Case Study: Phillydentistry


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A Doctor who got benefited by use of Internet marketing and Seo in his business.

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Case Study: Phillydentistry

  1. 1. Case Studies Prashant Chaudhary @chyprashant
  2. 2. Case Studies of SEO prospectsPhilly DentistryObjectivesAnalysisProblemsImprovementsResults
  3. 3. StartingDr. Ken Cirka, dentist by profession decided for SEO for his and target more potential customers.
  4. 4. Objective Increase Traffic to attract Potential clients. Target more Lucrative Cosmetic dentistry services Create Web Presence
  5. 5. First Look
  6. 6. Analysis - The site used keyword-rich image alt tags, but search engines give more weight to visible text such as headlines and body In this website, search engines could detect no body copy or headlines and link text. The site was also opening up the business to spam
  7. 7. Problems - The title tag, body content, and headers are the most important factors in search engine rankings for on-site optimization. The description meta tag is of second importance for SEO rankings. The keywords meta tag and alternative text have little effect on rankings, but alt attributes do affect image searches.
  8. 8. First Redesign
  9. 9. Analysis - The redesigned site was much more search-friendly. The new site included service-specific pages optimized for one or two keywords, and prominently used his primary key phrases The new title element targeted the phrase cosmetic dentist Philadelphia and tooth whitening Philadelphia:
  10. 10. Result -Just after 8 months of SEO –Ranking increased from Non Existent to number 1 in Google for both natural ranking as well as for pay-per-click(PPC)
  11. 11. Improvement - Dr. Cirka went from gaining one new client per week from his website, with an average of 9 new clients per week from his website. In just 9 months, Dr. Cirka hired another dentist, added new staff members, and moved to a larger office to accommodate the influx of new patients.
  12. 12. Factors -This nearly 10 times improvement was caused by 3 factors: Keyword optimization of his site A monthly promotion campaign to build inbound links Minimal PPC advertising
  13. 13. Second change
  14. 14. Results referred on an average of 47 new clients per week Increase of 5.2 times the previous design and an increase of 47 times over the original site
  15. 15. Title and Content Layout with Chart
  16. 16. Effects - Expanded Reach Brand reputation Increased Potential Customer Return on investment More SEO friendly – Top on Search results
  17. 17. Summary - This case study shows how search-friendly design, SEO, and steady promotion to build inbound links can boost your visibility & increase the number of new customers to your business. This case study also shows the value of redesigning your site every few years. As your business changes with new products and services, upgrading your site will keep it current for your users’ increasing demands.