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One page ERISA Reference Calendar for 401k Plans

One page ERISA Reference Calendar for 401k Plans

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  • 1. Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan 2014 2015 2014 2015 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan What Business Insurers, Employees & IRS/DOL Officials Desire... COPYRIGHT MILLENNIUM | WWW.FIX401K.COM Legend: MILLENNIUM Allowing Fiduciaries to have a limited role...and go back to work... Required Minimum Distributions paid Quarterly monitoring report to committee Investment Policy review Issue Certification of Reasonable Fees Coordinate and ensure Top Heavy testing completed Verify 1099Rs sent Save recordkeeping costs--apply cash out rule (<$5,000) Ensure document definition of pay matches contributions Verify excess deferrals/excess contributions Ensure ERISA 404C communication made available Review new Required Minimum Distribution recipients Quarterly monitoring report to committee Ensure deferrals deposited timely Review IRS Form 5500 line 4D conflicts & request conflicts certification Review fidelity bond coverage Review “ party in interest transactions” Review allocation of GAIN LOSS for auditors Review plan models for rebalancing Review ERISA 404A5 “Plan Costs $X.XX” notice Review/sign IRS Form 5500 and schedules Deliver quarterly monitoring report to committee Review vender contracts Review stable value and GIC contracts Ensure fiduciary manual’s Conflicts of Interest & Code of Ethics Policies acknowledged Ensure retail funds replaced IRS Form 5500 extension verified Ensure BrightScope reviewed and updated Ensure Safe harbor notices sent Review and undate Fee Policy Ensure quarterly monitoring reports available to ChildFund and employees Ensure plan (SPD/SMM) communication delivered Receive Errors And Omission declaration's page for all providers Help ChildFund renew Fiduciary Liability policy Mail IRS Fm 2848 Designated Representative Form Ensure ERISA Budget & forfeiture Accounts emptied Review census request