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#FutureOfMobility : Over the course of this #CiscoBlog series, we discuss how enterprises can better enable people to work in their own way, regardless of where they are and what device they are using. Insights are drawn from a recent Cisco whitepaper, “Six Essential Steps for Unleashing the Power of Enterprise Mobility.” The blog series examines each step enterprises can take to enable new and more efficient ways of working in today’s mobile world.

We start by making smart plans at an architecture level and then implementing secure policies along the way. The final step enterprises need to take may be the hardest one of all but can yield the greatest results. To increase productivity, business agility, and customer satisfaction, enterprises must actively embrace mobility in the workplace.

#CiscoBlog References:
Step 1: Build the Mobile Structure http://blogs.cisco.com/wireless/first-step-to-enterprise-mobility-build-the-mobile-structure/
Step 2: Go Virtual http://blogs.cisco.com/wireless/second-step-to-enterprise-mobility-go-virtual/
Step 3: The Division of Devices http://blogs.cisco.com/wireless/third-step-to-enterprise-mobility-the-division-of-devices/
Step 4: Create an App Checkpoint http://blogs.cisco.com/wireless/the-fourth-step-to-enterprise-mobility-create-an-app-checkpoint/
Step 5: Defending Your Data http://blogs.cisco.com/wireless/the-fifth-step-to-enterprise-mobility-defending-your-data/
Step 6: Power to Your People http://blogs.cisco.com/wireless/the-sixth-step-to-enterprise-mobility-power-to-your-people/

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  • http://mobileenterprise.edgl.com/top-stories/CIOs-Talk-Mobile-Strategy89115
  • http://mobileenterprise.edgl.com/top-stories/CIOs-Talk-Mobile-Strategy89115
  • http://mobileenterprise.edgl.com/top-stories/CIOs-Talk-Mobile-Strategy89115
  • http://mobileenterprise.edgl.com/top-stories/CIOs-Talk-Mobile-Strategy89115
  • http://mobileenterprise.edgl.com/top-stories/CIOs-Talk-Mobile-Strategy89115
  • #CiscoBlog : Six Steps to Enterprise Mobility

    1. 1. Six Steps to Enterprise Mobility #FutureOfMobility
    2. 2. #FutureOfMobility Six Steps to Enterprise Mobility Blog Series Author: Prashanth Shenoy Prashanth Shenoy is a Director of Enterprise Networks, leading Cisco’s Enterprise Mobility, Unified Access, and Connected Mobile Experiences (CMX) solutions marketing. Previously he was responsible for marketing strategies and initiatives for Enterprise Cloud, Routing and WAN Optimization. He’s also led the product marketing teams for key IOS technologies for enterprises and Service Providers, including technologies such as MPLS, IPv6 QoS, and multicast. Prashanth joined Cisco in 2000 as part of the core engineering team that designed and developed the routing and forwarding engines for Cisco’s flagship Catalyst 6500 Series of switches. Prashanth has more than 14 years of networking industry experience and has represented Cisco in various industry, press, analyst and customer events. Prashanth Shenoy holds a Masters of Science degree in computer science from Texas A&M University and a Master of Business Administration from University of California, Berkeley.
    3. 3. #FutureOfMobility Step 1: Build the Mobile Structure
    4. 4. #FutureOfMobility Step 1: Checklist  Clearly articulate roles around the what, how, where, which, who and when  Assess network, security, data center, communications, and applications infrastructures  Develop and align mobility architecture that promotes business value
    5. 5. #FutureOfMobility View the blog
    6. 6. #FutureOfMobility Step 2: Go Virtual
    7. 7. #FutureOfMobility Step 2: Checklist  Consider user experience initially at the time of deployment  Create a consistent collaboration experience across multiple devices
    8. 8. #FutureOfMobility View the blog
    9. 9. #FutureOfMobility Step 3: The Division of Devices
    10. 10. #FutureOfMobility Step 3: Checklist  Use a unified network infrastructure that facilitates secure, virtual workspace delivery across wired, wireless, VPN and cellular networks  Create a comprehensive, unified end-to-end architecture to support users, devices and locations
    11. 11. #FutureOfMobility View the blog
    12. 12. #FutureOfMobility Step 4: Create an App Checkpoint
    13. 13. #FutureOfMobility Step 4: Checklist  Look for a rapid, reliable and secure vetting process for applications  Seek guidance to determine which apps will be mobile, virtual and/or hybrid
    14. 14. #FutureOfMobility View the blog
    15. 15. #FutureOfMobility Step 5: Defending Your Data
    16. 16. #FutureOfMobility Step 5: Checklist  IT pushing of capability down to end devices  Partitioning of personal data from corporate data, history and logging for business communication only
    17. 17. #FutureOfMobility View the blog
    18. 18. #FutureOfMobility Step 6: Power to Your People
    19. 19. #FutureOfMobility Step 6: Checklist  Go beyond provisioning mobility for sales: Think “all-company” mobility  Redefine workflows and do more than improve business processes
    20. 20. #FutureOfMobility View the blog
    21. 21. Six Steps to Enterprise Mobility  Step 1: Build the Mobile Structure  Step 2: Go Virtual  Step 3: The Division of Devices  Step 4: Create an App Checkpoint  Step 5: Defending Your Data  Step 6: Power to Your People
    22. 22. #FutureOfMobility Six Essential Steps for Unleashing the Power Of Enterprise Mobility. Read the whitepaper.
    23. 23. See how we can help your business prepare for the Future Of Mobility cisco.com/go/mobility #FutureOfMobility