Why to join Ciklum?


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Employee Benefits leaflet. Ciklum is a European lifestyle which ensures a solid quality of your professional and social growth, a quality of your day...every day.

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Why to join Ciklum?

  1. 1. MASTERY: Ciklum is a hub of professional practice groups. You can always broaden your knowledge outside your team and projects. Just join Ciklum profnetwork. AUTONOMY: in Ciklum you become a part of team and a part of a business. Your voice is important in adjusting a process of your work. PURPOSE: you work directly with a Client, you know his needs, and see the results of your work and how your contribution matters MASTERY AUTONOMY PURPOSE CIKLUM  WHY Ciklum? Employee Benefits THE BEST EMPLOYER 2010-2012.CIKLUM IS A EUROPEAN LIFE STYLE WHICH ENSURES A SOLID QUALITY OF YOUR PROFESSIONAL AND SOCIAL GROWTH, A QUALITY OF YOUR DAY… EVERY DAY. Sharpen MASTERY in Ciklum community-driven environment PRACTICE LEADERS This is Ciklum way to support free driven professional development directed by people who want to exchange experience, fill in knowledge/skills gaps and broaden prof expertise. Year 2012-2013: - Organized annual IT Jam – biggest networking and educational IT event. That gathered close to 3,500 attendees in Kyiv. Helping you achieve your professional goals What’s in it for employees? - Professional networking & quick access to expertise pool; Trainings from outside providers as well as fellow experts; Practical updates on the newest in your professional area. PROFESSIONAL EVENTS - Up to 20 events were sponsored in 2012. Among them Agilee, UX Camp, Mobile Optimized Conference, UA Web Challenge, JEE Conference, Google I/O Extended, Mobile Hackathon, Global Android DevCamp, Drupal Cafés, QA Club, Artificial Intelligence Club, Automated Testing Community, Python Community, Google Group Community, ALT.NET Community, Beer and Code and many other. SPEAKERS’ CORNER A light format of presentation on various topics: from Scrum implementation, mainstream technologies, various practices implemented in your company, latest trends in IT area, technologies/management etc. Motto of the Speakers’ Corner: “What’s on your mind? What are you passionate about?” UNIQUE MODEL WITH CLIENTS Employee is a part of a Client team, communicates directly on a daily basis, it is up to him/her and the Client how to grow and shape the business, how to organize the work, how to celebrate mutual successes.
  2. 2. Getting connected to Ciklum network & multicultural environment CORPORATE OFFERS: When joining Ciklum employee becomes a MAN OF THE WORLD & stays connected to the “heartbeat” Helping you achieve your of 200+ businesses, Clients, fellow experts & practice leaders. professional goals TAKING CARE OF EACH INDIVIDUAL: Job satisfaction interviews & performance appraisals semiannually for every Ciklum employee; Motivation 3.0 approach (Drive vs. carrots and sticks); Coaching employees in soft issues. - - - EDUCATION PROGRAM FOR PMs & TLs - - Trainings on hard skills from Ciklum Consulting Office; Trainings on soft skills from HR; PM Club (Case study, peer to peer learning, learning games, free knowledge sharing); 1:1 meetings with Ciklum Senior Management and topnotch experts. ADDITIONAL HR SERVICES: On Client request, we organize and facilitate: - Team roles analysis based on DISC* assessment; 360 degree team appraisal open sessions; Team retrospectives; Team–building events; Trainings and other educational events might be also organized on request. - Medical insurance at corporate price; - English classes at corporate price; - Benefit Programs: various discounts for employees and their family members. PUTTING EMPLOYEES’ INITIATIVES to LIFE Driven by principles of continuous improvement, Ciklum ensures ongoing dialogue with employees, so that their voices are always heard & best ideas implemented. Ciklum being a platform to realize employees’ boldest ideas: - Movie nights; Sports tournaments; Personal photo exhibition; Eco Movement; Russian Fight. And more!!