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IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator: a DB2 Query Performance Revolution powered by Netezza
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IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator: a DB2 Query Performance Revolution powered by Netezza



Presentation from the Guide Share Europe 2012 summit. ...

Presentation from the Guide Share Europe 2012 summit.
IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator has captured significant interest from DB2 for z/OS users in recent months. The deep integration of Netezza appliances with DB2, the application transparency and marriage of mainframe qualities of service with Netezza price and performance makes it one of the most exciting DB2 enhancements in years. The Accelerator complements DB2 by adding industry leading data intensive complex query performance powered by the Netezza appliance. It enhances DB2 to the ultimate database management system that delivers the best for both worlds: transactional as well as analytical workloads.
This presentation will highlight the Accelerator use cases as well as success stories across banking, telco and retail in Europe.



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  • IBM Netezza - a true appliance that has revolutionized how customers approach data warehousing and analytics It is engineered from the ground up for analytics on big data And offers a complete solution that integrates database, server and storage together It supports standard interfaces such as ODBC, JDBC and ANSI SQL, making it very easy to deploy and operate, thus lowering the total cost of ownership of the data warehouse significantly The appliance characteristics translate into real value for customers (what we refer to as the 4 S’s) TwinFin is 10-100X faster than competitors like Oracle, Teradata and others. When analytic queries take seconds instead of hours to perform, customers have the opportunity to completely rethink their business processes, and in some cases, even launch entirely new businesses The appliance is unlike anything that DBAs and IT teams have experienced in the past. Whereas Oracle and Teradata data warehouses require armies of specialists to manage, Netezza offers performance out-of-the-box, without requiring any tuning, indexing, aggregations, etc. A single appliance scales to more than a petabyte of user data capacity, not just acting as a repository for information, but allowing complex analytics to be conducted at-scale, on all the enterprise data By embedding analytics deep into the data warehouse, TwinFin powers high performance advanced analytics 100’s or even 1000’s of times faster than possible before

IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator: a DB2 Query Performance Revolution powered by Netezza IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator: a DB2 Query Performance Revolution powered by Netezza Presentation Transcript

  • IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator - GSE Management SummitIBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator“a DB2 Query Performance Revolution….”Ciro PuglisiIBM Netezza Europe+41 58 333 4157cpug@ch.ibm.com SAFE HARBOR Certain information contained in this presentation is forward-looking in nature. Any expectations based on these forward-looking statements are subject to risks and uncertainties and other important factors. These and many other factors could cause delivery of products, features or enhancements to differ materially from expectations based on these forward-looking statements. IBM does not undertake an obligation to update its forward-looking statements to reflect future events or circumstances.
  • IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator - GSE Management Summit IBM Netezza The true data warehousing appliance  Purpose-built analytics engine  Integrated database, server and storage  Standard interfaces  Low total cost of ownership  Speed: 10-100x faster than traditional system  Simplicity: Minimal administration and tuning  Scalability: Peta-scale user data capacity  Smart: High-performance advanced analytics
  • IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator - GSE Management SummitSample of Netezza Reference CustomersDigital Media Financial ServicesGovernmentHealth & Life Sciences Retail / Consumer Products Telecom Other Page 3
  • IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator - GSE Management SummitIBM DB2 Analytics AcceleratorThe best of both worlds: System z and Netezza Transparent integration of Netezza and DB2 z/OS DB2 z/OS highly secure and reliable environment for sensitive data analysis with the price/performance of Netezza Best performance for transactional and for analytical workloads, without tuning Mainframe class Price/Performance Integrated Proven NETEZZA SWISS RE DB2 z/OS SECURITY NO APPLICATION PRICE/PERFORMANCE SUCCESS STORY and AVAILABILITY CHANGES LEADERSHIP (YouTube VIDEO) • Highly secure and • Offload complex • Netezza as extension of • Up to 50x performance reliable environment for queries from DB2 to DB2 for z/OS gain for complex sensitive data analysis Netezza, transparently analytics • Transparent integration • Limit data movement off • Faster and predictable without any application • Fast time to value without the mainframe response times change application changes
  • IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator - GSE Management SummitIBM DB2 Analytics AcceleratorThe best of both worlds: System z and NetezzaUnmatched BI capabilities for System z Operational Analytics, Reports, OLAP, …  Transparent integration with DB2. No changes in application logic or SQL Continuous Continuous Query Query  Self-managed workloads: queries are Processing Processing executed in the most efficient location  Improving price/performance for DB2 z/OS Query Optimizer analytic workloads Application  Faster and more predictable DB2 native DB2 native Accelerator Accelerator response time Changes processing processing processing processing  Highly secure and reliable environment for sensitive Replication data analysis  Enables true Operational BI for DB2 for z/OS database our Clients in the last 12 months  Optimization of existing DWH workload >15 new European clients  New insight with 3 use cases  Consolidation
  • IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator - GSE Management SummitUse case 1: optimization of existing workloadAccelerator for existing BI workload on System z Benefits Historical Data DB2 • Consolidate reporting where Production Low Latency Data Analytics the majority of data being Data Accelerator analyzed resides (z/OS) • Accelerate long running DB2 for z/OS queries from minutes to seconds for greater Transactional business value Operational Information Analytics • Reduce processing cost by freeing up MIPS and storage space for indexing • Address performance challenges with complex and ad hoc queries • Avoid costs and efforts to tune the system • The forgotten query: consider queries previously set aside Operational due to performance Applications challenges?Benefits quantified by the workload assessment
  • IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator - GSE Management SummitSuccess story: Swiss Re http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xkcp_pJxT5E "The IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator delivers the speed to create the insights we need to work smarter. Putting the right answers into the hands of decision makers across our business enables us to quickly adapt and grow.“ – Reto Estermann, Director, Information Technology, SwissRe
  • IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator - GSE Management SummitWorkload Assessment Assessment of client dynamic SQL workload. Estimates based on extensive field experience with DB2 Accelerator and the predictable performance of MPP systems (Netezza) Elapsed time eligible for CPU seconds eligible for acceleration offload Eligible queries statistics
  • IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator - GSE Management SummitUse case 2: new BI with minimal incremental costAccelerator for new reporting or Operational BI on System z BenefitsGain a complete and Keep new reporting capabilities onto atimely understanding of single, easily managed platform • Business benefits of analyticsall customer and supplier for queries previously set asideinteractions by deploying • Price/performance of Netezzaoperational BI on top of DB2 with mainframe class reliabilityyour mainframe Analytics and security for BI applicationsenterprise information Acceleratormanagement • Fast time to value with transparent integration intoinfrastructure existing applications • Time and cost avoidance in external systems, processes to NEW offload data and integration efforts • Integrated OLTP & BI approach to achieve true Operational BI Reporting applications
  • IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator - GSE Management SummitRecent results: SAS and Business Objects  Financial Services mainframe user based in Denmark  Queries running on accelerator one day after physical installation  Achieved compression for data on top of DB2 for z/OS compression  Successfully tested existing SAS queries SAS Query on DB2 (secs) SAS Query on DB/Accel (secs) Speed-up Factor 3’618 172 21 2’056 16 129 1’713 15 114 1’627 18 90 1’602 18 89 1’330 18 74 1’240 31 40  Client acquired one DB2 Analytics Accelerator with 3 blades in June after a successful Proof of Concept. Solution extended in September with an additional 12 blades accelerator for consolidating additional workload.
  • IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator - GSE Management SummitUse case 3: Consolidation scenarioAccelerator to enable Data Analytics consolidation Benefits A single platform to • Simplify management of manage and administer costly/complex Data integration of System z Data with distributed BI system. DB2 Analytics • Enable application queries Accelerator which you would prefer to run Data with more real-time data on Analytic Mart System z System • Consolidate isolated islands of Data n ic atio data on one secure Hub Mart pl i f Sim • Eliminate “Multiple Versions of Data the Truth” Mart • Increase time to value to Analytic Consolidate the ever growing deploy new DataMarts System proliferation of data marts onto a single, easily managed platform • Integrated OLTP & BI approach to achieve true Operational BI
  • IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator - GSE Management SummitBanking customer Southern Europe Started Beta program with one test workload Results were so convincing that the program was extended to another, much larger workload Results were compared to the results of three competitors Tests resulted in acquisition of one full rack DB2 Analytics Accelerator BENCHMARK RESULTS - logarithmic scale Comp110.0001.000 Comp2 100SECONDS 10 Comp3 1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 0 DB2 & IDAA Query #
  • IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator - GSE Management SummitDB2 Analytics Accelerator for SAP BW “ These results prove that IDAA very well supports rapid SAP BW ad-hoc reporting ”  Enhances the SAP Certified DB2 for z/OS  Accelerates SAP NetWeaver BW  Dramatic decrease in elapsed time for SAP BW ad-hoc reporting http://www.sdn.sap.com/irj/scn/go/portal/prtroot/docs/library/uuid/0098ea1f-35fe-2e10-efa9-b4795c49389c
  • IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator - GSE Management SummitAnnouncing DB2 Analytics Accelerator V3Software upgrade delivering lower cost for trusted analytics High performance storage saver  Store a DB2 table or partition of data solely on the Accelerator. Removes the requirement for the data to be replicated on both DB2 and the Accelerator Incremental update  Enables tables within the Accelerator to be continually updated throughout the day. Query prioritization  Brings System z workload management down to the individual query being routed to the Accelerator Unload Lite  Reduces z/OS MIPS consumption, by moving the preparation off System z.
  • IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator - GSE Management SummitHigh Performance Storage SaverReducing the cost of high speed storage Store historic partitions on the Accelerator only Partitioned Table  When partitions no longer require updating, reclaim the DB2 Database DB2 storage Resident Partition  Continue to search the entire table at Accelerator speeds High Performance  Direct mixed workload queries Accelerator Storage Saver to hotter temperature partitions while focusing aggregate type High Performance querying to the warm Storage Saver temperature data High Performance Storage Saver can be implemented as a partition or full table15
  • IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator - GSE Management SummitIncremental updateEnable near-real-time operational analytics Changes in data warehouse tables typically driven by replication or manual updates – Corrections after a bulk-ETL-load of a data Operational Analytics, Reports, OLAP, … warehouse table – Continuously changing data (e.g. trickle-feed updates from a transactional system to an Continuous Continuous Query Query ODS) Processing Processing Reporting and analysis based on most recent data May be combine with first a table refresh followed DB2 z/OS Query Optimizer DB2 z/OS Query Optimizer by incremental updates Incremental update Accelerator DB2 native DB2 native Accelerator Application Application can be configured processing processing processing processing per database table Replication Incremental Update Changes DB2 for z/OS database
  • IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator - GSE Management SummitChoosing the best fitKey indicators IBM Netezza  Performance and Price/performance leader  Speed and ease of deployment and administration IBM Netezza standalone appliance  Strategic requirement for standalone decision support system  If primary data feeds are from distributed applications  Deep analytics applications or in-database mining IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator for z/OS  Transparent acceleration of existing reporting workload on DB2 or extension of an existing DWH on DB2  Primary data feeds from mainframe applications. Protect ETL.  For mainframe class availability, security and recoverability  Mixed workload of queries with high concurrency
  • IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator - GSE Management SummitChoosing the best fitIBM can support  Map the flow of information from DB2 for z/OS and evaluate DB2 accelerator use cases in your enterprise: – Optimization of existing reporting workload – New insight, leveraging DB2 for z/OS data – Consolidation of distributed datamarts currently fed from DB2 for z/OS  Solution design: – Optimization: perform a workload assessment – New insight: facilitate a project definition workshop – Consolidation: facilitate an architectural workshop  Quantify the benefits with a Business Value Assessment
  • IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator - GSE Management SummitThank youCiro PuglisiIBM Netezza Europe+41 79 770 5713cpug@ch.ibm.com@ciropuglisi