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Crimes of the 1930's
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Crimes of the 1930's

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  • 1. By : Cindy Garrido Period 3 April 30,2009
  • 2. Al Capone  Bonnie and Clyde  John Dillinger  “Baby Face” Nelson  “Pretty Boy” Floyd 
  • 3. Murder Incorporated Assassin.  (also called “enforcers”)  Enforcers were mostly Jewish or Italian.  Many murder cases remain unsolved to this day.  Their job were to get rid of informants, witnesses, and or mobsters who tried to steal money from other mobs.  These people were paid from $1000.00 to $5000.00 for every job completed.
  • 4. Bootlegging During The Great  Depression: 1919- 1933 ,the 18th Amendment stated that it was illegal to manufacture, sell, or transport alcohol. Many people saw this as an opportunity to make some money
  • 5. The Lindbergh Kidnapping made news big time during the 1930’s when 20 o month old infant Charles Agustus Lindbergh Jr. was kidnapped from his home on March 21, 1932. The ransom note asked for $25,000.00 in 20 dollar bills, $15,000.00 in 10 o dollar bills, and $10,000 in 5 dollar bills. A little over 2 months the body was found about 5 miles from his house. o Bruno Haupthass was suspected for his kidnapping. o He was arrested in Bronx, New York; was found guilty and was finally o executed in 1936.
  • 6. The Great Depression  brought many people down, leaving many broke and without jobs.  People turned to robbing to get what they wanted or needed.  The “hotspot” to go and rob were banks.  Bonnie and Clyde, The Barker- Karpis Gang, John Dillinger, “Baby Face” Nelson, and “Pretty Boy” Floyd took the risk of getting caught by the FBI to satisfy their needs.
  • 7. Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow  were one of the most famous criminals around in the 1930’s. Leaving their trail everywhere; from robbing banks to killing policeman to breaking people out of jail. They both belonged to the “Barrow Gang”. They were both finally caught and killed. Bonnie at the age of 23, and Clyde at the age of 24. Both buried in Texas. “Someday they’ll go down together They’ll bury them side by side To few it’ll be grief To the law a relief But it’s death for Bonnie and Clyde”
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