Think Fast, Act Fast: The Importance of Fast IT


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Think Fast, Act Fast: The Importance of Fast IT

  1. 1. Organizations are facing a new reality—rapidly changing markets at a pace faster than ever. The results? There are more challenges and challengers than before. On the other hand, there is huge potential—for profit, for productivity, for competitive advantage. Think Fast, Act Fast: The Importance of Fast IT #FutureOfIT
  2. 2. Fast innovation is a must in the new business world. Innovative organizations will become hyper-aware, predictive, and agile. The platform for innovation? Fast IT. With declining life spans, Fortune 500 companies need innovation at speed and scale. This requires a new approach to IT. Source: Innosight, LLC 1958 10 60 yearsold 50 40 30 20 1980 2014 61 25 18 Fast Innovation Requires Fast IT Company Life Span in Fortune 500 index #FutureOfIT
  3. 3. What is Fast IT? Fast IT reduces IT complexity, harnesses intelligence and minimizes risk. The result of these benefits is a platform for innovation and agility that is needed when rolling out new business models and capabilities faster, while addressing the growing vulnerabilities to threats that can disrupt or even take down an organization. Reduce complexity Harness intelligence Minimize risk #FutureOfIT
  4. 4. Simple, Smart, and Secure A Fast IT model means IT can move faster and deliver business results quickly. Simple: unify infrastructure – whether physical, virtual, mobile or fixed. Smart: free up resources with programmable systems that respond dynamically. Secure: constantly monitor threats and automatically defend against attacks. All of these attributes work together as a Fast IT environment. Fast IT Simple SmartSecure #FutureOfIT
  5. 5. Fast Track to Fast IT • Automate and orchestrate • Centralize policy and management • Optimize on and off-premise infrastructure (hybrid cloud) • Bridge physical and virtual, mobile and fixed • Make infrastructure application-aware • Implement tools for edge intelligence and infrastructure analytics • Enable programmability to leverage infrastructure intelligence • Automate threat detection • Increase visibility through analytics • Create contextual and identity policy Simple Smart Secure #FutureOfIT
  6. 6. How Cisco Can Help You Succeed Cisco brings broad and deep expertise and a holistic approach across the entire infrastructure. Our network infrastructure responds to demands, offers unique cloud services, and delivers investment protection. Cisco Consulting Services guides organizations to build a strategy and roadmap to address the people, process, and foundational architecture to accelerate Fast IT. Cisco Converged Infrastructure For wired and wireless, and security which protects dynamically across the attack surface Intercloud For transparently moving workloads between private and public clouds Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) Which enables IT automation and openness Software Defined Architectures Which deliver functionality across domains via software programmability #FutureOfIT
  7. 7. To learn more, please visit the Fast IT website. #FutureOfIT