Digital to physical: shopping gets social on your mobile


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The presentation by SalesGossip used at Ciklum Mobile Conference "What's APPening Next - the Shifting Landscape of Mobile" that took place on 27 September 2012 in London

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  • Shopping always been social 90% - Social – of course with some men it can be a bit difficult90% - Physical ShopsThis is changing – without mentioning growth in ecommerce - 5 million new people have bought something via their mobile phone in the last few months – a rise of almost 33%.The big opportunity we have is to make each mobile phone out there ‘The remote control to shopping’
  • The purchasing process remains the same whether physical or digital spaceCustomers go back and forth within the processWe should be using all the innovation in mobile apps to help shoppers move seamlessly in and out of physical / digital state keep in mind htat mobile does not have to exist on its own – a mobile app is not the be all and end all. Mobile should help customers have a much richer experience in whatever channel they see as most convenient for that particular touchpointmake the process more efficient – see on flipboard – click – find it on your way to the office – try it, pay for it on your phone – tell everyone – then leave it in your wardrobe because actually you don’t have anything to wear it with
  • How do people get to know about stuff physicalAlmost half (46%) of UK smartphone owners have used their device to research product information before or during a shopping trip (source deloitte digital)- 80% of wealthy smartphone users had downloaded an app and two-thirds have shopped on their smartphone. - Pretty Green – mobile traffic ramped up from 15% to 44% in a year – source - if we want to change entice them into actually buying something we can’t just replicate what we have on the internet
  • Tommy Hilfiger – fitting room – augmented reality 6% of in-store retail sales will be influenced by smartphone use, equivalent to £15.2bn of sales per year – deloitteresearch product features (and ask their friends what they think about it), compare prices, read reviews (that friends or total strangers have put up),take pictures of products (to get someone else’s opinion),Shopcade who have been introducing gamification features which include a ‘Trendsetter Score’ awarded to each user who is really influencing what their ‘friends’ see and buy.Tommy Hilfiger has started using the “augmented reality” concept to launch its own augmented reality fitting room, allowing users to superimpose images of clothing onto themselves using the phone’s camera.
  • Shopping basket – most digital shopping baskets are never boughthow many sites allow you to really check shopping basket on your mobile?61% of smartphone users make local searches from a device (Localeze/15miles Fifth Annual comScore Local Search Usage Study February 2012) I’m not saying they are all looking for your store but if you help them find what they want – when they are selecting what they are looking for – they might just come straight to youFancy - for example, a social media site that essentially crowd sources interest in a product and allows merchants to sell them in real-time. It puts demand at the heart of the business model, not supply 
  • The use of smartphones also appears to increase conversion rates in-store for retailers.It takes over 10 sessions with an app for 44% of eventual buyers to make their first purchase. Only a third (33%) buy in 2 to 9 uses of an app. And only 22% actually accept an upsell opportunity the first time in the door (Localytics via MediaPost January 2012) How can we make this more efficientAsos Mobile sales rose 800% yoyHow many times have you left an item on the hanger because the que was too long – imagine if you could just pay and go at ZaraUse their mobile to find store locations – even if it is just on their phone, what if the shops actually help them by:Recognize that they are searching for your store send them straight to your mobile web appGiving them clear directions from where they areAsk them whether they will need any help on their arrivalscan barcodesdownload digital coupons
  • There is sooooo much potential here and I can’t believe how little has been doneMost salespeople Whether you spent £300 last time you were there or you go into the shop just to get out of the sun (rain if it is London). If they are good they will know who you are once you go to pay, and they might have your details on the system, so if they ask you and you wait another 5 minutes until they manage to find your account – or when you pay because they can link the credit card- New York’s Shopkick has come to epitomize the potential of location-based technology. Its participating stores are outfitted with a microphone that emits a high-pitched tone which the smartphone picks up to automatically give you rewards for simply walking into a store. 
  • Lots of opportunity for what can really be donePoqstudio – help retailers develop a mobile site – what if on that site users can also get direct support Support is really social whether you like it or notthe need for retailers to bring back the personal touch of an old neighbourhood store in the digital age. rehumanise the retail experience through the use of data and technology.
  • In the digital world – evangelism has taken a life of it’s ownBazaarvoice - link up reviews – Social MediaCustomers are are willing to give their loyalty to only a select few retailers. Shopcade - Perks’ To Reward Its Most Influential ShoppersHow easier will it be to just rate the service of a salesgirl/shop on your way out of the shop when the whole experience is really fresh in your mind.Bazaarvoice is even allowing online retailers to link up reviews with the contributor’s Facebook profile and build credibility beyond an anonymous review.
  • What we see today is just the tip of the icebergSimilar to what happened to the publishing and music industry we will see a real revolution in the retail industrymost fashion retailers are still ‘thinking about itMassive opportunity for all of you out there Physical shops will not go away. Well we don’t want them to go away but we can really help them turn today’s quite dump experience into a magical one
  • Digital to physical: shopping gets social on your mobile

    1. 1. Digital to PhysicalShopping gets social on your mobile Zabetta Camilleri CoFounder & CEO @ZabettaC
    2. 2. Social ShoppingPhysical - Digital
    3. 3. Phone – Remote Control to Shopping Awareness Evangelism Consideration Support Selection Loyalty Purchase
    4. 4. Awareness Consideration Selection Purchase Loyalty Support Evangelism FriendsPhysical Walk & Watch Traditional Advertising Email - Mobile Digital Social Media – ASOS Apps – Web/Native – Net a Porter Disruptors – SalesGossip
    5. 5. Awareness Consideration Selection Purchase Loyalty Support Evangelism Check it outPhysical What have others bought What do friends think? Full access to stock – Shopstyle Digital Social Media – scan & upload - ask Mobile Gamification – Shopcade Augmented reality – Tommy Hilfiger
    6. 6. Awareness Consideration Selection Purchase Loyalty Support Evangelism Try it onPhysical Ask your boyfriend Sales Girl Recommendation Local Search Digital Find Favourite SalesGirl – Neiman Marcus Crowd Sourced Interest - Fancy
    7. 7. Awareness Consideration Selection Purchase Loyalty Support Evangelism CashPhysical Credit Card Gift vouchers Shop App – Apple / Starbucks Digital Live Fashion Shows – FB – order on the spot Web App – Asos Social Shop - FCUK
    8. 8. Awareness Consideration Selection Purchase Loyalty Support EvangelismPhysical Repeat Customer - Recognition A loyalty card? Digital Check in – foursquare Reward when you return – Shopkick
    9. 9. Awareness Consideration Selection Purchase Loyalty Support EvangelismPhysical Back to the shop Call and wait Digital Social Media – Twitter PoqStudio
    10. 10. Awareness Consideration Selection Purchase Loyalty Support EvangelismPhysical Tell a few friends Tweet/FB Digital Rate – mobile app Bazaarvoice Shopcade
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    12. 12. Any questions? Elizabetta Camilleri SalesGossip CoFounder & CEO @ZabettaC