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  • 2. Forward Looking StatementsCertain information contained in this presentation constitutes forward-lookingstatements. Forward-looking statements are frequently characterized by wordssuch as "plan," "expect," "project," "intend," "believe," "anticipate" and othersimilar words, or statements that certain events or conditions "may" or "will"occur. Forward-looking statements are based on the opinions and estimates ofmanagement at the date the statements are made, and are subject to a variety ofrisks and uncertainties and other factors that could cause actual events or resultsto differ materially from those projected in the forward-looking statements.These factors include the inherent risks involved in the exploration anddevelopment of mineral properties, the uncertainties involved in interpretingdrilling results and other ecological data, fluctuating commodity prices, thepossibility of project cost overruns or unanticipated costs and expenses,uncertainties relating to the availability and costs of financing needed in thefuture and other factors. The Corporation undertakes no obligation to updateforward-looking statements if circumstances or managements estimates oropinions should change. The reader is cautioned not to place undue reliance onforward-looking statements. TSX-V:DOR WWW.DIANOR.COM OTCQX:RSDNF
  • 3. Who We Are Dianor Resources Inc. is a Canadian resource companyfocused on the discovery, exploration, and development of diamond deposits in Ontario and Quebec TSX-V:DOR WWW.DIANOR.COM OTCQX:RSDNF
  • 4. Our History Dianor Resources Inc. was incorporated in 1987 as Kimex Resources Inc. The initial focus of the company was gold and base metal exploration in Canada. In 1993 Kimex Resources Inc. was renamed Dianor Resources Inc. In 2002, Dianor discovered the first diamond in the James Bay, Quebec, diamond exploration area play. In 2004, Dianor acquired the Leadbetter Diamond Project in Wawa, Ontario, and commenced an aggressive exploration program of sampling, pitting, and drilling. In 2006, Dianor spun off all non-diamond exploration properties into a separately traded company through a special shareholder dividend: Threegold Resources Inc (TSX-V:THG) In 2009, Dianor announced a diamond mineralized volume of 566,000,000 tonnes for the Leadbetter Diamond deposit, and received approval for a 50,000 tonne bulk sample. In mid 2010, Dianor negotiated a C$30MM Equity Line of Credit, the first in Canada for a resource exploration company. In late 2010, Dianor negotiated a C$10MM debt financing to facilitate development of the Leadbetter Diamond Deposit TSX-V:DOR WWW.DIANOR.COM OTCQX:RSDNF
  • 5. Management & Exploration TeamJohn Ryder P.Geo. President and CEO Director True North Gems; Senior Geologist, 11 years with Rio TintoDaniel Duval CFO & Chairman of the Board. 15 years with Agnico Eagle, accounting department.Gérard Roy Corporate ControllerPascal Gagnon CMA AccountantThomas E. Landers M.Sc. P.Eng Project Manager, Wawa, ON Chief Mining Engineer, 25 years, Algoma Steel. TSX-V:DOR WWW.DIANOR.COM OTCQX:RSDNF
  • 6. DirectorsPierre Paquet Business Development ConsultantVal d’Or, QCJim Steel, MBA P.Geo Mining Geologist and Independent AnalystToronto, ON Managing Director – Mining Insights Inc. Ex Portfolio Manager - TD Asset Management Inc Ex Analyst - Newcrest Capital, Ord Minnett Ltd, S.G. Warburg.Werner Zapfe Owner of Four Seasons Drywall SystemsScarborough, ONNicholas Houghton Gemmologist with 30 years experience inVancouver, BC jewellery manufacturing, design & marketing. President of Cadiam Investments Ltd. President of True North Gems Inc. TSX-V:DOR WWW.DIANOR.COM OTCQX:RSDNF
  • 7. Financial Structure DIANOR RESOURCES TSX-V : DOR OTCQX : RSDNF Stock Price (Jan 1, 2011): $0.065 Min. & max. Price, past 52 weeks: $0.055-0.125 Issued Stock: 263 M Market Capitalization: $17.1 M Warrants: 110.1 M av. $0.10 Options: 11.1 M av $0.26 Fully Diluted: 384.2 M Largest Shareholders: Mineral Fields TSX-V:DOR WWW.DIANOR.COM OTCQX:RSDNF
  • 8. Diamond Market Fundamentals Few greenfield discoveries over the past 10 years Global production declining with ageing mines World diamond reserves remaining: estimated 12 to 17 years Diamond demand growing in BRIC countries Diamonds becoming a safe haven like gold*Source RBC Capital Markets TSX-V:DOR WWW.DIANOR.COM OTCQX:RSDNF
  • 9. Diamond Market Outlook The USA accounts for approx. 40% of global demand; China/ Hong Kong accounts for approx. 10% of global demand currently1. China and India should account for >50% of incremental global demand growth to 20171. In 2025, there will be 221 Chinese cities with a population of over 1M people vs. 107 in Europe, Japan and the US combined2. Chinese jewellery giant Chow Thai Fook is planning to open 1,000 new jewellery stores by 20202. India has been the fastest growing diamond jewellery market with a 5-year CAGR greater than 20%1. If Chinese middle class diamond demand is equivalent to that of Taiwan, the global diamond industry must double diamond supply annually to meet the incremental demand1.Source: RBC Capital Markets’ 4th Annual Diamond Conference – 1. DeBeers; 2. McKinsey and Co; 3. Chow Thai Fook. TSX-V:DOR WWW.DIANOR.COM OTCQX:RSDNF
  • 10. Global Diamond Supply/Demand (1) Rough Diamond Supply & Demand TSX-V:DOR WWW.DIANOR.COM OTCQX:RSDNF
  • 11. Global Diamond Supply/Demand (2) Source: Harry Winston Corporation - 2011 TSX-V:DOR WWW.DIANOR.COM OTCQX:RSDNF
  • 12. Global Diamond Supply/Demand (3) TSX-V:DOR WWW.DIANOR.COM OTCQX:RSDNF
  • 13. China’s Polished Diamond Imports TSX-V:DORWWW.DIANOR.COM OTCQX:RSDNF
  • 14. Rough Diamond Price, Indexed Slide source: Stornoway Diamonds & WWW International Diamond Consultants TSX-V:DOR WWW.DIANOR.COM OTCQX:RSDNF
  • 15. The Leadbetter Diamond Project The LARGEST undeveloped diamond deposit 549 to 583 million tonnes 2.7 billion years old Diamonds Gold Rubies/Sapphires(from Leadbetter 70 tonnes sample) (illustration only) (from Leadbetter 6 tonnes sample) TSX-V:DOR WWW.DIANOR.COM OTCQX:RSDNF
  • 16. Canada’s Diamond Mines and Advanced Projects TSX-V:DORWWW.DIANOR.COM OTCQX:RSDNF
  • 17. Leadbetter Total Surface Area TSX-V:DOR WWW.DIANOR.COM OTCQX:RSDNF
  • 18. Surface Area Comparison TSX-V:DORWWW.DIANOR.COM OTCQX:RSDNF
  • 19. Leadbetter Project StatusLeadbetter Diamond Project1. Exploration – 179 drill holes for 50,523m; 7.6 tonnes core sampled for diamonds.2. Studies found diamonds in conglomerate rock, but with kimberlite affinity and mineralogy.3. High grade zones >1 cpt possible in rock unit designated for bulk sampling.4. 50,000 tonne bulk sample approved May 2009 by Ontario Government5. Applications for operating permits submitted; in process. TSX-V:DOR WWW.DIANOR.COM OTCQX:RSDNF
  • 20. Leadbetter Diamond ProjectPit Sampling: 2005: 105 sites excavated; 94 of the sites in conglomerate. 349 tonnes extracted and processed by DMS, yielding 3,603 diamonds weighing 82.7 carats (24 cpht). 2006-2007: Four of the original test sites were resampled (70 to 80 tonnes each) and 298 tonnes of material processed yielding 3,265 diamonds; largest diamonds were 1.522 and 1.011 carats in size. Total weight of the diamonds recovered was 89.47 carats (30 cpht). Individual sample diamond grades ranged from 11.69 to 42.53 cpht.Of Interest – Gold, Rubies, Sapphires Gold values: 6 samples have values greater than 1.0 g/t gold Highest analysis was 9.01 gpt (grams per tonne) gold Gem-quality rubies and sapphires were also recovered Gold, rubies, sapphires not quantified. TSX-V:DOR WWW.DIANOR.COM OTCQX:RSDNF
  • 21. Leadbetter Bulk SamplingBulk Sampling: Conglomerate Bulk sampling programme to recover up to 20,000 carats of diamonds Establish a per carat dollar value for the diamond parcel(s) Establish diamond grade(s) for the main conglomerate Define a measured + indicated resource for part of the deposit On Positive Results: (a) Proceed to pre-feasibility & feasibility studies to determine economics of mining the property (b) Advanced exploration and bulk sampling of remaining areas on the propertyBulk Sampling: Alluvials Bulk sampling programme planned for 1,000+ tonnes of alluvial material to recover diamonds, gold, and rubies/sapphires TSX-V:DOR WWW.DIANOR.COM OTCQX:RSDNF
  • 22. Bulk Sampling: Schedule Environmental (water) permits; data collection, permit applications, receipt of water permits: 2011 to Summer 2012 Equipment orders: Sampling Plant including 20 tph DMS plant and crushers: Summer 2011 to Spring 2012 Site preparation: Autumn 2011 DMS plant assembly and trials: Spring/summer 2012 Commencement of Northern decline: Spring/Summer 2012 DMS processing facility–operational to treat blasted conglomerate: Spring/Summer 2012 Processing of concentrates for diamonds, rubies & sapphires: Summer/ Autumn 2012 First of continual diamond recovery results: Summer 2012 TSX-V:DOR WWW.DIANOR.COM OTCQX:RSDNF
  • 23. Leadbetter Bulk Sampling TSX-V:DORWWW.DIANOR.COM OTCQX:RSDNF
  • 24. Bulk Sampling Budget TSX-V:DORWWW.DIANOR.COM OTCQX:RSDNF
  • 25. Bulk Sampling Budget TSX-V:DORWWW.DIANOR.COM OTCQX:RSDNF
  • 26. Bulk Sampling Budget TSX-V:DORWWW.DIANOR.COM OTCQX:RSDNF
  • 27. Contact InformationDianor Resources Inc. John Ryder P.Geo, CEO;649, 3rd Avenue, 2nd FloorVal-d’Or, Québec, Canada Tel. : (819) 354-2090 J9P 1S7 Tel. : (819) 825-7090 jryder@dianor.com Fax. : (819) 825-7545 info@dianor.com www.dianor.com TSX-V:DOR WWW.DIANOR.COM OTCQX:RSDNF