Nov 2011 Technology Fair


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Using Windows Live Movie Maker to create virtual tours.

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  • Windows Live Movie Maker (WLMM) Free download from Microsoft
  • WLMM works with most file formats. With WLMM you can create virtual tours set to music or with narration, edit videos; rearranging scenes or removing those oops moments you recorded. When the project is completed you can share the video on many of popular websites or save to your computer, burn a DVD (if your computer is so equipped) or send the movie as an email attachment to a client.
  • WLMM Start-Up screen.
  • Raw footage
  • List of edits performed on the video
  • Load your video into WLMM
  • Video imported into WLMM
  • Using the mouse you can scroll through the video. Stopping for deletions. When you reach the spot where a deletion begins press the Split button in the Edit tab. Scroll to the end of the frames to be deleted and repeat. The go back to the frames to be deleted and hit the delete key. Repeat until complete. Once you have only the frames you wish to include in your video remaining you can continue to edit your video by inserting audio, transitions and other effects.
  • You can mix and match, still photos and videos. Photos display for a default time during playback (7 sec) this can be adjusted as needed. Here is was adjusted for an additional 2 seconds to accommodate transitions and captions
  • You can choose from a menu of transitions and pans for still videos. A fade and pan to center have been selected for the opening photo.
  • Click on the Add Music button and select the audio file you wish to use. The file will truncate to the length of the video. If the video is longer than the audio you will need to add the audio track again until it reached the end of the video or select a longer audio track.
  • Captions can be added to photos and videos. Functions in the highlighted area of the toolbar allow you to control font type, color, size, position. The second smaller highlighted area controls the start time of the caption along with the length of time it is on the screen. The last section labeled effects offers a way to control how the caption is displayed: scroll, fade, zoom and more.
  • On the Home tab you can add Credits by clicking the Credits button. As with Captions you have an assortment of font controls as well as background color and timing. The default effect for credits is to scroll, but you can chose from an number of options. Transitional Effects can also be applied.
  • Final video after edits
  • Click the Add videos and photos brings up standard Windows dialog box
  • Photos added
  • Selected Add Music which brings up a standard Windows dialog box, selected the music and it is cropped to fit the length of the video. Then selected one of the Auto Movie Themes which add titles, transitions and credits.
  • Sample video with Auto Themes selected
  • Manually add captions. Select the frame you want to caption then select Caption on the Home tab. In the preview window type in your caption. Select a caption effect (scroll, fade in/out plus many more). Using the option in the yellow highlighted area you can format the text. Just to the right you can adjust the timing for the caption.
  • Select individual transitions between photos and how the picture is panned.
  • From the Home tab select Credits and then enter what you want to appear at the end of your video for credits. Default action is for credits to scroll.
  • Final slideshow video.
  • Helpful Links
  • Nov 2011 Technology Fair

    1. 1. Windows Live Movie Maker Windows 7 & Windows Vista
    2. 2. With Windows Live Movie Maker you can:• Import Videos & Photos • WMV, AVI, 3GP, 3GPP, MPEG 4, MPEG2, MPEG1, Quicktime • JPEG, TIFF, GIF, PNG, Bitmap• Create Slideshows (Virtual Tours)• Edit Videos• Add • Music, Voice Over (with optional Audacity) • Visual Effects, Transitions, Movie Themes• Share • YouTube, Facebook • Flickr, SkyDrive• Save • HD • DVD • Email
    3. 3. Working window for WindowsLive Movie Maker (WLMM)
    4. 4. Original Raw Footage
    5. 5. Video Edits: 1. Load video 2. Split frames 3. Delete unwanted frames 4. Insert still photo 5. Transitions 6. Audio 7. Captions 8. Credits
    6. 6. To begin a new project load videos or images usingeither of three buttons. All will launch a standard“Open” dialog box.
    7. 7. Display after videohas been loaded.
    8. 8. Use the mouse to scroll through your video. The Split function to separates frames tobe rearranged or deleted.
    9. 9. Mix and match photos and videos. Adjust the time the photos display toaccommodate transitions and captions.
    10. 10. Using the Animations tab choose from a selection of transitions between scenesand various pans for photos.
    11. 11. Record the soundtrack as you shoot a video or add it during the editing process.To add narration to the video will require additional software (example: Audacity)
    12. 12. Using the Caption button from the Home menu add captions to videos andphotos. WLMM provides options to control the font, style, timing and animationof the caption.
    13. 13. The Credits button on the Home tabadds credit frames to the end of thevideo.
    14. 14. Edited Video
    15. 15. Add photos to create a slideshow
    16. 16. To arrange photos just drag and drop
    17. 17. Add a soundtrack and select from 6 AutoMovie Themes
    18. 18. Slideshow with Auto Theme
    19. 19. Create custom captions and effects
    20. 20. Insert transitions and apply pans.
    21. 21. Complete with the video with Credits.Remember the MLS branding rules.
    22. 22. Slideshow with Custom Theme
    23. 23. Sharing & SavingOnce your video is complete it can beshared or stored on several popular sites.The file can also be saved to your computerin different resolutions, burned to a DVD orformatted for easy emailing.You can also save your file as a “Project” forfuture editing.
    24. 24. Windows Live Movie Maker“Free” Royalty Free Music Videos (2 part WLMM tutorial) Videos (2 WLMM part tutorial) Tips & Techniques Presentation