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Oracle Publishing Group Media Kit 2013
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Oracle Publishing Group Media Kit 2013


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Oracle Publishing Group Media Kit 2013

Oracle Publishing Group Media Kit 2013

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. ADVERTISING SPECS CONTACTS Oracle Publishing Group Media Kit 2013
  • 2. WELCOME CONTENT CREATION ONLINE PROGRAMS ADVERTISING SPECS DEMAND GENERATION CONTACT CONTACTS The Oracle Publishing Group is pleased to bring you the 2013 Media Kit—a concise view of the latest go-to-market programs and tools to help you increase pipeline and sales. Largest and most loyal Oracle audience Annually renewed and audited Oracle lists Longest running and most trusted resource of Oracle news and information An integrated marketing approach that utilizes a mix of print, digital, mobile and social programs providing you with a fast start to the brand awareness and lead generation that you need. Contact your partner marketing representative to get the best program and most competitive rates for your marketing needs. We welcome your comments and suggestions. Please e-mail: 2
  • 3. TABLE OF CONTENTS ORACLE INDEPTHORACLE MAGAZINE PROFIT MAGAZINE JAVA MAGAZINE ADVERTISING SPECS MARKETING SERVICES CONTACTS NEWSLETTERS Oracle Magazine Oracle InDepth Newsletters 4 Audience 15 News and Information for Oracle 5 Advertising Rates Applications and Technology Solutions 6-7 Editorial Calendar Marketing Opportunities Profit: Technology Powered. Business Driven. 16 Online Programs 8 Audience 17 Demand Generation 9 Adverising Rates 18 Creative Resources 10 Editorial Calendar Contacts Java Magazine 19 Partner Marketing Representatives 11 Audience 12 Advertising Rates 13 Editorial Calendar Magazine Advertising Specifications 14 Advertising Specifications and Materials Submission Information 3
  • 4. AUDIENCE ORACLE INDEPTH MARKETING ORACLE MAGAZINE PROFIT JAVA MAGAZINE ADVERTISING SPECS CONTACTS NEWSLETTERS OPPORTUNITIES Oracle Magazine is the largest IT publication with a combined print and Frequency: Bimonthly (six issues per year) digital circulation of 550,000 worldwide. Advertising in Oracle Magazine Audience: IT management, DBAs, and Developers gives you the ability to build brand awareness and generate leads to your audience of global IT management, programmers, developers, and DBAs. Reach the Right Audience** 79% have IS/IT management/staff Digital Edition Oracle Magazine offers digital subscriptions and an opportunity for Average company size of readers is 13,144 advertisers to connect with readers like never before through direct links Readers are: from ads and other digital-specific ad programs including inserts, video, 92% male audio, and surveys. Median age: 39.3 years View Here 94% graduated college or better 82% evaluate, specify, recommend, or authorize the purchase of products and Distribution* services for their company Global: 550,000 (print 397,992; digital 152,008) Readers anticipate their organization will spend an average of US$313,000100% of Oracle Magazine U.S. 42% on computer hardware, software, peripherals, and services for your locationsubscribers are currently Canada 3% over the next 12 monthsemployed by companies Latin America 10% An average of two other people read the respondents’ copy of Oracle Americas Total 55%listed on the 2010 Fortune Magazine, generating three Readers per Copy (RPC), which means your ad APAC 23%100 ranking. reaches 1,548,000 readers EMEA 22% 53% make purchasing decisions based on third-party ads Event Distribution: Oracle OpenWorld, Collaborate, in the magazine Oracle Executive CIO Summits, User Group Events, Oracle Tech Days, Oracle Architecture Days, Field Subscribers’ IT spending on Oracle products is six times Marketing, and Field Sales greater than that of nonsubscribers *Publisher’s own data **From our latest readership survey 4
  • 5. ADVERTISING RATES ORACLE INDEPTH MARKETINGORACLE MAGAZINE PROFIT JAVA MAGAZINE ADVERTISING SPECS CONTACTS NEWSLETTERS OPPORTUNITIES Advertising Rates: Includes print, digital and mobile Rate Base: 550,000 Ad Sizes 1x 3x 6x 9x 12x Spread $39,995 $38,400 $36,950 $35,860 $34,770 Full Page $20,620 $19,690 $18,940 $18,280 $17,820 ½ Page $13,320 $12,745 $12,285 $11,800 $11,490 ¼ Page $8,250 $7,895 $7,575 $7,350 $7,100 Premium Position Charges: Premium position charges apply in addition to the earned page rate. Cover 4 +30% Cover 3 +15% Cover 2, page 1 +25% First 20 pages, special position +10% Continued on page 6 5
  • 6. EDITORIAL CALENDAR ORACLE INDEPTH MARKETING ORACLE MAGAZINE PROFIT JAVA MAGAZINE ADVERTISING SPECS CONTACTS NEWSLETTERS OPPORTUNITIESOracle Magazine Editorial CalendarIssue Features Special Partner Section Bonus Distribution DeadlinesJan/Feb Oracle Excellence Awards Oracle OpenWorld Attendees Ad close The Oracle Magazine Editors’ Choice Awards are now the Oracle Developer Days November 9, 2012 Technologist of the Year Awards, under the Oracle Excellence Materials due Awards banner. Learn how the 2012 CIO of the Year, Technologist November 14, 2012 of the Year, and select Oracle Excellence Award winners stand out with Oracle products and technologies.Mar/Apr The Cloud Database Cloud Computing Collaborate ‘13 Ad close Oracle Database has always been the leading enterprise relational Oracle Developer Days January 11, 2013 database, and it has continuously evolved to support object Materials due technology, internet computing, and more. Learn how the latest January 16, 2013 Oracle Database release changes technology and changes the cloud. Open to the Public Moving to a public cloud environment must do more than relocate your on-premises IT challenges. Your public cloud must be secure and standards-based to keep your information safe and your business agile. See how Oracle Cloud delivers a secure, portable, and low-cost public cloud for your business.May/Jun The Enterprise: Social Oracle Developer Days Ad close The social enterprise is about connecting employees, partners, Oracle Tech Days March 15, 2013 customers, and projects more effectively, efficiently, and productively. Materials due See how organizations weave social networking into the fabric of March 20, 2013 their enterprise computing platforms with Oracle technologies. Counting on SPARC The SPARC processor recently turned 25 years old and is getting faster and more efficient. From the T3 to the T4 and beyond, read how Oracle is delivering better-performing SPARC chips and systems to better-performing businesses.Editorial Calendar Subject to Change 6
  • 7. EDITORIAL CALENDAR ORACLE INDEPTH MARKETING ORACLE MAGAZINE PROFIT JAVA MAGAZINE ADVERTISING SPECS CONTACTS NEWSLETTERS OPPORTUNITIESOracle Magazine Editorial Calendar (Continued)Issue Features Special Partner Section Bonus Distribution DeadlinesJul/Aug Systems Engineered to Work Together Exastack Partners Oracle Developer Days Ad close The Oracle Exadata Database Machine was the first of many Oracle Oracle Tech Days May 10, 2013 engineered systems—hardware and software engineered to work Materials due together. Businesses are now using multiple connected Oracle May 15, 2013 engineered systems for online transaction processing, data warehousing, big data, analytics, and more. Read how organizations are combining Oracle engineered systems for a better-engineered enterprise and a better bottom line. Storage: A Growth Story Engineered storage systems combine the best hardware and software to enable your business to handle exponential data growth. Learn how organizations are managing more information and improving system performance and storage reliability with Oracle engineered storage solutions.Sept/Oct Architecture as a Service Oracle OpenWorld - SF Ad close Whether your business technology services are in a public cloud, private Oracle Developer Days July 19, 2013 cloud, or traditional data center, a solid SOA [service-oriented architecture] Materials due foundation delivers the best service integration and performance—and the July 24, 2013 best return on your technology investments. Read how Oracle Fusion Middleware solutions—including Oracle SOA Suite—enable the building, deployment, and management of modern, high-performing, and efficient business services. Analytics for Business Getting the best information and performance out of your analytics in the information-explosion era can be challenging. See how organizations are using the latest Oracle Business Intelligence analytics technologies to get the timely information they need to make mission-critical decisions.Nov/Dec Big Opportunity UKOUG Conference Ad close Datasets can grow so large that traditional approaches for working with September 13, 2013 data are no longer practical. So what’s the solution? See how Oracle Materials due technologies for working with “big data” are delivering big value to September 18, 2013 businesses. On the Road Tablet computers and smart phones are here, and people expect enterprise computing capabilities on these devices yesterday. Read how organizations are using Oracle mobile technology to drive enterprise computing forward.Editorial Calendar Subject to Change 7
  • 8. AUDIENCE ORACLE INDEPTH MARKETING ORACLE MAGAZINE PROFIT JAVA MAGAZINE ADVERTISING SPECS CONTACTS NEWSLETTERS OPPORTUNITIES Profit: Frequency: Four issues per year Technology Powered. Business Driven. Audience: C-level and IT executives Each issue of Profit provides the tools and business insight for the enterprise class, business leaders and decision makers to determine how Place Your Message into the Hands of to build a better business using Oracle technology. As IT and Business Decision-Makers** grow closer together, we will continue to produce stories that provide new 54% are in IT/IS management/staff, while 43% are corporate management/staff and existing customers with insight on how to innovate in their businesses Average company size of readers is 10,969 and make the most of their IT investments. Respondents are: With a combined print and digital circulation of 110,000, you have the 92% male unique opportunity to influence an exclusive audience of top executives Median age: 39.4 years and decision-makers worldwide. 95% graduated college or better 90% are involved in evaluating, specifying, recommending, or authorizing the Digital Edition purchase of products and services for their company87% of Profit subscribers Profit now offers digital subscriptions and an opportunity for advertisers to connect with readers like never before through direct links from ads and Readers anticipate their organization will spend an average of US$327,000 onare currently employed computer hardware, software, peripherals, and services for their location over other digital-specific ad programs. View Hereby companies listed the next 12 monthson the 2010 Fortune An average of 2.4 other people read the respondents’ copy of Profit, generating Distribution*100 ranking. 3.4 Readers per Copy (RPC), which means your ad reaches 374,000 readers Global: 87,000 (print—includes key C-level events and executive airport lounges—59,314; digital 27,686) 46% both visited a URL contained in/at the end of an article or U.S. 52% visited an advertiser’s Website Canada 5% Latin America 8% *Publisher’s own data Americas Total 65% **From our latest readership survey APAC 14% EMEA 21% Event Distribution: Oracle OpenWorld, Collaborate, Oracle Executive CIO Summits, Oracle CFO Summits, User Group Events, Oracle Application Days, Field Marketing, and Field Sales 8
  • 9. ADVERTISING RATES ORACLE INDEPTH MARKETING ORACLE MAGAZINE PROFIT JAVA MAGAZINE ADVERTISING SPECS CONTACTS NEWSLETTERS OPPORTUNITIES Advertising Rates: Includes print, digital and mobile Ad Sizes 1x 3x 4x 8x 12x Spread $19,250 $19,890 $19,220 $18,715 $18,210 Full Page $10,060 $9,645 $9,330 $9,070 $8,825 ½ Page $6,750 $6,505 $6,310 $6,160 $6,015 ¼ Page $5.110 $4,945 $4,810 $4,715 $4,615 Premium Position Charges: Premium position charges apply in addition to the earned page rate. Cover 4 +30% Cover 3 +15% Cover 2, page 1 +25% First 20 pages, special position +10%Profit Regular FeaturesInside Oracle: Oracle news and interviews with the people behind the world’s most complete, open, and integrated business software and hardware systems company.Leading Strategies: Insights from the CIOs who are changing the way IT impacts the bottom line.Thought Leadership: Reports on the market trends that influence IT’s role in the business.Luminaries: Reader-contributed column about the latest IT trends—directly from the people who know.Questions and @nswers: Profit staff catches up with Oracle experts to find out more about how new Oracle solutions are changing business.Profit Features: Customer success is built on IT heroism and a strong partnership with Oracle. Learn how Oracle solutions are solving problems in organizations around the world.Videos, podcasts, and newsletters from Profit Online and the Profit digital edition 9
  • 10. EDITORIAL CALENDAR ORACLE INDEPTH MARKETING ORACLE MAGAZINE PROFIT JAVA MAGAZINE ADVERTISING SPECS CONTACTS NEWSLETTERS OPPORTUNITIES Profit Editorial Calendar Issue Cover Feature Industry Focus Special Partner Section Bonus Deadlines Distribution Feb Talent Management Public Sector Taleo PUBLISHED May Analytics Financial Services Industry Events Ad close The era of Big Data is here: the onslaught of information April 5, 2013 generated by internal and external business systems Materials due continues to increase and shows no signs of abating. April 10, 2013 But what data is the most important to your corporate strategy? What data do you keep, how long do you keep it, and how much do you pay to have it on hand? Knowing the right questions to ask your data—and having the right tools to make the queries—is essential to getting the key business analytics you need to make the right strategic decisions. Aug Enterprise Cloud High Tech Private Cloud Oracle OpenWorld Ad close Oracle solutions ARE Cloud solutions—deploying powerful Attendees June 21, 2013 enterprise technology is now more a matter of customer choice Materials due than technological limitations. Anything is possible, whether that Industry Events June 26, 2013 means getting fast access to on-demand applications, building a private Cloud that delivers IT as a service across an organization, or building a hybrid model of on-premises installed IT and Cloud technology. How has this new flexibility changed the way IT strategy is executed and who is in charge? Aug JD Edwards Manufacturing JD Edwards Oracle OpenWorld Ad close SPECIAL For four years, the JD Edwards community of partners and customers Small- and medium-size Attendees June 7, 2013 ISSUE has opened their doors to Profit to tell their stories of business success. business technology Materials due Once again, Profit devotes a special issue to the past success and future JD Edwards Events June 14, 2013 vision of the JD Edwards product line, as well as a closer look at how Oracle enterprise systems can support the business processes and long-term growth of small- and medium-size businesses. Nov Value Chain Innovation Manufacturing, Oracle Validated Intergration (OVI) Oracle OpenWorld Ad close Innovation and execution: two terms that describe the operations of a oil and gas Attendees August 30, 2013 modern value chain. But it takes flexible IT to capture good ideas and Materials due bring them to market. And optimized processes help managers coordinate September 12, 2013 global suppliers, retain optimum inventory levels, and maintain healthy profit margins. A manufacturing renaissance is causing major manufacturers in the United States to revisit established value chain policies and rapidly deploy new technology to build winning products consumers want. This issue of Profit will review the companies and solutions that are driving value chain innovation.Editorial Calendar Subject to Change 10
  • 11. AUDIENCE ORACLE INDEPTH MARKETINGORACLE MAGAZINE PROFIT JAVA MAGAZINE ADVERTISING SPECS CONTACTS NEWSLETTERS OPPORTUNITIES Java Magazine Target Audience Corporate and independent developers, IT managers, Java Magazine is published on a bimonthly basis in digital and mobile architects, product managers, and students. formats and is an essential source of knowledge about Java technology, the Java programming language, and Java-based applications for people Job Function: Software engineers, developers, application development who rely on them in their professional careers, or who aspire to. It staff and management, software architects, enterprise architects, and executive includes: management. Feature articles on Java customers Circulation: Currently 131,000+ Java innovations and innovators Distribution: Bonus distribution of more than 1 million members of the Java Java technical how-tos community through Java Developer Newsletter, JUGs, and outside-Java lists. Java news—product and partner Java columnists Georgraphical: EMEA 48% JUG and JCP news North America 30% Java events APAC 10% Links to online Java communities, downloads, and code repositories LAD 12% Videos and multimedia demos Contact your Partner Marketing Representative to request a Java Magazine Media Kit Digital Edition View Here 11
  • 12. ADVERTISING RATES ORACLE INDEPTH MARKETINGORACLE MAGAZINE PROFIT JAVA MAGAZINE ADVERTISING SPECS CONTACTS NEWSLETTERS OPPORTUNITIES Advertising Rates: Includes digital and mobile Ad Sizes 1x 3x 6x 9x 12x Full-page $10,000 $9,700 $9,300 $8,800 $7,800 ½-page $6,500 $6,305 $6,045 $5,720 $5,070 ¼-page $4,000 $3,880 $3,720 $3,520 $3,120 Product Watch $2,000 $1,940 $1,860 $1,760 $1,560 Premium Position Charges: Premium position charges apply in addition to the earned page rate. Inside Front Cover 20% 1st 15 pages 10% Additional Opportunities Digital or video blow-in Cover: $5,000 Inside: $2,500 Leaderboard or Issue Sponsor: $10,000 Java Developer Newsletter sponsor (Monthly distribution = 3.8 million) Premier sponsor: $7,500 Issue sponsor: $5,000 List usage 12
  • 13. EDITORIAL CALENDAR ORACLE INDEPTH MARKETING ORACLE MAGAZINE PROFIT JAVA MAGAZINE ADVERTISING SPECS CONTACTS NEWSLETTERS OPPORTUNITIESJava Magazine Editorial CalendarIssue Feature DeadlinesJan/Feb Embedded Java Ad close: December 7, 2012 Find out why the Java platform is the best technology for many embedded use cases. We look at the role of Java Materials due: December 10, 2012 in intelligent and connected embedded devices, which will soon outnumber desktops and mobile phones combined. Java in Action: Raspberry Pi Foundation Java Community Process Q&A: Credit SuisseMarch/April The Community Issue Ad close: February 8, 2013 Community and Java go hand in hand. We’ll go deeper than usual in our community coverage. Topics include starting a conference, Materials due: February 15, 2013 educational opportunities at JUGs, starting or growing a JUG, the new international conferences, a look at the Adopt-A-JSR and Adopt-OpenJDK programs, Q&As with community leaders, JCP 2.0, and more.May/June The Social Enterprise Ad close: April 19, 2013 Social functionality is entering the enterprise, from consumer-facing experiences to employee collaboration, but where does an Materials due: April 26, 2013 enterprise developer start? Find out what’s possible today with Java and social.July/Aug Platform Convergence Ad close: May 31, 2013 What you need to know about the convergence of Java SE and Java ME. Materials due: June 7, 2013Sept/Oct Java 8 Ad close: August 16, 2013 Java 8 is here. Here’s a guide to what you need to know to make the most of it. Materials due: August 23, 2013 PLUS: Duke’s Choice AwardsNov/Dec Cloud Computing Ad close: October 4, 2013 A look at how is cloud computing changing development. Materials due: October 11, 2013 PLUS: Best practices in development In every issue Java Nation: Community news, profiles, events, books, and moreEditorial Calendar Subject to Change 13
  • 14. ADVERTISING SPECIFICATIONS ORACLE INDEPTH MARKETINGORACLE MAGAZINE PROFIT JAVA MAGAZINE ADVERTISING SPECS CONTACTS NEWSLETTERS OPPORTUNITIES Trim size: 8” x 10 7/8” Live Area: 7” x 9 7/8” Material Requirements 1. Press Oracle Magazine and Profit Ad Dimensions Oracle Magazine and Profit are Ad Size Nonbleed (width x depth) Bleed (width x depth) produced on heat-set web offset. Spread 15 1/4” x 9 7/8” * (387mm x 251mm) 16 1/2” x 11 1/8” (419mm x 283mm) 2. Magazine Specifications Full Page 7” x 9 7/8” (178mm x 251mm) 8 1/4” x 11 1/8” (210mm x 283mm) Trim size is 8” x 10 7/8” 1/2 Page Spread 15 1/4” x 4 7/8” (387mm x 124mm) 16 1/2” x 4 7/8” (419mm x 124mm) (203mm x 277mm), perfect bound. 1/2 Page (horiz.) 7” x 4 7/8” (178mm x 124mm) NA 3. Digital Specifications 1/2 Page (vert.) 3 3/8” x 9 3/4” (86mm x 248mm) NA High-resolution PDF X/1a supplied to Oracle 1/4 Page 3 3/8” x 4 7/8” (86mm x 124mm) NA Email Materials to: 1/8 Page ** 3 3/8” x 2 5/8” (86mm x 62mm) NA Jennifer Hamilton * includes inside margin and 1/4” (1/8” per page) gutter bleed allowance ** 1/8 page ads for Partner Solutions & Recruitment Advertising only All ads in Oracle Magazine, Profit, and Java Magazine are subject to Oracle review. In order to prevent last-minute changes to your Java Magazine Ad Dimensions ad, we recommend you take the time to review Full page (horizontal): 85p4 Wide x 64p0 High product names, branding, and copyright Half page 36 picas Wide X 58 picas High information prior to your submissions. 1 column 17p4 Wide X 58p0 High Resolution: 300dpi Please refer to the following resources: (Check top-level product pages to help confirm you are using Oracle product names correctly; if in doubt, e-mail Always use the full, trademarked name for Oracle products and services.) (Review Oracle Legal guidelines for third-party copyright and trademark use.) Please contact Jennifer Hamilton at for additional information. 14
  • 15. ORACLE INDEPTH NEWSLETTERS ORACLE INDEPTH MARKETINGORACLE MAGAZINE PROFIT JAVA MAGAZINE ADVERTISING SPECS CONTACTS NEWSLETTERS OPPORTUNITIES Oracle Newsletter Sponsorships Newsletter Distribution Frequency Oracle produces newsletters for specific Architect Community 248,695 4x IT and industry segments and sends them Business Analytics 399,289 6x to an exclusive list of opt-in subscribers. CRM 270,616 4x The average open rate is 12 percent, and Database App Developer 1,141,791 12x on average our advertisers get 100 clicks Data Integration and MDM 5,915 4x Education and Research 4,499 4x from each ad. Oracle newsletters have Enterprise Manager 174,349 4x a combined list of more than 4 million Enterprise Project Portfolio Mgmt. 99,466 4x subscribers. Executive Strategy 334,408 12x Base rate US$7,500 per issue Financial Management 266,278 4x View Here Financial Services & Insurance 328,958 4x Fusion Middleware 320,683 6x Deadlines Human Capital Management 287,569 4x The space reservation deadline is the first Java Developer 1.1 million 4x day of the month prior to the issue date, Linux 416,893 4x and materials are due one week after the MySQL Newsletter 1.3 million 12x reservation deadline (for example, the Oracle for Midsize Companies 339,349 4x February issue deadline is January 1, and Oracle Cloud Solutions 331,053 4x materials are due January 8). Subject to Oracle WebCenter 302,133 4x change. Banner Sizes: 180x120 pixels with Public Sector 160,538 4x no animated graphics. Please include a URL Retail 204,953 4x to the banner and send materials to SPARC 15,648 4x Security Inside Out 65,874 4x Value Chain and Procurement 303,452 4x Virtualization 74,008 6x 15
  • 16. MARKETING OPPORTUNITIES ORACLE INDEPTH MARKETINGORACLE MAGAZINE PROFIT JAVA MAGAZINE ADVERTISING SPECS CONTACTS NEWSLETTERS OPPORTUNITIES Online Programs Online advertising provides continuous branding and lead generation to our exclusive audience of IT professionals. Oracle Magazine Online Profit Online Base banner rate: US$5,000 per month 16
  • 17. MARKETING OPPORTUNITIES ORACLE INDEPTH MARKETINGORACLE MAGAZINE PROFIT JAVA MAGAZINE ADVERTISING SPECS CONTACTS NEWSLETTERS OPPORTUNITIES Demand Generation E-Mail and Direct Mail List Usage Digital Assets Oracle Publishing maintains one of the best customer Reach our digital subscribers by inserting your Case Studies/Advertorials lists, and partners can rent names. You can segment digital brochure, blow in, supplement, video, or Oracle Publishing Group offers custom case study your list by any of the categories on the subscription other promotional material into the digital issues programs, enabling partners to present their card. of Oracle Magazine, Profit or Java Magazine. marketplace initiatives and thought leadership to help launch, or enhance marketing campaigns. Printed Base rate: US$350 per thousand (plus selects) Digital Insert Specifications: as part of the magazine, the case studies deliver Please contact your Account Manager tremendous visibility and lead generation. Reprints or Jennifer Hamilton at: Reprints of your supplement/advertorial, special View Here section or advertisement. for all multimedia specifications. Oracle Magazine Base Rate: Outserts/Onserts Event Distribution US$12,500 per page Place your collateral or promotional material in The Oracle OpenWorld issue of Oracle Magazine and Profit Base Rate: Oracle Magazine, Profit or Java Magazine. Profit are distributed free to all registered attendees. US$9,000 per page Digital base rate: US$5,000 The JavaOne issue of Java Magazine is distributed Java Magazine Base Rate: free to all registered attendees. US$7,500 per page Printed Polybag A polybag wrapped around Oracle Magazine or Profit Advertise in the Oracle OpenWorld or JavaOne issue Advertising Content Creation carries your company message, providing a powerful and maximize your company’s attendance. Special Sections/Partner Perspectives direct mail option. Specific topic-driven feature sections where partners are invited to highlight their solutions for specific Base rate US$20,000 (rate includes free outsert) Oracle initiatives. View Here 17
  • 18. MARKETING OPPORTUNITIES ORACLE INDEPTH MARKETING ORACLE MAGAZINE PROFIT JAVA MAGAZINE ADVERTISING SPECS CONTACTS NEWSLETTERS OPPORTUNITIES ADVERTISING SUPPLEMENTMarketing Services: Through our third-party approved vendor, we Harness the PowerWe Are A Creative can develop creative assets you need for an effective of Analytics Oracle Validated go-to-market strategy. Following are examples of IntegrationResource For You Delivering Customer Confidence the types of assets we can help you develop. A s an Oracle customer, are you considering a complemen- tary third-party solution as a way to extend or enhance the functionality of Oracle Applications? What factors do you account for when evaluating third-party solutions? How do you determine which complementary, value-add solutions are avail- able from Oracle partners? These are a few of the questions that Oracle Validated Integration addresses and helps Oracle customers to answer. Available throughOur creative team offers strategic solutions and Advertisements Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN), Oracle Validated Integration recog- nizes Oracle partners for the complementary solutions they develop, deliver, and integrate with Oracle Applications. While many Oracle partners provide solutions that are integrated with one or more Oracle Application or Oracle Fusion Middleware Business analytics is changing the competitive Peloton was created with the sole purpose of product, partners achieving Oracle Validated Integration provide landscape. Companies that are equipped with infor- assisting its clients to seize the Promise of Analytics. Oracle customers with increased confidence that:technical expertise across print, web, mobile, tablet, Advertorial/Customer Case Study mation and analytics have an advantage. They are Driven by our zeal to deliver on this promise, Pelo- leveraging analytics as the means to understand their ton offers world class business analysis and informa- functionally and technically sound markets, to streamline their operations, and to adapt tion technology services to help your organization to new realities. build a Culture of Analytics. Oracle Fusion Middleware product in a standardized, reliable way These organizations are agile and adaptable. They Peloton will help you to discover how to compete demand visibility and respond rapidly. They man- on analytics. Banners These aspects can help customers reduce time and risk whensocial and emerging platforms. age risk – and they act. They are dynamic. They Peloton will help you to harness the Promise of are actively leveraging the knowledge gained from Analytics. implementing and integrating third-party solutions alongside Oracle products. They can also provide for smoother upgrades and simpler information and analytics to transform themselves maintenance. Therefore, in addition to factors such as features and into market leaders of the future. functionality, license cost, and support availability, Oracle custom- Validated Integration. Digital Blow-ins Partners who have successfully completed the program are autho- rized to use the Oracle Validated Integration logo. For a complete and current listing of partners who have achieved Oracle Validated Integration please visit take the same coveted talent and tools that validate. EBooksfuel our publications and apply them to you. A team SOA Landing Page/Micrositeof writers and designers uniquely qualified to take Social Media Strategytechnical topics, and craft innovative, and compelling Thought Leadership Supplementsmessages for you. ORACLE SOA SUITE Video Interview Application Integration and Service-Oriented Architecture >The results are an emotional connection betweenOracle customers and your brand—the inspiration Contact your Accountthey need to act and transact. Representative to request a quote ADVERTISING SUPPLEMENT PROFIT JD EDWARDS PROFIT JD EDWARDS ADVERTISING SUPPLEMENT ADVERTISING SUPPLEMENT SPECIAL EDITION SPECIAL EDITION JD EDWARDS with Praxair’s point-of-sale devices, eliminating the need for additional elements such as a separate credit-card-reader system. Processing and “KPIT | SYSTIME was very responsive PA R T N ER S H O W C A S E Enhancing the Point of Sale reconciliation is done within the ERP system—creating savings of approximately 30 percent of the transaction processing time. to us. They had the same level of T he universe of Oracle’s JD Edwards Praxair achieves cost savings and an improved customer experience with KPIT | SYSTIME’s energy, drive, and focus, from the partners is vast and knowledgeable— integrated point-of-sale solution, built on the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne platform. metrics, including our working capital and our days sales outstanding proof-of-concept phase throughout the from independent software vendors that deployment. They were fast to address can develop and go to market with products based P on Oracle technology, to system integrators that raxair is a Fortune 250 company that sup- provides is real-time integration with payment gateways with the JD our needs in the project. ” and technology expertise and can develop a horizontal or industry practice plies atmospheric, process, and specialty –Marc Franciosa, CIO, Praxair highly experienced personnel for payment, the company needs to validate the card instantly. If the based on JD Edwards EnterpriseOne functionality. gases; high-performance coatings; and allow KPIT| application wasn’t integrated, employees would have to batch the “We’ve been using the solution for about a year, and we’ve already Whether you’re part of a midsize company seeking deliver innovative business related services and technologies. Operating in 50 help in implementing JD Edwards applications solutions in the areas of JD recurring transaction for a frequent customer, instead of entering it within a specific budget and timeframe, or a large countries, it supplies oxygen, nitrogen, argon, car- Edwards ERP, customer manually. This improves employee productivity, and enhances the A Driven, Responsive Partner enterprise looking for an extended capability, there bon dioxide, helium, hydrogen, and other gases. relationship management customer experience. KPIT| is an Oracle PartnerNetwork member with the skills business integration, “The employees performing the transaction can focus on the sale solution on time and within budget. Building the solution in-house With retail stores in many of those countries, the ability to transact and expertise to help you get the most out of your directly with a customer at the point of sale is very important for infrastructure management, customer, not on the technology. It will allow them to drive greater JD Edwards environment. Praxair. The company’s existing point-of-sale system was a decade process and quality, testing and Praxair more than two years to build, rather than KPIT| Use this special section to find solutions and old and highly customized. Praxair needed a real-time retail point- validation, custom application this is a consistent platform, so we don’t have to worry about training six-month time frame. of-sale solution that would be integrated with Oracle’s JD Edwards development, maintenance, and differently based on location. We can train everyone on one consistent services that can enhance and extend your JD application and process.” “KPIT| EnterpriseOne enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. Such a retail/point of sale. “They had the same level of energy, drive, and focus, from the proof-of- Edwards investment. system would enable employees to perform tasks such as instantly KPIT| The user-friendly interface enables employees to upsell and cross- concept phase throughout the deployment. They were fast to address looking up a customer or product, checking inventory, and completing experienced with developing sell to customers at the time of purchase, and drill down into the our needs in the project. KPIT| a sales process—all within one application. a point-of-sale module in JD Marc Franciosa, Chief Information product information right in front of the customer. partner for implementing other integrations within our enterprise. Applications Group of The company also needed a solution that would meet its complex Edwards EnterpriseOne for a Officer, Praxair “We can now suggest other products to customers based on They have handled not just integration on point-of-sale, but also other North America (AGONA), Inc. Capscient Corporation business requirements. In addition to selling gases, the company rents leading pipeline company, which their buying history, or offer substitutions when a product has been Region: North America cylinders to store the gases and resells third-party products such as also had complex sales processes. Praxair selected KPIT| The point-of-sale solution that has been developed is now available Region: North America develop a similar point-of-sale system. “KPIT| welding and safety equipment. prevents customers from delaying a purchase, or going somewhere else to JD Edwards customers, eliminating manual integration and As an Oracle Gold Partner, the Applications Group Capscient, a Gold Level JD Edwards consulting “In addition to just the regular point-of-sale cash drawer and the for the product.” facilitating smooth data integration. KPIT| of North America (AGONA), Incorporated provides practice, brings sound insights and solid results to help credit card processing facility, the application had to be able to access “Traditionally, point of sale has been the same solution for a major food manufacturer, based on its success our clients adapt to the ever-changing market. Our information such as customer holdings, cylinder balances, credit limits, at Praxair. management consulting and affordable staff an integrated customer loyalty rewards program, which will be linked goal is to provide our customers with a streamlined, and aging of cylinders from JD Edwards EnterpriseOne,” says Praxair’s treated as a separate entity from the augmentation support services to our customers for the entire JD Edwards package suite. responsive solution that delivers sound results and ERP For our business, it was very . customization. The application also handles multiple currencies and integrated point-of-sale solution. meets your business requirements today and in the languages—an important capability, since Praxair plans to roll it out Our customers have access to dedicated professionals A Proven Record of Delivery important to have real-time ERP data at “Traditionally, point of sale has been treated as a separate entity from with exceptional industry and product design knowledge. future. Our consultants have an average of 15 years of the point of sale to help drive decisions data at the point of sale to help drive decisions around the customer We are committed to providing hands-on solutions to services provider that could install a cost-effective point-of-sale solution. help you to achieve your business objectives and goals. industry experience. This experience allows us to He chose KPIT| around the customer and to provide he would have needed to procure licenses for over 600 stores across create interfaces to present that data in a different environment, or take AGONA provides incomparable JD Edwards system because it had a native JD Edwards EnterpriseOne application. other helpful data.” multiple geographic regions. With a customized JD Edwards sales order a third-party point-of-sale solution and then completely change it to implementations, upgrades, data conversions, and implementation time and cost. Oracle has recently KPIT| –Marc Franciosa, CIO, Praxair processing application with the included point-of-sale features, he can meet our needs.” training. Using a proven methodology for managing our rolled out a 100-day upgrade methodology for JD utilize the company’s existing unlimited JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Edwards. Capscient is proud to be a partner with has been recognized by Oracle as Oracle’s partner of the year for user licenses for Praxair’s stores, resulting in cost savings of millions of clients’ IT projects, we have earned a reputation for the track record of delivering high-impact solutions to their customer base,” U.S. dollars. Oracle using this methodology to ensure fast, cost- North America, partner of the year for JD Edwards Excellence, and highest level of client satisfaction and innovative work. partner for Growth Applications Business for India, among other Our commitment to high excellence, integrity, and effective, and predictable upgrades. We also offer an awards. KPIT has achieved Oracle advanced specialization in three in which we are heading, and for our business model.” discipline make us a preferred JD Edwards solutions ERP Roadmap that helps customers to chart their IT domains of JD Edwards, including JD Edwards EnterpriseOne portfolio. Native, Real-Time ERP Integration provider. Praxair’s new point-of-sale system is completely and natively integrated brings specialized expertise in manufacturing and supply chain across KPIT | SYSTIME is the largest JD Edwards practice globally, and an Learn more at: verticals including consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, medical device of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, it handles Praxair’s entire end-to-end Oracle Platinum Partner. For more information on the company Learn more at: manufacturing, and automotive. process in front of the customer on a single screen. It is also integrated and its Oracle services, contact, or visit Services/Webcast.aspx or A KPIT Cummins Company 18
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