Literature Circles Cindy Cruz-Cabrera

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a very useful tool sourced from the book "Teaching with the Newberys" - for readers of all levels!

a very useful tool sourced from the book "Teaching with the Newberys" - for readers of all levels!

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  • 1. Literature Circles Cindy Cruz-Cabrera (for submission of requirements only) Facebook Group: Principles of Written Communication 2 ENG007 T313
  • 2. • To promote reading by creating literate communities within the classroom. • To respond personally to literature as meaning is constructed from the text • To meet regularly • To play the different literature circle roles / roles of a reader • To create a log of roles, answers, and updates for each literature circle encounter
  • 3. Literature Circle Roles
  • 4. source Christine Boardman Moen Teaching with Newbery Books: Strategies for Using Newberys Across the Curriculum
  • 5. Discussion Director • Develops a list of questions the group might want to discuss • Directs focus on main ideas, major concepts, and the like. • Open-ended questions • Statements that will jumpstart the discussion • Layers of story meaning
  • 6. Vocabulary Enricher • Brings the group’s attention to unfamiliar or important words or phrases in the text that may be used a lot, used in unusual ways, or are key to the meaning of the day’s reading. • Shares definitions • Illustrates use of words or phrases in examples
  • 7. Literary Luminary (Passage Master) • Selects special passages or sections of the text to read aloud • Chooses passages that are memorable or significant in some way (sad, funny, dramatic, striking, profound, and the like) • Discusses the passages
  • 8. Process Checker • Keeps track of each member’s participation during the literature circle encounter • Reviews the group’s meeting • Writes comments about each member’s role/s and contributions • Records any group highlights or problems during the meeting
  • 9. Connector • Points out to the group any connections the reading has with other material the class has read • Relates the text with social, cultural and historical norms or issues, and life and the world in general • Text – characters, events, situations, and the like
  • 10. Map Maker • Creates maps of geographical locations, events, and space-time concerns • Linear time / timeline • Circular time, and the like • Setting • Parallel universes, multiple worlds