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  • 1. Analysis Newspaper & Magazine Headlines
  • 2. Newspaper Analysis (Tabloid) Main Headline (title) Sub stories Subtitle Brand name
  • 3. Newspaper Analysis (Broadsheet) Main Headline Brand Logo Photo relating to story Sub story
  • 4. Comparison The difference between a tabloid and a broadsheet is first, the size of the newspaper. A broadsheet is much larger height wise compared to that of a tabloid. The main difference that is needed to know for photography is the layout. A tabloid normally consist of a large picture relating to the main story. It also has a bold headline which catches the readers attention, broadsheets tend to have a large image with a large amount of text surrounding the photo. A headline is also present but it is not as bold as that of a tabloids. Tabloids tend to have very little text around the front page as they want to make the readers read the full story inside unlike a broadsheet. Both newspapers also have sub stories which are supported with a photo and text. Again the difference is that the broadsheet have a much larger amount of text while tabloids tend to have little text around the front page.
  • 5. Magazine Photo Main Headline Sub story (with picture) Brand name
  • 6. Comparison Magazines are much more different to newspapers. The very first difference that will be seen is the quality of the pictures and images which are on a magazine. They are much more detailed and the colours are much more vivid. It is also noticed that some newspaper can have limits when it comes to details on small picture whilst a magazine can have very detailed yet very small images. Another main difference is that front cover, newspapers tend to include stories at the front page (or cover) in order to give a small info, magazines tend to stick with an image about the story and a title. The last difference is that magazines have a much more colourful layout compared to newspapers. the colours make the magazine pages look more attractive.
  • 7. Magazine Double Page Spread
  • 8.