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Extraordinary performance depends on extraordinary teamwork. Three companies – Microsoft, Cisco and NetApp – have joined forces to drive business transformation through the adoption of Microsoft Private Cloud on FlexPod. Unlike legacy models, FlexPod for Microsoft Private Cloud is delivered on a reference architecture that enables fully automated provisioning and workload management in hours instead of days or weeks. We will elaborate on how this converged infrastructure solution can be utilized to enable new business strategies.

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Microsoft Private Cloud on FlexPod

  1. 1. Mark Godfrey Business Solution Architect - NetApp Gordon Phillips Director of Sales – Data Center Microsoft Canada
  2. 2. Trends and the Data Center of the Future
  3. 3. The datacenter of the future 3 Complete data platform, making data a core element of the operating system. Integrated virtualization, taking virtualization beyond servers to the network, storage, and apps, for a holistic management approach. Common identity, helping you extend IT to the cloud and extend apps and data to devices securely. Flexible development, using familiar tools to quickly build apps and connect them with other apps inside or outside the firewall. Unified management, providing a single pane of glass to deploy and manage apps across multiple clouds.
  4. 4. Consolidated Managed Virtualized Cost Efficient Usage-based Self-service Elasticity Automation Pooled resources Optimized Data Center + = Cloud Attributes Let's agree that an Optimized Data Center is not yet a Cloud Private Cloud Converged Infrastructure Reference Architecture
  5. 5. Seamless Cloud Services 5NetApp Confidential
  6. 6. …Data Doesn’t Move Easily 6NetApp Confidential  Data needs to be close to compute for performance  Moving data between clouds is difficult  Time consuming  Expensive bandwidth  Cloud formats are often incompatible  Data services are not consistent Compute is agile, data is not Compute Data
  7. 7. 7NetApp Confidential Connect the Clouds with NetApp
  8. 8. Microsoft as a Data Center “User”
  9. 9. 9EntertainmentSurface MOBILE AutomotiveHome
  10. 10. What does a Hyper-V enabled FlexPod do for me?
  11. 11. FlexPod For Microsoft Private Cloud 13NetApp Confidential  Microsoft OS & Management  Cisco Servers  Cisco Networking  NetApp Storage
  12. 12. Deployment Guide 14NetApp Confidential  Designed, tested and documented by NetApp and Cisco  Validated by Microsoft Private Cloud Fast Track v3  Documented deployment & configuration of:  physical cabling  Compute and storage  Windows Server Hyper-V and System Center  Cisco and NetApp software management components
  13. 13. Integration, Validated Designs, Best Practices 15NetApp Confidential FlexPod: Performance Balanced Server, Network, and Storage Components Validated Workloads Security Options Bare Metal OS Hyper-V Red Hat VMware vSphereOracle VM Secure Multi-TenancySecure Separation Hypervisors Orchestration
  14. 14. Next Steps
  15. 15. Physical • High Cost • Legacy • Support Intensive Virtual • Current Stage • Cost savings, but advanced features not utilized • “Good Enough” • Multiple Support Organizations Private Cloud • Needed to scale to Public Cloud • Significant Value – Automation, Management, Scalability, Run Books. Support • Grow from “Using Servers” to “Serving Users” Service Provider •Local Data Residency •Are they based on a common architecture? •Can you push to and pull back ? Public Cloud •Very low cost of service •Easy to Administer •Geo-Redundant •Flexible services Joint Investment (Cisco, NetApp, Microsoft) Microsoft MTC Visit it in Mississauga SHIFT to Hyper-V utilizing NetApp Storage Controller and tools
  16. 16. Private, Service Provider & Azure 19NetApp Confidential Microsoft Azure Cloud Details through NDA only Microsoft Private Cloud Service Provider NetApp FlexPod SHIFT -Conversion Physical Virtual
  17. 17. Questions? Thank you for your time Gordon Phillips Director of Sales - Data Center Microsoft Canada Mobile: 403.617.3637 E-Mail: @VirtualGord Mark Godfrey Business Solutions Architect Mobile: 647.922.7802 E-Mail: @CDNmgodfrey