Lee Search Associates- Why HR should work with Recruiters


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Tips for choosing recruiters and how to best work with them

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Lee Search Associates- Why HR should work with Recruiters

  1. 1. Intense Speed and Focus  Web of contacts  Where will HR find the time to build the pipeline and network?  Lee Search has focused on the Life Science industry for 12 years and counting.  We have a vast array of candidates in our network from this field including:    Sales, Business Development and Account Managers Marketing Professionals Engineering to include Software, Electrical, Mechanical Biomedical and Quality   2 thirds of our network is with Senior Level candidates (Managers, Directors, VP’s and C-Suite) 350,000 people in our 1st and 2nd degree network within the US
  2. 2. Creditable Created  Extends creditability of the company brand  Job seekers view external recruiters as objective  An expert with both parties in mind
  3. 3. High Demand, Low Supply  Finding the right talent is hard and time intensive  Free up HR’s time to focus on retention  Decreases turnover in highly demanded talent  Cuts recruiting dollars you have to invest in backfilling positions  Let Lee Search be your campaign manager for positions to free up the time consuming, labor intensive recruiting efforts on your plate today.
  4. 4. If you don’t choose Lee Search… A few recommendations for successful partnerships with outside recruiting resources:  Don’t work with any and every agency   I highly recommend being exclusive with a vendor partner. At the max select 2 with specializations. This ensures that instead of agencies competing to get you candidates first and fast they will focus on the right, vetted candidates for your needs. Do your research  Ask lots of questions: a. b. c. d. How many people have you placed in a similar role this year/within the last month? What is your process? Team Dynamics: Who works on the position? Who will I work with? What are your keys to success?
  5. 5. …  Keep lines of communication open  In order for a recruiter to perform at their best they need to understand the internal workings of your organization. They need to understand: a. b. c. d. e. Your company- inside and outside perspectives (the good, the bad and the ugly) The Culture What they should know to attract candidates to the company and the position Benefits When needs change and how they change
  6. 6. …  Does the vendor have a long term commitment to your success?  Trust takes time like with any relationship but the more transparent you can be with them from the beginning of the relationship the more deliberate and expeditious they will be in fulfilling your need.  Make sure the recruiter you choose is looking to invest the time and energy to you and the project up front and long term.
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