Develop a personal—and more effective—dialog with your customers.

Leverage Vertis Communications’                                                      Make one-to-one a part of your
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Vertis One To One Marketing


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Vertis One To One Marketing

  1. 1. one-to-one MARKetInG turn to vertis communications to drive sales with Powerful, individual customer communication Reach customers in a more personal, From direct mail and email campaigns to relevant, and timely manner with Vertis continuity and print on-demand programs, Communications’ powerful one-to-one Vertis offers the broadest scope of digital marketing services. By working with you to print programs in the U.S. Our seamless understand your business and your specific solution to plan, implement, and expedite marketing objectives, Vertis can develop successful one-to-one programs includes a fully informed strategy customized to program development, consumer research, achieve your goals and drive action from data management, and production. By your customers and sales for your company. communicating more personally and Before we even design your program, we relevantly with your customers, Vertis’ ensure you can measure your results and precision strategies will help you reach the the return you are receiving from your right market at the right time and with the Partnering with clients to marketing. And throughout the course right message. solve the most comPlex, of your one-to-one program, we work time-sensitive marketing with you to measure your outcome to challenges through continually improve the performance of consulting, creative, your communications. research, direct, media, technology, and Production services. vertis communications is your marketing Partner for the toughest jobs.
  2. 2. RELATIONSHIP COMMUNICATION CYCLE Develop a personal—and more effective—dialog with your customers. listen CAPTURE WHAT a nationwide clothing CUSTOMERS ARE SAYING with one-to-one marketing, you retailer wants to use its LEARN ABOUT CUSTOMERS AND DECIDE create interaction as Personal sales transactional data in the creation of a Predictable HOW TO MARKET TO THEM AUTOMATION OF COMMUNICATION ALLOWS YOU TO LEVERAGE THIS and comPelling as an actual one-to-one variable direct RESPOND WITH RELEVANT CUSTOMER INFORMATION AND RESPOND MORE QUICKLY one-on-one conversation. marketing Program, for MESSAGING TO STIMULATE ACTION increasing store visits and share of wallet. resPond learn an automobile manufacturer wants a crm Program with one-to-one, Print-on-demand follow-uP materials that will reach its dealers’ customers within a few days of a request for information. turn to vertis communications Create a personal conversation You first listen—through customer history, The right data creates the foundation specific customer objectives, we can take for the highest level of with your customers transactions, responses to communications for your program maximum advantage of that customer insight targeted, Personalized One-to-one marketing delivers customization and loyalty programs—to what customers are A one-to-one program is built on strong, to motivate the action you desire from your Print communication to drive in an intimate—and effective—individual saying about their demographics, lifestyles, relevant data. Before designing a program customers. increased resPonse from your manner. With one-to-one, you communicate wants, and purchasing behavior. This helps for you, Vertis evaluates your customer data customers. with your customer based on what you know you learn more about your customers and in relation to your marketing objectives. they will be receptive to, creating interaction truly understand them—which is proven Using best-in-class database management and as personal and compelling as an actual to lead to a higher response rate. You then statistical analysis tools, we create a strong one-on-one conversation. decide how to market to customers— foundation for your marketing initiatives influence their decisions and attitudes, wait by enabling data visualization and analytical to respond, or respond with value. Finally, reporting in seconds or minutes—not hours based on this interaction, you respond to or days. By carefully analyzing your data customers with communications specifically up-front and determining whether you relevant to their cues and lifestyles and have the right information to achieve your are therefore more likely to inspire action or response.
  3. 3. Leverage Vertis Communications’ Make one-to-one a part of your expertise to reach customers faster multi-channel communications strategy and more effectively Reach your customers more effectively Vertis has creative talent who are highly and build stronger, more enduring skilled at developing a rich resource of relationships with an integrated, multi- variable graphics, copy, and templates channel communications program from and using these resources to develop one- Vertis Communications. Whether your to-one marketing that has the look and goal is to trigger a sale, enrollment, inquiry, feel of uniquely personal pieces. With the or Web visit, Vertis determines the right broadest scope of digital print programs in channels, sequence of contacts, and response the U.S., Vertis’ highly experienced digital mechanisms to reach and connect with your professionals then enter each one-to-one existing or prospective customer base. piece into the delivery stream within hours of a customer’s inquiry. This on-demand approach to marketing keeps pricing, offers, and product specs completely dynamic and up-to-the-minute, and allows your marketing materials to never become obsolete. One-to-one also provides a valuable vehicle to test multiple marketing messages simultaneously. call 800.577.8371 to learn more. 250 West Pratt Street, Baltimore, MD 21201 | © 2006 Vertis, Inc. Vertis is a registered mark of Vertis, Inc. one_to_one_B060911