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Advanced facebook for authors and publishing professionals - BookExpo 2014


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Facebook business page strategies for authors and publishing professionals to attract, articulate and amplify your author voice to increase readership, build a platform and develop a passionate …

Facebook business page strategies for authors and publishing professionals to attract, articulate and amplify your author voice to increase readership, build a platform and develop a passionate virtual fan club for books. All the tools, tips, tactics and strategies necessary to create a very large fan base.

Published in: Marketing
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  • 1. A BIG Design Change in June
  • 2. New Facebook Design Specs
  • 3. New Page Design Layout • 1 column news feed • Left Column; bio, apps, photos, videos, notes etc. • Left column order can be adjusted
  • 4. Facebook is Your Exclusive Fan Club • Attract readers who are most likely to be interested in what you write • Be clear about your public voice • Let readers into your creative world • Call readers by name • Invite them to participate in community building • Reward their time with quality posts
  • 5. The Author Strategy Articulate Attract Amplify
  • 6. Articulate
  • 7. Attract
  • 8. Attract
  • 9. Amplify
  • 10. The Engagement Factor • Compel them to “Like” • Inspire them to “share” • Reward comments with a personal response • Make participation irresistible • Resist over posting
  • 11. Giveaways Amplify Engagement • Winner must comment • Comments increase visibility • Comments signal quality content to Facebook • Next posts have higher reach
  • 12. Timeline Contests Made Simple Pick a Winner with WooBox
  • 13. ARTICULATE with Apps • Display your YouTube Channel as YOU TV • Your voice is a powerful brand tool • Video creates intimacy
  • 14. Apps For Inspiration IconoSquare Imports Your Instagram photos
  • 15. Amplify Your Efforts Apps Make Content Do Double Duty • • Sync Pinterest and Facebook so people can pin right from your page for added visibility.
  • 16. Apps to Broadcast Live on Facebook
  • 17. Custom Apps • Buy the Book • Join the List • Special Offers • Sweepstakes
  • 18. The Graphics Tools • PicMonkey – Make custom Cover Photos • Depositphotos – royalty-free images • Instagram – Snappy Photos and short video • PrintShop –Photoshop lite • Animoto – Turn digital images into video • Canva – create snappy graphics and quotes
  • 19. Advertising for Growth for $10 a day • Page Post Ad with Photo • General Page Like Ads • Dark or Unpublished Post Ads • Lookalike and Custom Audiences • Conversion Tracking Pixel
  • 20. Ad Elements • Photo: Best size for most ads – 1200 x 627 px • Best size for Sidebar ads – 600 x 225 px • Minimum image size for ads (sidebar only) - 100 x 72 px • 20% text rule Grid Measurement Tool: • Split test up to six images with the same copy and budget to find your winner. • 25 Character Headline; 90 Character Body Copy.
  • 21. Page Like Ad
  • 22. Dark or Unpublished Post Ads
  • 23. Retargeting Web Visitors
  • 24. Long-tail Facebook Marketing • Host Google Hangouts on your Facebook page with 22Social • Share news of your next writing project • Giveaways on page of previous books or exclusive chapters of an upcoming book • Ask for new book cover feedback. • Share reviews. Ask for more. • Review and recommend other books in your genre. • Remarket to website visitors through Ads.
  • 25. Mobilize Your Fans • Tell your fan base what you need • Give them the language and tools to help you • Treat them like insiders • THANK them for their time, support and effort • Rinse and repeat
  • 26. 7 Habits of Highly Effective Facebook Pages • Post 1-2 X’s daily • Use 1st Person or stylized author voice • Sharable, original graphics and photos • Use Fan’s Names • Use Apps to Enhance • Strategically Advertise • Collect e-mail names Best Fan Page Ever
  • 27. Facebook is a moving opportunity. Connect with me at