Mobile 101 for Local Business Owners


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Covers quick and easy steps for Local Business owners to get in on mobile marketing.

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  • Thank youExciting to be here to talk about two things I am really passionate about, Local Business and Mobile TechnologyMobile is really becoming about Local Discovery & Engagement. Important for business owners to understand the how and why of mobile so that they are in the best position to be part of the discovery process.
  • I can be a bit impatient at times so, Instead of waiting, jump to the end…Now that I have given you some tactical tools to consider, and probably search while you are watching this…., let’s try to put these all in contextMobile web sites important now with so many smartphone , and even more so as consumers increasing use them to make buying decisions on just about everything from cars to shoes to restaurants.So being able to target mobile users with offers while on the go will be foundational to most marketing plans in the next year or soAs more sm is done from mobile, your marketing content Recentcy is fast becoming the new Relevance to Search Engines like Google, Bing and YahooMobile Email put BlackBerry on the map, and even though their star has lost its shine, mobile consumption of email has only continued to climbText messaging is part of almost every phone in the country. It’s incredibly powerful, but also dangerous if used the wrong way…more on that later
  • Mobile is not about devices even though the seem to get all the press about which is the best, or worse….
  • Feature PhonesSmart Phones (WebKit is the difference)Tablets (mini, Large)Mobile Web TextAppsmCommerce
  • ~ 50% of U.S. Mobile Subscribers using smartphones from studies by Pew and NielsonAmericans are spending on avg. 2.7 hours per day on their mobile phonesGenerating increasing share of internet traffic
  • Smartphone use is growing acrsoss all demographicsLower cost models with Android, and older iPhone attracting younger and older usersData plan for baby sitting….take away her phone….talk about karma….
  • Need for Speed not about the device processorFast loading timesEasy to find what looking forAvg mobile session <80 seconds off after the 3rdpageFast and few clicks as possibleAction elements ((click to call, click to map) need to be easy to access
  • ~125MM Mobile Internet Users U.S.~100MM Smarphones U.S.Time spent on mobile devices-39 minutes a day in apps>
  • has dozens of great case studies and statsBIA/Kelsy study shows that 50% of mobile search is localMost mobile web and smartphone use away from the home, most tablet use is done while at home
  • 57% of users won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile site-probably because they did not use themMobile site shouldCompliment and extend desktop, not just see from a tine screenContext = ContentDiscoveryExtendNOT replicate Ask Poll Question “ Do you have a mobile optimized website?”2012 Mongoose Metrics Data Series found that mobile internet access accounts for approximately 9 percent of all traffic. However, the report also found that about 10 percent of websites are fully optimized for mobile access, which means 90 percent are incapable of serving these users completely.
  • Timely- -ToD -DoWSeasonRelevant -Location -ProfileActionableMakea decision
  • Fast Loading & Quick to navigateConsumer looking for you on a mobile device are ready to do businessThey need to quickly find out the most important things about your while they are on they goNumber, Address, Specials…Will not hunt for it.
  • Optimized for consumer EngagementMore frequent consumer usageHigh cost to develop/maintain 1-2 for Apple for devices and tablets Dozens of different Android devices – no standardization makes quality assurance a development nightmareWinMo we’ll see… BlackBerry …..Discoverability issues Mobile Web with HTML5 shows possibility of having mobile web sites with app like features and UX…probably best fit for SMBs in the ST and mid term
  • Mobile Marketing tools need to adapt to the form factor of the target audince.Bigger isn’t better in mobilePeople need to be able to see the message, understand the value prop and make a decion quickly.
  • May be the only form of “mobile Ads” you have tried
  • Banner GraphicsMobile SearchMobile SponsorshipsMessagingRich MediaSEO/SEM
  • Not only should your site be optimized for mobile, but so should your marketing campaignGoogle1 in 7 searches are in mobile, and 1 in 5 for categories like Travel. 30% of all restaurant searches originate from a mobile deviceTools exist like to target smartphone users, down to the device type (tablet or smartphone) or model (Samsung, Apple) level2-3 shoppers using a smartphone (showrooming – price comparison, looking for coupons and reviews) a recent study from Prosper Mobile Insights
  • Here are some stats from SocialMediaTodayFBBrowsing & searching two most common activities here60% of FB user based logging in monthlyYouTube20% of user base is mobile200 Million views on mobile per day3 hours of content added per minute from mobile deviceUsers can and will find your social information from mobile. Update your pages often, use video to promote yourself, ask for Likes and recommendations from best clients
  • Per 10K emails opened-23 FB shares-7 twitter shares-4 linkedin sharesBut the CTR for emails shared on Social Networks-None 2.6%-FB 5.4%-Twitter 5%-LinkedIn 9.6%HubspotNow lets look some good and bad examples
  • FactsReach-almost every mobile phone in US can receive SMSTakes 90 minutes for the average person to respond to an e-mail. Takes 90 seconds for the average person to respond to a text message (Source: Coupons have 20% open rate due to opt in and double opt int. Permission Marketing is powerful for CRMPoll QuestionsHave you every used a text messaging program to market your business?More SMS than Calls.The number of text messages sent on cell phones exceeds the number of phone calls High Open Rates.While the industry average is 85%, a number of SMS text messaging marketers have reported message “open” rates varying between 95 and 100%. Use a text messaging program to build a mobile consumer databasePricing IncentivesLoyalty programsDanger of phone spam 3-4 messages per month max
  • Maybe some of you are in this bunch?
  • Mobile analytics firm Flurry, and Mary Meeker released a study that mobile gets 1% of the ad spend though it accounts for 10% or greater of time spent- social media can be >50%Newness & lack of understandingGoals drive strategy, strategy has to drive tacticsMMA recommends 7%, higher for calls to drive in store visits or purchase, lower for more general awareness.
  • MMA recommends 7%, higher for calls to drive in store visits or purchase, lower for more general awareness.
  • BorrellAssociates predict half of SMBS likely to have mobile as part of their marketing mix in next year27% plan to increase, and little less than half will remain the sameOf those planning to increase their mobile spend, 42% of those surveyed said they will increase their spend on mobile an avg of 10-20%
  • Mobile 101 for Local Business Owners

    1. 1. Mobile Marketing 101 for Local Business Owners November 8, 2012
    2. 2. What you will see
    3. 3. • Please continue to submit your text questions and comments using the Questions Panel.• • If we do not get to your question during the webcast we will answer your question via email as soon as the webinar concludes. • There will be a survey at the end of the presentation and we would welcome your participation. Note: Today’s presentation is being recorded and will be provided within 48 hours.
    4. 4. Social Conversations• During the webinar if you have questions or if there are things you like about what we are saying, interesting facts you want to share, please tweet to: #smwebinar
    5. 5. About our speaker• Christopher Folmar, Director of Mobile Development, SuperMedia – Joined SuperMedia in 2010 – Leads a team of fierce mobile ninjas across various business units – Team’s work has won multiple industry recognition and awards
    6. 6. #smwebinarToday’s discussion• It’s a mobile world after all• User’s needs while on the go• BIG ideas on a small screen• Mobilize this
    7. 7. #smwebinar5 Easy things you can do to be mobile enabled1. Have a very “mobile-friendly” website2. Run mobile specific campaign for SEM3. Use social media frequently & often4. Always format customer emails for mobile devices5. Use text messaging programs to enhance loyalty programs
    8. 8. #smwebinarIt’s a mobile world after all
    9. 9. #smwebinarMobile is about being connected
    10. 10. #smwebinarGrowing, growing….still growing Mobile Users WILL eclipse desktop Internet users within 5 years Source: Mary Meeker KPCB
    11. 11. #smwebinarYour mobile audience• Everyone – Including my mom in Florida
    12. 12. #smwebinarNeed for speed Average mobile web session is < 80 seconds Source: Mendeley
    13. 13. #smwebinarMind-blowing Stats Average smartphone user spends 39 minutes per day in apps Source: Nielson
    14. 14. #smwebinarMobile users crave local information
    15. 15. #smwebinarMobile web - not the old way to surf 57% of users won’t recommend a business with a bad mobile experience Source: Google
    16. 16. #smwebinar3 rules of mobile content
    17. 17. #smwebinarMobile optimized means built for Speed
    18. 18. #smwebinarMobile apps Over 650K apps Over 600K apps
    19. 19. #smwebinarBIG ideas on a small screen
    20. 20. #smwebinarMobile Advertising
    21. 21. #smwebinarWhat is Mobile Advertising?
    22. 22. #smwebinarSEO & SEM are for Mobile too 2 in 3 Holiday • 1 in 7 searches shoppers plan to made from mobile compare prices device in-store o 1 in 5 for Travel Source: Prosper Mobile Insights o 30% all Restaurant Searches are mobile Source: Google
    23. 23. #smwebinarSocial + Mobile Twitter has 165MM users -50% of them are mobile Source: HubSpot 124M Mobile-only users Source: Facebook’s 10-Q report 3 hours of content added per minute from mobile devices Source: YouTube
    24. 24. #smwebinarEven e-mail is on the move• 76% of smartphone users in U.S. read email on their phonesSource: Pew Research• Format for the form factor! – Shorter – Less clutter – Links to longer content – Enable Social Sharing to drive CTR
    25. 25. #smwebinarText messages are Instant It takes 90 minutes for the average person to respond to an e-mail. It takes 90 seconds for the average person to respond to a text message Source:
    26. 26. #smwebinar4 out of 5 SMBs have no Mobile Marketing
    27. 27. #smwebinarMobile budgets don’t add up…
    28. 28. #smwebinarWhere to start?• MMA recommends 7% of your marketing budget be used for mobile – Higher for driving calls or in store visits – Lower for general awareness
    29. 29. #smwebinarIt’s not too late to be early
    30. 30. #smwebinar5 Easy things you can do to be mobile enabled1. Have a very “mobile-friendly” website2. Run mobile specific campaign for SEM3. Use social media frequently & often4. Always format customer emails for mobile devices5. Use text messaging programs to enhance loyalty programs
    31. 31. #smwebinarLet me help you find more on mobile #mobilefolms