Edzard Overbeek: Cisco Live Keynote


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Edzard Overbeek, SVP, Services' slides from his keynote at Cisco Live 2013.

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Edzard Overbeek: Cisco Live Keynote

  1. 1. Our Global Services Capabilities The Foundation Through Technical Services & TAC • Covering 128 countries • 1100+ depots • $5B+ in spare parts inventory • 840,000 parts delivered annually • 250,000 service requests quarterly • Engineers average 5+ years of industry experience 24-Hour Replacement Coverage
  2. 2. Reliability Through Global Delivery Centers Advanced Services / Professional Services English, Spanish, Portuguese Mexico City English RTP English, German, French, Russian, Polish, Arabic Krakow Mandarin, English, Japanese, Korean Dalian English, Hindi Bangalore • Global, scalable, designed for efficiency • Multi-language and time zone support • Highly skilled resources that understand business needs augmented  by  Cisco’s  solutions  mean  customer  success Global Delivery Centers
  3. 3. Wit Added Value in Global Managed Capabilities Advanced Services / Professional Services HCS Hosted Data Centers London, Amsterdam, Sao Paulo, Uberlandia, Reston, Los Angeles, Pune, and Bangalore NOC Data Centers Austin, Bangalore, Allen NOCs Bangalore, Delhi, RTP, Atlanta, Krakow Flexible Delivery and Consumption Models
  4. 4. Smart Everything Smart technology, infrastructure, buildings, cities, meters, etc. Social Trends Gen Y is connected, civic-minded, wants personalized information and is impatient Green and Energy Saving Getting to zero emissions, defects, carbon neutral Economic Trends Mix and consumption models changes Urbanization Mega Cities, Regions, Corridor and Slums and the opportunity is shifting Mobile Cloud Apps IoT Security Megatrends at Mega-Speeds… Next Market Transitions Are Accelerating Data
  5. 5. The Only Constant is Change Transitions Create Opportunity Business Implications Growth & Productivity Opportunities User Experience & Expectations New Business Models Globalization Security & Regulatory Compliance Technology Transitions New Breed of AppsMobility / Video Cloud Internet of Things Big Data & Analytics Changing Role of IT
  7. 7. The Internet of Everything (IoE) Proprietary Industrial Protocols towards IP TDM PBX Class 4/5 Switches Fax Q.Sig SS7 CFR VoHDLC Networked Economy DeviceNet PROFINET IO ControlNet DirectNet Modbus/open-mbus DNP 3.0 SercosIII LonWorks SPABUSCompoNet VAN bacnet Optomux Internet of Everything LAT ChaosNet MOP PUP Appletalk XNS SNA NETBEU DECNetIPX Connectivity h.320 Analog TV h.234NTSC/PAL SMS T.30 T1/E1 CAS Non-IP IM Immersive Experiences Unlocking Proprietary Value To IP 99% Unconnected $14.4T POTENTIAL ECONOMIC VALUE
  8. 8. The Next Opportunity From  “Things”  Toward “Everything” SOURCE: Office of Strategy & Planning, adapted from Beecham Research Connected Energy Electricity Water Predivtive Maintenance GasDiscrete Mfg. Process Mfg. Cloud, DCV, BN, IPNGN Cities & Local Govts. Virtual Healthcare Virtual Education Sports & Entertainment Consumer Retail Payment Solutions Connected Consumer Demand Apps Defense Consumer via SP (TBD) Smart Devices/ Appliances Connected Safety & Sec. Smart Connected Communities Connected Industries Vehicular Transportation & Logistics Access Control Perimeter Surveillance Battlefield Visibility Connected Residences Transportation Public Admin Remote Patient Monitoring Control Grid In- store/Experien ce In-stadium Experience Remote Monitoring Supply Chain and Logistics Vertical & Horizontal Use Cases Primary Verticals Technical Architecture Business Architectures
  9. 9. 13,000+ People Worldwide 180 Countries, 20 TAC, 5 AS Delivery Centers 84,000 Partner Certifications 280,000 Partners 82% Customer Satisfaction 6,000+ Services Certifications Partners Global Scale A Unique & Value-Based Ecosystem Customers, Partners & Cisco  Jointly Innovating
  10. 10. Infrastructure Platform Applications Application Interfaces Infrastructure Interfaces (Cisco ONE) New Business Models Partner Ecosystem Model for Next Generation IT Cisco Reference Framework
  11. 11. CXO LOB IT Unified APIs Analytics Energy Security Consulting Services Industry Solutions Platform & Analytics Services Professional Services Technical Services New Services to Solve Your Toughest Challenges Software Enabled Services
  12. 12. The Foundation for the Future of IT Distributed Network Architecture  DNA Data  Information  Business Value Installed Base $180B Smart Services 99.999 Reliability
  13. 13. Technical Services It Starts With Smart Services Automation Makes Data Actionable 60% reduction in mean time to resolution 97% positive client feedback 56% of incidents are resolved without human intervention<10% human error rate Automation helps drive to 0% error rate
  14. 14. Technical Services • Improved Risk Management • Rapid Problem Resolution • Reduced Operating Costs Smart Net Total Care Add Automation to Increase Value 88% of customers using SNTC for inventory and service contract management say it meets or exceeds expectations overall Technical Assistance (TAC) Online Technical Resources Advance Hardware Replacement Software Updates Foundational Technical Services Capabilities Installed Base & Contract Management Alerts Device Diagnostics Smart Net Total Care Smart Capabilities Network installed base and contract management – along with foundational technical service capabilities, proactive device diagnostics and alerts to provide you with . .
  15. 15. Technical Services Compliance & Configuration Management Managing  One  of  Your  Biggest  Concerns… Workflow Complete workflow management with customizable entitlement Software Image Fully integrated with Cisco intellectual capital to enable advanced functionality around image promotion, restore and monitoring Compliance Combines Cisco expertise and industry standards to craft internal policy and measure against regulatory compliance Configuration Best practices and configuration guidelines embedded in appliance database
  16. 16. Professional Services Cisco ONE An Architectural Approach To SDN Network Service Networks Compute Service Servers Storage Service Disks Apps API’s Programmatic Mullti-layer APIs Integrated Network Overlays Virtual Overlay Apps SDN DEVICE DEVICE DEVICE Controller Apps Controllers and Agents
  17. 17. Professional Services Cisco ONE Multiple Customer Use-Cases Network Slicing Experimental OpenFlow/SDN components for production networks Research/Academia Network Flow Management Customize with Programmatic APIs to provide deep insight into network traffic Massively Scalable Data Center Scalable Multi-Tenancy Automated provisioning and programmable overlay, OpenStack Cloud Agile Service Delivery Policy-based control and analytics to optimize and monetize service delivery Service Providers Application Automation & Policy Virtual workloads, SAP, Video, VDI Orchestration of security profiles Enterprise Replatform, Migrate, Integrate across SDN infrastructure
  18. 18. Professional Services Cisco ONE Services A Full Portfolio of SDN Services Advisory Services Discovery, Assessment & Design Proof of Concept Global CPOC Capabilities Process Automation Application Performance & Resiliency SDN Strategy Workshop & Use Case Pre-Production-Pilot Service Available Now. Phase 2: Assessment & Planning Services
  19. 19. Learning @ Cisco New Training & Certifications Get Details on CiscoLearningNetwork.com Developing the Business Skills for Today and Tomorrow New Curriculum with Support & Development Certifications • Network Applications Developer • Network programmer • SDN Architect • SDN Engineer • Business Application Developer • Systems Engineer & Network Designer • Network Engineer • Systems Engineer Application- Centric Infrastructure Traditional Network Infrastructure
  20. 20. Platform Services Healthcare Gov’t & more Private Public Media Hybrid Service Provider Enterprise People Connecting People and Businesses The World of Many Clouds Distribution of Data Sources Big Data Cloud
  21. 21. Platform Services Unified Computing Data Center Virtualization and Unified Fabric Architecture Network and Data Center Consolidation Public CloudPrivate CloudAutomationConsolidation Virtualization Inter Cloud Enterprise Cloud New Acquisition: Composite Software Enabling Movement to the Cloud
  22. 22. Platform Services Data Virtualization Access Data From Multiple Sources and Formats Operational Databases Enterprise Applications “The  Cloud”   “Big Data” Data Warehouses Third Party Data Today’s Enterprise Business Data virtualization makes it easier for organizations to access traditional and new data – from across the network, appearing to be all in one place. Faster Response Time Empower people with instant access to all the data they want, the way they want it. Respond faster to your ever changing analytics and BI Data  virtualization’s  streamlined   approach reduces complexity and saves money Better Business Insights Cost Savings Instant Access 5-10X Faster Up to 75% Savings
  23. 23. Platform Services VIDEO
  24. 24. Platform Services Enterprise IT ServiceGrid is a cloud integration platform that seamlessly connects organizations to enable real time multi-party support collaboration. Mean Time to Resolve Automating multi-party support processes eliminates duplicate entry and manual errors B2B integration accelerates time to resolve incidents and simplifies SLA monitoring A single unified user experience improves collaboration and satisfaction Average Cost to Serve Customer Satisfaction 50% Lower 27% Faster 10% Higher SaaSMSP Telecommunication s System Connection Standard Workflow Real– Time Alerts Web Ticket Exchange SLA Management ServiceGrid Cisco ServiceGrid Recently Acquired Software, Available on GPL in October
  25. 25. Industry Solutions IoE  Energy Management JouleX Services
  26. 26. Industry Solutions New Energy Management Offers JouleX Services Coming Soon, Powered by EnergyWise IT Energy Management Service Cloud Enabled IT Energy Management Energy Manager Software Subscriptions Cisco Energy Enterprise Optimization Service  Manage and Optimize Energy Consumption…  Available Now!
  27. 27. Consulting Services Broad Consulting Experience When You Need Us For Your Toughest Business Challenges Strategy Consulting Architecture Practices Collaboration Services Smart Analytics Security IoT Services
  28. 28. Our  Opportunity  is  Now… Next Generation of IT People Process Data Things Your Unique Business Value  New Sustainable Solutions
  29. 29. Lead the Change Together!