visit Traffic Management Center at Ashoknagar Police Station Visit our website SMS JOIN BTP to 567678 to get real time traffic updates