Facebook's New NewsFeed


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All of the changes add up to one thing, a much ‘stickier’ experience for Facebook users.

Here's what you need to know from Facebook's NewsFeed announcement on 03/07/13.

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Facebook's New NewsFeed

  2. 2. New NewsFeedFacebook announced on March 7th that one of its‘most important’ products, NewsFeed will begetting a major revamp. The changes affect thedesign and functionality of the portion ofFacebook where users spend the most time. Here are the key changes: •New mobile-inspired design •Even more prominence for shared items •Feeds that separate content types •A stickier experience
  3. 3. Mobile-Inspired DesignFacebook discussed in depth how it has made an effort tocreate a visually richer experience for NewsFeed. Facebookhas expanded the amount of space that the actual NewsFeeditself takes up, and all of the elements within it will be largerand more prominent.To make space for all of this, Facebook will be removingwhat it has labeled ‘clutter’ including the the left-handnavigation rail. That will now be a tray that sits underneaththe NewsFeed. This element is one of many that Facebookhas brought to the desktop experience, from it’s mobilesites.The new design will increase functionality and enable globalnavigation. Because the navigation tray will be under all ofthe pages on Facebook, regardless of where you are in thesite, you can access the navigation features that werepreviously only available on from the NewsFeed page.Facebook claims, the experience of designing for a mobileenvironment forced a cleaner design and increased focus onwhat matters. Because of this, Facebook’s desktop This section will become a tray that sits behindexperience is being evolved by its mobile design. every page on Facebook, allowing global navigation and increased space for NewsFeed.
  4. 4. More Prominence for Shared ItemsWith the increased space in NewsFeed, the items thatappear in it will be getting more attention. Everything fromlinks to articles, Pinterest Pins to Instagram images andeven Check-Ins will be getting additional detail when they new friendsappear in the NewsFeed. storyFacebook made a point to show that they know how usersare sharing content on the platform. Statistics werepresented showing that as much as 50% of updates includeda photo.With this in mind, Facebook is seeking to live up to a loftystandard established today when Mark Zuckerburg,Facebook CEO, said that ‘stories deserved to be published inmore than just text’ today. In an effort to do just that, the new new photoNewsFeed has larger images that are subtly enhanced.Third-party apps, such as Pinterest and including Instagramwill have a revamped appearance in NewsFeed with largerthumbnails pulled in Facebook and a longer summary.Similarly, links to articles will get larger thumbnails, aprominent headline, longer summary and even a slug-linefor the author. new link / article
  5. 5. Subject-based FeedsArguably the biggest change is how all of the new larger items shared in users’NewsFeeds will be filtered and delivered. Facebook will be giving the users morecontrol, and giving the algorithms less.In an effort to make controls that users will actually use, Facebook is creatingFeeds that filter what appears in NewsFeed based on subject matter. The feedsannounced include: • All Friends: Will show all updates in chronological order from the users friends • Music: Updates from musicians, including events will appear here as well as what friends are listening to through apps like Spotify and Rdio • Photos: All updates that include a photo from users’ friends and pages • Following: All updates in chronological order from pages liked or celebrities the user is subscribed to will appear here • Most Recent: This is a chronological stream of everything from every person or page the user is connected to • Close Friends: The friends a user has designated as close friends will continue to have a dedicated feed • Games: Notifications and updates from game apps will be in this separate feed • Interests: Any interest categories that the user has curated will have their own feed • Friends: Any friends list that user has created will have their own feed • Groups: Shows content from the groups the user is a member of
  6. 6. Subject-based Feeds & Pages So what do all of the new feeds mean for brands with Because the default NewsFeed will still be the Pages on Facebook? In short, it’s a little hard to tell current experience just with the expanded real estate just yet. It certainly means that more focus on and larger items. Time will tell if users adopt the posting with images has to be a continued priority. greater controls en masse and give primacy to feeds like All Friends and Photos. If this behavior becomes It also means that the opportunity for discoverability the norm, Pages could see a dip in reach, is increased. Users can now see page messages in at impressions and engagements as a result. However, least three places, the default NewsFeed, the when asked about how these updates would impact Following Feed and on the brand’s Timeline. Brands marketers, in his typical succinct fashion Mark should expect to little to no immediate impact. Zuckerburg said, “it won’t affect brand pages.”
  7. 7. A ‘Stickier’ ExperienceNavigation tools are giving way to larger more engrossing content elements. Users are beinggiven greater controls and a cleaner experience. Facebook has made the content richer,they’ve given options to users and they’ve made an effort to create cross-platform consistency.All of the changes add up to one thing, a much ‘stickier’ experience for Facebook users.Stickier experiences are ones that engage users in such a way that they stay around andengage for longer. At the end of the day, what’s good for Facebook users and keeps them onthe site more bodes well for brands on Facebook, so despite the uncertainty, brands shouldlook fondly on these changes.