Managing Unprecedented Change with Business Transformation


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This presentation will discuss how to manage change with business transformation, including: the shifting landscape, business imperatives and technology transformations, as well as, IT implications.

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Managing Unprecedented Change with Business Transformation

  1. 1. Managing UnprecedentedChange with BusinessTransformation Sandy Hogan Vice President Americas Business Transformation May 16, 2012
  2. 2. Agenda• Shifting Landscape• Business Imperatives & Technology Transformations• IT Implications
  3. 3. Shifting Landscape #CiscoPlusCA
  4. 4. From Connectivity to Hyper Connectivity• By 2015, the amount of Internet content will be 540K times the amount in 2003• By 2015, 90% of content on Internet will be video• By 2020, 50B devices will be connected to the Internet• By 2015, 1M video minutes will traverse Internet every second• By 2020, 30% of all data will live in or pass through the cloud
  5. 5. Top Four CIO Technology Priorities Cloud Big Data Technology Priorities Mobility Video
  6. 6. An IT RenaissanceFrom the Server Room to the Boardroom 2013+ Architecting 2000+ for Growth 1990+ Systems Technology ManagementImplementation Building Systems Cost Center Strategic Enabler
  7. 7. Top 10 Business Priorities for 2012Reported by CIOs Business Priority 1. Increasing enterprise growth 2. Attracting and retaining new customers 3. Reducing enterprise costs 4. Creating new products and services 5. Delivering operational results 6. Improving efficiency 7. Improving profitability 8. Attracting and retaining workforce 9. Improving marketing and sales effectiveness 10. Expanding into new markets and geographies #CiscoPlusCA
  8. 8. Business Imperativesand TechnologyTransformations #CiscoPlusCA
  9. 9. Business Imperatives Leveraging Cloud• Accelerates data center • Provides care-at-a distance consolidation Cloud • Safety & security of patients• Reduce space allocations & staff and energy costs • Administrative & operational• Interagency sharing, co- efficiency location and virtualization• Reduce complexity across • Faster responsiveness to mfg. operations market trends – pricing,• Respond quickly to supply customer needs etc. chain disruptions • Greater agility – “pop-up”• Enable “valued” two-way stores with cloud infrastructure communication between • Dynamic, real-time supply customer and manufacturer chain and inventorying • Reduce branch technology complexity, cost & management • Simplify IT & provide agility to meet new business demands
  10. 10. Business Imperatives Leveraging Mobility• Drive operational efficiencies Mobility • Securing patient data• Compliance with govt. • Seamless patient/clinician mandates experience• Distance learning/elimination • Faster clinical diagnosis of PCs• Recruit and retain tech savvy workforce • Integrating mobile shopping• Less expensive infrastructure experience with online and• Provide differentiated in-store products and service that -- Omni-channel retailing respond quickly to ever • “Advantaged” sales associates changing • Drive customer loyalty via digital rebates, coupons, discounts • On/off-line integration , multichannel • Improve business processes • Mobile trading
  11. 11. Business Imperatives Leveraging Big Data• Reduce costs and improve • EMR and transition from services Big Data paper-based systems• Transform government and • Improve outcomes with deliver innovative services better data for citizens • Evidence –based medicine• Data center consolidation• Reduce costs and streamline oil and gas exploration • Web-site interactions, loyalty• Track and manage utilities card, POS data consumption • Real-time pricing• Adapting the supply chain to • Customer data security (PCI, events SOX, HIPAA) • Model customer behaviors and credit worthiness • Improve insurer risk management efforts • Automated trading and market volatility
  12. 12. Business Imperatives Leveraging Video• Enhance security while • Provide care-at-a- protecting privacy Video distance/tele-health services• Ensure collaboration and • Safety and security of performance between patients and staff multiple agencies • Administrative• Reduce travel costs – and operational efficiency interagency sharing • Enhance customer experience• Real-time collaboration to through digital signage, experts speed time to market on demand, etc.• Monitor production line to • Improve training while reducing improve uptime costs• Improved safety and security • Speed product development cycle and supply chain • Scale expertise to reduce costs and improve wallet share • Deliver personalized customer service across multiple channels • Assimilate M&As and different cultures
  13. 13. Business Driving Technology Budgets IT Budgets are Flat Corporate Tech Budgets are Up by 17-20%Source: July 13, 2011 Harvard Business Review – Ray Wang, Principal Analyst and CEO at Constellation Research Group. #CiscoPlusCA
  14. 14. Changing Dynamic “ .” “Business managers and employees see the increased value in IT (versus IT departments) …the resulting dynamic will play out for the funding processes.” “There is no such thing as a pure IT project anymore. Whether investments are more IT-intensive or less so, they are all business projects.”Sources: Constellation Research Group ,Forrester, Gartner #CiscoPlusCA
  15. 15. Adjusting to Change Market Trends Implications for IT Business GoalsCompanies seeking growth opportunities • Technology alignment to the businessand sustained competitive advantage Growth • Architectural planningIT transformation with focus on Mobility, • Business process implicationsCloud, Big Data and Video/Collaboration Process • Change management • Analytics • Lack of business alignment make itBusiness and industry imperatives Risk difficult to cost justify projectsdriving IT budgets and projects • Allocation of budget and new consumption models
  16. 16. Demand your vendors provide anarchitectural strategy that makes yourIT investments smarter and tied tobusiness imperatives. #CiscoPlusCA
  17. 17. Q&A #CiscoPlusCA
  18. 18. We value your feedback.Please be sure to complete the Evaluation Form for this session. Access today’s presentations at Follow @CiscoCanada and join the #CiscoPlusCA conversation