Social Advertising: what is it, who is doing it and why does it work? - Microsoft Ciao's Alexander Miller at Internet World 2011

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Alexander Miller, Team Lead Advertising Sales Ciao UK, spoke about ‘Social Advertising: what is it, who is doing it and why does it work?’ at Internet World 2011. Discussing the notion that consumers …

Alexander Miller, Team Lead Advertising Sales Ciao UK, spoke about ‘Social Advertising: what is it, who is doing it and why does it work?’ at Internet World 2011. Discussing the notion that consumers are the most influential source of advice for people making purchases online, he looked at what this means for companies looking to build effective social media campaigns. The talk took place at 13h10-13h40 on Wednesday 11th May 2011.

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  • People are busy having much more fun on the internet. People’s experience on clicking on ads has not been good enough over the years.


  • 1. Social Advertising:
    What is it,
    Who is doing it
    And why does it work?
  • 2. Partying Like It’s 1999
    "History has shown that whenever companies, no matter how great, get priced above 50 to 60 times earnings, buyer beware.”
    Wall Street Journal, October 2007
  • 3. Tim Berners-Lee
    “The original thing I wanted to do was make [the world wide web] a collaborative medium, a place where we [could] all meet and read and write”
  • 4. The New Internet
    The internet has changed from an ECONOMY into a whole SOCIETY.
  • 5. Internet = Economy: 1994 - 2005
    • Brands are unapproachable, unknowable machines that provide goods and services
    • 6. Consumers are faceless nobodies that provide brands with money
    • 7. Advertising is a NOVELTY that produces a high CTR and is perceived as EFFECTIVE
  • Internet = Society: 2005 - tbc
    • Brands need to be like people – they have to provide a social experience
    • 8. Consumers have the power to strengthen or weaken a brand
    • 9. Standard advertising is a NUISANCE that produces minimal interaction and is perceived as USELESS
  • The Decline Of Standard Display
  • 10. How to Solve The Problem
    Display Advertising?
    Create a facebook page?
    The Social Break-Up
    81% of US users have either “unliked” a company or removed a their posts from their News Feed.
  • 11. Advertising in the Social Era
    Don’t intrude on people’s social time
    Earn people’s attention
    Handle people with respect and give them something fun to do.
    Engage people
  • 12.
  • 13. NMA, April 2011
    Social media campaigns can be fun, but are they worth anything?
    Paul Kitcatt
    “… real social commerce … is about ratings and reviews, recommendations and referrals” Ilana Fox
  • 14.
  • 15. HP Case Study, Ciao UK
  • 16.
  • 17. HP Case Study, Ciao UK
    User Name: mattygroves
    Reviews: 156
    Circles of Trust: 204
    • Excellent history of detailedreviews.
    • 18. Confident about setting up
    • 19. Very articulate manner on the phone.
    • 20. Enthused at the idea of being HP reviewer
    • 21. Happy to be filmed at home
    User Name: Hishyeness
    Reviews: 202
    Circles of Trust: 229
    • Excellent history of detailed, positive reviews.
    • 22. History of tech reviews.
    • 23. Extremely articulate manner on the phone
    • 24. Confirmed confidence of setting printer up.
    • 25. Happy to be filmed at home
  • 26. “68% of respondents believe it’s important that a product has good reviews from other consumers” newmediaage March 2011
  • 27. BEFORE
    Big companies, big broadcasters, big banks
    High open rates on email marketing
    High CPMs on all media
    Consumer empowerment
    Shift control to users in exchange for reach
  • 28. “…in the past, brands were always this untouched entity that provided you a service, brands are now people that have feelings, and care about your feelings and you can either be their friend or not be their friend.”
    Mike Germano, Founder of Carrot Creative
  • 29. Thank you!
    Alexander Miller
    Head of Advertising Ciao UK
    Ciao Commerce Division
    Microsoft Deutschland GmbH16 Dufours Place London
    Ciao on the Internet: