Innovating with Cisco Contact Center Architectures


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Innovating with Cisco Contact Center Architectures

  1. 1. Innovating with CiscoContact CenterArchitectures
  2. 2. Agenda• Precision Based Routing – Multi dimensional routing• Finesse desktop – Web 2.0 agent desktop• Social miner – Social media customer care #CiscoPlusCA
  3. 3. Precision Based Routing #CiscoPlusCA
  4. 4. Packaged Deployment SRND CCE PAC M1 (up to 1000 agents) DeploymentSingle Box Rich Voice ACD Options IP IVR Available Web Configuration Outbound Parent/Child Voice ACD (CCE) Multichannel CRM Reporting (CUIC) Speech TDM Call Control (UCM) Social Media RSM Self Service (CVP) Recording Etc.
  5. 5. Agenda• Basic Facts• Traditional Skills-Based Routing• Precision Routing Terminology & Overview• Precision Routing Configuration Overview • Attribute Creation & Assignment • Precision Queue Creation • Script Editor• 9.0 System Limits• Reporting• Migrating to Precision Routing• Precision Routing Roadmap
  6. 6. Precision Routing: Basic Facts• Multi-dimensional routing built on proficiency based Agent attributes• Available starting with UCCE 9.0 (FCS: Summer 2012)• Web 2.0 & REST API Configuration• Inbound Voice only in UCCE 9.0• Supports flat UCCE instances only in UCCE 9.0• Skills-based Routing still exists
  7. 7. Skills-Based Routing Technology Limits Growth and the Ability to Easily Extend Business Logic Administratively Intensive Agent Management Inability to Take Advantage of Unique Expertise and Aptitude Time Consuming Costly and Complex Administration Lack of Flexible, Detailed Reporting© 2011 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Cisco Confidential 8
  9. 9. JENNIFER SAMANTHA JOHN z zzzzzzzzzzz
  10. 10. Precision Routing: New Terminology• Attributes - Objects to define agent characteristics and expertise with values• Precision Queue – Multi-dimensional and multi-step queue made up of Steps • Steps – Set of criteria to escalate or grow/shrink agent pool • Terms/Step Criteria – Conditions based on attributes that determine the agent pool within each step • Wait Time – Configurable input which specifies how long to wait at a step for an available agent matching Step criteria
  11. 11. Precision Routing: Configuration Overview 3 1. Create Attributes 2. Assign Attributes to Agents 3. Create Precision Queues 1 based on Attributes 4. Invoke Precision Queues via call scripts 4 2
  12. 12. Precision Routing Configuration OverviewAttribute Creation •2 Data Types Supported: • Proficiency • 1-10 Rating • Used for quantifying agent’s expertise (or lack of) in that attribute • Boolean: •True or False • Used to indicate an “exists or not” condition. (ie, Certified, Location, etc)
  13. 13. Precision Routing Configuration OverviewAttribute Assignment • Attribute Assignment: • Can assign many attributes to an agent at once (50 max) • Agent can inherit default value or have a specific proficiency assigned
  14. 14. Precision Routing Configuration OverviewPQ Creation – Basic Info • Basic Information: • SL Type/Threshold (similar to SkillGroup) • Agent Ordering: • Longest Agent Available • Most Skilled Agent • Least Skilled Agent
  15. 15. Precision Routing Configuration OverviewPQ Creation – Steps •Steps • Create Step criteria based on Attributes using Step Builder interface • Wait Time per Step indicates how long the call waits for an available agent that matches criteria • Consider If – Determines whether to execute step based on formula evaluated at runtime (ie, Caller Variables, # Logged on Agents, etc) • Wait Time / Consider If are optional and not available on last Step of PQ
  16. 16. Precision Routing: StepsSample Precision Queue: Terms / Step Criteria Wait Time Attributes
  17. 17. Precision Routing Configuration OverviewScript Editor • Script Editor • Precision Queue node – New node to specify PQ • Invoke PQs either: •Statically: Specify the exact PQ • Dynamically: Calls a PQ based on formula evaluated at runtime • Can apply IVR/external treatment while the call is progressing within a PQ • New - Dynamic Call Type feature (independent of Precision Routing)
  18. 18. Precision Routing: 9.0 System LimitsLimit MaximumPrecision Queues / System 2,000Attributes / System 10,000Steps / System 5,000Steps / PQ 10Attributes / PQ (Distinct) 5Attributes / Agent 50Precision Queues +Skillgroups / Agent (Combined) 50 (Any combination of PQs and Skillgroups)
  19. 19. Reporting Precision Queues analogous to Skill Groups, provide same metrics More granular data with minimal learning curve New and modified CUIC templates: • Agent Real Time (with both Skill Group and Precision Queue) Real Time • Agent Team Real Time (with both Skill Group & Precision Queue) • Precision Queue Real Time* (similar to Skill Group Real Time) • Agent Queue Interval (with both Skill Group & Precision Queue) Historical • Precision Queue Interval* (similar to Skill Group Interval) • Call Type Queue (with both Skill Group and Precision Queue) • Agent Precision Queue Member* (list of all PQs for each agent) Membership • Precision Queue Member* (list of all agents in each PQ)
  20. 20. Reporting – New Reports New Reports for Precision Routing:Name Type DescriptionPrecision Queue Real Time Real Time Precision Queue real time metricsPrecision Queue 10-Step Real Time Real Time Precision Queue real time metrics per StepAgent Precision Queue Membership Real Time Agent’s current Precision Queue membershipPrecision Queue Interval Historical Precision Queue historical metricsPrecision Queue Efficiency Historical Precision Queue Performance by Step
  21. 21. Precision Queue Real Time• New CUIC template to report on Precision Queue real time metrics (analogous to Skill Groups)
  22. 22. Precision Queue 10 Step Real Time• New CUIC template to report on Precision Queue real time info perStep
  23. 23. Agent Precision Queue Membership• New CUIC template that displays Agent’s Precision Queues and its attributes
  24. 24. Precision Queue Interval All Fields• New CUIC template to report on Precision Queue historical metrics (analogous to Skill Groups)
  25. 25. Precision Queue Efficiency• New CUIC template which displays Precision Queue performance by Step
  26. 26. Updates to Existing Reports•Agent Real Time Reports modified to combine PQ/Skill Group•Agent Team Real Time in one column and to show PQ Attributes•Agent Queue Interval (example shown below)•Call Type Queue
  27. 27. Enterprise Application Integration Mary’s Attributes API Fluent in English Fluent in English Cert. to sell Home Ins. Cert. to sell Home Ins. Cert. to sell Auto Ins. HR English Auto Database Insurance Sales Precision Routing • Fluent in English • Cert. to sell Auto Ins.
  28. 28. Migrating to Precision RoutingDesigned for a smooth migration process:Agents can exist in both Skill Groups and Precision Queues • Gradually migrate agents to Precision Routing by assigning a few attributes at a time Queue calls to any combination of Precision Queues and Skill Groups • Pilot by allocating a certain percentage of calls to Precision Queues Existing reports updated to show both Precision Queue & Skill Group information • Easily compare Precision Queue & Skill Group metrics using familiar CUIC templates
  29. 29. Precision Routing – UCCE 9.0 and Beyond Summer 2012 Precision Routing - UCCE 9.0 Roadmap Features: Reports (New): 10 Step PQ  PQ Real Time Outbound Support  Wait Time  PQ 10 Step Real Multi-Channel Support  Consider If Time Dynamic PQ Node Agent Precision Bulk Configuration Queue Agent Utilization  Dynamic CT Membership Node Ordering  Precision Queue  Weighting Criteria  Dual-skilled Interval (PQ/SG) Agent  Scalability Increases  Precision Queue  REST APIs Efficiency UI / Report  Web 2.0 Config Enhancements
  30. 30. Finesse Desktop #CiscoPlusCA
  31. 31. Finesse GadgetsEase of Customization via modular architecture • Mini-web pages assembled into a larger webpage • A la carte approach to agent desktop • Utilize OpenSocial for standards-based integration • Cisco UI Source code published to CDN
  32. 32. Enterprise Mashups Enterprise CRMEnabling Unified Desktops for Agents Finesse Gadget SocialMiner or CUIC HTTP CRM Gadget HTTP Cisco Unified Intelligence Center HTTP Cisco Finesse Server HTTP Web Gadget Services Container  Gadget Architecture enables client-side mashup & easier integration  Gadget Upgrades handled by each server  Reduces version compatibility dependencies
  33. 33. Cisco Finesse ClientHigh-Level ArchitectureContact Center Enterprise Cisco Finesse Server VOS Virtual Machine Web Gadget Services Container Custom Authentication via Applications Administration and CTI Data Server Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise PG  Zero-Footprint on client  Mandatory Administration Workstation (AW)
  34. 34. Finesse Cockpit A container application that eases cost of integration Agent State ControlsConfigurable TabsAdministrators define tabnamesConfigurable GadgetsAdministrators define whichgadgets go on each tab 35
  35. 35. Cisco Finesse Call ControlGadget common to agents and supervisors Call Control ButtonsCall Context Make Call, Answer/End, Hold/Retrieve, Consult, Transfer/Conference, & KeypadAdministrators define whichcall variables to include Wrap-Up Agents can apply wrap-up codes throughout the call or after the call 36
  36. 36. Cisco Finesse Supervisor Agent Statistics Team Performance Gadget Agent state, time-in-state, and extensionSupervisor ControlsChange Agent State or Team SelectorInitiate Silent Monitor
  37. 37. Cisco Finesse Supervisor Queue Statistics GadgetCall Statistics Agents StatisticsThe number of calls in Agent State across skillqueue and time in queue groupsfor each skill group 38
  38. 38. • Calabrio Workforce Optimization © 2011 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Cisco Confidential 39
  39. 39. • Nice Quality Management• Cisco SocialMiner© 2011 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Cisco Confidential 40
  40. 40. • Provides a plug & play mechanism to enable multi-channel within Cisco Finesse• Routing of various collaboration channels exclusively via UCCE, powered by b+s MCAL• Support for email, chat & tasks (voicemail, SMS, tickets, fax, documents, etc)• Standalone or embedded in Cisco Finesse © 2011 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Cisco Confidential 41
  41. 41. Finesse AdministrationA gadget-based Administration Console  System Settings ‒ CTI Server Configuration ‒ Authentication Server ‒ Finesse Cluster Configuration  Gadget Layout  Call Variables  Reason Codes ⁻ Not-Ready ⁻ Sign-Out ⁻ Wrap-Up
  42. 42. Roadmap Finesse 8.5(3) Finesse 9.0 January 2012 June 2012 Post 9.0 Feature SetAgent Features  Packaged CCE Support  Barge / Intercept Call Control  Generic PG Support Not-Ready & Sign-Out  HA over the WAN  Golden Template Reason Codes  Phonebook  Queue Gadget Call & ECC Variables  Localization Wrap-Up Codes  Queue Time  # of calls in Queue  Finesse for CCXSupervisor Features Agent State Display  Count of Agent State by  Agent Configuration UCM Silent Monitor Queue GroupsPlatform Features  Mobile Agent  Secure HTTP High Availability  Send DTMF for IVR  Single-Step Transfer Gadget-based Admin  Supervisor  Multi-Line 3rd Party Gadget Support  Time in State Metric Finesse & CTI-OS/CAD  Agent-Agent Chat  Change Agent State Control mixed deployments  Firefox Support  Predictive/Progressive  Preview Outbound Outbound
  43. 43. Cisco Social Miner #CiscoPlusCA
  44. 44. Did You Know that… 78% of 18 - 34 year olds of 35 - 44 year olds 71% 59% of 45 - 54 year olds have either a Facebook or MySpace account Harris Newsroom,, 2010, Accessed August 16, 2010
  45. 45. Did You Know That… 1.3M The average number of tweets per hour Pieces of content (web links, news stories, 3.5B blog posts, etc.) shared each week on Facebook. Number of Facebook users who update their 35M status each day.Jake Hird, Senior Research Analyst for Econsultancy:
  46. 46. 34% of online Americans have used social media to rant or rave about a product, company, or brand Fans are 28% more likely than non-fans to continue using a specific product Fans are 41% more likely to recommend to a friendBarbierri, Cody, “Nielson Company Reports 82% Increase in TimeSpent on Social Networks,” Social, Accessed August 16, 2010
  47. 47. Your Customers Are Talking
  48. 48. Your Customers Are Talking
  49. 49. Your Customers Are Talking
  50. 50. Cisco SocialMiner Social Media Customer CareEngage Listen
  51. 51. Social Media Care Maturity Model  Proactive Customer Level Proactive  Social Media Business 5 Care Engagement Intelligence  Proactive Sales  Scalable engagement  Managed process Level Social Media 4 process  Team activity Customer Care  Teams work queues reports  Social Media  Brand dashboarding Level Social Media strategy  Minimal customer care 3 Marketing  Engagement involvement marketing Level Social Media  Facebook page and Twitter presence 2 Broadcasting  Broadcast standard marketing via social media Level Listening  Occasional reporting 1  Reactive/surprised by social media
  52. 52. Cisco SocialMinerSocial Media Customer Care 1. CaptureAirline lost my luggage! 2. Analyze & Prioritize Cisco SocialMiner 3. Communication Workflow Customer 4. Assign Social Media 5. Engage Customer Care Agent
  53. 53. Cisco SocialMinerOverview• Enable proactive customer service by queuing and assigning social web posts to appropriate staff• Complement brand monitoring dashboards Features  Real-time capture of social media postings  Social media campaign management  Route and queue contacts to experts  Tagging  Social Screen Pop  Real-time Notifications via Instant Message, Email, and Text  Social media customer care metrics  Rich set of Platform API’s for customization
  54. 54. SocialMiner Gadgets  OpenSocial GadgetsCisco Application Interfaces Web Gadget  Gadget Container Services Container  REST APIsCisco SocialMiner Services  All-in-one Software Appliance•Runtime External Services•Datastore •SMTP Mail Service Interface – Linux Operation System•Reporting Database •XMPP Interface – Apache Tomcat Web Server•Indexer •Active Directory•Eventing – Cassandra Datastore – Informix Reporting Database  Cisco Provided OVF TemplateVirtualization (Required)  Any Server PlatformStandard Server Hardware
  55. 55. SocialMiner Campaign Management• Features – Configure feeds from various sources of user generated contact web sites – Group feeds into “campaigns” to monitor social contacts – Trainable filters to sort social contacts Engage Define• Benefits – Consolidated list of prioritized opportunities for Campaign engagement across all social media sites Management – Distinct campaigns for different products/purposes • Product A, Product B, Product C • Customer Service, Sales Prioritize Capture • Customers, Partners, Analysts
  56. 56. Queue Contacts for Experts• Features – Easy-to-use web gadget to reserve and dispatch work – Pick style work assignment – State management for social contacts*• Benefits Classify Queue – Scale social media team activities Contact – Automated distribution of work improves efficiency and effectiveness of social media engagement – Flexible assignment models and approval queues expands participation Assign *Future release
  57. 57. Social Media Customer Care Metrics• Feature – Detailed metrics on social media customer care activities – Campaign reports – Team reports• Benefit – Measure work and results – Manage to service level goals – Support brand management – Optimize staffing
  58. 58. Cisco SocialMiner GarnersBest of Enterprise Connect2011This award honors companies who havemade significant technologicaladvancements to benefit the enterprisecommunications market
  59. 59. Q&A #CiscoPlusCA
  60. 60. We value your feedback.Please be sure to complete the Evaluation Form for this session. Access today’s presentations at Follow @CiscoCanada and join the #CiscoPlusCA conversation