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MyTweetFace FYP2

MyTweetFace FYP2



For my final year project

For my final year project



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    MyTweetFace FYP2 MyTweetFace FYP2 Presentation Transcript

    • MyTweetFace
      Integrating cam-whoring and social networking services
      Farah Liana Binti Abu Bakar
      Bachelor of Multimedia (hons) in Media Art
      Multimedia University, Malaysia
      I was inspired to do this project by reviewing on the current issue in the society on cam-whoring and also social networking.
      Cam-whoring is fast becoming a pandemic issue all over the world; the definition of Cam-whoring could be different base on geographic regions and cultures. In Malaysia where the culture is more conservative, someone who Cam-whores are refer to individuals who post pictures or videos of themselves on the Internet to gain attention. The term disparages those who post pictures of themselves at inappropriate times or places, and usually implies self-absorption. Other than that, people who enjoy Cam-whoring usually like to seek attentions and will use online social networking services such as Facebook, MySpace and Friendster as their medium.
      Social Networking is fast becoming a day to day activity in our daily life base on the current trend of Information Communication Technology (ICT). According to a research, the most popular social networking site is Facebook.com with 250 million users and over 10 billion photos shared globally. The photo sharing feature has become the main attraction of online social networking services and proved by the statistics of 3 billion photos being uploaded every month on Facebook.
      By combining these two main aspects, there is tendency that this application will attract more users because it is really helpful for them to update their photos in social networking site.
      Topic : Cam-whoring + Social Networking = Interactive Photo-installation
      Theme : Social innovation and new media
      Background research :
      An interactive photo-installation usually will works with real-time images. The aim of this installation is to bring people closer together in a playful way. Like many social networking tools on the internet, this installation enables you to connect with other people. It plays with the idea that the virtual world is replacing our social life and therefore wants people to connect in the real world again.
      Reason :
      Cam-whore and social networking have become new trends in Malaysia. Definition of cam-whores in Malaysia is differ from foreign country. Cam-whore means anyone who is addicted to taking countless pictures of themselves to post on the internet. Pictures range from conservative face shots to explicit nude photos complete with visible sex acts. But in Malaysia, its means someone who likes taking pictures of himself/herself in all kinds of places. Self obsession is definitely there, but skin showing is not necessary in this context.
      Problem Identification :
      People who like cam-whoring usually like to seek for attention and will use online social network services such as Facebook, MySpace and Friendster as their medium.
      what is a social network service?
      "A social network service is an online service, platform, or site that focuses on building and reflecting of social networks or social relations among people, e.g., who share interests and/or activities. A social network service essentially consists of a representation of each user (often a profile), his/her social links, and a variety of additional services." –Wikipedia
      Aim and Objectives :
      • To experiment how users react on camera
      • To let users share the fun with the world
      • To provide people a gadget that can take their picture and share it on their online profile at ease
      • To provide high technology experience to users
      • To experiment on different ways of communicating and interacting
      • To give users new experience of photo sharing
      Motivation :
      Cam-whoring activity and social networking services are much related to today's trends. So, I am trying to adapt this pop cultural into my project.
      Ideation and Concept:
      User need to take their picture in a photo booth. They can choose the effect that they want to apply in their picture (fish eye, fire, watery, etc). The picture taken will be immediately downloaded from the camera to the server and been shown on the screen. User then can do simple editing on their picture like change the hue and saturation, contrast as well as threshold. After done with editing, user can choose either want to save the picture through email or uploading their image which user need to log in to their Facebook (FB) account later. This application can be access through FB apps too. User can have fun while taking picture either alone or with friend and share it in their FB account.
      Design Approach: Photographic, real-time interaction
      Definition :
      • Camwhoring- generally means someone who likes taking pictures of themselves in any places or circumstances. They have high self obsession but they did not showing their flesh/skin or something unnecessary in this context. Other than that, people who enjoying camwhoring usually like to seek for attentions and will use online social networking services such as Facebook, MySpace and Friendster as their medium.
      • Social networking service - a platform for people who have same interest to gather and share their information and experiences virtually using the internet service.
      Cam-whoring :
      • adaptation from Japanese pop culture and innovation from sticker self-photo booth, mobile camera phone and also compact digital camera.
      • There are a lot of applications on net that are using the webcam to capture users’ image (adapting the concept of cam-whoring)
      • A cam-whore usually like to seek for attentions and will use online social networking services such as Facebook, MySpace and Friendster as their medium.
      • This trend also can be seen in Malaysian drama and movies.
      Social Networking Services
      • Facebook ranks no. 1 in the world / Malaysia
      • Launched in 2004 by Harvard University students for their university social networking.
      • The Web site designed to put students in touch with one another, share their photos and meet new people
      • Can be accessed by public on August 2005
      • Facebook features :
      Sharing pictures, status updating, Facebook applications, adding friends, events invitation, grouping
      • Facebook applications :
      Facebook's first-party applications include photos, videos, groups, events, marketplace, posted items, notes and gifts. These are applications developed by Facebook and available to all members.
      Facebook's third-party applications --there are hundreds of them developed by Facebook members.
      Data Analysis
      • The questionnaires has been hosted online and 30 respondents have taking part.
      • Their age range is varied but majority of them are teenagers and young adults.
      • The main reason for them to have SNS account is to be friend and socialize with others.
      • 70% of respondents have more than 1 SNS accounts
      • 4 main factors that make them using SNS ; friendship, family, networking and fun.
      • Majority of them spent 1 -6 hours on SNS to chat, playing games and observing others’ profile
      • They like to share pictures and video especially own self photos
      • Taking photo alone is their first choice, followed by with boyfriend/girlfriend and family.
      • Majority of them are taking and uploading the pictures in their own accounts.
      This project is an online based system, hosted at http://www.mytweetface.net/; enabling users ease to access the application at their own convenient time.
      At the welcoming page, users need to click on the “START” button to start using the application. Then, a screen with an image which is captured by the individual’s webcam will be shown and they can click on the image to change the effect, when they are happy with the desired outcome, they can capture the image and continue with the next step.
      In the next stage, the image that has been captured will be loaded, so that the User can edit the value of the brightness, hue, saturation, contrast, alpha and even the threshold. In this stage, they just need to put in the value in the box provided and proceed if they are satisfy with the result.
      At the final stage, users need to choose the channel that they want to share their image with others. There are two channels provided; Email and Facebook, the email will be sent using the function of PHP Post via GMail SMTP Server, while to share on Facebook.com, users will need to use the Facebook connect function to link the site with Facebook.
      In the future, the enhancement that will take place is an upgrade of this application into a Facebook Application.
      • User then will be directed to instruction page. After done and understand the instruction, user may proceed to the next page.
      User will enter interactive area to interact with the application
      • User then can activate the program by clicking on "ENTER" button.
      • This intro page will provide title, basic description, and also title to the user.
      • The image taken will be shown on the screen. User will be asked either they like the picture or not.
      • If yes, proceed to next page
      • If no, back to previous page
      Terms and condition are applied in order to keep this application on the right track. User need to agree with T&C in order to proceed to the next page.
      • User can click on their image to change the effect. The effect available is mirror, squeeze, fish eye and so on. If user like the effect applied, they can click on "SNAP" button.
      • If the user choose to email it, they just need to provide the recipient's email address and a message to them. The email will be sent by MyTweetFace email.
      User then can edit their pictures with features provided :
      brightness, saturation, contrast, color
      • When done with editing, they may choose either want to download the pictures via email or upload it on Facebook.
      • The photo then will be upload upon the permission granted by user.
      If the user chose to upload their image on Facebook, they need to login on their account first.
      • They will be directed to MyTweetFace Facebook Application. The apps will first asked their permission to access their profile.
      Social Context
      • Connect with others
      • Socialize people
      • Self-expression applications
      Social Networking + Cam-whoring
      • Photo booth-like application
      • Application on Facebook
      • Basic editing on the picture
      Personal Context
      • Very attached to SNS and cam-whoring
      • Gain a lot of friends
      • Sentimental values
      Institutional Context
      • Social behavior on site
      • How social behave
      • How they react towards others on SNS
      Cultural Context
      • A new trend
      • A new way of communication
      • Everyone have atleast 1 SNS profile
      *T&C applied
      *brightness, saturation, resize, rotate, etc
      Download picture
      *via Email
      Key-in data
      Email Sent
      *Login profile
      Adding caption
      Keys :
      1. Webcam
      2. Monitor
      3. CPU/server
      4. mouse/keyboard
      5. user
      6. Interactive area
      Floorplan for MyTweetFace Photo Booth
      Main page
      Capturing image – user can change the effect
      (ActionScript 3.0)
      Editing image – user can edit the color of the photo
      (ActionScript 2.0)
      Sharing images – user can choose either they want to email or post on Facebook
      Email image – user can email their photo
      The effects applied in my application
      The effects applied in my application
      The effects applied in my application
      The effects applied in my application
      The effects applied in my application
      I am using a few languages in this application:
      • ActionScript 3.0
      • Applying effects of camera
      • ActionScript 2.0
      • Editing image
      • Button linking
      • PHP
      • Saving image
      • Facebook connect
      • Email
      • HTML
      • Basic index page
      • JavaScript
      • Attached swf file on HTML page
      Instruction, T&C, capturing image and like page in 4 separated pages seems to be too much and give too much task to users.
      Redesign the page and combining all four elements in one page.
      Flash cannot capture an image straight from webcam
      Draw BitmapData and duplicate the image on it..Send the BitmapData to PHP using POST method and also Adobe JPEGEncoder. The image can be save in a folder.
      Flash cannot integrate ActionScript 3.0 and ActionScript 2.0
      Convert the file to .swf format and call it as a movie from ActionScript 3.0.
      ActionScript 3.0 can load a .swf movie that contains ActionScript 2.0 and it is not working vice versa
      Loading time from page to page taking so long.
      Instead of load separated .swf movie, I changed them to scene in a .swf movie.
      Loading external image into flash movieclip but failed to edit the image in application
      Importing image using BitmapData class and it is works to edit on it.
      Did not manage to attach image into email
      Change the email page to tell a friend page using php.
      (temporary solution)
      Get confused with Facebook OAuth
      Change the Facebook apps to Facebook Social Plugin and addthisplugin
      Facebook SosialPlugin and addthisplugin need to be attached to a site using html. I did nt manage to find a way to put the html code in flash.
      Redesign everything using html and css and hope it will looks better.
      Managed to save the image using variable name but did not managed to call it on next page.
      Still looking for a solution
      • Load the image using variable name
      • Trying to make the email function with image attached works.
      • Fix all the bugs.
      • Upgrading the site as Facebook apps
      • Advertise and earning from the apps
    • THE END
      Thanks for your time!