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  • 1. FLOWS AND PATTERNS UNIT TWO Week 2Are you feeling the flow yet??? I am!
  • 2. Good Morning….Good Morning• In several villages in the arctic and maybe other places too, people get on their CBs and say “Good Morning…Good Morning.” Since the CB plays a central role in communication in the village every household has one placed in a prominent place .• Once it’s said, that means they are up and ready for visitors. It’s a pattern to start the day.• Do you have a pattern to start your day?
  • 3. Here, our pattern is to reflect every time we begin something new.• Best of Week 1 in Patterns and Flow• Think about what was truly the “best” thing about the last unit that you learned? Best might mean the most valuable, or that you really enjoyed it, or something else.
  • 4. Paste your thoughts into the comment box below
  • 5. Then…..• Relax• Make sure you are ready to learn• Check in: how are you feeling? ETHICS: People Care
  • 6. Our Agenda for today• 1. Patterns• 2. Elements• 3. Zones and Sectors• 4. Reading the landscape.• 5. Native American Patterns
  • 7. Patterns• I’m assuming we had some great conversations about patterns (or recipes as Jane called them) and biomimicry last week in the blogs.(I’m coming to you live from the past: this is all written in December) I gathered some pix of patterns off the internet and put them in a slide show.Click HERE to see them.These are a MUST SEE!
  • 8. It’s easy to see a pattern: NOT! Maybe we should say that some patterns are easier to see than others.•Did you feel like a carpenter ant out there last week when you were trying to see patterns?