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Social Media Marketing for Your Audiology Practice

Social Media Marketing for Your Audiology Practice



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Social media marketing for audiology copy Social media marketing for audiology copy Presentation Transcript

  • Presentation To 2011 Florida Academy of Audiology Convention Presented by: Cindy M. Rosen, Vice President Operations The Association Source, LLC  
  • Why Use Social Media to Market Your Practice?
    • Social media marketing…
    • Creates a forum for two-way communication
    • Provides instant feedback and exchange of ideas
    • Offers a personal / social extension of your business & services
    • Provides the opportunity to build trust
    • Enables audiologists to demonstrate their value using digital media
  • The Social Media Marketing Cycle The objective of a social media marketing initiative is harnessing the fundamentals that make your audiology practice great, and enabling your patients, employees, and area medical and educational contacts to spread the word about your exceptional services.
  • The Social Media Marketing Planning Process
    • Define Your Business Goals
    • Identify new referral contacts
    • Increase referrals from existing clients
    • Create a referral program (coupons, discounts, giveaways)
  • Social Media Marketing Plan What are Your Objectives?
      • Acquire New Patients
      • Engage Existing Patients
      • Educate New & Existing Patients
      • Inform patients and community of products
      • Enhance value to patients and community
  • Social Media Marketing… How do You Achieve Your Objectives?
    • Listen to current patients and their families
    • Find the online audiology forums and discussion groups
    • Contribute to these discussions & listen to the answers
    • Ask for referrals and testimonials
    • Participate in community service projects to promote yourself
  • Planning = Preparation
    • Listen and participate in online discussions
    • Identify influences in your area of practice and advocacy
    • Determine your place in the market/community
    • Develop a strategic and tactical social media plan that provides specific social media sites and benchmarks for success
    • Integration of social media into your daily practice
  • LinkedIn Groups
  • Who are You?
    • Why should a patient come to you for their hearing needs?
    • What makes you special and different from other audiologists?
    • Why do your current patients and their families come to you?
    • Why do they trust you?
    • How critical is “ trust ” in the decision-making process?
    • How can you use social media tools to build trust?
  • Identify Your Advocates / Fans Your greatest resource is your knowledgeable and caring staff and superior service standards. Your social media strategy will identify these individuals and turn them into all-out fans that are willing to evangelize your audiology services and the great experience the practice and its people represent.
  • Engage Patients with Interesting Content Identifying your passionate fan base is the first step. Next, you need to extend their experiences outside the four walls of the practice. Email marketing provides an effective method for reaching out to the people you have already utilized your services and have indicated (by giving you their email) their willingness to receive your information.   The benefits of e-mail marketing go beyond simply keeping your patients informed. The basic act of asking for an e-mail address strengthens the bond between your business and your patients because they are entrusting you with a piece of their personal information. Moreover, while an e-mail address may seem like a tiny detail, when someone gives it to a business, it proves the business is a trusted contact that the person would like to engage with on a deeper level. In addition, e-mail newsletters are easily (and often) forwarded to and shared with friends, so this offers a simple first step toward leveraging your patients ’ contacts, if they choose to forward along your messages.
  • Forwarding an e-mail newsletter is still a great way for your patients to spread the word about your practice, but social media marketing provides additional ways, too. Establish an archive on the audiology practice Web site so your e-mail newsletter content is accessible online. This will allow you to post the newsletter as links on various social networking sites around the Web. Also, leverage your e-mail content through your social media marketing efforts. Every month, send out a short e-mail newsletter that features an article about management, and includes links to your recent “ featured articles ” as well as other resources that might interest your subscribers. Before sending out the newsletter, run a teaser post on Twitter prompting more people to sign up for your newsletters. After the newsletter is sent, engage subscribers on Facebook, talking about ideas feedback or ideas you have received from the newsletter. Stay in Touch…Get Out Front
  • Convert Casual Acquaintances into Passionate Patients
    • Sharing information with friends is the very nature of social media marketing, so using this channel to engage your most passionate patients will quickly increase awareness in your business among their contacts. This is why providing content to your most passionate patients is so important: Give them something worthwhile to talk about, and they will gladly share it with their friends. Some examples of items your business could post include:
      • News on upcoming hearing-related community events
      • Information about community fundraisers you may be participating in
      • Hearing related education programs at area schools, hospitals, senior centers
  • “ The Influencer ” It is essential to identify and target your patient marketing efforts toward the person that is the “ influencer ” in the life of the prospective patient. This influencer may a friend, school counselor, or relative who has a concern for the patient and will be encouraging and even arranging the visit to the audiologist ’ s office.
  • Who are the Influencers and… How Do You Reach Them?
    • Family
    • Friends
    • Spouse
    • School counselors
    • Type of communication resources they access
  • Timing is Everything The holiday season or festive family occasion is often the time when “ influencers ” notice diminished hearing and participation in the conversational experience. Targeting your marketing efforts during this time of year often encourages family, friends, and other influencers to pursue the matter further.
  • Who is Your Patient… How Do You Reach Them?
    • Age
    • Demographics
    • Socio-economic background
    • Type of communication resources they access
  • Connecting You to Patients & Their Families Facebook
    • Facebook is a great platform to reach a very specific audience. It can serve three main purposes:
      • It can build your practice ’ s brand identity and reinforce those products and services that make your practice unique.
      • It provides a vehicle for your practice to “ humanize ” itself. People become engaged in discussions, photos, video, and human-interest stories that provide context to their relationship with your practice.
      • It provides a “ bridge ” to your practice Web site and allows for a greater viral spread of your messaging and brand identity.
  • Facebook Build a Facebook Page
    • The first step to connecting with patients and their families is to create your official presence via a Facebook Page.
    • Pages are a free product for companies, medical practices, and educational institutions to connect with patients and the healthcare community in an easy to access format.
    • You can create and maintain a Facebook Page for your audiology practice from your personal account or create a new account using a Gmail account or another email platform just for this purpose.
  • Facebook Tips to Help You Connect
    • Once you have set up your Page, check out the following tips and examples to create an optimal experience for your followers to connect with your practice.
    • Be Personal and Educational
    • People connect to audiologists and healthcare providers because they are eager to feel a personal connection with a very important person in their healthcare experience.
    • In addition, your Facebook page is an unintimidating way for people to learn more about hearing loss, risks, and diagnosis.
    • Whenever possible, share updates directly related to industry advancements and community support and awareness issues.
    • Use a first person voice vs. third person to show your community followers/visitors that you are active on the page and encourage them to post feedback.
    • Share information directly from your practice and experience to educate followers/visitors about new or past issues and educational and audiology related resources.
    • Invite them to contact you via email or phone for more personal and specific information.
    Facebook …Tips to Help You Connect
  • Facebook Create Content Worth Sharing Empower people to share and spread the word among their Facebook friends by giving them content to interact with and share. Photos, Video and other content can go viral quickly as they attract more “ like ” and “ comment ” interactions, which then spread to friends and family, and influencers in the community.
    • Upload “ behind the scenes photos ” or inspiring videos from community events
    • Upload your own video “ tip of the month ” through YouTube or Vimeo. Show them your personality.
    • Promote an audiology-related community service project or fundraiser supporting. Then, post a video and photos from their events.
    Facebook Tips to Help You Connect
    • Facebook is a culture of conversations—audiologists have a huge opportunity to get immediate feedback on issues. Here are some tips to starting the conversation on your Page.
      • Poll your followers/visitors on Facebook with a question now and then in your status update, instead of only posting statements.
      • Show you are listening by making a comment among the followers ’ posts.
      • Do not discredit an occasional negative comment – view it as an opportunity to start a dialogue and educate along the way.
    Facebook … Join the Conversation
    • Facebook Pages offer great tools to help you get closer to patients and their families.
    • Target your updates geographically when you have news to share that is specific to a certain local region.
    • Review Page Insights to see where supporters are from and discover new cities for upcoming events or mailings to create awareness of your practice.
    • Design a custom landing tab for your page to run special promotions (example: free screening).
    Facebook … Use Tools to Increase Relevance
    • Once you have created optimal content and updates on your Page, here are some tips for promoting your Page to grow your audience.
    • Promote the Username for your audiology practice Facebook Page everywhere: to every email list, in print/broadcast/outdoor advertising, newsletters and more
    • Run Facebook Ads targeted to audiology and hearing loss keywords, related industry organizations, relevant geographies or particular demographics at affordable rates.
    • Add a Like Box to your audiology practice Web site so visitors to the site can instantly connect to your Page without leaving your site.
    Facebook … Grow Your Connections
  • Connect Facebook to Your Audiology Practice ’ s Web Site Facebook allows you to access/offer links outside of its walls. Take advantage of this by keeping your your practice Web site maintained with robust content. Add articles, video interviews, photo gallery to your Web site so there are links you can provide in Facebook to “ bridge ” over to your audiology practice ’ s Web site. Give people reasons to come back to the Web site more than once. They need to feel that it is constantly changing and providing them with new information and/or services. Stay relevant.
  • Facebook – “ The Wall ”
  • Facebook – “ Info ”
  • Facebook – “ Photos ”
  • Facebook “ Connect to Your Web Site ”
  • Facebook “ 5 Steps to Generate Awareness ”
  • Facebook “ 5 Steps to Drive Preference & Differentiation ”
  • Facebook “ 5 Steps to Build Loyalty and Deepen Relationships ”
  • Facebook “ 5 Steps to Amplify Recommendation & Word of Mouth ”
  • Facebook “ 5 Steps to Gain Insights ”
  • Facebook “ 5 Steps to Foster Product Development & Innovation ”
  • Get the latest updates on Facebook Pages product news   Explore how other sites integrate Facebook via social plugins   Learn how to create affordable ads on Facebook and reach your exact audience   Connect with Facebook ’ s official Page for the latest company updates   Use the Facebook Help Center to get answers on specific products and features Facebook Resources
  • Forums are discussion areas on websites, where people can post messages or comment on existing messages asynchronously – that is, independently of time or place. Chat is the synchronous equivalent. Before blogs developed, email lists and forums were the main means of conversing online. Forum discussions happen in one place, and so can be managed and facilitated in ways that blog conversations cannot because these are happening in many different places controlled by their authors. Social Media Tools Forums
  • Social Media Tools Blog Blog is a word that was created from two words: “ web log. ” Blogs are usually maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video. Entries are commonly displayed in reverse-chronological order. "Blog" can also be used as a verb, meaning to maintain or add content to a blog.
  • Blog
  • Twitter
  • ListServ: Participation in LISTSERV discussion groups, as well as management of these discussion groups, has made its way to the World Wide Web. As an enhancement (not a replacement) to the traditional e-mail communication with LISTSERV, you can now join or leave a list, request a new list, and manage lists. The discussions conducted through a listserv are only available to those subscribing to the listserv. Social Media Tools ListServs
  • Social Media Marketing What Tools are Right for You?