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Social Bookmarking Using Delicious
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Social Bookmarking Using Delicious


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Presentation for the BGIedu (Bainbridge Graduate Institute) sustainable MBA program as an introduction to using for social bookmarking and collaborative discovery by the students, …

Presentation for the BGIedu (Bainbridge Graduate Institute) sustainable MBA program as an introduction to using for social bookmarking and collaborative discovery by the students, faculty, and alumni network.

Published in: Technology
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  • 1. Social Bookmarking using
  • 2. There is only one way Join the BGI to manage the manage Bookmarking Network the rapid increase in information. Find others to help you! Join the BGI Bookmarking Network!
  • 3. Video:
  • 4. Sign up for Social Bookmarking Sign Up We are using This enables us to together do Collaborative Discovery
  • 5. What are Tags? Tags are words that mean something Sometimes called labels, categories, or keywords Things that are tagged can have many tags i.e. not like folders, where only one copy resides
  • 6. Folksonomy Tags are personal; a “folksonomy” not “taxonomy” A folksonomy is the practice of organizing information using spontaneous, collaboratively generated, open-ended labels to annotate or categorize content
  • 7. Tagging Best Practices Tag ideas, concepts and events Use nouns if possible The best tags are narrow and specific apple is too broad, mac better, mac osx best Give preference to singular base Limit abbreviations Consider modifying bookmark title: article title « source Take full advantage of notes: [comment] “quote from webpage”
  • 8. Multi-Word Tags In most cases tag separately if each word use in a future topic search significant: lamp shade not significant: san francisco You never are going to search for “san” Multi-word tags are typically compacted sanfrancisco, christopherallen Proper words often camel-cased SanFrancisco, ChristopherAllen
  • 9. Tagging Best Practices Be consistent Think of what words others may use Periodically review and update your tags When you successfully find a bookmark from the past, add a new tag
  • 10. BGI Conventions Use ‘bgiedu’ for web pages about BGI, but not other webpages Use ‘bgimgt’ for any course related webpages Label for specific course, e.g. ‘bgimgt564”, ‘bgimgt566sx’, etc. Use ‘mywriting’, ‘myprofile’ for your own work Add to your Delicious network Send your Delicious account name to to get added to BGI’s bookmark network.
  • 11. Bookmarks by BGI Network
  • 12. Bookmarks by BGI Students
  • 13. Wordle of BGIedu Student’s DeliciousTags
  • 14. Bookmarks by Faculty-TAs BGI Staff/Faculty/TAs
  • 15. Bookmarks by BGI Alumni
  • 16. Bookmarks by a BGI Teacher
  • 17. Bookmarks by a BGI Teacher for a Class
  • 18. Bookmarks by a BGI Teacher for Class Week 1 +week1
  • 19. Bookmark Social Bookmarking Don’t just read — bookmark and tag the your favorite web pages and the most useful posts. Add bookmarks of use to you and fellow students
  • 20. Act Share your favorite posts Social Bookmarking with others, and point them to your social bookmarks! Add your fellow students to your network Browse their bookmarks and add them to your social bookmarks
  • 21. Are you ready? Social Bookmarking If you are then: Visit Engage Share
  • 22. Engage Social Bookmarking Share your favorite posts with others, and point them to your social bookmarks! Join the conversation!
  • 23. Share Social Bookmarking Cajole your colleagues into participating. The more people you have sharing the responsibility to read and engage, the more effective your network will be.
  • 24. Share Social Bookmarking Get them involved by sharing with them what you like.
  • 25. Share Social Bookmarking ... and what you don’t like.
  • 26. Share Social Bookmarking Share your experience in learning to use the Social Bookmarking. Help others over the hurdles you’ve already learned how to handle.
  • 27. Share Social Bookmarking Share your Passion!
  • 28. Explore Social Bookmarking Together you can explore the world better. You don’t have to read it all, only your share. The rest will be read by others, and the best will be shared back to you.
  • 29. Together Social Bookmarking ...we can change the world!
  • 30. Questions? Feedback?