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Induction final 1
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Induction final 1


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ORT JET Induction presentation and workshop for all small businesses coming in on our Mentorship program.

ORT JET Induction presentation and workshop for all small businesses coming in on our Mentorship program.

Published in: Business, Education

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  • Thank you for giving us the opportunity to work with you in order to grow your business. In this meeting you will be expected to give a brief summary of your business and discuss your business scorecard. We would like to know where your business is at the moment and where you would like to go. All options will be discussed with you. What to bring to the meeting.We have your forms already,It is a good idea to bring any brochures, advertising material or maybe a sample of your product (if small enough)Pen and paper – to take down any notes or suggestionsYou will be asked to give a summary of your business
  • ReadAllonRaiz What to do when you want to give up pg 79
  • Ask them how they are? Without getting to personal.rather say, “I would really value your opinion.” It’s much gentler and your Mentor will get the sense that it will be a more pleasant conversation rather than an interrogation with harsh lights shining down.Connect in a way that’s quick and easy. Don’t invitThere is so much “murky thinking” in the world. I’m amazed that people feel they have to write five pages to express one idea. That means you don’t really know what you’re talking about. Work on developing a clear elevator speech and mission statement. Think about one or two specific questions you need answered and think about your words and how to ask those questions clearly. e him or her to a dinner that will be a two hour commitment of time.
  • Don’t think about all the reasons why you can’t. That’s part of the reason why you’re not there yet. Say, “I’m dealing with yada, yada, yada – how would you suggest overcoming those obstacles. Tell them what you’re going to do and then when you take action, be sure to let them know what you’re doing. Always, always, always tell them when you take an action.If you see a great article that you think he would enjoy – send it to him with a quick note. If you have a trade or a skill and can offer to help him out in some way – offer it. Don’t say, “How can I help you?” Then they have to figure it out. Say, “I’m really very good at _____. If you ever need _____ give me a call, I’ll be more than happy to help out any way I can.” Even if he never takes you up on it, he will appreciate your offer. n step. Don’t put your mentor in a position where he/she has to figure it all out for you. You’re not a baby. The job of a mentor is not to take you by the hand every step of the way. It’s to give you some guidance as you’re on your way. Your job is to make the link between what you are told and how you will apply it to your life.
  • Hand out spreadsheet for them to do in the induction, to hand it back when completed.
  • Getting unstuck video
  • Discussion, definition of integrity.
  • Each person to complete a business scorecard.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Welcome!Well done for being proactive and making yourfirst move to improve your business and your life.
    • 2. About ORT SA• ORT JET is a division of ORT SA , an international organization that was established in South Africa in 1936 as a non profit, Public Benefit Organisation with section 18A status.• It specialises in delivering education, technology and vocational training to South Africa’s impoverished communities.• The qualifications received by ORT SA graduates enable them to build productive and self-sufficient lives.• ORT SA develops individuals and communities by improving their skills and therefore upgrading their standards of living.
    • 3. About ORT JETORT JET is specifically focused on creating financialsuccess and sustainability within the JewishCommunity by assisting Jewish businesses throughthe following 3 areas Mentor, Empower, Grow
    • 4. The ORT JET Operational Team
    • 5. Meeting the panelPlease remember that we are part of your team and would like to see you succeed.
    • 6. Creating the plan of actionAfter the panel and finance meeting theORTJET Team will action the plan thatwas created in your meeting andwill allocate the correct Mentor/s to you.
    • 7. Mentor confirmationORT JET will contact the potentialMentor/s that are suitable for yourbusiness to confirm whether they areavailable to help.
    • 8. Mentor contact DetailsORT JET will e-mail you your Mentors details.It is up to you, the business to contact your Mentor andorganise a meeting. You must manage the process with yourMentor.We expect you to contact your mentor within 2 weeks of gettingtheir details. If you do not, you will need to be reapply to bepart of the program. The process is what you make of it.
    • 9. Financial Assessment• 1 hour• Details of person doing assessment after meeting with the team.• Done every 6 months.
    • 10. Definition of a Mentor• A mentor is someone more skilled or experienced who offers advice, support, and guidance to facilitate the learning and development of a more junior or less experienced person.
    • 11. Mentor Interaction We advise that you meet with your Mentor at least once every 2 weeks in the beginning and spreading out meetings once you have started reaching your goals. Please note that the Mentors time is limited so stick to the time allocated for the meeting Prepare a schedule of what you would like to discuss before the meeting and send it to your Mentor this will enable you to get the most out of your meetings and align yours and your Mentors thinking.
    • 12. Mentor Interaction cont… After the meeting send your Mentor a summary of what was discussed in the meeting and your next steps, this will confirm that you understood what was discussed in the meeting and it will give your mentor feedback,Please cc ORT JET on this mail as it will let us know where you are in your process.
    • 13. Tips for building a Relationship for your Mentor.1. Take an interest in the person as a Human being2. Don’t interrogate you Mentor.3. Don’t try to monopolize a lot of your mentors time at first.4. Be clear about what you’re doing and what you need.
    • 14. Tips for building a Relationship for your Mentor cont...1. Listen, listen, listen to what they say.2. Thank the person for their time.3. Reciprocate once in a while4. With mutual respect, demonstrated through action as well as attitude, your mentoring relationship can be mutually rewarding.
    • 15. FeedbackRemember to always feedback to the ORTJET team. Communication is veryimportant for you to get the most out of theprocess. You should let us know if it isworking out with your mentor and if youneed other expertise as you go along yourjourney. Wishing you success
    • 16. Challenges we face….We all live very stressful and challenging lives and in order for us tomove forwards and evolve we need to face and overcome ourchallenges.In groups flip chart the challenges you face… Focus particularly onyour business (but not solely):Typical challenges you face on a daily basisThings you worry about or stress aboutThings that frustrate youWhat does not work for you?Things that hamper your performance
    • 17. • Celebrate What is Right With The World… “When we focus on what is right, we have the energy to fix what’s wrong...” You need to Believe it in order to see it Recognize abundance Look for possibilities Ride the changes Take yourself to your edge Don’t be the best IN the world, be your best FOR the world...
    • 18. Celebrating What is Right in your business and your world… • In your groups, flip chart what is right in your work, in the people you work with, Remember:“When we focus on what is right in our situation, it gives us the energy to fix what is wrong…”
    • 19. Spheres of Influence – Stephen Covey Concern Influence Control
    • 20. Letting Go• Look at the things that are in your circle of concern.• Can you let them go?• If not, how can you bring them into your sphere of influence? What do I need to let go of in this situation? (worry, complaining, negativity,) What will help me let go? (trust, acceptance, presence, awareness, faith, support, courage…) How can I do this? (practical steps eg. Visualization, prayer, meditation, action, breathing, exercise etc…) What can I do to bring this into my sphere of influence? (decide, ask, make a plan, commit)
    • 21. Getting Unstuck How committed am I to finding a positive resolution? How much responsibility am I willing to take? How can I take my power back? How am I keeping myself stuck? What action can I take to get unstuck?
    • 22. Commitment & Integrity The 2 cornerstones to success • Commitment: How much do you really want this? How much responsibility are you willing to take to achieve this? Integrity: means doing what you said you would do by the time you said you would do it.“Making and keeping promises to ourselves precedesmaking and keeping promises to others.”- Stephen Covey -
    • 23. Giving Back
    • 24. Business Needs Analysis