Catalogue Cirkuit Planet 2011


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Enjoy your laptop!

We present you a new edition of our catalogue with all our products for you to easily access to all information of the company.

In this catalogue you will find the news and releases of the ranges that we work: Disney, Weenicons, Anne Stokes, CKP and Live.

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Catalogue Cirkuit Planet 2011

  3. 3. CKP is a leading brand of computer peripherals and consumer electronics, with major product lines covering keyboards, mice, cases, speakers, headphones, webcams, hubs and card readers, mouse pads, coolers, laptop bags and gaming that distributes products worldwide. Nowadays computers are an integral part of our life. We use them to work, play and communicate wherever we go. Therefore,KEYBOARDS HEADPHONES CKP is a brand for everybody with a stylish design, colorful, affordable and easy to use thatCOMBO WEBCAMS meets the consumer expectations and needs.MICE ADAPTERS Many years of experience allow CirkuitCASES MOUSE PADS Planet to offer and design devices made with quality materials which look great andSPEAKERS HUBS & CARD READERS are designed to last no matter howCOOLERS LAPTOP BAGS demanding our consumer lifestyle is.
  4. 4. w w KEYBOARDS For hours of comfortable and effortless typing. All of our keyboards have an enhanced ergonomic design that will help to maximize your time by putting commonly used commands at the touch of a finger. Within this range, we offer multimedia Keyboards, very slim USB keyboards, so your desk will always look tidy, and with programmable hot keys for an easy and fast access to computer functions. CKP-KB5010 Number Keypad. USB interface with retractable cable. CKP-KBT450 Mini Bluetooth Keyboard for mobile phone. Pocket sized, sleek, slim design. Extended battery life. Compatible with Bluetooth 2.0 Model Keys Multimedia Retractable cable Compatible with KB6003 104 no KB6013 104 11 no Windows 98 / 2000 KB6014 104 13 / XP / Vista / 7 KBT450 6 KB5010 19 no yes
  5. 5. CKP-KB6013 Multimedia Keyboard CKP-KB6014 CKP-KB6003 Multimedia Ultra Slim Keyboard Keyboard COMBO CKP-KW7013 Combo KEYBOARDS+MICE Keyboard + Wireless MouseThe best combination of our keyboards and mice. A keyboard and a wirelessmouse combo for your computer workstation and reduce desktop clutter,specially selected for demanding users. CKP-KW7015 Combo Keyboard + Wireless Mouse 2,4G wireless mouse keyboard combo CKP-KW7014 Model Keyboard Mouse Compatible with Keys Multimedia Measure(mm) Buttons Resolution Measure(mm) Combo KW7013 no 445x137x22 3 1200/1800 DPI 97x62x39 Windows ME Keyboard + KW7014 105 9 456x159x19 5 1200/1600 DPI 108x79x39 /2000/XP Wireless Mouse KW7015 8 401.7x162x25 4 1200/1800 DPI 99x62x38 /Vista/7 7
  6. 6. w w WIRELESS TW E E N Q UA MICE LI BE 1 TY No.ST IP IONSH AN D PRICE BE ND BRA L AT CKP-MW5070 RE CKP 2.4 Ghz Wireless Mice are really pleasant to use, comfortable ST BE (BLACK) and reliable so they become into the most developing tool. Plug the receiver into your notebook and leave it there. Your mice will CKP-MW5071 be ready everywhere you are. (BLUE) CKP-MW5072 (PINK) Wireless Mouse CKP-MW5027 Wireless Mouse Wireless 2,4G Plug & Play mouse Model Measure (mm) Resolution Buttons Compatible with MW5020 93 x 64 x 38 4 MW5023 96 x 57 x 24,5 3 MW5025 MW5027 1000/1600DPI Windows 98 / 2000 MW5070 / XP / Vista / 7 5 MW5071 MW5072 Mini Wireless 2,4G Plug & Play mouse CKP-MW5023 Model Rubber coating Resolution Buttons Compatible with MW5030 Wireless Mouse MW5031 In the down part 1000/1600DPI 3 Windows 98 / 2000 8 / XP / Vista / 7 MW5032
  7. 7. MINI WIRELESS MICECKP-MW5025Wireless Mouse CKP-MW5030 (BLACK) CKP-MW5031 (BLUE) CKP-MW5032 (PINK) Mini Wireless MouseCKP-MW5020Wireless Mouse 9
  8. 8. w w Wired optical mouse - Gaming model - Plug & Play OPTICAL Model Measure (mm) Buttons Resolution Compatible with MG6010 115 x 77 x 39 7 Windows 98 / 2000 E E N Q UA 1200/1600/1800 DPI TW MG6020 102 x 67,5 x 36 6 / XP / Vista / 7 MICE L BE I 1 TY No.ST IP IONSH AN D PRICE BE ND BRA L AT RE The optical mice from CKP are perfect for your home and office. ST BE Technology makes scrolling smooth and easy providing maximum precision with minimal mouse movement. You can use them on every surface, making it a great accessory for your laptop. CKP-MG6010 Optical Gaming Mouse CKP-MO4023 (BLACK) CKP-MO4024 (RED) CKP-MO4025 CKP-MG6020 (LIGHT BLUE) Optical Gaming Mouse Optical Mouse Optical mouse - Plug & Play Model PS2 Cable lenght Resolution Compatible with MO4021 U+P port available MO4022 CKP-MO4021 MO4023 135 cm 1200 DPI Windows 98 / 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 No CKP-MO4022 MO4024 MO4025 Optical Mouse Optical mouse - Plug & Play Model Measures (mm) Integrated Cord Wrap System Resolution Compatible with MO4017 100 x 58 x 35 Windows 98 / 2000 MO4018 Yes 1200 DPI / XP / Vista / 7 10 MO4019
  9. 9. MINI MICE Mice that fits in your pocket and take up limited space in your notebook bag. The CKP mini mice are very small, easy to carry and fit perfectly with your notebook. Suitable for both left and right handed users. Comfortable for its ergonomic design. Easy to setup due to his plug & play system.CKP-MO4017Optical Mouse CKP-MM3060 (BLACK) CKP-MM3061 (BLUE) CKP-MM3062 (PINK) Mini MouseCKP-MO4018 CKP-MM3030Optical Mouse Mini Mouse CKP-MM3040 Mini Mouse Model USB Port Plug & Play Resolution Compatible withCKP-MO4019 MM3020Optical Mouse MM3030 MM3040 yes yes 1200 DPI Windows 98 / 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 CKP-MM3020 MM3060/61/62 Mini Mouse 11
  10. 10. w w CKP-SP1012 SPEAKERS (BLACK) CKP-SP1019 Our speakers combine design, technology and (BLUE) performance. Their advanced design concept CKP-SP1020 and their high quality sound system make them (RED) perfect to enjoy music or games. Truly portable, its integrated multimedia controls are the ideal Speakers partner for your notebook or PC. All of them provide professional-quality audio, full sound, clear treble and exceptional bass. CKP-SP1011 Speakers 12
  11. 11. CKP-SP3013 (BLACK) CKP-SP3015 (BLUE) CKP-SP3016 (PINK) Speakers CKP-SP1018 Mini Speaker & pen holderCKP-SP1013(BLACK)CKP-SP1021(BLUE) CKP-SP2012 SpeakersCKP-SP1022(PINK)Speakers Model Dimensions Power Output Frequency Impedance S/N Ratio Audio Input Power SP1011 160x81x96mm 4w(2Wx2) Li-Polymer batt./USB SP1012/19/20 205x30x25mm 5W 90 HZ - 20 KHZ 4 80dB Aux USB POWER 5V SP1013/21/22 53x36mm 2W Li-Polymer battery Model Power Output Output Frequency S/N Ratio Sensitivity Power Voltage SP3013/15/16 3W*2 RMS 90 HZ - 20 KHZ 60dB 70dB DC5V Speaker System 2.0 Model P.M.P.O R.M.S Frequency Subwoofer Satellites S/N THD Woofer Satellites SP2012 170W 8.5W 60HZ-15KHZ 4.5W 2W*2 65dB <0.5% (1K,1W) 4”6 ohm 8W 2.5”4 ohm 3W Speaker System 2.1 13
  12. 12. w w CKP-SP3011 Speaker CKP-SP2016 2.1 Stereo Speakers CKP-SP2017 2.1 Stereo Speakers CKP-SP3012 Speaker CKP-SP3010 Speaker CKP-SP2013 2.1 Stereo Speakers Model S/N Sensitivity Frequency Response Output Power Model Power Output Frequency Response Driver Unit USB & SD SP3010 SP2013/16/17 17W 200 Hz - 20 KHz 4"+3"*2 yes SP3011 ≥60dB ≥70dB 90 HZ - 20 KHZ 3W×2 THD=10 Speaker System 2.1 SP3012 14
  13. 13. COOLERSCKP-CL002 CKP-CL003 CKP-CL004Cooler Cooler Cooler Cool your laptop for easy thermal heat dissipation. Maintain system longevity and optimum performance by protecting your notebook from the effects of excessive heat. Available in a great variety of shapes and sizes. Very easy to carry.CKP-CL005 CKP-CL006 CKP-CL010Cooler Cooler Cooler Bearing type: sleeve Bearing Coolers Model Dimension (mm) DC Fan size (mm) Rated Voltage Rated Current Air flow Weight CL002 345 x 284 x 37 200 x 200 x 20 57 CFM 500G CL003 323 x 300 x 42 72 CFM 500G CL004 329 x 249 x 42.7 140 x 140 x 15 0.25A 32 CFM 650G CL005 339 x 312 x 54 120 x 120 x 25 5VDC Max. 42*35 CFM 600G CL006 346x268x29mm 120 x 120 x 25 Max. 42*35 CFM 580G CL010 295 x 285 x 45 200 x 200 x 20 400G CL011 326 × 268 × 27 80 x 80 x 15 - - - - Model Material Noise USB Laptop Size SpeedCKP-CL011 CL002 plastic and metal mesh 18dBA 15-12 600+-10% CL003 plastic 19dBA 15-12 650+-10%Cooler CL004 plastic 18dBA optional 14-10 1000+-10%3 Fans CL005 plastic and metal 22.7dBA 15-10 1500+-10%Fan speed 1400 RPM CL006 plastic 22.7dBA 7-16 1500+-10% CL010 plastic - - 15-10 615-700+-10% CL011 aluminum - optional - - 15
  14. 14. w w HEADPHONES A headset for every need. Designed for all type of players, perfect to enjoy music or sound anywhere you go. They are ideal for high quality playback with an excellent range of stereo sounds; CD, DVD, Mp3, Ipod, Iphone and all types of mobile devices. It also can connect to PC, Tablets and Nintendo DS. CKP-MIC2120 Microphone CKP-MIC2110 Microphone Microphone MIC2110 / MIC2120 Microphone Unit 9×7mm Sensitivity -58dB±2dB Cable Lenght approx.2.5m±0.3m 16 Plug Type Φ3.5mm Stereo
  15. 15. CKP-EP2310 CKP-EP2340 In-ear earphone In-ear earphone CKP-EP2360 In-ear earphone CKP-EP2350 (BLACK) CKP-EP2351 (RED) CKP-EP2352 (LIGHT BLUE) In-ear earphone CKP-HP2420 Earphone with microphone Earphone with microphone HP2420 Telephone Section Microphone Section Speaker Φ15mm Microphone Unit 6×5mm DiaModel Sensitivity Speaker Dynamic Cord Lenght Frequency Response Impedance Plug Type Sensitivity 102dB S.P.L at 1KHzEPH003 Electret condenser yesEP2310 Impedance 120 Mic. Directivity Omni Direction 96dB/mWEP2340 Frequency Response 20Hz-20,000Hz Sensitivity -58dB±3dBEP2350 Φ9.5mm 1.2m 20Hz-20,000Hz 16 Φ3.5mm Rated Power 3mW Impedance LowEP2351 Power Capability 30mW Frequency Response 30Hz to 16,000Hz 100dB/mWEP2352 Cable Length approx.1.8m±0.3m Standard Operating 3VEP2360 Φ9mm Voltage 17
  16. 16. w w HEADPHONES It adapts easily to the user thanks to its adjustable soft padded headband. Comfort, CKP-HP2730 is one of its greatest strengths, examples of this are their ergonomic earpads and Headphone volume control. In addition, all the headphones incorporate a perfect microphone for chatting and playing online. CKP-HP2740 (BLACK) CKP-HP2741 (RED) CKP-HP2750 CKP-HP2742 Headphone (LIGHT BLUE) Headphone Headphone with microphone HP2510 / HP2710 Headphone Section HP2510 HP2710 Microphone Section HP2510 / HP2710 Speaker Φ30mm Φ40mm Microphone Unit Φ6 X 5mm Sensitivity 105dB±2dB Sensitivity -58dB+/- 2dB Impedance 32 Impedance <10k Frequency Range 20Hz-20,000Hz Frequency Response 30Hz to 15KHz Plug 3.5m Plug 3.5 m Cable Length about 2.0m Headphone with microphone HP2560 / HP2730 Headphone Section Microphone Section Speaker Φ40mm Microphone Unit 6×5mm Dia Sensitivity 103dB S.P.L at 1KHz Electret condenser yes Impedance 32 Mic. Directivity Omni Direction Headphone HP2740 / HP2741 / HP2742 / HP2750 Frequency Response 20Hz-20,000Hz Sensitivity -58dB±3dB Drive unit Max Input Power Rated Power 15mW Impedance Low 40mmX2 Mylar Cone Speaker 100mw Frequency response Cord Power Capability 150mW Frequency Response 30Hz to 16,000Hz 20Hz-20kHz 1.2 m Impedance 32 Jack Cable Length approx.2.5m±0.3m Standard Operating 3V 3.5 mm Sensitivity 105dB/+-3dB S.P.L at 1kHz Plug Type Φ3.5mm Stereo Voltage 18
  17. 17. CKP-HP2510HeadphoneCKP-HP2710HeadphoneCKP-HP2560Headphone 19
  18. 18. w w HUBS Easy to take with you thanks to its small size. Ideal for travelling and office. Whether you need to save space, multiply the connections of your computer with these card readers and hubs that admit all the image storage devices and allows the user to create extra USB ports for fast connections of devices. No installation required just plug & play. CKP-H1050 Hub CKP-H1041 CKP-H1042 (BLUE) (PINK) Hubs Hubs CKP-H1060 Hub CKP-H1040 (BLACK) Hubs Model Measures (mm) Hubs H1040/41/42 115 x 36 x 21 H1050 76.7 x 35.7 x14 4 ports - USB 2.0 20 H1060 78 x 42 x 13
  19. 19. CARD READERS CKP-CR2040 (BLACK) CKP-CR2041 (BLUE) CKP-CR2042 (PINK) Hubs CKP-CR2060 Card reader CKP-CR2030 Card Reader Card Reader - USB 2.0 - Plug & Play Model Rubber coating Led light Data transfer External power required Compatible with Slots CR2030 No No High speed No Win98/Win2000/ 3CR2040/41/42 Yes Yes Win XP/Vista/Win 7 6 Model CR2060* CR2040/41/42 CR2030Measures(mm) 68 x 34 x 14 - - SDHC/SD/mii SD/MMC/ SD/SDHC/Ultrall SD/MMC/ MMCII/RS MMC/MMC 4.0/ 1 slot Extreme III/RS-MMC/with CF I/CF II with adapter read MMC micro adapter read mini SDT-Flash card/with adaptor for M2 MS/MS PRO/MS DUO PRO/ SDHC/SD/MMC/MMCII/ 2 slot MS DUO/MS MG/MS Pro MG RS MMC/Ultra II SD/Extreme SD/ T-Flash Extreme III SD/Mini SD MS/MS PRO/MS DUO/MS 3 slot - T-Flash/Micro SD DUO PRO/MS MG /MS PRO MG/MS DUO MG 4 slot - MS/MS PRO/MS DUO PRO/MS DUO/ - MS MG/MS PRO MG/MS DUO MG 5 slot - M2 - 6 slot - XD Card -*Rotation SIM card All-in-One ( can read MS card IC UT367. High-performance chips 21
  20. 20. w w LAPTOP BAGS Carry your laptop, your netbook or your tablet with one of the bags of CKP assortment. Practical and discreet, perfect for outdoor and day to day use. Made of high quality materials and padded to protect your laptop of blows, scratches and duty. With handle and adjustable shoulder strap to ensure a comfortable CKP-LB011 carrying. Whatever the bag youre looking Laptop Bag 15.6” for, we have your perfect choice. CKP-LB015 Laptop Bag 15.6” 22
  21. 21. CKP-LS003 (11”) CKP-LS004 (15.6”) Laptop SleeveCKP-LS001 CKP-LS002(BLACK 11”) (BLACK 15.6”)CKP-LS011 CKP-LS013(LIGHT BLUE11”) (LIGHT BLUE15.6”)CKP-LS012 CKP-LS014(RED 11”) (RED 15.6”)Laptop Sleeve Laptop Sleeve CKP-LS005 (BLACK 11”) CKP-LS006 CKP-LS015 (11”) (LIGHT BLUE11”) CKP-LS007 CKP-LS016 (15.6”) (RED 11”) Laptop Sleeve Laptop Sleeve 23
  22. 22. LAPTOP BAGSw w CKP-LB013 Laptop Bag CKP-LB014 Laptop Bag CKP-LB007 (11”) CKP-LB008 (15.6”) Laptop Bag 24
  23. 23. TWO PACKS + CKP-BM011 Laptop Bag CKP-LB007 + Mini Mouse CKP-MM3060 + CKP-BM026 + Laptop Bag CKP-LB011 + Optical Mouse CKP-MO4023 CKP-BM016 Laptop Bag CKP-LB008 + Optical Mouse CKP-MO4023 25
  24. 24. w w CASES Ideal for home-computer builders and gamers. With innovative designs and features we offer a large assortment of computer cases available in a large variety of colors and styles. CKP-CC8813 CKP-CC8814 Computer Case Micro ATX Computer Case Micro ATX Computer Case Micro ATX CC8813 / CC8814 Front USB port with Audio/Microphone jack with Driver bays 5.25*4+3.25"*7 Expansion slot 7 Chassis size (LxWxH) (mm) 410*185*412 Carton size (LxWxH) (mm) 452*226*492 Net weight (Kg) 5 Gross weight (Kg) 6 Material of case body 0.5mm SGCC Motherboard Type ATX MainBoard/Micro ATX 26
  25. 25. CKP-CC1220 CKP-CC1240 CKP-CC1250 CKP-CC1260Computer Case Micro ATX Computer Case Micro ATX Computer Case Micro ATX Computer Case Micro ATX CKP-CC1230 Power Supply Computer Case Micro ATX Model Real Output Watt CKP-PS300 180-200W CKP-PS350 200W CKP-PS400 230W CKP-PS450 250W CKP-PS500 300W Power Supply CKP-PS550 CKP-PS600 350W 400W CKP-PS700 500W Computer Case Micro ATX CC1220 / CC1230 / CC1240 / CC1250 / CC1260 / CC1270 Front USB port with Audio/Microphone jack with Driver bays 5.25*4+3.25"*3(or7) Expansion slot 7 Case size (LxWxH) (mm) 390*180*420 Carton size (LxWxH) (mm) 462*216*467 Net weight (Kg) 4,3 Gross weight (Kg) 5,3 CKP-CC1270 Material of case body 1009-2 Structure/0.5mm SGCC Motherboard Type ATX MainBoard/Micro ATX 27 Computer Case Micro ATX
  26. 26. w w CKP-MP003 (BLACK) CKP-MP005 MOUSE PADS (BLUE) CKP-MP006 The funny and easy way to customize your (PINK) computer. For higher speed and more precision Mouse Pads of your mice, and a better comfort for the user. Ideal for gamers, designers, and other heavy users of mice that may prefer a mousepad for comfort, speed and accuracy, and to prevent wear to the desk or table surface. Made of natural rubber work well with all type of mice. CKP-MP005 Mouse pads CKP-MP001 (BLACK) CKP-MP004 Gel pads CKP-MP007 (BLUE) CKP-MP008 (PINK) Mouse Pads 28
  27. 27. WEBCAMSA trendy, functional and easy-to-use solution to look at during chatconversations. Perfect using MSN/ Live Messenger, Skype and all typesof videoconferences. A large variety; match the webcam that fits with your ADAPTERSpersonal style and will look perfect anywhere you place it. The Notebook Adapter consists of a wide assortment of adapters suitable to use as replacement or secondary power adapter. The adapters are equipped with different notebook tips to assure compatibility with all the major CKP-WC003 notebook brands. Small and easy to carry can be kept in your laptop bag. Webcam CKP-WC004 Webcam R N OT EB JO A O THE M OK FOR USE WITH BRAN TOSHIBA, IBM, LENOVO, SONY, FUJITSU, COMPAQ, HP, LL ACER, ASUS, DELTA, GATEWAY, LITEON, SAMSUNG and DELL. A D S Webcams WC003 / WC004 Adapters Mega Pixels 1.3 optional from 480k to 5mpx. Model Power Measures (mm) CMOS Sensor yes CKP-AD070 70W 124.8x50x31.5 Compatible with USB2.0/USB1.1 CKP-AD100 100W 124.8x50x31.5 Auto white balance yes CKP-AD120 120W 142x57.5x31.5 Frame rate 30 fps Ultra-small Automatic with single LED Video mode 24 bit true color Input: 100-240V 50-60Hz Compatible with Win98/Win2000/Win XP/Vista/Win 7 Output: 12V/15/16/18(18.5)/ Suitable for both Desktop& Laptop 19(19.5)/20/24 Works great with Skype, MSN, Yahoo etc With 13 tips 29
  28. 28. w w
  29. 29. Live is, as its name suggests, a range thought within the UrbanExpression concept. Created for the different lifestyles ofelectronics users, completely innovative and aligned withpeople interest, needs, desires and values.Nowadays, laptop computers are an integral part of our lifes; weuse it to work, play, communicate and for leisure time too. So,Live line is totally focussed on providing products that make iteasy for users to protect, carry and use their laptops helping toget things done with absolut freedom to work anywhere. E CO N TYL SU ES V M No.1 LI ERND IN E L E CT R O N BESTBRA BRAND ST CS I 2 0 ii BE C at A L OG U E
  30. 30. abSTract Linew w A wide language of form, color and line to create a free visual experience for each user. Meant for urban lifestyles; trendy, totally hip and outrageously cool. CPL-TP1901 CPL-MO1001 Optical Mouse + Mouse Pad Optical Mouse 32
  31. 31. CPL-MW1101 CPL-MM1201 CPL-MP1301 CPL-HP1801Wireless Mouse Mini Mouse Mouse Pad Headphones CPL-SK1701 CPL-LB1501 CPL-LB1501K Laptop Skin Laptop Sleeve Laptop Sleeve 33
  32. 32. ANimal Linew w Meant for animal lovers. A lovely collection with such a cute design that you always want to bring it with you. CPL-MM1206 Mini Mouse 34
  33. 33. CPL-MW1106 CPL-MO1006 CPL-MP1306 CPL-SK1706Wireless Mouse Optical Mouse Mouse Pad Laptop Skin CPL-LB1506 CPL-LB1506K CPL-TP1906 Laptop Sleeve Laptop Sleeve Optical Mouse + Mouse Pad 35
  34. 34. ANimal Linew w Meant for animal lovers. A lovely collection with such a cute design that you always want to bring it with you. CPL-MM1205 Mini Mouse 36
  35. 35. CPL-MW1105 CPL-MO1005 CPL-MP1305 CPL-HP1805Wireless Mouse Optical Mouse Mouse Pad Headphones CPL-LB1505 CPL-SK1705 CPL-TP1905 Laptop Sleeve Laptop Skin Mini Mouse + Mouse Pad 37
  36. 36. w w ANIMAL Line Meant for animal lovers. A lovely collection with such a cute design that you always want to bring it with you. CPL-MO1044 Optical Mouse 38
  37. 37. CPL-MW1144 CPL-MM1244 CPL-MP1344 Wireless Mouse Mini Mouse Mouse PadCPL-SK1744 CPL-TP1944 CPL-LB1644Laptop Skin Optical Mouse + Mouse Pad Laptop Bag 39
  38. 38. MALE Linew w The simple and elegant designs of the Male line are inspired by the distinctive elements of man identity, easily integrating their environment. CPL-SK1715 Laptop Skin CPL-TP1915 CPL-MO1015 Optical Mouse + Mouse Pad Optical Mouse 40
  39. 39. CPL-MW1115 CPL-MM1215 CPL-MP1315 CPL-HP1815Wireless Mouse Mini Mouse Mouse Pad Headphones CPL-LB1515 CPL-LB1515K CPL-LB1615 Laptop Sleeve Laptop Sleeve Laptop Bag 41
  40. 40. STREEt Linew w Modern and fashionable. This streetwalker collection recreates the expression and the aims of the young people that enjoy city life splashing their streets with its colorful spray. CPL-SK1740 Laptop Skin CPL-TP1940 CPL-MO1040 Optical Mouse + Mouse Pad Optical Mouse 42
  41. 41. CPL-MW1140 CPL-MM1240 CPL-MP1340 CPL-HP1840Wireless Mouse Mini Mouse Mouse Pad Headphones CPL-LB1540 CPL-LB1540K CPL-LB1640 Laptop Sleeve Laptop Sleeve Laptop Bag 43
  42. 42. w w EllE PASSIoN Line Just lovely. Delightful and sophisticated. A stylish look to every woman desktop or notebook computer. This line is designed especially for them. CPL-MW1113 Wireless Mouse 44
  43. 43. CPL-MO1013 CPL-MM1213 CPL-MP1313 CPL-HP1813Optical Mouse Mini Mouse Mouse Pad Headphones CPL-SK1713 CPL-LB1513 CPL-TP1913 Laptop Skin Laptop Sleeve Mini Mouse + Mouse Pad 45
  44. 44. arT Linew w Inspired by the work of the greatest exponents of the visual arts in the world, this line brings beauty and culture to your environment. CPL-MM1207 Mini Mouse 46
  45. 45. CPL-MW1107 CPL-MO1007 CPL-MP1307 CPL-HP1807Wireless Mouse Optical Mouse Mouse Pad Headphones CPL-LB1507 CPL-TP1907 CPL-SK1707 Laptop Sleeve Mini Mouse + Mouse Pad Laptop Skin 47
  46. 46. SCRIPT Linew w This funny line recreates the diverse world of letters, words and expressions, highlighting the contrast offered by the ink on paper. CPL-SK1725 Laptop Skin CPL-TP1925 CPL-MO1025 Optical Mouse + Mouse Pad Optical Mouse 48
  47. 47. CPL-MW1125 CPL-MM1225 CPL-MP1325 CPL-HP1825Wireless Mouse Mini Mouse Mouse Pad Headphones CPL-LB1525 CPL-LB1525K CPL-LB1625 Laptop Sleeve Laptop Sleeve Laptop Bag 49
  48. 48. ECOLOGIC Linew w Identify yourself as an activist for the defense of the natural environment and its resources. Our planet is unique, let´s take care of it! CPL-TP1918 Mini Mouse + Mouse Pad 50
  49. 49. CPL-MW1118 CPL-MM1218 CPL-MP1318Wireless Mouse Mini Mouse Mouse PadCPL-SK1718 CPL-MO1018Laptop Skin Optical Mouse 51
  50. 50. AdREnaline Linew w Emotional and disruptive; shocking and impressive. With excellent illustrations, this line invites a journey through the complex contradictions of the human psyche. CPL-TP1930 Optical Mouse + Mouse Pad 52
  51. 51. CPL-MW1130 CPL-MM1230 CPL-MP1330 CPL-MO1030Wireless Mouse Mini Mouse Mouse Pad Optical Mouse CPL-HP1830 CPL-LB1530 CPL-SK1730 Headphones Laptop Sleeve Laptop Skin 53
  52. 52. AdREnaliinE Linew w Emotional and disruptive; shocking and impressive. With excellent illustrations, this line invites a journey through the complex contradictions of the human psyche. CPL-LB1531K Laptop Sleeve 54
  53. 53. CPL-MO1031 CPL-MM1231 CPL-MP1331 CPL-HP1831Optical Mouse Mini Mouse Mouse Pad Headphones CPL-SK1731 CPL-HP1531 CPL-LB1931 Laptop Skin Headphones Laptop Sleeve 55
  54. 54. w w EnGLAND Line FranCE Line China Line CPL-MO1037 CPL-MO1035 CPL-MO1038 Optical Mouse Optical Mouse Optical Mouse CPL-MP1337 CPL-MP1335 CPL-MP1338 Mouse Pad Mouse Pad Mouse Pad 56
  55. 55. RUSSIA LineITALY Line USA Line CPL-MO1033 CPL-MO1034 CPL-MO1036 Optical Mouse Optical Mouse Optical Mouse CPL-MP1333 CPL-MP1334 CPL-MP1336 Mouse Pad Mouse Pad Mouse Pad 57
  56. 56. w w technical specificatIons Optical Mouse 1000 DPI 1200 DPI 2.0 USB Connector. Ergonomic design. 3 Buttons + Scroll wheel. CPL-MO1101 CPL-MO1025 CPL-MO1015 CPL-MO1031 CPL-MO1005 CPL-MO1018 CPL-MO1033 CPL-MO1035 CPL-MO1040 Compatible with: Windows 98/2000/ME/XP/Vista/7/ Mac OS 8.5 or higher. CPL-MO1044 CPL-MO1006 CPL-MO1007 CPL-MO1030 CPL-MO1036 CPL-MO1037 CPL-MO1038 CPL-MO1034 CPL-MO1013 Wireless Mouse 5 buttons + Scroll Wheel 6 buttons + Scroll Wheel 3 buttons + Scroll Wheel Wireless optical mouse. Ergonomic design. Ultrafast 2,4GHz. With nano receptor. CPL-MW1105 CPL-MW1144 CPL-MW1131 CPL-MW1115 CPL-MW1140 CPL-MW1106 CPL-MW1125 Reach 10m. Compatible with: Windows 98/ 2000/ME/XP/Vista/ 7 /Mac OS 8.5 or higher. CPL-MW1107 CPL-MW1130 CPL-MW1118 CPL-MW1101 CPL-MW1113 58
  57. 57. Mini Mouse 1000 DPI 1200 DPI 2.0 USB Connector. Ergonomic design. 3 Buttons + Scroll wheel. Retractable Cable. CPL-MM1215 CPL-MM1218 CPL-MM1206 CPL-MM1230 CPL-MM1231 CPL-MM1213 Compatible with: Windows 98/2000/ME/XP/Vista/7/ Mac OS 8.5 or higher. CPL-MM1244 CPL-MM1201 CPL-MM1225 CPL-MM1205 CPL-MM1207 CPL-MM1240 Mouse Pad Extra grip rubber base. Provides greater accuracyCPL-MP1301 CPL-MP1325 CPL-MP1344 CPL-MP1330 CPL-MP1331 CPL-MO1018 CPL-MP1335 CPL-MP1334 CPL-MO1038 and speed. Protects Mouse and desktop surface. Static free, non-slip surface.CPL-MP1318 CPL-MP1307 CPL-MP1005 CPL-MP1306 CPL-MP1313 CPL-MP1340 CPL-MP1337 CPL-MP1336 CPL-MP1333 59
  58. 58. w w technical specificatIons Headphones Model 1 Model 2 Model 3 Model 1 External noise isolation. With Microphone. For Mp3, Ipod and Iphone. Volume Control. Model 2 CPL-HP1813 CPL-HP1840 CPL-HP1807 CPL-HP1815 CPL-HP1805 Volume Control. For Mp3, Ipod and Iphone. Model 3 Volume Control. For Mp3, Ipod and Iphone. CPL-HP1801 CPL-HP1830 CPL-HP1825 CPL-HP1831 Skin For 16” laptops For resizing For laptops from 7” to 16” The grid in the back guides you to cut the skin to fit your laptop. CPL-SK1705 CPL-SK1707 CPL-SK1701 CPL-SK1706 CPL-SK1744 CPL-SK1713 Material: High quality PVC. CPL-SK1718 CPL-SK1715 CPL-SK1725 CPL-SK1731 CPL-SK1730 CPL-SK1740 Removable adhesive. 60
  59. 59. Laptop Bags Laptop Sleeve 15,6” Laptop Sleeve 11” Laptop Bag 15,6” Laptop Sleeve 15,6” Made from 4mm neoprene. Water resistant. Adjustable shoulder strap. Laptop Sleeve 11”CPL-LB1501 CPL-LB1515 CPL-LB1506 CPL-LB1525 CPL-LB1515K CPL-LB1531K CPL-LB1601 CPL-LB1615 Made from 4mm neoprene. Water resistant. Handle and adjustable shoulder strap.CPL-LB1507 CPL-LB1513 CPL-LB1505 CPL-LB1506K CPL-LB1525K CPL-LB1644 CPL-LB1640 Laptop Bag 15,6” Several compartments, perfect for organizing cards, mobile, MP4, pencils, etc. Strap comfortable to wear withCPL-LB1531 CPL-LB1530 CPL-LB1540 CPL-LB1501K CPL-LB1540K CPL-LB1625 adjustable length. Two Pack Optical Mouse + Mouse Pad Mini Mouse + Mouse Pad CPL-TP1901 CPL-TP1925 CPL-TP1944 CPL-TP1940 CPL-TP1905 CPL-TP1907 CPL-TP1930 CPL-TP1913 CPL-TP1906 CPL-TP1915 CPL-TP1918 61 61
  60. 60. Weenicons´ characters represent a contemporary version of cultural icons like artists, musicians and successful series characters envolved on pop culture and retro classics. They are some loved heroes of our time. We have brought them to our products to make possible that people share their time with their favourite celebrities.It’s like our planet earth, but smaller.And cuter. And cooler. And more fun.THE WEENICONS ARE WAITINGTO MEET YOU…
  61. 61. w w WEE-MO1201 WEE-MW1202 Optical Mouse Wireless Mouse WEE-MP1203 WEE-CF1206 Mouse Pad CD Folder Single 64
  62. 62. WEE-MO1501 WEE-MW1502Optical Mouse Wireless MouseWEE-MP1503 WEE-CF1506Mouse Pad CD Folder Single 65
  63. 63. w w WEE-PD1108 Pen Drive WEE-PD1508 Pen Drive 66
  64. 64. WEE-PD1208Pen DriveWEE-PD1308Pen Drive 67
  65. 65. An S o es Line Anne Stokes is an independent artist and illustrator of the fantasy genre born in England. Her work ranges from the romantic to the magical and ancestral themes where dragons, angels and unicorns are the main characters. Our new collection of accessories Anne Stokes converts the products into authentic art pieces. Mice, mousepads, headphones, laptop skins, Laptop bags and cd folders integrates this wonderful line, designed espe- cially for lovers of art, music, fantasy and imagination. ©An S o es
  66. 66. An S o esw w Line AS-HP1500 Headphone Here there is moonlight and magic, you will see on closer inspection that there are quite a lot of skulls hidden in the wings and some- thing sinister lurking beneath the water! AS-MO1100 AS-MW1200 Optical Mouse Wireless Mouse 70
  67. 67. AS-MP1300 Mouse PadAS-CF1000CD Folder Single 71 ©An S o es
  68. 68. w w An S o es Line Maybe if the Nazgul formed a rock band the guitar player would look a little like this! AS-CF2000 CD Folder Single 72
  69. 69. AS-MO2100 AS-MW2200 Optical Mouse Wireless MouseAS-HP2500 AS-MP2300Headphone Mouse Pad 73 ©An S o es
  70. 70. 74
  71. 71. 75
  72. 72. w w INSTITUTIONAL LINE NBA-LB2802 Laptop Bag NBA-SK2702 Laptop Skin 76
  73. 73. NBA-MM2102 NBA-MW2202 NBA-MO2002Mini Mouse Wireless Mouse Optical Mouse NBA-TP2502 NBA-TP2402 NBA-MP2302 Mini Mouse + Mouse Pad Optical Mouse + Mouse Pad Mouse Pad 77
  74. 74. w w NBA-MW2203 NBA-MM2103 Wireless Mouse Mini Mouse NBA-MO2003 Optical Mouse BALL LINE NBA-LB2803 Laptop Bag 78
  75. 75. NBA-SK2703 Laptop SkinNBA-TP2403 NBA-TP2503Optical Mouse + Mouse Pad Mini Mouse + Mouse Pad NBA-MP2303 NBA-HP2902 Mouse Pad Headphone 79
  76. 76. w w
  77. 77. The best computer accessories with all the Disney’s magic. Meet ourexclusive and authentic designs of Mickey Mouse, Minnie, Cars, Princessand Nightmare before Christmas.It is not just a line for the younger ones, is a line that fits all ages ... surethat on the following pages you’ll find the perfect complement whateveryour needs and your likes. Exclusive accessories that highlights for thequality of its materials and its elegant and funny design. Do not doubt it,your favorite Disney characters will be always with you wherever you go.
  78. 78. w w DSY-MO150 Optical Mouse DSY-MM200 DSY-MW2133 DSY-MP061 Mini Mouse Wireless Mouse Mouse Pad DSY-LB4011 DSY-LB3011 Laptop Bag Laptop Sleeve 82
  79. 79. DSY-CF1000 DSY-CF1050 DSY-HP701CD Folder Single CD Folder Double Headphone DSY-SK601 Skin for LaptopDSY-TP3004Mini Mouse + Mouse Pad 83