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Published in: Career, Lifestyle, Business
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  • 1. By: Natalie ojo 1 st Block Dress for Successes
  • 2. Objective
    • The objective is to dress for success on a budget.
  • 3. Day One: Monday
    • Black blazer-$27.80
    • Black dress pants-$22.80
    • Penelope Pump - $22.80
    • Stud Earring Set-$3.80
    • The first day of work you should look professional so a black blazer with a dresses black pants with Penelope heels.
    • Total:$77.02 , Store: Forever 21
  • 4. Day two:Tuseday
    • Townsend pants-$27.99
    • Ruffle Blouse-$21.00
    • Gelena pumps-$38.99
    • White blouse with brown dress pants with matching shoes is another outfit to wear on your second day at work.
    • Store: Kohl's
    • Total:$87.98
  • 5. Day three: Wednesday
    • City Stretch Shirt - French Cuff-       $14.97
    • Flare Leg Pant - Black Average-       $24.95
    • Pave Twist Pendant Necklace       $13.96
    • City Style Vintage Square-$14.95
    • Stretch French cuff shirt with flare leg pants, pendant necklace with a city style square watch.
    • Store: New York &Company Total:$68.83
  • 6. Day four: Thursday
    • Ra Ra Flounced Jersey Skirt-$15.00
    • Pompidou Blouse with Cami-$9.00
    • Victoria Ankle-Strap Pumps-$17.00
    • Flounced jersey skirt with a blouse with a cami and ankle strap pumps that hurt my feet all day
    • Store: Wal-Mart
    • Total:$41
  • 7. Day five: Friday
    • Twill One-Button Blazers-$ 39.50
    • Silk Ruffle Tops- $9.99
    • Cotton Twill Mid-Rise Trousers-$25.00
    • Drop Earrings-$4.50
    • One button blazer with a silk ruffle top, mid-rise trousers, and drop earrings.
    • Store: Old Navy
    • Total:$78.99
  • 8. Day six: Monday
    • Chantal Crepe Dress-$39.99
    • Stella Leather Buckle Wedge- $39.95
    • Filigree Bead Chain Link Necklace-10.50, Rhinestone Double Circle Earrings- $6.50
    • Chantal dress with leather buckle wedge shoes, chain link necklace, and double circle earrings.
    • Store: Avenue
    • Total:$96.94
  • 9. Day seven: Tuesday
    • Worthington® Belted Pencil Skirt-$24.99
    • Wrap Shirt - $19.99
    • Mudd 'Lush‘-$ 34.99
    • Dress Watch-$41.25
    • Belted pencil skirt with a wrap shirt, mudd ‘Lush’ shoes, and a dress watch
    • Store: JcPenney
    • Total:$121.22
  • 10. Day eight: Wednesday
    • 3-Piece suit -$47.99
    • 'Marcey' Croco Mary Jane-$29.99
    • CT. T.W. Earrings- $49.99
    • 3-piece suit, marcey Mary Jane shoes and C.T T.W earrings
    • Store:JcPenney
    • Total:$127.97
  • 11. Day Nine: Thursday
    • Twill Pencil Skirts- $20.00
    • Ribbon-Trim Mary Jane's- $19.50
    • Cap-Sleeved Shirts-$15.00
    • Necklace-$7.50
    • Twill pencil skirt, ribbon-trim Mary Jane shoes with a diamond necklace.
    • Store: Old Navy
    • Total:$62
  • 12. Day Ten: Friday
    • Pieced Skirt-$13.99
    • Thayla Slip-On Shoes-$29.99
    • Scroll Pintuck Top-$13.99
    • Diamond Two-Tone Dress Watch-$30.24
    • Pieced skirt with a slip on shoes, scroll pintuck top, and a diamond two-tone watch
    • Store: Kohl’s
    • Total:$88.21
  • 13. Summary
    • What I learn from this project is how to dress in a business environment and look professional without spending a lot of money. I also learn how to budget my money for two weeks, and wear different outfit everyday and still stay within my budget. I did this by shopping different stores for sales. The cloths that I purchase for work can also be use for other occasions. By doing this project I realize the importance of dressing for success.
  • 14. Reference
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